Smoking Rots Brain, Shows Aging Study

    November 26, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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A new study shows that smoking, high blood pressure, and other cardiovascular risk factors are associated with accelerated declines in memory, learning, attention, and reasoning. Smoking was linked most clearly with low cognitive performance in older people.

The study, published today in the journal Age and Ageing, looked at adults over the age of 50 who were part of the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing (ELSA) Those who smoked, had high blood pressure, or were at risk of suffering a stroke performed worse than other adults on cognitive tasks designed to measure things such as memory recall, verbal fluency, and attention.

Smoking was the factor most consistently linked to overall lower cognitive performance. Adults with a high body mass index (BMI), blood pressure, and stroke risk performed more poorly on cognitive tests, but performances varied across the tests. High BMI was associated with lower scores on the memory test, high blood pressure with lower scores on memory and overall cognitive performance, and high stroke risk with lower scores on all cognitive assessments.

“Cognitive decline becomes more common with aging and for an increasing number of people interferes with daily functioning and wellbeing,” said Dr. Alex Dregan, lead author of the study and lecturer in translational epidemiology and public health at King’s College London. “Some older people can become forgetful, have trouble remembering common words or have problems organizing daily tasks more than others.

“We have identified a number of risk factors which could be associated with accelerated cognitive decline, all of which could be modifiable. This offers valuable knowledge for future prevention and treatment interventions.”

The study’s authors claim that the study is one of only a few longitudinal studies to research the combined effect of multiple risk factors on cognitive decline in older people and one of the few studies to study cognitive decline in older people over a long period of time. Dregan stated that the study could form the basis of future clinical trials that seek to identify interventions for the U.K.’s aging population.

  • NAT

    Of course it was. Make the tobacco companies stop adding all of the things to cigarettes that are killing us.

    • CigsSuc

      @NAT – Well, your brain must be fried!

      Quit blaming tobacco companies and stop putting cigs to your lips, Brainfart!

      Smoking is the most disgusting habit any human being causes them self!

      • NAT

        The most disgusting habit would be trying to go off on people you don’t know.

  • http://webpronenews.com Lizlee48

    HOW UTTERLY STUPID!!!! Don’t mention that some of the greatest minds in the history of the United States and Europe were smokers!!! Be it a pipe, cigar or cigarettes. Were their minds rotted too?! Where do people come up with such ignorant stories. If you don’t like smokers, or the smoke, or seeing people smoke just don’t subject yourself to it, I don’t. But I sure don’t go around spouting such stupid bs about what people choose to do with their lives. Is this coming from news sources that claimed that agent orange was harmless, radition couldn’t kill, or maybe the government agencies that are just simply pissed off because they just can’t dictate how people choose to live life. Maybe the people that come with this stuff should get a life!

  • ralph07734

    you have to be real stupid to pay $5.00 a pack

    • http://yahoo Cindy

      7.50 for name brand in Jersey…We’ve been told for DECADES how bad it is for you…people are addicted…They will buy cigs before milk for their kids…

    • ngm

      $5.00 a pack..where do you live? They are $10.00 in most states…Thank God I quit 35 years ago.

    • http://webpronews.com Lizlee48

      You know it was an oversight on my part, but what is that thing in her other hand? Is that BOOZE? Maybe hardstuff by the looks of it. Smoking has gotten such a really bad wrap over the past years, now here’s one for the drinkers. Booze, yes booze is now the #1 killer. Its disgusting when used in excess, deadly when behind the wheel, and can wipe out entire families in one foul swoop. There is absolutely nothing, I MEAN NOTHING more disgusting than a drunk. I can’t stand being around someone who thinks they are cool because they have put away a case today or put away a bottle of the hard stuff. You see I choose not to be sitting in the middle of the stuff I can’t stand and BITCH about it, I simply remove myself from the situation. No person has the right to shove their opinions down somebody’s throat no matter how right you think you are. I have a brother that is an alcholic. My heart breaks for him too, everyday. No matter how hard I try to help him, no matter what I say to him, in the end it is his decision. I will stand by him no matter what.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/MartheevManor Jason (MartheevManor)

    Do we really need to waste more time/money/effort telling us smoking is bad? I thought we already had that figured out…???

  • dierdre

    I agree that cigarettes have some very dangerous chemicals in them, but smoking is a decision that people make just like the decision to indulge in drugs. My mother developed emphysema from smoking and I watched her go through Hell crying wondering why she could give up alcohol for 30 years but couldn’t let go of cigarettes. They are very addictive and it hurts the ones that love you to have to watch you suffer and not to mention it also causes cancer. I didn’t believe the second hand smoke theory until an insurance salesman told me of a client that smoked but it was his wife that died of cancer

  • parrotheadtink

    The absolutely worst thing you can do to your body is smoke. Period. Why don’t people understand this? Inhaling hundreds of toxic chemicals into your lungs repeatedly day after week after month after year is a horrible way to treat your body. It’s a total lack of self-respect for a person to smoke. It’s disgusting and dirty, and pollutes the air the rest of us need to breathe. Smoking is ugly and most certainly is not cool anymore, the way it used to be. I quit 5 years ago. If I can quit, anybody can…every excuse to continue smoking…including yours, is stupid and lame. Wake UP and QUIT!!

