Smaller Notebook Shipments on the Rise


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The traditional PC market is in decline. That much is clear after a disappointing holiday season in 2012, PC shipments in the first quarter of 2013 fell even harder. As smartphone and tablet manufacturers continue to expand into developing markets, the demand for PCs and notebook computers has fallen, as reflected in shipment numbers for the latest quarter.

A new report today shows that one segment of the PC market may be on the rise, however.

Digitimes this morning reported that shipments of notebook computers with 11.6-inch screens are actually increasing. This is while, according to analyst firm IDC, 15-inch notebook shipments dropped 15.8% to only 16.9 million units during the first quarter of 2013. 14-inch notebook shipments dropped 13.2% to 13.3 million units during that same period.

The report cites unnamed "Taiwan-based supply chain makers" as crediting the rise to Microsoft's Windows 8 licensing discounts for smaller notebooks. The report also reports that Intel is providing discount pricing for manufacturers who can guarantee large orders of its upcoming Bay Trail mobile processors.

Also cited is the fact that smaller Chromebooks are seeing growth, having gained nearly a quarter of the sub-$300 laptop market in the U.S.

(via DigiTimes)