Simpson Baby Picture: Baby Bikini Causes Backlash

    September 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Jessica Simpson has been in the spotlight quite a bit lately, first for gaining what the media deemed to be a huge amount of baby weight while pregnant with daughter Maxwell, then for having said daughter, then for not immediately shedding that baby weight once she was home from the hospital. Now, she’s under fire for sharing a photo of Maxwell wearing a little yellow bikini during her interview with Katie Couric, which some say promotes the sexualization of children.

“It is very disturbing to see a young baby presented to the world wearing a bikini. Celebrity choices carry great influence, as can be seen by the manner in which their accessories and behaviours are copied widely. It is to be hoped that parents will understand that “baby bikinis” are totally inappropriate, and that they contribute to the sexualisation and commercialisation of childhood. We should not be compromising the sanctity of our children’s early years,” said Claude Knights, the director of a child welfare agency called Kidscape.


Many agreed with Knights, but in comment forums, the debate often sided with Simpson, with users saying babies and small children often wear just diapers in the summertime and that a bathing suit is simply a cute way to cover up. But it seems that no matter what Jessica Simpson does, the world will always be divided on their opinions of her.

  • Cati

    I don’t understand why this is such a big deal. Millions of babies are put into bikinis every summer. Just because Jessica Simpson is a celebrity, why does that mean that both she and Maxi can’t have a “normal” moment? I think it’s adorable and people need to calm down and just breath.

  • Niccole

    give me a break….that’s about all i can say to this nonsense.

  • Liz

    What’s the big deal?!!! Babies are always photographed naked with their butts up in the air, at least Maxi is covered up. Chill out people…

    • alina

      seriously? i swear you people are so bored with your lives you have to find anything to complain and critize about!! what about all the diaper commericals with the babies running around in a diaper and nothing else? or the johnson commericals when the babies are in the bath tub? or you see their toosh getting lotion on it? what do you call that? unbelievebale!

  • kris

    Are you kidding me what is the big deal??!!! 50 yrs ago when I was a kid we would be in just a diaper and TOP less nobody look at us sexually, It is people like YOU that make us look at children like sex objects instead of just little innocent babies at lease she has her baby covered up… You go Jessica dress your baby however you want to and the Hell with what people think!! Your Daughter is beautiful

  • Tricia

    OMFG really????? It’s a sweet little baby girl with a bathing suit on.
    Get a LIFE people. Try some real news for a change! UGH

  • Olivia

    Who cares ! The photo is extremely cute and the only reason people care is because she is famous .

  • Pam

    People seriously need to chill out… at least the kid is covered.. you know how many people out there let their kids go topless, or just with a diaper on… A LOT…. GET OVER IT.. IT’S CUTE..

  • trisha

    Seriously…Mr. Knights needs to get a life ! This picture is nothing more than an adorable BABY in a cute outfit. He should pick on grown women who dress like hookers. Something is wrong with HIM if he sees anything wrong with this picture !

    • http://yahoo Allison

      that is the smartest thing I have heard…ever!

    • http://webpronews.com sandy wroblicki

      PLEASE! Any person who sees that adorable little baby in any way other than cute in her bathing suit, is the one who has a serious problem! Today things are just getting out of control with picking apart everything that especially the celebrities do… I am a christian with five(now grown)children, three of them being girls and my girls wore all kinds of cute outfits and even two piece bathing suits such as little Maxwell’s as a baby…and never in my wildest imagination did I ever associate the way I dressed my little girls with being inappropriate in any way shape or form…it wasnt ever even a thought of mine and I don’t know Miss Simpson, but I am sure that was not her intention either! She is a proud new mother, as she should be… the baby is gorgeous…so give her a break!!

  • Jackie

    If you see a baby in a bikini and you’re sexually aroused by it. The problem is with you, not with the baby.

  • http://yahoo Allison

    OMG. Really. She is a baby…she looks adorable. Who ever has a problem with it can go head somewhere. It is a bathing suit. RETARDS!

  • http://yahoo Allison

    People need to seriously pick their battles a little better! There are a million things wrong with the world….WAY WORSE THAN AN ADORABLE BABY WEARING A 2 PIECE BATHING SUIT!

