Skydiver Falls to Death, Parachute Gets Entangled During Dive

    May 27, 2013
    John Vinson
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Ken Oka was a well renowned formation skydiver; the 62 year old veteran had taken part in formation skydiving for years. However, a complication during a dive lead Ken Oka to getting his chute wrapped around himself, and he wasn’t able to get untangled before plummeting to his death.

The maneuver involved multiple divers, two of which landed safely in a Riverside County, California residential neighborhood. The two men landed in the yard of Alma Lopez, who said they were beside themselves and were immediately looking for Oka. They called 911, and began searching for their friend in the neighborhood. He was eventually found and taken to a hospital, where he later passed away.

Oka was featured in the LA-Times years ago for his formation diving, where he explained what it’s all about, “You literally wrap your foot in your teammate’s parachute line and you try to fly this [formation] very uniformly together”

Sgt. David Cardoza of the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department stated that the FAA would open an investigation, finding out what caused the incident.

Oka was the second person to die in formation skydiving in the area this year, and the 18th person from the past 20 years.

Below you can see how big skydiving formations can get, and just how precise you have to be to make sure it all goes safely.

  • rev happjack

    Imagine that.. Wow.! I’m impressed…Kinda reminds me of the Surfer who insists upon blaming the Shark, for having Human for Lunch. Someone wrapped their foot in His chute strings…. Imagine that! His chute became His death shroud! Imagine that! truly sad… And at an early age, too! Didn’t even get to enjoy a year of social security payments!

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    • http://www.stupidhumantricks.com Leroy Jackson

      Dis dewd one bad mutha fukka! But he dead, tho ain’t no thang now!

    • Joe

      let me guess…you live in a single wide right under some power lines,right?

    • tom

      Wow, a douche talking like a douche…Imagine That!

  • d-nice

    looking for ways to live daringly isn’t smart

    • kingsfool

      while you do what every other lame fool does in this country. at least this guy lived; now you die

  • d barto

    FOR SALE: 1 used parachute, never opened…best offer

    • tom

      Were you born a moron or did you study hard?

  • Ruby

    I am sickened by the rash of disgusting, heartless comments on this thread. Someone has lost his life and all many of you can do is make crass comments. Please, just think for a minute, his family and loved ones may be reading your comments, if this was someone you loved would you want to read the awful comments above, would they add to your pain and heartbreak? Why not post something that can offer comfort or kindness or at a minimum post something constructive not rude and hateful.

    Prayers and peace to this man’s family. I hope they can take solace in knowing he died following his passion and doing something he loved and I’m so very sorry for your loss. Please ignore the hateful comments on this thread. They are posted by people who I can only guess are incredibly unhappy with their lives and for some unexplainable reason lash out at others tragedies to make themselves feel big, in my opinion, their comments are pathetic and actually a heartbreaking comentary on our socitey today. I hope this family knows these people do not speak for the vast majority of our world, so many of us care and offer you compassion and empathy at this time of incredible grief.

    Peace to this family.

    • Poppy Akaji

      Prayers & Peace? Okay, Prayers & Peace but If God intended for Humans to fly, he would have provided Wings on them. Duuuhh.

  • Poppy Akaji

    “If God wanted Humans to Fly, he would provided them with Wings.” I rest my case.

    • PinkChampagne

      @Poppy – does that mean we shouldn’t be driving either? I mean, God didn’t put wheels on the ends of our legs… he put feet.

  • Rudy C. Kintanar

    Taking charge of LIFE & LIVING it makes it worthwhile.

  • http://yahoo Scott

    I for one, am a skydiver. To the family, I am truly sorry for your loss. Formation skydiving is awesome. You can take relief in knowing that he died doing something that was his passion. Untimely, but we never know when our time is up. To the losers that are too afraid to step off the front porch, or do anything away from the keyboard, let me say this. Skydiving is not about dying. It’s about living!!! Just because my comfort zone is larger than yours, does not make skydiving crazy or stupid. Smell the roses…

  • http://www.facebook.com/tonyrfranklin Doc Hollywood160

    To the 77 IQ’ers on this Thread,

    Since 1969 I have been involved in the defense of our Nation… now a 100% Disabled Veteran due to War Time injuries and illnesses… And, I still serve our Nation at War, though in a limited capacity, however. Having suffered through the loss of so many of my Friends and Fellow Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines to include other members of the DOD Special Operations Community and the State Department from the Vietnam War to the current 10 year plus Wars we are now fighting, I can honestly say that I have never seen anything sicker and more despicable than those on this thread that feel they were invited to comment about the death of a fellow Skydiver (yes, I am one of those… started jumping in 1973, D-7321), in such a manner as to disrespect him, his family, friends and moreover, Humanity. Our saving grace is that you will eventually get yours… it never fails. And, I for one, hope it comes swiftly and painfully. It is y’all and those like you that make me regret that I ever defended your Freedom to be such an inane ASS in the first place. Very insincerely yours… Doc Hollywood.

    P.S. My deepest sympathy to Ken’s family. I will hope and pray that you are comforted in your time of such a tragic loss, despite the attempts of some very spineless and cowardice people that by their own anonymity prove to all that they themselves have a miserable life that they continue to run from…

  • http://www.facebook.com/tonyrfranklin Doc Hollywood160

    And, just so you Moron’s know… I am from Clarksville, TN…. Originally from Enterprise, AL (after being born in Sandersville, GA spending my early days in Wrightsville and Harrison, GA). So, my question to all who thought it was their calling to enter into a Philosophical Debate struggling with the “Meaning of Life,” in the midst of the tragic loss of a most wonderful Human Being…. WHO ARE YOU… WHERE ARE YOU…?