Skyrim ‘Dragonborn’ DLC Trailer Released

    November 5, 2012
    Sean Patterson
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It’s been nearly a year since The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was released to universal acclaim, and Bethesda has kept the game alive through the Dawnguard and Hearthfire downloadable content (DLC) packs. This is in addition to the PC modding community’s tweaks and overhauls. It seems that Skyrim, like Oblivion before it, will almost certainly be played for years to come.

Today, Bethesda released the first preview trailer for the third Skyrim DLC, Dragonborn. Rumors in the past few weeks had held that the new content would be taking players back to the province of Morrowind, the setting of The Elder Scrolls III, and include dragon mounts. It turns out that the rumors might very well be true true, as images of giant mushrooms can be seen during the video, and Dovahkiin can clearly be seen mounting a dragon at around the 50-second mark.

Dragonborn will be released for Xbox 360 first, on December 4 for 1600 Microsoft Points. The PC version will undoubtedly follow soon after. Sadly, the PlayStation 3 version of Dragonborn may never appear, as neither of the previous two Skyrim DLCs has yet been released for that console.

  • cacoy

    Still nothing for ps3?! I actually bought into that rumored ps3 downloadable content crap! Aw geez. LAME!

    • Pc Gaming F.T.W

      I have to say that the Pc And XBox are truly the best for gaming….Ps3 tried and failed in a gaming console…sure they tried to copy the wii and release the Move but that was a joke and the problems with Skyrim on the PS3 is not cause my the Game but rather the PS3 itself. So i can kinda see why the DLC’s arn’t available for the PS3 yet, The poor console can barely run it…Next Time Choose The Pc

      • http://unbuildthegame.blogspot.com UnbuildTheGame

        I agree with you, the PS3 is good for running PS3 exclusives, but when it comes to multiplatform games, they almost always run better on the 360 or PC. The low amount of RAM is most likely a major contributor to the cause.

        • Tanner

          Seriously? The Xbox’s total amount of RAM is slightly misleading since the system RAM and video RAM are shared. The PS3’s XDR RAM is faster and more efficient than the Xbox’s GDDR3 RAM. It runs at a speed of 3.2 GHz compared to 700 MHz.

      • saxman09

        or bethesda needs to get better coders because key rule to coding, especially if you are doing a multiplatform release, is make sure as hell its going to work right on all platforms before you release it and will be able to handel any add-ons you create. Bethesda sent out an unfinished product filled with bugs even their patches made the game worse sometimes. I would have been happier if I had to wait a year so that the entire game, with dlc, came out when it was sure as hell done and ready. Now they just violated the ps3 fans because they got whored out by xbox and ditched the ps3 version to die, simple as that. they care more about the all mighty dollar than the fucking fans who give them the money.

    • Dom

      PS3 = Beta Videos, if you’re old enough to get the reference

  • Meshac

    Wow new area and dragonriding? Ok must get

  • kieran

    holy sh1t! i predicted a return to solstheim when i seen the bloodmoon in the sky in bloated mans grotto during th quest “ill met by moonlight.”

  • j

    this just goes to show microsoft is paying off bethesda to say crap about how they cant figure out how to fix the problems to bring out dawngaurd on the ps3, yet have all this time to work on another dlc which of coarse will be out for the 360 first. what a joke

    • Pc Gaming F.T.W

      First Thing is Bethesda has different teams working on different parts of the game so yes they have to time make another dlc for the people who realized that buying Skyrim On Pc or even Xbox was the better choice…There is a separate team working on the PS3 problem and i feel for them…Its not their fault. honestly apple iPhones are getting closer to running skyrim smoother then ps3 can.
      Secondly after playing oblivion on the PC with all the thousands of mods available to the player what would drive you to get the ps3 version + its cheaper

      • chris

        ive had skyrim for the ps3 since it was released and not once did i encounter any of the problems that people have said. i also bought a 360, and bought syrim for it to play when the ps3 is being used by someone else, and i honestly, it doesnt run any better then the ps3 version, so yeah, i would have to say that its the bethesda themselves that are being lazy about realeasing the dlc for the ps3

    • bob

      Quit crying get an xbox

      • Gonzo

        Amen to that!

      • BlondeAmbitions

        I own both.. But I still prefer my ps3 you fat balding nerd..

  • chris

    ifs funny that when a coming fails to make a game run good on the ps3, its blamed on the ps3 poor running capabilities or some other crap, but if a company makes a game for the 360 and it comes out poorly, the its the company that makes the games fault, not because of the 360.

  • NoMoreXBoxExclusives

    I can’t believe they’re still releasing it on Xbox 360 first… I thought only the first 2 DLC were supposed to come out on Xbox first. If I have to wait until January to Dragonborn on PC, I’ll be mighty pissed (not that it makes any difference, obviously). I actually bought this game on PS3 originally and am very happy I switched to PC. But these timed exclusives are getting seriously annoying. I seriously hope it won’t take a month for it to hit PC after Xbox.

    • http://stlroofingcompany.com/ roofing st louis

      Really? PS3 has nothing! Nothing yet. And may not get anything. You will get yours second but at least you will get it…

  • Ukse


    • BlondeAmbitions

      You’re a dick head.. The ps3 beats the xbox in all areas other than content.. It’s been proven time and again.. I own both.. But actually care about my ps3, I can rely on it surviving at least 5 years.. It’s obvious that Microsoft has their fingers in the pie that is bethesda.. Why else would the playstation not have access to content!

  • emily kyle

    Me and my cousin were thinking they should add co-op to the new DLC so that a Dragonborn and someone playing as their follower (Blade, random hobo type, or their family from who knows where) then adventure can be twice as fun. you can kill each other