Skyrim’s Dawnguard DLC Hits Steam, Delayed On PS3

    August 3, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Quakecon 2012 is this weekend and I couldn’t be more excited. All things id will be on display with John Carmack already announcing that Doom 4 is in development. More announcements are to come with id and their owners, Bethesda, both showing off new wares. One such announcement that’s sure to delight Skyrim players was made late yesterday.

Bethesda announced late yesterday afternoon that Dawnguard, the first DLC for Skyrim, was on Steam for all to download. The DLC pack is $20 and promises a whole new faction campaign where you either join forces with vampires or the Dawnguard who seek to eradicate them. I played a bit myself last night and it’s already shaping up to be a strong expansion.

Steam players are already enjoying Dawnguard and putting more time into their 2011 game of the year, but what about PS3 players? Skyrim on PS3 has already been plagued with enough problems so a punctual DLC release would go along to fix the already shaky relationship Bethesda has with PS3 players. Unfortunately, that is not the case as Dawnguard has been delayed for the platform. Here’s what Bethesda had to say:

We are not satisfied yet with Dawnguard’s performance on the PS3. We would like for everyone to have a chance to play Dawnguard, but we aren’t going to release it for PS3 knowing that some people’s experience in Skyrim will be worse. We do everything we can to have our content available to all; from our free updates, to user mods, to paid DLC. We’re as disappointed as our fans when that isn’t the case, but we’ll continue to push for that reality.

Bethesda has traditionally had problems with performance with their games on the PS3. I remember Fallout 3 being an absolute mess even a year after launch on the platform. I can only hope that the delay means that they are actually putting more work into making it passable on the platform. I daresay PS3 players want to avoid a repeat of Fallout 3’s DLC woes.

  • Martel B.

    I hope they do a good job and avoid any game destroying crashes such as the general Jing Wei crash in operation anchorage. I’m trying my hardest not to sell my skyrim but putting this dlc off for so long is driving me nuts. However skyrim has proven to be a stable source of entertainment so hopefully this DLC is fixed up soon. And thanks for the insight Mr. Zach Walton.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      I moved into PC gaming before Skyrim came out, but I can understand the PS3 player’s plight. Like I said, I put up with both Fallout 3 and New Vegas on the PS3. It’s really disappointing that Bethesda has so far not been able to put out a competent product on the platform, but here’s hoping that the extra wait makes Dawnguard worth it.

  • The Man Who Loved Himself

    fuck it I’ll just skip all of the dlc and wait for the GOTY edition, or is that gonna be delayed for months too?

  • louis

    we are pretty much getting jewed again by them

  • anonamys

    Who wnats to put money on the fact that this was probably a last minute decission or excuse to not look as bad with dlc delays to this gruesom extent.

  • http://jyver.com Falcon D. Stormvoice

    Somehow, I managed to play hundreds of hours on Oblivion, Fallout 3, New Vegas, Skyrim and the add-ons for said games that we PS3 players were allowed to have just fine.

    Tell me again why Bethesda doesn’t want to take my money? Oh well, the makers of Dragon’s Dogma and Rainbow Moon will surely appreciate it.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      I don’t like to play favorites, but your choice of Dragon’s Dogma is excellent. It’s a great game to pass the time while waiting for Dawnguard. It might even be a better game than Skyrim. Crazy, I know.

  • DeLASTBlade


  • Dogma94

    Why is bethesda. Being F**king prick for man they release it for pc and leave ps3 users in the dark again :( its not good man I bought skyrim this year and enjoyed for a few months and now just hear ing dawnguard will be delayed is soo disappointing for ps3 fans

  • Chase H.

    The problem is that Bethesda is focusing to much of their time on Microsoft and PC, anyways thanks for the insight Mr. Walton.

  • Hammeron9

    Screw I’m not buying it anymore Bethesda had my money when Dawnguard came out. But after a month I started to have second thoughts and now I don’t even want it after hearing its getting delayed.

  • http://hotmail.com Limy

    This DLC better be worth the wait. I mean come on they had a month to fix whatever problems it had on PS3. Bethesda this isn’t a good look.

  • Tiffany King

    I have already platinumed Skyrim and my boyfriend got me a $20 card to get the DLC. Unfortunately with this being said I am going to use the card for something else and sell my Skyrim to BuyBacks pawn shop.

  • Darien

    This is just not cool anymore. If bethesda doesnt want my money fine. They dont know how to make a game for a system that is 6+ years old. God i feel sorry for them when the PS4 and Xbox 720 come out.

  • Dakota Smith

    Bethesda…seriously stop shitting all over ps3 users head, it astounds me that you can’t create a competent game on a clearly usable platform, if you fail to have a release for the ps3 then forget me buying another game from you people.