Sisters Ejected From Mall For Breast Cancer Hats

    May 22, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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According to a report from Philadelphia news station ABC 6, Zakia Clark and her sisters were booted from the Philadelphia-area King of Prussia Mall on Sunday. The women were reportedly wearing hats emblazoned with the words “FUCK CANCER” in pink type, though not quite, as the letter c in the word fuck was replaced by a pink ribbon – a well-known symbol of the breast cancer awareness movement. Mall security reportedly asked them to leave, and began arguing with Clark before kicking them out.

The hats were a reference to Clark’s mother, 51-year-old Jackie Underwood, who had just died after a four-year battle with breast cancer. The sisters were reportedly shopping for funeral dresses when they were kicked out of the mall.

Mall management released a statement to ABC 6, saying that the King of Prussia Mall is a “family destination” and that some words, even just suggested ones, “are considered profane and can offend many people.” One of Underwood’s daughters, Makia Underwood, pointed out that clothing with profanity – both explicit and implicit – can be bought within the mall. The mall has since apologized to Clark and her sisters, offering to donate money to a cancer charity.

  • Ayo

    I smell a law suite. Make an example of them. Discrimination is everywhere and can not be tolerated.

    • Ted McGinley

      Discrimination? You better check your dictionary.

      • Sheri

        Perhaps, Ted, it is you that should check the dictionary?

        “the power of making fine distinctions; discriminating judgment: She chose the colors with great discrimination”
        “Archaic. something that serves to differentiate. “

        • Alanna

          Sheri, go check a LAW dictionary!

        • Brian

          Key word: “Archaic”. Do you know what that one means?

          Discrimination between objects, and discriminating against a person are two different things.

          This is from Merriam-Webster

          a : the act, practice, or an instance of discriminating categorically rather than individually
          b : prejudiced or prejudicial outlook, action, or treatment

      • Luke

        There’s nothing to suggest that race had anything to do with any of this. Still, the Clark sisters have a strong “free speech” claim against the mall.

        The message on the hat was free speech on a matter of obvious public interest — cancer. In Pennsylvania, mall owners may “uniformly preclude” speech on their property. This is because a mall, even though it is open to the public, remains privately owned property. What mall owners cannot do is arbitrarily preclude speech based on the content of the speech or the viewpoint(s) underlying it.

        This what the mall owners did here. They had no problem with profanity on clothes sold in the mall, even though the mall was supposedly a “family destination”. Mall management nevertheless singled out the Clark sisters for wearing hats that contained speech about cancer, which happened to have profanity on it. This was not “uniform preclusion” of speech, and thus can be a basis of a strong claim.

        Frankly, I think the mall owners’ lawyers realized this and (wisely) advised the owners to quickly apologize and do damage control.

        • john

          Free speech on private property…. I think not!!

          • lol

            yeah exactly. free speech only pertains to the gov. putting you in jail. that is it. everyone else is free to react. it does not protect you from being fired from your job, sued, kicked out, or ripped by others. for example if you call someone a bad name at work you can be fired and the 5th does nothing for you. it also does not give you freedom to lets say yell bomb in in the movies.

        • Luke

          John, if a racist shopping mall owner arbitrarily excluded Black people from his mall, you’d probably say that he was within his rights to do so because the mall is his “private property.” This view of “private property” is too simplistic.

          Ownership of property doesn’t justify everything that happens on the property. The right of property ownership comes with obligations. And these obligations are greater where a property is a commercial property and voluntarily opened to the public.

          Malls are commercial properties open to the public. They are voluntarily opened to the public by their owners, who specifically intend their malls to be used as markets for the exchange of goods and services. Mall owners therefore have the right to “uniformly preclude” free speech and political activity, to preserve their malls’ character as a commercial marketplace. What they do not have is free reign to act arbitrarily vis-a-vis the public who they open their malls to.

          That’s what happened here. The Clark sisters were singled out for wearing hats that contained profane speech about cancer, even though clothing with profanity on it was readily available in the mall. This is arbitrary. And under Pennsylvania law, this arbitrary behavior can subject a mall owner to suit. As I said before, this is likely why the mall owners quickly apologized to the Clark sisters and went into damage control mode.

          I strongly encourage you to read up on the free speech protections provided by the laws and the Constitution of Pennsylvania — which, by the way, are greater than the protections provided by the U.S. Constitution. You (and the other person who responded to my comment) obviously do not have a good grasp of Pennsylvania law.

      • Joanna B.

        uh, law suit, just saying.

    • mary

      absolutely, making an example of them is the right thing to do. children of all ages need to learn to watch their mouths and realize THEIR freedom of speech only goes so far as mine begins. their vulgarity and immaturity is shown in the assinine hats they opted to wear….. what a vile way to support their late mother.

      BTW…. discrimination here was based upon good taste and a high moral standard….. has nothing to do with anything else.

      • Robert

        If they were to young white female sister. Nothing would’ve ever been said to them. You know it as well as I do. No matter how young ppl use there freedom of speech (most even I disagree with) there shouldn’t be a difference made.

        Especially when you know that you’re selling the same type of aparell. But quite naturally every one shouts there’s no discrimiation. When its as obvious as the nose on your face. Lil young white kids walk around in malls across america with derogatory slogans on there shirts, rear ends and hats all the time and no one see fit to expel them from any given mall. So with that said…its obvious there was discrminatory thinking & action with this situation.