    • SuckitSal

      Yay, I love my soapbox. I’m so important, read what I wrote, because I am so right! I know better and I’m going to judge you and tell you how to live your life…blah..blah…blah

      • ron

        no the worst thing you can do is to breath eat or live. our air is polluted our food is poison and living causes death. so get it right.

      • BdMthaShtYoMth

        AMEN to that Sal!!

  • Brenda

    What a crock… omg. propaganda at its best. I can link quite alot of things to people being absent minded, forgetful, ect. There use to be an interview with doctors on the web that was taken off simply because someone asked the doctors why there has been an increase of cancer diagnosis amoung people that never smoked and haven’t been around second hand smoke… the doctors said they had noticed that and it was being studied. In other words they don’t know what causes cancer, they try to blame cigarettes but what they won’t tell you is that all the bomb testing done in the midwest has an awful lot to do with it. I think they need to find a new scapegoat.

    • http://YAHOO deanna henley


  • Wolfhound14

    Balderdash, poppycock, or if you prefer, plain old bu**sh**.

  • mary

    Will I am glad to see that some of you can still think. I don’t find any evidence in the article that shows that smoking rots your brain.Maybe we should just close the interent, because people write irresponsable articles. Hope the authro doesn’t get paid.

    • Rob

      You can’t spell. Do you smoke?

      • ron

        I think you hit on a good point. lets close the internet. It has so much trash like this article on it that I am sure it rots your brain. and from all the idiots that I see daily checking facebook, i can say from my perspective its true. Lets see if someone studies this.

  • Anita

    Just came back from a holiday where I saw my mother in law, a lifelong smoker. She sat in the corner, having an anxiety attack, didn’t speak to anyone and is on medication for her constant tics and shaking – a medication that they can’t get right. You’d really have to wonder if she’d be this bad off and have such a low quality of life, at 68 years old, if she’d just put down the cigarettes decades ago.

    • http://YAHOO deanna henley


      • Anita

        What are you talking about? She’s under medical supervision because she is so bad off between her COPD, anxiety, out of control shaking and poor ability to speak. Yet she won’t stop smoking… and wonders why she’s so sick. Your post is quite off the mark and rather insensitive. Like we don’t have doctors working on her case. Thanks.

  • http://yahoo jeff

    Albert Einstein Smoked till death and was thought to be a genius.The writer Sean Patterson Must be the one with the rotted Brain.

    • Steve

      My mother died of lung cancer at 52. Not only were her lungs rotten she had tumors in her brain from the winston ciggerettes she smoked.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/smoking-rots-brain-shows-aging-study-2012-11 Mr. Low

      Jeff: He also stole the “Theory of relativity” from his first wife, Milva. Them married his own cousin.

      • M.E.

        I love this!

  • Ampy

    My sister was diaagnosed with lung cancer just recently….my heart aches for her! I so wish smokers would realize how they are hurting themselves and their families! QUIT now!!

  • Best in the World

    did this guy confused smoking tobacco with marijuana?

  • gern blanston

    If smoking rots your brain then explain to me why, after smoking for nearly 30 years, at nearly 50 years old, I went back to school after a successful military career, am in my third semester of university for computer sciences, have completed all my English, algebra, and humanities, and have earned nearly all A’s and not less than a B in any of my classes. How do you explain that? Just another propaganda hoax I think!

    • Dave

      I think the answer is obvious “gern”! Your fictional name is from a movie.


        Dave-My mother ,who also had smoked for 30 years at 50 also went back to school, got her masters degree also straight A’s. She is now 72- she has had several strokes-all related to smoking. She can’t walk or remember anything that happened 5 minutes earlier. It catches up to you…You still have time to quit.

    • You don’t say

      Just imagine what you could have accomplished if you hadn’t smoke. Might would have gotten A+.

      • M.E.

        YOU DON’T SAY>>> I’m sorry, you’ve gone too far with that one. I think you should edit it. That is, I’m a non-smoker with allergies, menstrual issues, and other health problems; all of which can and have affect/ed school performance.

        In fact, some days I made A+’s and A’s while some days I made B’s and C’s. 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke also affects your health and mind. I can’t do anything about people smoking on side walks, or at bus stops, or at the entrances and exits to buildings, etc.

        Also, as a child I had to deal with being targeted for my appearance, my clothes, my parents financial class, etc. Hence, I had low self-esteem and lacked confidence — those things can totally interfere with your grades in school.

        And, the hormones in cow’s milk (which is only made for its calf), sleep deprivation, Insomnia, Lead poisoning, lack of Vitamin D or Iron — can cause poor grades in school too. As can child abuse or having to experience a death or a divorce or a custody battle. There’s just so many other things that can cause poor school performance.

        So, although, it’s possible that the person would have made A+’s if they didn’t smoke, it’s also possible that they wouldn’t have.

  • j

    I expect any day they will say smoklng causes facial hair on men.

  • RJ

    I guess it isn’t enough that smoking makes you smell bad, ugly, have yellow disgusting teeth, bad breath and lung cancer. The fools that smoke need another reason to quit like it will rot your brain. If their brain was fully functioning already they would be smart enough to quit. The cigarettes Einstein smoked weren’t filled with chemicals like they are today and if he were alive today would probably not smoke. Please don’t put yourself in the same category as Einstein. All you need to do is take a look at all of the foul disgusting looking people who buy cigarettes at the gas station convenience store to know what it does to you.