  • Amanda

    Sooo…what about Toddlers and Tiaras? Shouldn’t that show be banned then? How is that not sexual? A baby girl in a bikini is cute. Does she have makeup on her? NO. only PERVS would think of this as being sexual. Only reason why people are being BABIES about this is because it’s JESSICA…everything else she has done in the past has been wrong too right? Just let people live their life and get over yourselves and your jealousy. assholes

  • linda

    how crazy!! A cute baby in a bathing suit,, causes a sexual problem.???. I think mr Knight needs to check his own problems.. the baby looks adorable.. futhermore most babies seen at pools are in diapers only,,whether boys or girls..grow up and deal with real problems..

  • Jules

    I think the picture is very cute, not scandlous at all. This so-called “expert” whatever he is needs to get a life.

  • Mia Velasquez

    Maxi is just adorable in her bikini. Lighten up people…..

  • http://webpronews Jennifer Foreman

    Come on…it’s the dead heat of summer and Jessica’s ADORABLE baby girl is in a cute lil diaper cover and top. The people that call this sexualization are retarded….If you see it as a sexual objected child, you are no less than a pervert! It’s a baby. What ever happened to teaching us to be comfortable in our skin? This world is whacked out of it’s mind! Congratulations Jessica! She’s beautiful, you are beautiful and please let your baby girl be comfortable with her own body and you be comfortable with yours!

  • Christina

    Had the baby been bare butt everyone would’ve thought it was adorable….photographers take pics of naked babies (shots of their behinds) all the time and we are criticizing this?!?! Had the baby been in just a diaper no one would’ve said anything but “awe how cute”. Seriously people find a better story, you waste so much time sweatin the small stuff it’s causing the real problems in the world to get ignored.

  • mary

    That is a gorgeous baby girl. She looks cute as a button. Knight is an idiot, or he has weird fantasies himself. No functioning adult could possibly see anyhting but a cute baby in that picture. Unless, like I said Knight is twisted in his own thinking.

  • Lindsey

    This baby is gorgeous and the “baby bikini” is soooooo cute! What is the big freakin’ deal?????

  • http://yahoo P. Smith

    Is this lunatic (Knight)serious? This is just a cute baby in a bikini. Where’s he going next in his sickness? Oh, I know….No more pictures of our babies in the delivery room, right after they’re born, because they’re naked! Get a life, you pervert!!!

  • Nicole

    People need to get a grip. If you’re turned on by seeing a baby in a bikini, then I think you’re the one with the problem not Jessica. It’s adorable and it’s fine because it’s a baby and I think we all can handle a little baby belly. If you want to start teaching modesty at an early age, then okay, but aren’t all swimsuits a little immodest, huh?

  • nicole

    I think the people that see this as anything other than an Adorable baby girl in a cute outfit are the SICK ONES!!! If they are looking at the pic and thinking about “Sex” in ANY way they have a SERIOUS problem!!!!

  • myrkaalvaez

    Beautiful, Beautiful Baby Maxwell. Bikini looks hand embroidered…
    very nice. People make negative coments, just because they have
    nice to say.

  • Katherine

    People enjoy making a big deal about something small. I’m sure if she was not a celebrity and this was posted on facebook everyone would comment and say Maxwell looks beautiful. Is she in a girdle? Is she in a thong? Get over yourself and leave her alone.

  • Hannah

    Jessica, girlfriend, don’t let the haters get you down! Little Maxi is BEAUTIFUL, and her bikini is presh! THERE IS ABSOLUTELY, COMPLETELY, 100% NOTHING WRONG WITH A BABY WEARING A BIKINI!!! Mr. Claude Knights, shame on you for wasting your time and giving a new mother something else to fret over! Get a freaking life!!!!!

  • amy

    *rolling eyes* at Claude Knight
    Really, a baby bikini? Who cares? Parents take pictures of their newborns and infants in the buff or diapers all the time. Nothing wrong with this photo at all. It’s adorable and innocent.

  • Sarah Gallion

    Give me a break.. people post pictures of their babies in diapers all the time. She’s a beautiful baby and only someone with a sick mind would think it’s inappropriate to post that picture of her.

    Get your minds out of the gutter.

    • Tee

      I agree with you 100%. What idiot thinks of a baby as being ‘sexy’? I don’t care what their wearing, that’s just not a term that comes to mind when I think of any baby! I could see people being outraged if she had her on drag queen makeup and heels, but a bathing suit . . . really???

  • jan b

    ohforchrissake…lighten up people..this is a baby…get a life!

  • Marcie

    OH I think baby Max is just adorable. The bikini is cute. She’s just a baby, folks, lighten up. She’ll be as gorgeous as her mom when she grows up.