        Why else do you think that mall did PR (public relations) corrections. They knew/they’re legal ppl told them, that it was discriminatory what took place. On top of that it makes it seem as though they are against the cancer fight.

        • Bill

          Hey Robert, pull your damn head out of your ass!!!!! If it were White sisters, they’d have probably been banned from the mall forever. You freaking blacks need to stop whining and get over it already!!!

          • Robert

            see what I mean.

          • mel

            What makes you think Robert is black? Is it because he’s pointing out that black and whites get different treatment? Perhaps if you whites would “get over it” and not single out the “freaking blacks” we could all get along.

          • Robert

            it just hit me what you said….”You freaking blacks need to stop whining….”

            You sir obviously or not a minority (lol). But if you were those words would’ve never been, thought, type or spoken by you. At least with out some understanding to the issue. Matter of fact I’m quite certain there are some minorities who’ll agree with you. Those are the lucky ones. The honest, hard working ones (leave it at that) unlucky ones will tell you. That you are unaware, ignorant to the fact or maybe just don’t want to know about it.

            What you call “whinnig”, it most certainy is not. Its a zero-tolerance way of thinking to ppl such yourself who think they can put a person down. No matter who or what they’re complextion is, no one should put down.

        • Frank

          Mary, thanks for letting us all know what PR means. Now, you might want to learn how spelling and grammar before you start boring us with your conspiracy theories.

          It’s honestly so annoying that the minute someone of a different race gets slighted, it’s automatically racist.

          I used to work for a cancer organization. It isn’t a matter of the support for their mother. It’s that their hats say the “F” word and people shouldn’t have to see that.

          Clothing is not a protected class, meaning you can refuse service with just cause. Someone felt they were negatively affecting the shopping experience, so they acted.

          I’m sure someone will sue, but why? You couldn’t where a hat. Take the hat off and move on with your life. Jeez

          • Holly

            I know this story isn’t about grammar and spelling but before you criticize someone for misspelling, proofread your own post!

          • Think First

            Frank, perhaps YOU “might want to learn how spelling and grammar [work] before you start boring us with your” corrections. Please consult a dictionary to learn the difference between “where” and “wear.”

        • monca lbranche

          Not true. My WHITE, blond haired, blue eyed son was asked to turn his shirt inside out at a mall because the slogan on the shirt contained the word ass. He politely did as he was asked and did not argue with the security guard or even point out that he had purchased that shirt right there in that mall.

      • mark


      • debby

        Mary your amazing. I’m 56 will not use the F nor the N word and after being repeatedly asked not to use it in my home you will be asked to leave. THAT BEING SAID…my mother and 4 of her sisters had breast cancer… we lost my Mom and 3 aunts… I only have one surviving aunt who is without breast. What is VILE is breast cancer … personally I’ll do a “Jolie” before I have the chance to let it distroy me. IT IS NOT VILE….very poor choice of words on your part…..to curse what took your loved ones. What is vulgar is your attack on people you don’t know who are in so much pain. May God bless you and your breast so your children or grandchildren don’t get ridiculed for their choice of expressing their grief.

      • monca lbranche

        I agree with you. I have breast cancer and there are alot of slogans out there that are not offensive. If my boys were to wear such a vile hat in my name I would be appalled! They should have chosen to honor their mother with a better choice of words.

    • Ron Howard

      I think you mean law”SUIT”. A suite is where the suit might take place…lol

    • Jared STasch

      So it’s ok if I wear a hat saying “Fu$k you” since the u is gone? What bad taste anyways for the cancer people to have a message like this.

      • Ron Howard

        They’re just hats, People…let’s all try to stay calm. This’ll all be over soon…

        • Robert

          Ron its more to it than just hats to the issue.

          • Heidi

            Robert brought up the whole bigotry issue first. Then he tries to turn it around on someone else?? Grow up man! You are the only one with issues still and you are keeping them alive. I guarantee that most of us thought about the hats and not the color of the skin when we watched the video.

      • Ken

        Those are privately made hats and not endorsed by the cancer organizations.

      • Alisha

        Actually, the c is missing. I totally agree with the bad taste though. I hate that word.

    • Chip

      A mall is private property. Get that through your thick skulls. It’s no different than banning unsupervised teens, etc.

      • Ron Howard

        Thick skulls! Yeah! This is what Chip stands for: Penetrating thick skulls! Can’t you see that, People? Don’t you understand? Chip implores you to get it through that cumbersome pate of yours!


      The Mall is private property and they can set the rules. But if the Mall property owners have ever received tax abetments, tax credits, or received grants to develop the property then they were wrong to kick out the girls. I am not agreeing with the message on the hat…cancer is awful…it killed my dad. Their choice of words is a sign of lack of education.

      • http://at&tyahoo laura

        It is not a sign of not being educated but a sign of no consideration for others.

    • mysterioso

      Learn to spell suit. A suite is a group of rooms.

    • mysterioso

      ignorance is everywhere.

    • Don Thigpen

      We all discriminate based on our preferences, religious beliefs, and mores. There is no law against it as long as it isn’t based on race, creed, color, or national origin. If a cancer organization were to advertise using this word, they would never get a cent from me. And if mall owners find you offensive to their other customers, they have every right to throw you out of the building.