    • ron

      so what happened to you? you must have smoked at least 5 or 6 packs a day to make you that ugly. Get a life and leave others alone. It isn’t your concern what others do as long as its legal. So get a life and quit being a moron.

      • http://YAHOO deanna henley


      • RJ

        I am certainly not ugly. In fact I am quite attractive at 47 whereas people who see me cannot believe I am that age. I even have to tell them I am 37 in order to evade a long drawn out conversation of how good I look. It is my concern when you smokers come in and stand in line with me at any number of places where lines are formed and YOU STINK and I have to smell you or when you are in your gas guzzling dually and I have to smell THAT STINK of your cigarette. My good man Ronald there are a number of things that are legal that annoy you I am sure. Perhaps you would like me to partake in some of those the next time you are around. As far as being a moron is concerned on your best day you wouldn’t be smarter than me on my worst day. Cheers!

        • M.E.

          RJ, you forgot to mention the noxious stench that comes from public ash trays and the butts on the ground; and the very gaseous vapors left over from smokers walking in front of you or even nearby. And, how the wind can carry the stench that burns the mucous membranes; and how 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke even spoils the taste of our food and drink since it’s then in our nostrils and skin. Et cetera.

          Another thing, I’m perplexed at how when we’re at work we can complain about another employee’s perfume/cologne and the employer will make them stop wearing it; yet, employees are allowed to smoke outdoors and then come in reeking of that. It seems that smoking should disqualify a person from being hired or maintaining employment just like drinking on the job!

      • M.E.

        Ron, it has nothing to do with you, it’s about the people, animals, and environment you’re affecting with your rotting brains, 2nd and 3rd hand smoke, ashes, and litter. Nevermind the economic problems you cause!

  • http://www.webpronews.com Patricia

    I think that food is bad for you also. It causes you to be fat and is very addictive. Fat is not good for you. Food can cause allergies that can kill you.Too much food causes you to be overweight and can also cause you to have breathing difficulties because you are so fat that you can hardly breathe because of eating and not exercising.. Did you hear about the health food nut that wouldn’t eat anything but health food? He died from a poisonous mushroom. Isn’t that ironic? Moderation is the key word. Do every thing in moderation. You can even smoke if it is in moderation..Same goes for just about anything…..What do you think?

    • http://yahoo dian ribb

      Even moderate smoking is toxic to our lungs/ bodies

      • RJ

        No you can’t do everything in moderation. You cannot have sex with an HIV infected person in moderation. You cannot play on train tracks when a train is coming in moderation. You cannot drive a car with no brakes in moderation. You cannot jump from a plane with no parachute in moderation..Get it?

        • M.E.

          R.J., that was beautiful! Thanks for saying it!

  • anthony

    you guys are a bunch are ass’s. u dont know if u dont smoke what is it is like to stop smoking. comment all you want but you are a bunch of morans

    • http://yahoo dian ribb

      Millions HAVE stopped smoking Others did not and got emphysema cancer – COPD – yellow teeth- bad breath – or had to use oxygen to breath . Smell an ash tray
      MY dear husband would NOT stop and died of lung cancer
      Smoking makes your lungs turn BLACK & harms those around you
      Its ugly to watch someone you love die that way
      Lets not kid ourselves folks We need food to live
      We Do NOT need to smoke
      Homes with smokers STINK

      • Dewey Wigod

        For more information on the effects of cigarettes, please google “Addiction, Incorporated,” Charles Evans Jr.’s documentary film about a tobacco industry scientist who became a whistleblower and educator of children. This documentary is screening around the country.

    • http://webpronews Debbie

      Anthony needs to learn to spell MORON!! I guess you don’t know anyone that has died of cancer from smoking. Not only are you
      ignorant but also a bad speller!!

  • Nick O. Teen

    To you a-hole anti-smokers:

    I’d like to put out my cigarette in your friggin’ EYE!

  • Steve Hash

    Marijuana wins again.

  • http://fthjy Rad

    Wait, this is NEWS? NO DUH IT ROTS THE BRAIN.

  • connie




  • http://Webpronews/Science Donnie Payne

    OMG!….Smoking hurts you as much as breathing the so called clean air outside!

  • Emily

    This article is a bit misleading. The study only shows a correlation between smoking and cognitive performance. This is not the same as causation.

    • Phil


      You are very fortunate to be one of the minority that happens to be fairly healthy from this deadly habit. There are hundreds of toxic carcinogens in the smoke first, second, and third hand.
      Do not fool yourself. Quit while you are still relatively healthy.

  • Skip Smith

    I’m 65 y.o., started smoking at age 18. For those of you who can’t do the math in your head, that’s 47 years of 1-2 packs a day. My blood pressure and cholesterol are kinda high, but otherwise no health problems. I drive a car, manage my own affairs, memorize Masonic ritual and study philosophy. I’ve noticed that many people who post on Yahoo!, Facebook, etc., don’t seem to be able to spell as well as I can.
    This “study” is a 120-car trainload of manure. I have every expectation that within a few years, “science” will discover that smoking causes dandruff and ingrown toenails.
    I continue smoking, if for no other reason than to thumb my nose at all of the tobaccophobes who arrogate unto themselves the right to tell everyone else how to live their lives.

