Snorting Smarties Warning: Can Cause Nasal Maggots

By: David Powell - January 21, 2014

Snorting Smarties. That’s what the kids are up to these days.

Last Thursday, parents of students at Portsmouth Middle School in Rhode Island were sent an email warning them about the dangers of snorting crushed up Smarties candy (you know, that chalky-sweet staple of elementary school Halloween parties?).

But here’s the bad part: while it won’t get you high, Smartie-snorting can cause lung infections, bloody noses, and allergic reactions. Oh yeah, it can also invite nasal maggots.

That last horrifying possibility happens when the crushed and rotting candy stays lodged in the nasal cavity long enough to attract flies into the nostril. The fly can hang around just long enough to lay eggs, which typically come in batches of 75-150 eggs for a common housefly and hatch within a day of having been laid. Believe it or not, the presence of nose-maggots even has a medical name: nasal myiasis. Parents have been warned to watch for kids obsessively scratching their noses as an indication that children may have maggots in their noses. Presumably, parents should also pay attention to whether kids are picking wriggling, white boogers.

The snorting behavior, meant to emulate the appearance of snorting cocaine, has become widespread. Fifteen students at Frontier Middle School in Hamburg, New York, were caught doing it, and a nine-year-old boy in Atlanta was suspended from school for snorting. Many Smartie enthusiasts have uploaded videos of themselves snorting–a YouTube search yields 1300+ results—some of which have garnered tens of thousands of views, including the classic “snorting smarties with tampon” (see below), which has over 54,000 views as of this writing.

Reportedly, some kids prefer to “smoke” their Smarties—not by rolling them and lighting up, but by consuming the powder orally, then forcing it through their nasal cavities and blowing it from their sinuses.

“Smarties” is the name brand of a form of wafer sugar candy produced by the Smarties Candy Company since 1949.

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  • Paul

    Want to know why I got a vasectomy?

    • Hammer

      ‘Cause your kids would be dumb enough to do this?

    • lorie

      Funny as hell, Paul.

      • scotty

        Sorry but Hammer was funnier!

  • John

    Who leaves rotting candy in their nostrils? Who doesn’t sneeze during this period of time, or blow their nose or something? This condition sounds really rare. Really, really rare. Much rarer than the news hubub suggests.

    • John

      And more importantly, how does a fly get up your nose? And then get out? And how would you not notice?

      • Danielle

        agreed! The media is only telling the silly kids that will get maggots to get them to stop doing it! Duh

        • Christal

          This was happening in the 90’s, and the media probably did it back when THEY were in school, so I don’t know why they’re saying stop now.

      • Whitey

        How would you not notice?

        How do women carry a child for 9+ months, watch it drop from between their legs and have the nerve to be surprised?

      • dal

        Kids dumb enough to snort candy, dumb enough to let a fly in their nose.

      • BeachDude

        During sleep all kinds of insects regularly enter and exit human orifices. Then there are the colonies of mites that live with you all the time!

        • Mindy

          I used to work with a ENT , he was yearly taking bugs & roaches out of ears ….and it’s been proven spiders maybe & are consumed orally while you sleep!

      • italiansdoitbetter

        well, you have to SLEEP sometime, what, you don’t think flies, spiders, and other insects don’t crawl in your open orifices while you are unconscious ???? smh…

    • Sam

      the bigger question should be, who PUTS candy in their nostrils to begin with?

    • Melanie

      It’s not rare at all. I teach at a JH and we banned Smarties from our campus.

  • your mother

    and my parents wonder why they’ll never get a grandchild from me…

    • bob

      The world thanks you for not breeding

  • Hammer

    I think i’d notice if a fly flew up my nose.

    • BeachDude

      Not when you’re sound asleep. That’s when they enter!

      • Jon Newton

        Spiders climb inside your mouth and lay eggs at night too.



  • gpsredgreylol

    yep, more like anybody i know is part of it too. Oh well, love em anyways.

  • Hammer

    Isn’t it just a little ironic that kids are doing this with a candy named “Smarties”?

  • jj d

    This is what happens when the Government cuts back on sneaking cocaine into the country.

  • Zay

    America’s future.

  • johnny

    kids are just doing what they see, so they must be around the wrong people to be even attempting snorting anything. To bad about this and this story just spreads it, I suggest better drug awareness in schools and let these kids know its not ok.

  • http://Yahoo Brian

    You have got to be kidding. Like the man said. You can get a man to the moon, but you cannot fix STUPID!

  • LAM-‘OIO


  • dal

    If it has no effect on them, what’s the point? …are kids really this stupid these days? They deserve nasal maggots! ..too bad nasal maggots are just a scare tactic.

  • i decide

    Its the parents fault. It always is

  • Spooky Action

    The culling of the herd.

  • Tyrone

    Don’t knock it til you try it, baby.

  • Joy

    First, kids see cocaine snorting in movies, so they don’t necessarily have to be around it to know it. Second, kids pretend to be high like they see in the movies. They are pretending to get high, they aren’t really getting high. It is all a game to them. Whether the nasal maggots is a scare tactic or not. Kids do stupid things, that is why they have parents, to teach them not to do stupid things. Kids need us to tell them, “I know you know better, but you will be approached by friends that want you to snort smarties, don’t do it, it is not good for you and it can make you sick. It is ok to be different.” That is what I always told my kid and he turned out ok.

  • srw

    reminds me of when i was little and we were told we shouldnt eat pop rocks and drink coke at the same time cause our stomach’s would burst! lol

  • The Sham

    what will these retarded kids snort next M&M’s!!!

  • Ralph Malph

    As the saying goes “You can’t cure stupid.”

  • Bino

    Gives a new meaning to the term ‘sugar booger’. A phrase used often on a certain cartoon whose character was super smart.

  • mike

    where is the teacher, maybe under the desk smoking crack ?

  • l

    Ya have to thin the herd some way, right?

  • JH

    My straight A student told me he was doing this with his friends at lunch. He later regretted telling me when I told him he was being VERY stupid for such a smart kid! He has stopped since, but I can’t wait to tell him he potentially could get maggots in his nose! I’m sure if you tell any kid that…they will stop.

  • Kim

    Can someone put some chlorine in the gene pool please?!

  • dev

    This is exactly what’s wrong with society today! Parents that poorly raise their children from lack of concern! Laziness is exactly the blame! Lazy ass parents! If that were my child he would be punished, for simply being stupid!

  • Ridds

    What is this world coming to??

  • Admiral Brown Britches

    Snorting smarties is extremely dangerous. That’s why I take them anally.

  • untabubba

    Maybe the maggots will eat their brains!
    Kids do the dumbest things!!!!!

  • Jeremy

    Smarties…….why not cut out all the work of crushing the candy and just snort fun dip? If youre gonna be dumb enough to snort candy,might as well snort the candy that’s already a powder.

  • Seanv

    I saw my middle schoolers blowing the Smartie smoke out of their mouth. I didn’t know how they were making it. This has been going on for the past 3 or so years off and on, normally around Halloween.

    This stupidity isn’t new. 14 years ago I knew a girl that snorted mints habitually. One night her nasal passages started to bleed all over place and wouldn’t stop until morning. I think the mint that was hitting her brain and getting her high was also really messing with her nasal cavity, like eating it away.