  • Tee

    Whatevs…people take pics of their babies naked on a rug all the time…or just a diaper..this is the cutest pic. Stop hatin just cuz she’s a celebrity!

  • MHT

    Leave her alone and let her enjoy being a good Mom to her precious baby. Maxwell looks adorable. This is just the same thing any new mom would do with their baby – this is the swimsuit out there for new borns. Eeryone should show support for new moms – Jessica included – not heap on criticism!

  • Marcie

    Forgot to mention, she looks like a Kewpie doll with her hair brushed like that. I adore Kewpie dolls. I have a collection of them.

  • Athena

    I think this is the most crazyest thing iv herd…it’s her baby odvesily no one else’s.i could understand if she was hurting her but she isn’t get over ur selfs and talk about something more then a baby in a bikini.!

  • Carol H

    OMG! I cant believe this is an issue. It’s a baby. As said in the article, babies often are seen in just a diaper. This covers it up. I think its a adorable.

  • JF

    Is there anything this girl does that won’t cause some idiot to criticize her????

  • sunshine

    Oh lighten up! Seriously, babies are on the beach all the time in just diapers only! Call CPS! Those parents are so wrong! All her critics need to get a grip.

  • dika

    Okay really-_-
    This isnt something that puts her baby in bad light. What she did, did not hurt the baby in anyway and I honestly think its quite adorable.

  • Rhiannon

    Seriously people…..both of my daughters grew up wearing bikini’s, I assure you there was no “sexualizing” them. The baby is surprisingly cute, with a very cute bathing suit. Stop with the stupidity.

  • susan

    Pic is adorable. She is such a dollbaby :)

  • Melissa

    Seriously, everything JS does will be somehow wrong… She’s too fat, her baby was too big, her weight fluctuates too much.. WOW, now people are saying things about what her baby wears.. It’s a baby.. About the only time you can get away with having them wear stuff like that.. It’s cute and she’s a young mom and she’s not doing anythingwrong! At least she gives a crap and loves her baby!

  • Denise

    If anybody saw this baby as looking “sexy”, there is seriously something wrong with YOU.

    • mp

      I AGREE!

  • Betty Boop

    Claude, did your parents ever take a picture of you in a diaper??? In a swim suite??? Babies are presented to the world naked!!!! You need to spend this energy on kids who really are being promoted sexually, i.e. Tots and Tiaras

  • Ann

    Just another stupid thing to talk about.

  • dvadva

    OMG SMDH! 1st its she gained to much weight then it was because she had a baby then its she didnt drop the weight fast enough now its she took a picture of her baby in a swim suit. People please. All woman gain weight thats what happens when you are pregnant. It was her and her mates choice to have a child not anyone elses. It takes time to lose weigt after having a baby not unless you get lipo right after birth. as long as her child is healthy and not being harmed I dont see the issue. Its an adorable pic so people who see something wrong with it need to get over themselves. I see way more disturbing things on these reality tv shows. Like on toddlers and tiaras with the little girl stuffing her bra, so if you want to complain about something complan about that.

  • Jessica

    I’d rather see an adorable 6 month old sporting a cute bikini, then a 15 year old girl with her boobs and her butt hanging out of her swimsuit. Teenagers are dressed so provactively and people are honestly concerned with a baby in a bikini. If your looking at infants like that, your the only ones with problems.

  • Janie Dixon

    There use to be a TIME you could take photos of your children bathing, just being CHILDREN whether diaper or no diaper, clothes or no clothes and this Beautiful Baby in a bikini is just THAT no MORE and no LESS!!!! Keep Life Simple and STOP judging everyone if you don’t want the Predators then Lock em’ UP for Good or put them on Death Row!

    • Sunny

      I agree 100% percent!

  • MissyD

    Oh gome on….really!!! It’s an adorable picture!! I swear – people should get a damn life!!

  • De

    Very adorable picture in the little bikini
    Beautiful child

  • lemmy

    I believe that there is absolutley nothing inappropriate about a baby in a bikini. This is so ridiculous!

  • karen

    Really? Leave this poor girl alone, she looks great and the baby is adorable, as far as the bathing suit goes…. she’s a baby in a bikini, so what? Jessica is always being judged, she seems to be a fantastic mom and I am really happy or her.

  • Suzan

    the people who think this sexualizes babies. have that mindset. and need to get help.

    • leticia

      I think u r absolutely right.