  • Empha Seema

    The comments regardng this article is proof positive that smoking rots your brain. Take a look at all of the pro-smoking comments and see how grammatically poor they are. Bad spelling, poor or no punctuation, terrible sentence structure. Wow! All of that, yellow teeth, grey elephant skin, bad breath and cancer to boot! You guys sure are perdy! Aint ya? Anyone who spends money on products that are going to kill you are fools. The person who commented on food is probably the dumbest one of you. YOU NEED FOOD TO LIVE MORON! IT’S NOT THE SAME!

    • RJ

      Couldn’t have said it better myself!

  • harrison castlen

    I find it funny that many of the anti smoking people are in favor of recreational marijuna because it is “natural” overlooking (or ignoring) the fact that that is smoking too. Those people need to study those affects too, because if they do, they will have to admit that weed is just as bad for you-that is if they are willing to look at it honestly rather than saying it’s OK because they are busy getting high.

    • RJ

      Harrison, I somewhat agree to this but most marijuana smokers do not smoke like cigarette smokers do. I am not a marijuana smoker but marijuana smokers do not smoke 40-60 marijuana cigarettes per day. Some marijuana smokers even use a vaporizer to lessen the harmful effects of what the smoke produces.

    • Mark

      Harrison you need to do some research and get some education. Smoking Marijuana is NOT the same as smoking tobacco, there have been lots of surprised doctors/scientist that have done studies on long time marijuana smokers and found out that there is not any of the harms of smoking tobacco. Also you can use a vaporizer or cook marijuana it does not have to be smoked. Stop getting all your info for the main stream media and find some real info instead of propaganda. Bet you had no idea that marijuana can cure cancer and NEVER causes it. Throughout history there has been 0 deaths linked to marijuana use.

  • life giver

    why wouldnt smokers ask for help to quit? Jesus christ of nazareth said come unto me all you that labor and are heavy laden and i will give you rest. He said he could help all you,even smokers or boozers or even those hooked on other drugs,hes the solution try him. Hes already saved so many but only those who heeds his call……..come

    • RJ

      Of course Jesus has saved all of the children who didn’t ask to die because of their parents ill doings. I knew it wouldn’t be long for some Jesus freak to get on here and start preaching.

      • Ella

        RJ I couldn’t have said it better myself. People who do not understand real facts, but believe in some invisble man in the sky have no business responding to scientific articles. They have no idea how dumb they sound…

    • Erwin Krieger

      That´s precisely what I did.. pray to our Lord Jesus Christ, and voilá!! no more smoking, and that was almost two years ago. =)

  • http://facebook mary

    Who cares what any of the studies say!!! We are all going to die whether we smoke or not!!!If smoking makes you happy do it!!!If there is a God (which not to sure anymore)we will not go till he says its our time!!!I’m not a weed smoker but seen something on here about god putting it here on earth well he put tobacco here too!!!Its just the government putting all the chemicals in it thats making it bad for us!!! Just like our food killing us slowly!!!

    • Ella

      Mary, if I were you I would not respond to articles based on facts, because you sound dumb! This is one of the dumbest comments I have ever read; it is ignorant, claiming that some invisble man in the sky put tobacco on Earth. Well, prove your claim, like scientists can prove that smoking makes you brain rut, or shut up!

    • M.E.

      MARY>>>> What about equality???

      YOU WROTE: “Who cares what any of the studies say!!! We are all going to die whether we smoke or not!!! If smoking makes you happy do it!!!”

      Mary, I CARE!!! I mean, who did you think you’re speaking for or representing? What makes you think you’re some kind of representative or leader or even fit to judge or make decisions concerning what other people care about these days? And, if you think you’re representing the majority — think again.

      Are you even conscious of all the children in this world, and the non-smokers and the people with health problems who don’t deserve to be exposed to your 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke, don’t want to be exposed to your 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke, or have a medical reason (and a doctor’s proscription) to not smoke and not be exposed to 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke???

      Did you ever consider that there are other people in this world and they are also entitled to happiness? Are you aware that you’re 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke is making people unhealthy and UNHAPPY? Mary, did you know that the world doesn’t revolve around you?

      People have the right to breathe!!! People have the right to not smell like ash trays and not have their very appetites ruined by your 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke!!! People have the right to not be burned by your cigarette and cigarette ashes! We also have the right to pursue life, liberty, and happiness. And, clearly, Mary, smokers like you don’t have the constitutional right to smoke and harm other people just as a rapist doesn’t have the right to rape people against their will. I just can’t understand your reasoning Mary, you think people should do whatever makes THEM happy regardless if it harms others; all because “We are all going to die.”

      Also, animals have the right to be free from 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke. And, wildlife shouldn’t be damaged from your nicotine and tobacco going into our tap water and natural water reservoirs. Forests shouldn’t be being burned down by your lit cigarette either.

      Yes, it’s true we all die. However, we aren’t supposed to die from the cancers and birth-defect related things that are caused by your 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke. Also, every infant is supposed to develop normally and grow into a strong, healthy, and productive adult. And, human beings aren’t supposed to age or die prematurely or suffer all the unnecessary things which you are causing to be done to us.