    • Hohn Mahon

      So discrimination canot be tolerated. Probably you don’t realize there was a time, not so long ago, when to be called a discriminating person was a compliment. When a person was educated so he could separate the treasue from the trash. A “Person of discrimination” was a person to be admired and emulated. Profanity, rudeness,and filth was there, but the discriminating person did not have to put up with it, simply because they refused to put up with it. Society demanded consideration and got it by discriminating between good and bad. Hooray for the good old days.

  • Ron Howard

    While I am sorry for their loss and I understand the sentiment behind their hats, and I support Freedom of Speech, I can’t help but wonder why anyone would even want to wear a garment that says that on it. I think there are other ways to express yourself without profanity, but I do feel it was their right to say it however they wanted. I, personally wouldn’t want to wear a suggestively profane hat or shirt. My mother, who also had breast cancer, wouldn’t want me to either. I wouldn’t kick them out of the mall for it. I think people are grown up enough to handle it. If anyone is offended by it, I think they’d be ok in time, for it is that which heals all wounds (so they say).

    • mary

      so saying HAVE SEX eith cancer is a smart thing to say?? really stupid and very VERY immature.

      • Ron Howard

        I don’t understand your comment, Mary…

        • Alisha

          She’s just being sarcastic. Mary, it’s not what the word means. We all know what it means. The point is, people use vulgar words instead of choosing words to get your point across without being vulgar. I honestly don’t think many people these days can.

      • debby

        Mary, Mary, Mary….look up the definition of the word.It doesn’t just mean having sex. Why in this day and age would a mind go to having sex with cancer is beyond me.

        Webster’s 3rd College Edition published 1994 Def.
        2. (slang) to meddle with
        3. (slang) an undesirable or contemptible person….an exclamation of anger and disapointment
        Usage ” although for hudrends of years old #$%^ (don’t want to offend your delicate eyes) has only been recorded in print until recent years, even in print its use is still confined largely to reported speech the term is geneally regarded as offensive to prevailing notions of propriety.”
        Webster’s definition not mine…like I said before I don’t use the word. My guess is the sisters were in the 3rd definition grouping.

    • http://Yahoo.com Don Lee

      It is typical of blacks to be outrageous and cause others to overeact. And Robert proves that point!!!

      • Think First

        ” . . . . and cause others to over[r]eact”? You sound like one of those abusive people who turn the tables on the victim and say, “See what you made me do?”

  • Lynne

    I beg to differ. The wording on their hats is inappropriate.

    • Gypsy

      I beg to differ. If you ever had to suffer through losing someone with breast cancer — or had it yourself — you would not be so ignorant. I’m a 5-year breast cancer survivor, so Lynne on your behalf I utter a very LOUD FUCK CANCER!

      • Lynne

        Gypsy – You misinterpreted my response, which states “THE WORDING ON THEIR HATS IS INAPPROPRIATE”. Cancer is a devastating disease and I applaud you being a 5-year breast cancer survivor.

        • Lynne

          Gypsy – P.S. I am not ignorant and I stand by my response. Their hats are inappropriate.

          • Sharon

            I agree! Inappropriate.

      • john

        gypsy just loves finding an excuse to say th f word.

    • Jill

      I agree, totally inappropriate. How would I begin to explain that to my children if they happened to see it. Not very classy, that’s for sure.

      • Ron Howard

        I would just tell my children that not everybody is the same. Some choose to express themselves in inappropriate ways; while others (you and your kids) choose to express yourselves in much more acceptable ways so that everybody can understand it, not just those who enjoy using foul language. But that’s just me.

      • mysterioso

        Jill, if your children are too young to read, you don’t need to explain. If they are old enough to read, you don’t need to explain.

      • john

        just explain that some people are no class, all ass

  • Ace

    Typical ghetto trash!

    • Gypsy

      Why yes, yes you are.

    • Robert

      typical @ Ace

  • Julia

    they have every right to wear those hats, and I full heartedly agree with them. FUCK CANCER

  • Lissette

    HAve you guys thought that maybe they are just really upset about loosing their mother and that’s the way they deal with it… May not be the best way but either way it is their way… Doesn’t mean they are ghetto or trash it just means that they r grieving. Give them a break…

    • Jill

      If they need to express themselves then write in a diary….don’t flaunt it for the world to see, how would you explain that to a child if they asked what it meant??

      • mysterioso

        Jill, it seems you are to ignorant to figure out how to explain something to a child. You must be in the tea party.

  • Freedom of speech

    If you don’t like the First Amendment, move to China!

    • Ron Howard

      Why China? And why would anyone let that be the only reason to move there?

    • Nichole

      Freedom of speech goes both ways, the girls have the right to think it’s okay to “say” those things and then others have the right to “say” no it’s not okay to say those things. See how that works? Lol

  • Ace

    My name is Ace and im a typical white trash!

    • fran attaway

      i feel sorry for you.go back to bed

  • J

    In so many words—it’s profanity, trying to be cool.

  • http://Yahoo Goerge

    Typical GHETTO trash

  • bd

    Anything that infers or represents that word shouldn’t really be displayed on a hat in a public place. Freedom of speech does not mean you can say whatever you want with no consequences.

