Skyrim Hoarders: You’re Not Going To Enchant That Necklace And You Might Have A Problem

    March 29, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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I have a friend. Yeah let’s go with that, a friend, who can’t leave a single weapon, shield, book, potion, or article of clothing in a chest or on a table. If he sees it, it’s going in his inventory. Now, his character didn’t put a lot into his stamina trait and he doesn’t wear any boots or armor that allows for increased carrying space. This, of course, means that he has to make frequent trips back to his house in Whiterun.

I would call my friend a hoarder. A Skyrim hoarder. But he’s a neat Skyrim hoarder, so meticulous that it borders on some sort of OCD that I’ve never experienced in my life. Where a normal person would just dump every item on the floor or store everything in a chest, my friend likes put every item that he finds out in the world in a particular location – everything in its right place if you will. Weapons and armor go in his chest, books in his bookshelf, jewelry in his nightstand, and food in his cupboards. You get the picture.

My friend might have a problem. This guy you’re about to see? He definitely has a problem. This College Humor original brilliantly brings the world of Skyrim hoarding to the even more messed-up world of real life hoarders from the A&E show.

Check it out:

This problem is real, and it affects us all. To all the Skyrim hoarders out there (and there are plenty): just leave the book behind. You’e never going to read it. You should probably find a better hobby, like murdering many of the women in the game and displaying their heads on a trophy rack like the Skyrim serial killer.

  • Aric

    This is the same exact way I am, and I have OCD in my waking life too! How strange!

    • nabz

      No..no not really

  • Drake

    Aww make me feel bad for keeping my stuff organized. Least I can say it saves time when I need something.

  • ZImberfitz

    I do the same thing, expet i have a safe for “shiny” objects. No ocd here. Just some mmassive add and adhd, but who dosn’t anymore… Just becasue some mpeope can’t learn to sit still., it puts an arrow in my knea when i get lumped into the possers.

  • Dacconn1

    Skyrim is actually good training for overcoming my pack-rat problem. It still physically hurts when I drop or sell something, but Its getting easier! Also, nice line- read on “…sworn to carry his burden.”