      NEXT, YOU WROTE: “If there is a God (which not to sure anymore)we will not go till he says its our time!!!”

      Well, Mary, I agree with you and feel the same way–but only on one thing, that is, your 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke sometimes makes me unsure if God exists.

      Also, do you think that God wants babies to die of cancer and A.I.D.S? Do you think that God wanted Cain to bash in Abel’s brain? Do you think that Moses would have survived if his sister didn’t hide him? Do you think that Noah and his family would have survived without the ark? Do you think there’s no reason why Jesus lived in over three towns when he was a child? Do you think everyone’s made of the same substance that the Prophet Daniel was made of? I mean, what makes you so sure that you’re only here because God says it’s not your time to leave? What makes you so sure that God thinks anything of you at all?

      THEN, YOU WROTE: “I’m not a weed smoker but seen something on here about god putting it here on earth well he put tobacco here too!!!”

      Well, technically, Mary, tobacco is a weed. Anyhow, I’m amazed at how you can be unsure if God exists but then act as if you were here when life first began on Earth. However, the reality is that there is no scripture anywhere in this world that says God created tobacco or that he created it for smoking. Now, Genesis in the Bible, says that God created the world and everything in it *at that time*, and it says that every seed of every plant was good (at that time). However, this in no way implies that anything God created is meant to be misused and abused.

      For example, God created the dog, but he did not create the dog so we could smoke its hair sheddings. God created man to reproduce semen, but he did not create this semen reproduction thing for the purpose of smoking it. And, scientifically speaking, the creation story in no way indicates that the tobacco plant even existed at that time.

      Furthermore, Adam and Eve never smoked. Noah never smoked. Elijah never smoked. Moses never smoked. Jonah never smoked. Jesus Christ and John the Baptist never smoked. NO ONE IN THE BIBLE OR THE MIDDLE EAST EVER SMOKED BACK THEN. No one in Asia or Africa smoked back then either. Tobacco smoking was started by the Native Americans. And, evidently, American History shows us the health risks related to smoking . . . the Natives weren’t strong or healthy enough to resist expansion or European sicknesses; and they would rather sit around and smoke all day–depriving adequate oxygen to their brains, plus eat fece-filled dog intestines, instead of invent/discover technology and medicine and spin cotton, wool, or silk!!!

      Also, the same anthology that contains the book of Genesis, has many other books and scriptures that tell you to purify your body of all pollutants, to have no idols, give up worldliness–live in the spirit not the flesh, be a living sacrifice, strive to be perfect as God is perfect; you cannot serve two masters–you either serve God or serve something else, etc. The anthology (Holy Bible) also mentions that no one gets away with defiling the body.

      And, the fact is, smokers can’t represent God in any way. That is, they don’t have God in them; and God’s representatives don’t force 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke on to others much less reek like corpses and gasoline. And, how can you read and understand when you’re blind, deaf, and dumb(?) How can you even pray, when you can’t even think or form words in your head(?)

      FINALLY, YOU SAID: “Its just the government putting all the chemicals in it thats making it bad for us!!! Just like our food killing us slowly!!!”

      No, Mary, it’s just the tobacco companies. And, tobacco and food are much different from each other: food is an essential to life and health. Tobacco is a weed that’s not even meant for smoking. Our lungs were made to breathe in oxygen, and exhale carbon dioxide. Our digestive tract was made to eat, drink, absorb, and excrete certain foods and beverages. The preservatives and things in processed food these days, was/is thought to keep the food from spoiling and to add in essential vitamins and minerals. And, of course, we have a choice in what eat, we can even look at the ingredients in foods. Not everyone eats the “food” you’re speaking of. However, right now, we don’t have a choice in being exposed to your 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke, and we never know what it is you’re smoking!!!

  • http://4.bp.blogspot.com/_v9ZNbDFyOw0/TOSVTja_v8I/AAAAAAAAAh4/aBfgPkeJTcU/s1600/uchr_02_img0171.jpg Leon

    Yukkie habit

  • kei

    i smoke, i go to college. LOL haha jk. who gives a fuck. i dont want to live that long anyways. look at the old geezers, if you dont smoke and get brain damage, youll get alzheimers or someother shit anyways. who the hell cares. im gonna continue smokin my american spirits, all day every day. fuk yall PEACE!

    • M.E.

      Kei, my grandfather was a long-term smoker, he died of C.O.P.D. and Alzheimer’s disease. My grandmother was a long-term smoker and she died of emphysema and heart disease. I have also seen the effects of 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke.

      And, the fact of the matter is that the time is coming where you’re not going to be able to smoke those American Spirits anywhere near public places, private wooded areas, the homes or bedrooms of non-smokers, or children. You simply have no right to force anyone to consume your 2nd-hand or 3rd-hand smoke. And, we won’t continue taking your abuse much longer.

  • M.E.

    Interesting how it’s only smokers–with rotten brains–that are knocking this article and defending their habits. They aren’t even capable of intelligent discussions, and their very posts prove it. There’s no point in trying to talk to the intellectually impaired. Also, here in the year 2012, I think the majority of children and adults know that sex DOESN’T sell; and lung, mouth, throat, and other cancers, premature aging, mis-carriages, low birth weight in infants, sudden infant death syndrome, learning disabilities, chemical imbalances in humans plus even animals, hormonal imbalances, and everything else caused by smoking and second-hand plus third-hand smoke — is in NO WAY sexy, attractive, appealing, or cool. And no whore or jigalo can change that fact.