    • Robert

      @ bd: I’m going to assume you’re of adult age. Your statement implies (to me anyway) that you’ve never been to a music concert of any sort. That word isn’t implied but said at almost any given music concert…especially rock & country concerts. (both of which I’ve been to in my life time)
      Its said in most movies, bars and even while walking down the street.
      Unless you’re one of the “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” monkeys. Then your statement makes you a hypocrit.

      • Demarcus

        Robert, who are YOU calling a monkey? These comments are all funnier than the stupid article and their dumb problem at the mall. hahaha. You all keep fusterclucking up the comments. I’ll keep reading. By the way, the editing here as bad as it is – is STILL better than yahoo’s (where I linked to this from).

    • Stephanie

      Actually, that’s EXACTLY what it means!

  • http://oxanddonkeyrelationshipcards.com Richard O.

    These women are products of today’s society. I once grumbled at all things profane and suggestive that were publicly exposed; however, this JUST-KEEPING-IT-REAL generation has the few remaining civilized folk out gunned and out numbered. I surrender.

    • Ron Howard

      Don’t surrender! Keep fighting the good fight! I support their right to say what they want, but I also have taste and pride in myself and would never wear something like that. There are those of us who still think as you do, Richard. I’m with ya!

    • Robert

      lol @ Richard O.

    • Oregonative

      Amen to that Richard O ! Our society is going down the toilet fast and there’s nothing we can do to stop it!

  • Lorie

    Why not just explain the policy against profanity and then ask them to remove them? Why jump all the way to asking them to leave? And its not as if they were just being vulgar. The pink ribbon is clearly there, the first thing I would have thought if I saw them is, “They must have lost someone to Cancer” A person that hasnt lost someone to cancer would have no need for a hat like that.

    • koala

      They’re reasoning that some of the stores sold those types of clothing doesn’t cut it. Doesn’t mean the mall has to allow it to be worn in the mall! and I’m sorry but looks like they were telling them the policy of the mall and all the ladies would have had to do is remove the hats and they could have gone on with their shopping!

    • Robert

      Amen @ Lorie

  • koala

    While I too believe in freedom of speech – I get a little tired of people using filthy language – even implied – not a message we want to send to children really………..Cancer is awful and I fee really bad for the girls who lost their mom; but think perhaps they’d have been better off honoring their mother in another way. There are lots of hats and t-shirts out there without the implication of foul language!

  • Brian

    My wife a I were shopping at walmart in New Port Rihey Fl. and a women if you want to call her that, had on a tee shirt and on the front it said in big bold letters FU_K JESUS and on the back same lettering FU_K GOD. Now I am a pretty open and liberal person but this just blew me away where does it stop in public and how do you explain this to your children and this has nothing to do with religon because I am not a very religous person. If you don’t believe in someone faith that does not give you the right to attack it.

    • mark

      I would have ripped it off her trashy ass

    • Robert

      @ Brian: Simply tell them to ignore it. Not all ppl believe the same thing and to believe and have faith in they’re religon.
      Not a child psych but I dealt with kind of situation before. Yes, it knocked me off my feet when the lil one that I was with ask about later, lol. Same boat as you…not very religous.

  • albacon

    While I might not agree with the hats, I would say since the mall was selling those and the sisters may well have bought them at the mall, to then say that they can not wear them makes no sense at all. If they are offensive, don’t sell them and expect people not to wear them.

    • Chip

      A. You can buy a gun at a store, but can’t walk around the mall with it.

      B. Malls are PRIVATE PROPERTY! The management can do whatever they wish.

      C. Freedom of speech does NOT mean freedom from consequences! You can say many things, but you can still be fired if you say certain things at work. You can be arrested for saying fire in a crowded theater. No one is denying you your freedom from saying those things.

  • chelle

    I understand these ladies were grieving the death of their mother . Please just show some class and respect. That kind of hat didn’t really need to be worn . A simple hat with the breast cancer symbol would have worked just as well .

  • Gary

    Why would these young girls want everyone to know they have lustful sex with cancer ?

  • James Manetti

    What these sisters didn’t realize is that they were guests in this mall. As a guest, you are expected to follow the rules of the establishment. How would the church that held their mother’s funeral feel if they wore these hats to the service? Thank goodness, their 15 minutes of fame is over!

  • Yrag

    I would hope their mother would want them to have more respect for her than that.

    • Karen

      Oh brother. Any child that is old enough to read and older enough to even notice a hat that someone else is wearing…and old enough to recognize the letters & words and ask about it already knows the bad word and knows what it means. It is a good opportunity for parents to explain how cancer devastates people; how their anger sometimes elicits negative feelings; how to stay healthy and try to avoid cancer. Period. Everything is an opportunity to communicate your feelings with your children. Avoiding everything will just leave them to wonder why you never talk to them, never explain anything, avoid embarrassing topics…consequently encouraging them to avoid you in order to get some real answers from other, maybe less reputable sources.

      • Stephanie

        Wow, Karen. I’m impressed that there actually seems to be another intelligent humna being posting on this board! Heaven forbid, someone have to actually teach their own child something…

      • debby

        Karen, yes indeed you are so right. It was a missed chance to raise awareness on all sides of the issue. Sanity at last

  • Aunt Jemima

    I’m willing to bet ANY amount that they are black women. Looks like my program is blocking a video. Is there video or a picture? C’mon, taking ALL bets. GUARANTEED that they are black!

