Skyrim Interactive Map App Comes To iOS

Free to download, but 10 bucks for all the details

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Skyrim Interactive Map App Comes To iOS
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Skyrim is a big place, and sometimes it helps to have a little guidance. If you’re the kind of player who wants to thoroughly explore every little nook and cranny of the magnificent landscape, Bethesda and Prima think you might like their new app.

Now available for download, here’s what you’ll get with the Skyrim Official World Interactive Map:

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Official World Interactive Map is a 100% complete and official interactive world map revealing every primary location, secondary location, point of interest, world encounter, vendor, trainer, skill book, and unique item across the realm. From the 9 major Hold cities to the open expanses of wilderness and mountains, you’ll never be lost with over 150 interactive maps. This interactive map is made by the original team of the well-received Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Prima Official Game Guide.

You can download the map with all 9 hold capital city locations for free. In-app purchases include everything from primary locations and secondary locations to over 1,000 points of interest.

Key Features:

  • Official world map of Skyrim and all 9 hold capital cities for free
  • In-app purchases of over 160 interior maps, over 350 primary locations, 200 secondary locations and over 1,000 points of interest
  • Toggle points of interest on or off and zoom in on the map as far as 3200%
  • Add your own custom points of interest by dropping a pin anywhere on the map
  • Fully integrated search function
  • Screenshots of all 9 hold capital cities as well as primary and secondary locations
  • Easily keep track of what you’ve discovered along the way

The app is free to download, and with that you’ll have access to all the major hold cities. But since you’ll probably want to venture out beyond Whiterun, everything else will cost you. $9.99 will get you everything – primary, secondary locations and all of the other lesser locations. Each set of locations is available for $0.99 each.

Some of the app’s reviews have complained about the “free-to-play” type structure, but as one user points out – “this is a full guide inside a map, why would it be free?” The real pain for most people won’t be the price, I bet. It will be the fact that there’s currently no Android version.

[h/t Laughing Squid]

Skyrim Interactive Map App Comes To iOS
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  • Ian

    I like the concept of only paying for what I need, although I would love the have the full version. Having my iPad next to me while I play is pretty awesome. Definitely going to check it out! Thanks.

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