    For one, I am a non-smoker and I don’t smoke marijuana. And, I’ve never heard of a non-smoker smoking marijuana. Hence, that imbecile must have made that one up. As no health-conscious person smokes marijuana. Then again, tobacco and marijuana serve two purposes, and tobacco is addictive while marijuana isn’t. And, if a person has cancer they can be convinced that medicinal marijuana could ease their symptoms, and the quickest way for it to work is by smoking it. However, from my personal observation, *ALL* tobacco smokers smoke marijuana. Never in my life have I met one who doesn’t.

    Anyhow, I don’t think it’s healthy for cancer patients to smoke marijuana or smoke anything. And, if marijuana has medicinal benefits then it should only be made EDIBLE since the human lungs are only made to breath in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide while our digestive organs are made to eat and drink and absorb and excrete.

    I also think public smoking should be banned; this includes PRIVATE property near public sidewalks, windows/entrances/exits/parking-lots to other buildings, and the private property of non-smokers. As well as, so called PRIVATE apartment complexes and rooming houses. That is, never should we be forced to breathe in our neighbor’s noxious cigarette smoke, or have our clothes, skin, and hair saturated by it. Never should 3rd-hand smoke be in the heater and air-conditioner, or all over the walls, ceilings, and floors of a building. And, never should we have to walk through a smoke/noxious gas filled side walk, or through a smoke filled parking lot or entrance/exit to a building. Pedestrians should be able to actually walk through pedestrian areas, especially in non-smoking areas.

    Furthermore, I believe clean air *indoors* should be an additional rule of the health department. That is, I think we should be able to call the health department and police on people who smoke tobacco in their homes, since NO child — especially infants — deserves to be exposed to 2nd-hand or even 3rd-hand smoke! Not only that, but, postal carriers, paramedics, the cable man, the police, solicitors, census bureau people, and anyone else who has to go into a civialian’s home, shouldn’t have to be exposed to the 2nd-hand smoke of ***ROTTEN BRAINS***!!!

    Next, I believe that any smoker who thinks they can force a non-smoker to smoke or smell like an ash tray, or whom thinks they can burn other people with their cigarettes or ashes — not only deserves to be burned by their own cigarette, but, also deserves to be sprayed with mace, have a bucket of water poured over their head in public, or be wacked by a pedestrians umbrella in public. I mean, you expose noxious gases to another it’s clearly assault–hence, it’s very justifiable to do something in return!

    • D.

      It’s clear from you wrote that NON-SMOKING causes brain damage. You are some piece of work. I bet you are fat as hell and bald.

      • A.J

        M.E. why do you waste your time writing that novel? If you want to smoke: smoke. If you don’t want to smoke: don’t smoke. Simple. No point arguing.

        • M.E.

          A.J., I think it’s sad that you don’t even know what a novel is, and that you don’t seem to grasp that children, non-smokers, and sick people shouldn’t be forced to consume your 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke. Neither should our economy suffer the loss caused by your stupidity.

          Seriously, you waste too much time with your thoughtlessness and inconsideration. Your very comment to me and you’re forcing 2nd-hand smoke and 3rd-hand smoke on to others, proves that your brain is wasted–rotted.

      • misty

        What does being fat or bald have to do with it? Seriously, that is just rude. If you want to voice your opinion fine but why automatically stereotype this person into other categories? Just label it a hater. Plain and simple!

      • ta

        I suppose we should stop driving cars, shut down factories and turn off the heat too.

        • M.E.

          Ta, I suppose you would benefit from actually reading. Cars don’t drive on sidewalks, over bus stops, inside buildings, on benches, or too close to entrances, exits, and windows. In fact, living quarters, pedestrian areas, and buildings are not even designated for cars to drive on or in. And, car exhausts and factory smoke isn’t in our faces everywhere we turn, and they don’t produce the same smells or effects as cigarette or tobacco smoke. Also, cigarettes/cigars/whatever aren’t essential for survival of any kind.

          Furthermore, there’s a reason why Slavery, Cocaine, LSD, and Marijuana are now illegal, and a reason why smoking tobacco is going to be added to the illegal list. There are “Yankees” and there are “Rebels,” you are a Rebel and I am a Yankee: Yankess will obviously win this Civil War!

    • Macwhee

      what percentage of the American population smokes these days?
      It’s not a problem, except for whiny pricks like you, who probably chase fat people and smokers down to yell at them.
      Would be that you could have your perfect world. I pity your plight.
      While you are at it, why not crusade for a ban on obnoxious, self righteous jerks?
      It would lower everyone’s stress levels.
      And you know that stress is really the number one reason people die. Outside of lifespan issues, that is.