    • Yrag

      Philadelphia, Zakia, wearing an offensive cap to “honor” their mother, arguing before being kicked out……I’ll bet you’re right.

    • Ron Howard

      How can you see to type with that white hood on your head?

      • Aunt Jemima

        Am I wrong? Apparently not! Is it racist to point out the facts? Tough crapamoly.

    • MsLaLa2u

      They are black I saw this on fb or worldstar sometime last week.

    • Jerrie

      I’m willing to bet any amount of money that these women are purple….better yet…blue….even better…green. Why does the color of their skin matter? You do know cancer doesn’t care what color you are?…Hello?…O….that might be a black thing to say.

      • Aunt Jemima

        The color of skin doesn’t matter concerning cancer, but it does concerning acting like trash. The instant I read the story I knew it was black women, and I was right. Don’t blame me for the way they act.

        • Erica

          Aunt Jemima you sound like a fool if you think black people are the only people that act like trash. There are way more white folks on jerry spring, trailor parks and maury making fools of themselves.

        • Think First

          People like you, Aunt Jemima, are so narrow-minded that you truly believe that only black people act like “ghetto trash.” If you are white and you knew 100 black people who are doctors and lawyers and very well bred and you knew one black vagabond, you’d still class all black people as vagabonds. If you’re black, then I feel sorry for you. Please go look at yourself in the mirror and try to figure out what deep-rooted problems you have. If you were neutral in your thinking, you would know that black people don’t have a monopoly on trashiness any more than white people have a monopoly on intelligence and class.

    • Kelly
      • Think First

        Kelly, I just want to say a big THANK YOU for posting these links. There’s nothing like evidence to shoot down the racists. The people who are making all these unwarranted comments about these girls because they’re black won’t have the balls to apologize because these pictures of the white women wearing the same hat go counter to their narrative.

  • Pinnacle

    Couldnt be a little more Grown up ?
    They werent supporting it by wearing the hats they were just trying to look kool.
    So a profanity on your hat for kids to see in the mall?
    Grow up and wear something a little more Positive .

  • James

    The wording on their hats is inappropriate. End of story ..

  • Don

    I knew I was “African Americans” right away. Only “African Americans” would do such a thing then cause trouble when asked to remove the hats or leave the mall. They have rights you know….Individually they have more rights than anyone else.

    • Ron Howard

      You’re a racist. I feel sorry for you.

      • Joe

        IT’S THE TRUTH

    • Jerrie

      Just like I knew right away…you are simple minded…Remember….I have rights!!!

    • CCD — fck cancer bandwagon

      FU*K Cancer is a foundation started by two white surfer boys in Southern California nearly 10 years ago. They have f*** cancer marathons, mud runs, high-end celebrity attended charity events, golf tournaments, etc. They have expanded with several f*** Cancer movements/community organizations focusing on Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Child Cancers and more, from California to New York, all the way up to Canada and down under to Australia. They have raised millions of dollars and had tangible affects on cancer reasearch and cancer treatment. Oh yeah. They make a good amount of their money by selling apparel, hats, mugs, bags, keychains, etc. with the oh so offensive f*** CANCER statement.


  • Ron Howard

    Or you could use this as a teachable moment for your kids. They’re going to be exposed to this stuff anyway. Use it to your advantage, Parents. Teach them.

  • Fuck

    Using Fu_ck _uck Fuc_ is baby’ish… just say FUCK. And for you little bitches complaining about it, deal with it you fucks. Its a fucking word. You are all loashdlkhslkhfkahsl < this means "donkey fucker" are you going to ban "loashdlkhslkhfkahsl" in public now? Derps.

  • New Moral Order

    the message can be implied in a none vulgar fashion. This use of the pink ribbon is a classless act and in no way represents the cause of the pink ribbon.

  • MsLaLa2u

    I actually like the hat.Not quite discrimination, I doubt a lawsuit maybe after the news coverage a few Mall Bucks or something like that.

  • Candy


  • Joe


    • Jerrie

      Well….WHITES…. will do the same…. don’t get mad…..we have proof that race is still out there…..One example…Looking in the mirror.

  • http://Yahoo Phyllis

    I understand the loss of a loved one, especially from breast cancer, I too have lost my mother to this disease, but I WOULD NEVER DISHONOR HER BY WALKING AROUND WITH SUCH FILTH ANYWHERE ON MY BODY MUCH DISPLAYED ON A HAT. Have some class. There are children who don’t need to see that kind of language displayed where they can see it. I’m sorry for your loss, but this is inexcusable behavior.

    • Jerrie

      Please lets not try to act like these little kids haven’t seen it all from their parents…..

  • michelle

    Honestly, it was unacceptable and immature of them to wear those hats. Really!? There is a better way of expressing yourself.

  • Tom

    Not very classy, but when the video showed that the stores sell clothing with profanity on them it made me think that they might have bought those hats at this mall.

  • CCD — fck cancer bandwagon

    I usually read the ‘comments’ section purely for entertainment. But after reading several articles and viewing the news coverage of this event, I have to say I expected a whole different reaction from the general public. I thought people would rally to these girls defense and recognize that fu*k is a word one would use to express anger, disgust, distaste, and hatred…usually for something that is out of ones control…you know, something like cancer.