  • http://yahoo.com maria

    That is just ridiculous!!!! There is nothing wrong with a baby wearing a bikini suit. Please!!!!

  • leticia

    The only reason there making such a fuss is because it’s jessica.Do you now how many babies wear bathing suits and how many wear just diapers in the summer and there’s no fuss about it,I think she just needs to be left alone and stop being harrased obout every detail in her life.Theres bigger and worst problems in this world then the baby wearing a bathing suit,because in reality it is a bathing suit.

  • shirley

    Oh, please, give us a break. This guy is just fighting to be in the spotlight. Get a life! If the baby were naked, with all the child molesters loose out there, I would agree, but all mothers like to make these cute pictures of our babies, and there is nothing wrong with it.

  • http://webpronews Denise

    so the baby is wearing a bikini. what is the big deal. as someone else said most babies wear nothing but a diaper when younger.
    get over it and worry about more important things.

  • mp

    People have no lives! If you people criticizing would have jobs or something to do with your time you wouldn’t be online criticizing something so ridiculous. Why not worry about all the SERIOUS problems in the world like child hunger and leave this stupidness alone. In Europe little girls go to the beach topless which is even more disturbing but no one says anything about that. GET A LIFE PEOPLE!

  • jen

    this bathing suit was handmade ppl..ppl shouldnt sexualize this pic..this is a cute baby in a cute bathing suit..some ppl should take a deep look into their own lives and just leave jessica and her family alone.

  • tammy

    omg are they serious you can go to any beach or public swimming pool and babies wear swim suits all day long. of all the problems to focus on do we really need to make up one. its ababy who cares what she wears as long as she has a clean diaper and full belly

  • Rebecca

    OMG! Seriously…you consider this news! Well DAMN…guess my baby picture of me BUTT ASS NEKKID should blow your friggin minds! Get a life people and keep your damn opinions to yourselves!

  • Julia

    There is nothing wrong with this, the only thing I can imagine people criticizing her about this is if the baby was in the sun, then there can be an issue due to the baby having delicate skin….

  • lynne

    for crying out loud. i am a 70 yr old grandmother and think the picture of jessica’s baby in her bikini is adorable. anyone who thinks there is anything inappropriate in that picture needs a shrink. enjoy your baby girl jessica and don’t give one second of thought to anyone that thinks otherwise.

    • KIM

      well said

    • Glenda

      I think she’s so cute and I love the pic!! I’m with Lynne…if anyone thinks it’s inappropriate maybe they’re the ones with the problem!!! Good grief people get a LIFE and quit reading into everything! This world’s going crazy you can’t do anything without someone saying OMG…that’s sending the wrong message or that’s inappropriate or wrong. For all you haters out there look into your own lives and I’m sure you can find something to keep your minds busy like worrying about your own problems!!!!!

    • Peggy

      AMEN Lynne I agree 100%, what is wrong with people today I have a granddaughter that will turn 3 the end of this month and I want to tell you since she was a baby when we went swimming she wore a cute little 2 piece swimsuit and she looked adorable and for anyone to have the gull to think that is sexual then let me tell you there is something wrong with there SICK, SICK mind!!! Enjoy that baby Jessica those moments are PRICELESS and they grow up so fast.

  • renee

    “It is to be hoped that parents will understand that “baby bikinis” are totally inappropriate, and that they contribute to the sexualisation and commercialisation of childhood”

    If what you see in a BABY is SEXUAL….. we have bigger things to worry about!

  • Cathrine

    I cannot believe that someone would look at this picture and think “sexual”!! What the heck is wrong with you?? I think you need help, along with other predators.



  • phillip

    I thought it was gonna be Maggie!

    • http://n/a B

      I did too!

  • Jennifer

    Any parent knows trying to quickly change a diaper in a one piece is nearly impossible. If that diaper is an emergency situation you will quickly ask yourself “Why did I ever buy a one piece?!?!?!”. My child rocking a two piece has nothing to do with fashion or sexualisation and everything to do with preventing Poop Storm 2012!

  • janice

    I agree with you Lynne, only people with sick minds would think this is not cute and horrible thoughts. That baby is adorable and Jessica is just enjoying her and showing her off with a swimsuit on just like any normal person would.

  • peggy dawson

    give jessica a break ! the pic and baby r adorable.