    • misty

      ok seriously you are calling people who smoke every name in the book and are telling them that they deserve violence and yet they are the dumb ones. What makes you so perfect? People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.
      Your long rant about how this should be or that should be is ridiculous. You aren’t anyone special so I am thinking you should come down off your pedestool. People have the right to do what they will with their bodies. If you don’t like it then stay away from smokers and areas where they smoke. Sounds pretty simple to me.
      I do not smoke but I know plenty of people who do. I know cigarette smokers who do not smoke Marijuana nor have they ever. I have also met and know people who smoke marijuana and do not touch cigarettes. I am thinking you should keep your hatred and stereotypes to yourself because the only thing it’s doing is making you look like an even bigger jack*** than you already are.

      • http://WebProNews pogranny

        I agree with misty completely. I’m 76 years old and I have smoked for 62 years. Yes, I started smoking at the age of 14. I find it amazing at the number of people in my lifetime who are no longer with us who didn’t smoke cigarettes or marijuana. If I died tomorrow they would blame it on the cigarettes. I came to this website because of the article about brain rot. I would just like to know at what age is a person considered dying from natural causes. You’ve warned us that smoking is bad for our health. So, leave it alone. And,I am not obese. I am married to a nonsmoker who quit smoking at least 35 years ago. We have been married for 56 years. He is diabetic and takes meds for hiblood pressure because he eats everything that he wants to. It would seem to me that the secondhand smoke would have killed him. He is 80 and takes care of himself, drives etc. The only thing is he doesn’t drink. I have about 2 drinks a month; either a beer or a cocktail.
        Case closed.


      You had me with the first few sentences, but after that your argument became quite inept.


      …by the way, being in the medical field, (hence the MD), there are multiple articles about the surprising anticarcinogenic benefits of the compound THC. A simple Google search will yield results.

    • http://Yahoo Barry M

      @M.E. Thank you, I love your style!

    • JP

      Smoking is legal M.E.. Go kill yourself you hate-filled filth.

      • M.E.

        No, I’m going to die after smoking becomes illegal!

    • roy

      LoL , Thanks for the look inside your troubled mind . Your medication only works if you take it .

  • http://YAHOO connie

    phew luckily i stoped smoking two weeks ago lol

  • rose

    I use to smoke cigarettes and weed and I believe the article has some merit. Just stop smoking, makes your skin look older and your teeth rot

  • Kay

    I was a smoker for around 25 years,quit about 19 years ago for all kinds of reasons and I’m age 66 now. Own my own business and run circles around most people I know who are my age. Now I see that it is sad to say that my rotted brain is proof that I could have been a genius. Sadly I can see the error of my ways, I had a chance to leave Einstein in the dust and I blew it!

    • Vladimir Jacofski

      Your not trying to over react are you>?

  • Michael Dzundza

    The saddest is that Smoking plus alcohol and prozac, or any recreational drugs, makes the individual psychotic, fat and leaves with dry ugly skin, the person’s behaviour changes. The smokers have had enough warnings and frankly I can’t be bothered explaining eg. lack of Oxygen to the brain, vital organs, increase in CO2, putting lungs at risk, reducing sex drive ecc…….. somebody once said that each somke detractes One day from your life, I suppose the smokers are doing their bit in contribution to reducing the over crowding on this Planet, Good on you Smokers, just the Spirit!

  • http://yahoo Alan

    @JMILLMD……..so does that mean as an MD you’re encouraging people to smoke marijuana for the alleged benefits of the THC? Have you considered the other side of the Coin? The impaired judgement…..damage to the lungs…….etc. Even money says you smoke it!

  • http://www.cheaplinkblast.weebly.com Akoon

    Thats why you gotta still to the weed, forget cigaretts.

  • Vladimir Jacofski

    Still no advice of vaporizing instead of smoking to extract all the good a leave out the bad. This “threat” is no more threatening than fatty foods make you fat. “Rotten” is too harsh a word and thus once again the public is duped by those in charge. Smoke less and not a lot, what about that? A little exposure to harsh environment stimulates your immune system and thus makes you stronger. What about that?

    • M.E.

      No, Vladimer, “Rotten” IS the *right* word. They have found brain abnormalties in post-mortem brain samples of long-term smokers. They have found that 2nd-hand smoke alters the chemicals in the brains of even animals. Smoking also causes hormone imbalances and 2nd-hand smoke has caused learning disabilities in children. 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke also causes miscarriages, low birth weight, and retards the growth of children.

      What about this? >>> DON’T SMOKE: your lungs are made to breathe in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide! And, other people have the right to breathe and be unmolested by your 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke.

      A little exposure to noxious gases and poisonous substances doesn’t stimulate anything but causes you harm, damages the body, and makes you WEAKER. You need to study BIG TIME! Bacteria and poison cannot even be equated. You expose yourself to fire, you get burned, you don’t get stronger. You expose yourself to STDS, you’re immune system weakens and you get weaker.

  • roy

    I’ve known people that haven’t smoked a day in their life and die of lung cancer and i know people who smoke and drink and live to be almost 100 yrs old . So people don’t worry about it because when God above calls you home it’s your time to go . ENJOY LIFE AND GOD BLESS

    • M.E.

      Roy, that’s because the people who didn’t smoke were exposed to the 2nd-hand and 3rd-hand smoke of those who did smoke. And, like I believe your story of smokers and drinkers living to almost 100 without any problems. They probably did have cancer or emphysema and never saw a doctor. They definitely lacked brain cells, had tar in their lungs, had a smoker’s cough, and weren’t as active as non-smokers are, that’s for sure. I’ve known *MANY, MANY* people who *didn’t* make it to almost 100, because of their smoking and drinking! I’ve seen and experienced many of the problems caused by smoking and drinking, that smokers and drinkers usually have.

