So You Think You Can Dance S9 Winners: Eliana and Chehon

    September 19, 2012
    Chad Sweely
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Ever since FOX’s reality dance show So You Think You Can Dance season 9’s top 20 dancers were announced, we all knew that it was going to be an amazing season, and it surely was.

Last night (Tuesday, September 18th, 2012), So You Think You Can Dance‘s season 9 finale aired with an outstanding show of group routines, favorite performances from the season, and the cliffhanging results. Starting off the night was a group routine containing all of the top 20 dancers, along with all stars from various seasons of the show. The group routine “Torn” (shown below) was hailed as one of the best group routines that the show has ever produced.

To help give commentary during the finale show, the judges panel was filled with six dance celebrities: Nigel Lithgoe (Executive Producer), Mary Murphy (Ballroom Dance expert), Adam Shankman (Film Director/Producer), Tyce DiOrio (Broadway Choreographer), Debbie Allen (Dance Choreographer), and Lil C (Hip-hop/Crumping Choreographer). All of the judges requested various routines to be performed from the season, such as:

  • “Titanic” – performed by Audrey and Matthew
  • East Coast Hip Hop – performed by Whitney and Twitch
  • Paso Doble – performed by Lindsey and Cole
  • “Love Cats” – performed by Amelia and Will
  • Argentine Tango – performed by Anya and Chehon
  • “Power of Love” – performed by Tiffany and Ade
  • “Like a Criminal” (Dubstep) – performed by Cyrus and Twitch

At the end of the show, it was time for the results of who is America’s favorite girl and guy dancer. This is the first time in So You Think You Can Dance history that both genders will be winners. The winners announced for season 9 were both from the ballet genre: Eliana Girard (from West Palm Beach, Florida) and Chehon Wespi-Tschopp (from Zurich, Switzerland).

What is your opinion of the results? Who do you think should have won? Let us know in the comments!

I have provided some recently published tweets below with mixed reactions from last night’s So You Think You Can Dance season 9 results show:

  • Christine Simmons

    I am disgusted with Nigel’s comment last week about who he would vote for. It was a deliberate and successful attempt to steal the crown from natural talent Cyrus in favour of a classically trained dancer.

    Of course young Cheon is a wonderful talent but let’s not forget that he had the benefit of a very expensive dance education. Cyrus’ talent comes from his heart and his life experiences and he should be commended for the work he put into the season to pick up all the other styles he learned. In addition, he displayed the charm, personality and integrity that few other dancers showed this season. We also saw the pure joy he had in everything he did this season.

    It’s too bad Nigel didn’t show the same integrity as young Cyrus. I am ashamed of him and he should be ashamed of himself.

    Christine Simmons

    • http://blog.excellentpresence.com H.M.

      I COMPLETELY agree. I was appalled and it was apparent what he was trying to do. It’s just sad that he appears to have swayed enough votes to do it.

      Even poor Cyrus was obviously uncomfortable by the end of the way Nigel kept on and on — AND ON — about it. Totally unfair.

  • rj smith

    Fantastic results. Two of the best dancers ever on the show. However, the screaming girls in the audience are annoying, distracting, and superfluous. They, more often than not, destroy the atmosphere of a dance, and turn everything into a “dog and pony” show. Is it really so difficult to just watch? Perhaps applaud. Why scream? My comment to the screamers–it’s about the dancers, not them.

  • Setra

    I can see why Torn was hailed as one of the best group dance routines in the History of So You Think You Can Dance, the special effects and the portrayal of being wind blown was outstanding. I loved that the judges chose to bring routines back. I think the win was well deserved for Chehon and Eliana, it has to be so hard to go from ballet to all other styles of dance and pick them up so flawlessly. This finale gave me and my DISH coworkers plenty to discuss today at work. Luckily my Hopper recorded it automatically with the Prime Time Anytime feature. It’s really convenient not having to set up timers for my favorite prime time shows that come on major networks.

  • Shaz

    Absolutely agree with the above – it was unfair of Nigel to say who he was voting for and influence the public. I felt bad enough for poor Tiffany who was given no publicity and sadly even I didn’t know who she was until after Audrey was eliminated! Not a fair fight at all, Nigel shouldn’t have gone on about how Eliana & Chehon were his favourites. As brilliant as they both are, Cyrus is self taught and Tiffany deserved more screen time.

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Chad Sweely

      I do agree that Tiffany deserved more screen time. I really didn’t know who she was until the mid-part of the competition.

  • flossy

    i totally love so u think u can dance. final four was great but i think tiffany should of won for the girl. i think it was unfair of all the attention and screen time eliana got and nigels comment of who he is voting for etc. same goes for cyrus. loved him.these two r both the winners no matter how the voters were influenced. wish them both the best.

    • http://www.ientry.com/ Chad Sweely

      Yeah. I do agree that Tiffany did not get as much “screen time” as the other dancers. She really didn’t “appear” for me until the middle of the competition. I was like “Who is that girl? We have never really seen her before.”

  • carrie

    Bravo judges for giving the titles to two remarkably trained and incredibly talented dancers!

  • Jack McQuown

    When Eliana auditioned it was apparent that she would be in the top 20. She showed an outstanding passion for dance. After watching all the auditions I felt it was hers to lose from the very start. Even though Cyrus made it to the final 4 and showed an excellant feel for the different styles he should not have made the top 20. He obviously danced all the styles but his lack of esperience didn’t allow him to give the routines thaat extra “umph” that the other dancers could. I feel that if he had gone back and spent time working on the other styles he would have dominated next season like Eliana did this season.

  • Joe Peabody

    I have to agree with Christine. Cyrus had zero proffesional training and hung with every single dance he was given. Not once in the bottom and he is NOT a proffesional dancer like Cheon is. In my opinion professionals should not be allowed on the show to begin with. They are already making a living at dance. This should be a contest for amatures.

    • Mike B

      I agree. Should be amateurs only.