    Instead, I see the typical racist attacks on 3 sisters whose just lost their mother to breast cancer. They’re called classless, ghetto, ignorant, etc. Shocking right? If any of you holier than thou supposedly educated idiots knew anything about the modern ‘fight against cancer’ movement, you’d know that FU*K Cancer is a foundation started by two white surfer boys in Southern California nearly 10 years ago. They have fuck cancer marathons, mud runs, high-end celebrity attended charity events, golf tournaments, etc. They have expanded with several FUCK Cancer movements/community organizations focusing on Breast Cancer, Prostrate Cancer, Child Cancers and more, from California to New York, all the way up to Canada and down under to Australia. They have raised millions of dollars and had tangible affects on cancer reasearch and cancer treatment. Oh yeah. They make a good amount of their money by selling apparel, hats, mugs, bags, keychains, etc. with the oh so offensive FUCK CANCER statement.

    Get over yourselves! I have gone to the mall and seen countless kids, teens, tweens and yound adults wearing shirts that should be/could be deemed offensive; not in the hood, but in conservative/affluent Orange County, California. Several stores sell T-Shirts that are profane, misogynistic, ignorant and just plain stupid. Security however knows not to harass said individuals because they have been educated on that document that we call The Constitution and recognize that they’d be violating a persons right to free speech if they dared.

    These sisters were discriminated against and I hope they take action against the Security Company especially. My mother is a 15 year survivor of breast cancer; her baby sister died of the same disease 9 years ago as of May 8th. FUCK CANCER…and all of you who pretend offense where there is none…

    • T

      Really You want to have sex with a cell rotting disease and you don’t think that is sick! maybe while thinking your hats are cute and clever you may want to think of the definition of a word before using it!

      From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

      F**k in its literal meaning refers to the act of sexual intercourse. It is an English word that is often used as a profanity, either to denote disdain or as an intensifier.

      ON a Side note for telling everyone to F**K off, I have No desire to have any sex with you.

  • Nursegeek

    Everybody is entitled to their own opinions. That being said, some of you have very ignorant comments. I dont think that their race has anything to do with it. They expressed themselves. Get over it!!

  • Don Ho


  • Frank

    As usual all the wimps are crying discrimination…get over it. The mall has every right…yes right to kick their butts out of the mall for wearing things that may be deemed offensive. No it is not their freedom of speech. The Freedom of Speech clause comes into effect when dealing with government. There is no freedom of speech issue here because the owners of the business have every right to do what is necessary to protect their business and their costomers from offensive behavior, speech and displays. Regarding the cancer fight angle…what has happened to the American Cancer Society and their allowance of their logos and trademarks to be used with vulgar language on the items that are displaying their logos and trademarks. I have stopped donating to The American Cancer Society and now only donate to research firms fighting cancer because of the number of offensive t-shirts, hats, signage and commercials that have been approved by the ACS has approved.

  • Larry

    Where do you draw the line? All cancer is bad do you wear a hat F*** Colon Cancer, F*** Prostate Cancer, F*** Pancreatic Cancer, F*** Old Age, F*** Obesity, F*** the Republicans, F*** the Democrates, F*** Ignorance, F*** etc.

  • wiseone2

    Knew the “sisters” had to be black. They are always the first ones to cry “respect” but they don’t respect anyone else or anything else. Disgraceful.

    • Think First

      Dear wiseone2,

      Please change your screen name, for you are not wise, you are racist.

      Kindest regards,
      Think First

  • Cathy West

    After having lost my mother to pancreatic cancer last year, I’d be happy to wear one of their hats! That’s the only word for this horrible disease. While I understand the “family atmosphere”, if the mall is selling crap in kid and teen sizes especially, that says stuff that is even worse “f you” and something regarding women’s body parts, they have every right to wear the hats that clearly cover up the “offending” word! I’ll bet if one of the stores owners came out and offered to sell that hat, the mall would try to tie it to donating money to breast cancer organizations. Discrimination, maybe not, but the mall owners sure look like AXXES to me! I would let my kids wear the hat too!

  • http://Yahoo Tim

    Do these women feel that they are entitled to do what ever they feel like doing? A mall is private property and passage may be revoked at any time.

  • Nena

    What’s absolutley ridiculous here is that people give so much power to a word. People act like just the thought of it will send them into a downward spiral of drugs and violence or something. A word doesn’t have that power, only you can give it that.

  • Lou D

    I find it very hypocritical that they would kick the sisters out of the mall for wearing hats with profanity on it, yet there are stores in the same mall that sell clothing with the very same profanity on it. This smells like good old-fashioned discrimination because I can’t help but wonder if security would have had the same problem if the sisters were white.

  • Jane

    It is understandable. If you want to promote it do it in a better way.

  • Alanna

    The mall did the right thing. I think breast cancer is something people should be awhear of but, there has to be certain standards of moral decency when you consider that young children will be exposed to your tactics.
    The sisters’ actions are totally uncalled for. Free speach does not include profanity in the eyes and ears of young children too young to understand it’s meaning.

  • http://yahoo Mary

    I have had friends with cancer and know many people who have
    marched and colledted money for cancer research. All these
    girls were looking for was attention – they weren’t collecting
    ‘money, making a statement about cancer – they were just being
    obnoxious and should have been kicked out. Disgusting!!!