      And, Roy, you’re obviously no health professional or expert studying the effects of smoking and drinking. Clearly, you don’t know your stuff when cancer societies, heart and lung and other organ associations, and special interest groups are continuously compiling factual information and statistics about the damage done by smoking and drinking.

      Also, God doesn’t “call” anyone home. And, there is no scripture in this world in support of polluting the body or of harming innocent people or of living in the flesh as opposed to the spirit.

      My guess is that anyone could pay you to say anything if you don’t already make money off of selling it. You must have a guilty conscience too or you wish to escape liabilities.

    • http://WebProNews Deena Sivia

      I’m not responding to Roy’s reply, just my own feelings,those who have never smoked “lucky/smart you”, I’m 51 yrs.old, when I started smoking none of the dangers where exposed, when my mother started smoking Doctors promoted it “saying it calmed your nerves” for those who have the will power I envy you.I have tried the patches, the pills, & hypnosis, w/no luck, I see mother suffer @ 77 yrs., copd,24/7 oxygen,I have watched her become a recluse “anxiety” over running out of oxygen even though she has plenty of back up cylinders. What they put in cigarettes today is not what is put in them when I started,in which they have made it even more addictive, smoking is like any other addictive drug, except it is legal. I’m not in denial of what I’m doing to my body, it doesn’t just effect your lungs.I do believe if you have the cancer gene you are more susceptible to lung cancer.Did you know that golf course superintendents are more likely to get lung cancer because of all the chemicals that are used for the grass to grow. I feel any smoker would quit if it was just that easy.I want to wake up one day and the taste disgust me or choke so bad I can’t.I guarantee you there isn’t one smoker that wouldn’t like to quit, can u imagine the retirement plan we could have.So maybe if you are religous/spiritual say a little prayer for us smokers, that maybe one day we can put them down!!!

  • diego

    Roy, the people that did smoke and didn’t get cancer probably have good DNA that result in cells that are better weaponed against toxins. Nobody is saying that you can’t get sick if you don’t smoke. But that is not the question. The question is: “Who of the smokers wouldn’t have got lung cancer if they would not have smoked ?”. Those that smoke and didn’t get cancer were lucky to have good DNA. But there is a link between smoking and increased lung cancer odds. So a big part of the smokers is getting lung cancer that they could have avoided if they wouldn’t smoke. So please, don’t encourage people to smoking because you will be the reason why some people will get lung cancer.

  • sheryl

    i am a former on-and-off smoker. i used to think i had rights. but, while trying to quit i wished no one smoked anywhere near where i was because it made it all the harder to quit. also, i feel that the u.s. should have cigarette sales only in designated stores as it is in canada. it is hard to quit when every grocery store, etc., has cigarettes on display. and what kind of message does that send to our children to see cigarettes alongside groceries! i quit by placing pin holes in my cigarettes, then pen holes, then large holes to where i was inhaling very little smoke, then none at all, then just give up the psychological hand-to-mouth gestures. it took awhile, but it worked for me, i became in control. and i must say it was worth it. cigarettes no longer control me. i feel freer than i ever have. have much more time and the money saved is awesome and dont smell like an old ashtray. i have some copd and it is very scary. i am only 62 years old and did not smoke that much, and never inside or near my children… so you never know – so much for the “fun” aspect/attitude of smoking! it can rob you of oxygen that can affect your brain and every cell/organ in your body, cause fatigue, etc. look it up. and often copd doesnt show up (short of breath) right away, and it can advance quickly. then you have to watch each and everything you may inhale can trigger a pulmonary response. if you catch copd early enough it can be reversed some if you quit smoking. i wish all the best and remember life is precious…. stay healthy and enjoy!

  • kris

    Smoking is the worst legal addiction along with alcohol. Smoking is dirty, smelly and offensive even to smokers if they would just admit the truth of how they stink. I work in healthcare and I see the results of smoking and alcohol everyday. Sure you can die of cancer, stoke and heart disease if never a smoker or drinker.
    I am a smoker and working on quitting now for the new year. Last night I slept for 10 hours without a cigarette, that didn’t kill me or cause me to go into DT’s. A lot is mind over matter. Since we are on this earth, then let’s make it a better place to live.
    I wish I never saw a cigarette, smoked a cigarette. I wish cigarettes were outlawed. We know that won’t happen as it is a billion plus industry. Our government banned it on government property but continues to hire smokers and now is allowing adding penalties to smokers in healthcare costs. The government won’t ban it but continues to punish smokers. Who is to blame, the smoker or the supplier,the tobacco industry? Again Uncle Sam won’t shut down all tobacco industry. True there would be mass illegal activity evolving just like the drug traffic problem.
    Smoking is bad, bad for the smoker and those around them. Everytime a smoker inhales smoke the hot smoke engulfs lungs. Would you go into a burning building 10-20 times a day to get a smoke fix? Well no because there is no nicotine in a house fire but basically smokers are doing that to their bodies. Let’s stop the addictions and start treating each other better.