  • Chris

    It’s a yellow knit bikini. Not some blinged out sex kitten black number. I am all for letting kids be kids and to not push growing up too quickly (e.g. bra’s and thongs for 8 year olds). But i think this gets a bit ridiculous. She’s adoreable.

  • Christy

    Oh, please. Jess, she’s cute. We all wore sunsuits…and ran through the sprinkler in our underwear when we were little. If the bikini is a cover up/alternative to just a diaper, then I see nothing wrong with it. Enjoy your little one!

  • G

    I think this is super cute. My daughter has a bikini too. Get over it people. They sell these bikini’s at every maternity store. There’s even a website for that. No reason to act like cps needs to get involved.

  • Gina

    My friends put their babies in bikin’s! Who cares its cute! She is a baby…get over it

    • jamie

      only to the sick people out there that is viewing these children in the wrong way to begin with good grief grow up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • laci

    I totally agree with Renee.. Its ashame that the world has become such freaks!

  • Kim

    People just LOVE to judge and criticize others. Leave them the hell alone and grow up already! There is nothing sexual about that picture. ANYONE who is looking at that picture, thinking sexual thoughts has the problem, not Jessica Simpson. It’s a cute picture of a baby, nothing more, nothing less, let it go.

  • Melissa Cordova

    I’m not a rich person. I’m not famous. I have never worn a bikini. But on Father’s Day my daughter was about 9 months old, we all headed to the lake for the day, and my daughter had on a cute blue bikini bathing suit. She was a chunky, healthy baby girl and everyone thought the suit was adorable. She was in no danger, sexually or any other way. People are really grasping at straws these days to find things to bitch about. Leave this poor woman alone, let her enjoy being a mommy, and quit yer bitching!!!!!

    • CJ

      I completely agree. My daughters all had cute little bikini’s when they were very young. They were adorable, just like Jessica’s daughter is. I wish people would try to show a little kindness to each other.

  • Michelle

    OMG is right! How sad is that? Especially when she looks like she’s wearing something her grandmother probably crocheted!!!

  • DLW

    What the hell is wrong with people? There is absolutely nothing sexual about that picture. She is an adorable baby and that bikini is cute to boot! Children at the beach or pool often go topless with just a swimmie diaper on and it’s not a big damned deal. For shame media for trying to turn this into an issue.

  • http://yahoo Joy

    First of all,her baby is gorgeous! Second of all, she’s a baby! She looks cute!

  • Dee

    I think that is cute. And my mother crochets and knits a lot of things for my kids and a bikini was one of them. Maybe someone did make it for her and it is adorable. I don’t see anything sexual about this pic at all. God bless and good luck with her. People need to mind their p’s and q’s and get on with their own lives and just leave her alone. And by the way she looks good with or without the baby weight.

  • sue

    I think it’s adorable and not at all the kind of photo some people indicate it is. It’s a baby picture of a very cute baby for God’s sake. Just see it for what it is and not try to find anything sinister in an innocent baby picture.

  • Lilly

    People need to get a grip. This is a cute baby wearing a very cute home made bikini…I bet if this infant was nude or just in a diaper it would be ok? For anyone to see anything but a baby wearing a bathing suit for a pic is the SICK AND TWISTED ONE…

  • Sarah

    I think its cute and the sexual question is so extreme. I can’t understand how people think its a little kid in a bathing suit who cares. Parent photograph their kids naked at the beach and in the bathtub whats wrong with a bathing suit shot. I get birth announcement in the mail with naked babies on them laying on fur rugs and it all fine but when Jessica shows her baby in a bathing suit “oh no”. Just stupid!

  • j

    WHO CARES!!!!

  • bibsey

    the media always has something stupid to say. shut the @##%$#up alreadt. she has beautiful daughter and that’s all. babies often only wear diapers in the summer is that sexual. Child welfare need to go out and find the real perps. claude knight is such a fool and whomever agrees with him is too.

    • Jessica

      It’s not the media that’s making the stupid remarks. it’s the anonymous commenters on web pages. look in the mirror.

  • Angela

    This baby is beautiful! Everyone that has ever had a baby allows it to run around in just a diaper and even nakie at times. This is a beautiful picture with her baby covered up and I applaud her!

    People, at least she dont have this baby in makeup and crap like that stupid pageant show!! Her baby is happy and healthy and shes proud of her…leave this woman alone and let her live her life!

    Its really none of anyones business how she dresses her baby!! She was just showing you pictures of her.

  • Caroline

    Get a life folks, It a baby .