  • T

    Tacky Is Tacky! And that is just plain Tacky, Its a known fact that the human brain can read with letters missing or misplaced, so everyone could read this hat, Including children! Just because you think something is great and represents your feelings does not mean everyone does, save it for your friends. Adult group get together. Think about someone walking in wearing a hat saying a word that offends you…..Cancer is terrible I have lost my Brother-in-law and Mother to Cancer. But I would never Disgrace My Mother’s Memory by wearing a hat like that.

  • Cliff

    If that’s the best the cancer society can do to promote their cause, they can forget any future contributions. Poor way to promote the cause and especially shabby way to honor a deceased mother. This country is in the toilet with a big dump on the way.

  • Jason

    All of you need to shut the F ck up!

  • Marje

    I guess they are very angry and sympathize with them. However, if I were the mom, I would not be proud of that type of “free speech”.

  • pattye

    im curious how many young men were kicked out for half naked women on their shirts. or pants hanging off thier hips. how many young wemon were kicked out for being half dressed. these last 2 things are more offensive to me that works on a hat.

  • jaime

    Oh my god everyone shut up. I’m not allowed to wear hats or hoods of any kind in many malls in Connecticut after a certain time. It’s not just because of profanity but because it blocks the view of your face or what you look like on camera it’s so if people are shoplifting you can actually see them and get a good description. They make EVERYONE take down there hats or hoods. Oh and pants hanging off the hips and girls dressed cheaply don’t make it hard to keep an eye on you.

  • dd

    Why not keep the f*&^ cancer hats and throw out EVERYBODY who is wearing pants down to their knees!! I don’t care if your name is Justin Bieber or Lil Wayne, throw their ass out!!!!!

    • Digusted American


  • H

    Legally, this is NOT a freedom of speech issue. Free speech applies to a public place, such as a street corner. An owner of a privately-owned business can tell anyone they want to leave their premises, even if it is a place where the public goes, just as you can tell someone to leave your privately-owned home.

  • LS

    I wonder why they didn’t just ask them to take the hats off? Would have been the logical thing to do?

    • Digusted American

      The gov’t must stop penalizing people with cancer that can’t work, but lose their homes, life savings and everything. That’s cruel and causes bitterness. Wearing retarded hat’s does nothing but show ignorance. If their mother would’ve approvedm I have no sympathy. No class!!

    • Digusted American

      They probably did. You ever deal with black girls? Peacock-head bobble.

  • LS

    I wonder why they didn’t just ask them to take their hats off? To tell you the truth anyone that has young children also have the right not to expose them to such language. BTW – I don’t think race has anything to do with it. It has to do with common sense. Would never let my kids walk out the door with that on their heads.

  • http://yahoo Margie

    I agree that the words or suggestion of them can be offensive and probably we don’t want our kids to see them.
    I disagree with the mall allowing the selling items in the shops in that same malls store front windows.
    Definitely a double standard and inappropriate.

  • http://yahoo judie


  • Rita

    With the history of breast cancer in my immediate family (it claimed my mother’s life, 2 of my 3 sisters have battled it and survived), I live in the daily shadow of breast cancer. I have VERY STRONG feelings against this horrific disease. Yet, I feel no need to broadcast my opinion in such a vulgar manner. The ball cap’s F bomb slogan does NOTHING to advance breast cancer awareness. The power of the true message is lost to repugnance. If the sisters want to solicit their distaste for cancer, they’d be better served by collecting contributions to fund research for a cure!

  • Arlyne

    As a cancer patient, breast cancer, lost one breast, now spreading to
    ungs, I believe lthat F U ribbon K is completely okay,, would I wear that hat, I’m 75, you bet I’d wear that that.

    • Yoey Doey

      Amen – I think u nailed the context here – the anger and frustration the sisters had and how they want to just scream at this disease for taking their mom.

    • Digusted American

      Hopefully you’d put your tooth back in too. How’s that bear and cig?

  • Yoey Doey

    Context is a big part in what’s deemed offensive. Ortiz’s impassioned message after the boston marathon bombing included the F word and it was all considered ok (and kids were at the stadium as well as watching on tv). Dunno who determines what context is considered offensive – e.g. I’m not offended by these hats (and I get the feeling of joining in the anger and frustration and grief for this terrible disease by the strong message).

    • Digusted American

      Good point. That was wrong too, but it effected many many families. Not selfish children mall-ratts

  • Yoey Doey

    This disease and the human condition where loved ones (and all of us) die are much, much more offensive than any 4-letter word can ever be. In fact, they’re so offensive that only the strongest language denouncing them is appropriate. Think about it for a second: they had to deal with 4 years of major suffering, watching their mother in agony and then being taken away from them. THAT is intensely offensive to any sense of innate ethics — we should all be collectively screaming at the universe for such atrocity. But instead we focus on some silly words and their ‘effect’ on people. Yuck.

    • Digusted American

      There’s a thing called you “filter”. Why is it no one else that lost many family members resort to ignorance?!

  • http://comcast.net Lucky

    All you here from minorities is you disrespect me or your racist. I deal with customers everyday and Puerto Ricans have to be some of the rudest people in the USA. They butt in front of others or interrupt you while your on the phone with another customer. They talk Spanish when they don’t want you to know what they’re saying or they get pissed off if don’t understand what they want. We get Asian and Mexican customers and they are polite and most are well spoken and if they aren’t they don’t get an attitude if you understand them. Maybe if you want to be in this country you should learn English and learn to respect your host’. The blacks and the white trash whites should also learn to speak English instead wuz up and yo and yo dissin me.

    • Digusted American

      I feel you pain. They keep racism alive and strong.

  • http://comcast.net Lucky

    All you here from minorities is you disrespect me or your racist. I deal with customers everyday and Puerto Ricans have to be some of the rudest people in the USA. They butt in front of others or interrupt you while your on the phone with another customer. They talk Spanish when they don’t want you to know what they’re saying or they get pissed off if don’t understand what they want. We get Asian and Mexican customers and they are polite and most are well spoken and if they aren’t they don’t get an attitude if you understand them. Maybe if you want to be in this country you should learn English and learn to respect your host’. The blacks and the white trash whites should also learn to speak English instead wuz up and yo and yo dissin me.

  • Digusted American

    But of course tippy-toe around race. Awww their black so they can do what they want. It’s their culture. NOT freedom of speech! I’d rather see a mastectomy boob-hat. That would get attention and sympathy.

  • Digusted American

    So I can wear a fuck bone-cancer hat since my mother died from it? No, she’d strongly disapprove. So I wouldn’t because I love and respected her. How about you girls?! Show respect and class. Morn in a proper way. Not to gain attention for yourselves. Not good attention for sure!

  • Digusted American

    Any place of business would and should get rid of the offenders. They have common sense America behind them. Good for the mall.

  • Buyerbwear

    So, these women couldn’t come up with a better slogan than Fu_k Cancer? And their hats with this slogan represent a tribute to their mother? Wow. Some mom she must have been to inspire her beloved daughters to strut around in profanity-laced outer wear.

  • Robert J

    After reading this and a large number of the comments, I really am amazed and wish to just pose a thought. Why do so many people think it is necessary to use profanity in the first place? Is it from a lack of education, a lack of sense of self-worth. Our language is very diverse, containing so many words that would not infer that maybe we just are too lazy to put in the effort to learn. Are people trying to show how cool they are. It is true that we have the right to express ourselves. Does that mean we have the right to be callus and unconcerned how what we say will affect others. Cancer of any type is horrendous. My mother has dealt with it. Fortunately she beat it and is 94. We as the human family need to stop being so quick to find reasons to be at each others throats. So sick of the race card being played on everything. Are we afraid to learn to be kind to those around us regardless of who they are. VERY SAD WORLD WE LIVE IN.

  • billybobonmynob

    all of this is so damn sad.. everyone here is all up tight now.
    for what. people are so quick to make assumptions. first thing 1st
    the hat never said anything about what you do in bed. 1 letter was missing. what would people be saying if it would have read FUNK cancer
    . if your child would have asked you what did that meen. what would any of you would have told your child then. people can say inappropiate all they want to. the botton line is they didnt say the explicit word. even if it did read the bad word, you dont want your child to read it but hearing it day in and day out is okey. the majority of the people here thats typing curse everyday around their kids and at your kids. so stop the madness. the key in the court would be. did they spell the word out right. no…. people people assumptions assumptions… and yes i didnt type to get a grade. i typed so you could read and assume.
    i am half and half..white and black. im proud of it.im not trash. im not ghetto. im just a hard working american who respect people for who they are and their belief.

  • billybobonmynob

    words are words. who make up these definitions of words.
    why do a person have to be uneducated because they dont think like you and I. just because a person might have a MD,DD,BA or what ever makes them better. NOT !!! you can have all the wealth and education in the world and you can still be a worthless dumb piece of crap. notice i didnt type (sh*t). but the 2 words can be used to make the same point. we all gonna die 1 day and whats left. nothing but materialistic things for rthe living to argue and fuss over about who’s getting what

  • http://ipurplesquirrels.com Jon

    My condolences go out to the family. It’s a shame the sisters were ejected from the KOP mall however, I believe a vendor in the mall sold those sisters the F*ck Cancer hats upon request. The stores within the mall also sell clothing with suggestive or vulgar language on them.

    From the person who reported this incident to mall security to the vendor who sold the hats, all the way back to how the mall handled the situation was a complete lack of judgement.

  • Sean

    I Hope You All You RACIST people, Black And White Die From Cancer!!! That’s what I’m going to put on a shirt and wear to the King Of Prussia Mall…You think that’s inappropriate enough to get kicked out??

  • S

    I just want to know where I can get those hats! I will buy a dozen!

  • Chris Snyder

    Everyone has their own rights and or point of view. In this case, I believe that the sisters had a “Very Good Reason” to do so. I am a man and I would wear the hat myself and walk right along side of them. This subject is something that every woman fears. Even as young girls growing up, they worry when they find out it runs in the family. As for the men, that usually does not sink in until years later. So why should a guy like me worry about “Breast Cancer”??? I worry for the women in my life, like my mother, wife, daughters, and my two grand daughters. enough said.

  • Roxanne

    Another example of bored security and police…. At the mall minding their business and look what happens!!!!! #Suethemdicks