  • http://webpronews Rosie

    If the baby had posed nude, with her buttock in the air,
    there would’nt have been a word said . Don’t people have better things to do than criticize this poor women for everything, from her weight to the way she dresses her baby. People get real.

  • timed

    There is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wrong with her baby in a bikini. I think it’s absolutely adorable. Certain people seriously have issues and need to get a real life!!!!

  • Jennifer Vaillancourt

    I think this is a lil crazy!I have pictures of my daughter in a Bikini!Its not sexualizing my child its cute!People need to leave Jessica alone,if she wasn’t a star it wouldn’t be a big deal!And her lil girl is beautiful!

  • nita


  • cristy

    Their is nothing wrong with the Baby in the Bikini and for the people who says it’s promoting the Sexuality in Children are the one’s that we should be Questioning because look where they took it. Leave the Proud Mom and her Baby alone.

  • Sharon

    First off it is much easier to change a baby girl with a bikini then a one piece. (Taking off a one piece is a pain especially when wet) Secondly, why would you even think any thing of a bikini on a baby girl its better then just a diaper.

  • JBufore

    If you people believe everything that every person who works for every child agency is correct you are wrong. These people have some sqewed ideas and thinking, they are not always right. It is the people who view these pictures and think that it is sexual who have a problem. It is an innocent picture unfortunately we have too many people in this country who see it otherwise.

    • http://yahoo Denise

      nothing wrong with the baby bikini-Mom just wanted the world to see how cute her baby is.This is much different than a 7 or 8 yr.old who gets on stage in a halter top and daisy dukes and booty pumps her way to a prize.Babies are often seen just in diapers ,totally different is 7 and 8 yr. old being taught to booty pump their way to the top.

  • diane

    HOLY COW. Have we really come to this? IT’S A BABY. Not a “Toddler in a Tiara” wearing fake boobs and butt. IT’S A BABY. Whoever finds fault with this needs to get their mind out of the gutter, because they seriously have their head in it. I have no idea who Jessica Simpson is, but I clicked on the article because I couldn’t believe anyone would find an infant in a 2 piece in the SUMMER to be sinful. I let my baby girl go NAKED in the summer, does that make me a child sex trafficker?? GAWD, people need to get a life.

  • Dana

    Your kidding me right…..the baby is adorable child welfare advocates go look for something better to do like taking sexually abused and neglected babies out of their homes….unbelieveable….

  • J Fstr

    WOW… REALLY????? and yet woman AND children can walk around the beach, public pools, water parks, etc in bikinis and NO ONE make mention of that… Am I a fan of the bay in a bikini photo? NO, not at all, nor am I fan of seeing ANY woman or child in a bikini showing off their entire body… A woman should be covered, only exposing her body to her husband… but as far a CPS is concerned, meddling in affairs of a Mother who puts her newborn in a bikini for a photo is ridiculous…. With ALL the cases where children have died at the hands of their abusive parents because CPS didn’t investigate, now they want to investigate a case that seems to warrant NO ABUSE…. ABSURD

    • J Fstr


    • Kat

      It is not being investigated. Did you read the article? She was critized by a child welfare group in another country.

  • dee

    Come on people,it’s a baby, if this makes you see her as a sexual object you’re perverted :-/

  • http://yahoo.com julie gomes

    hay come on this is a baby with bathing suit theres nothing wrong with this i think she is cute with it on its a cute way to show off the baby girl grow up

  • amanda

    People really just need to lighten up on Jessica Simpson. Everything she does is criticized. If this was just a random baby at the beach nobody would even look twice. Just because it is Jessica Simpson all the people who hate her on general principal come out and continue the hate. I doubt this is a custom made bikini, so many many more mothers dress their children like this on a regular basis.

  • http://yahoo audrey jackson

    she is a very cute lil baby girl just what that is,in real life go get one cuz your life is very unhappy stop with the non-hate,extra nothing this is what we call {LAME–o} GET IT!!!

  • krysta

    Are you kidding me,seriously!?!?! let me get this straight…its not okay for babies to wear bikinis but it’s okay for babies to wear just a diaper around,what kind of f***ed up shit is that!!!! And i see ALOT of parents putting bikinis on their baby girls all the time AND there are other celebs that do it as well and they aren’t get called out on it but jessica is,NOW THAT’S BULLSHIT!!!!
    CPS needs to get their heads straight and worry about the other bigger problems than something so small and petty like this.

  • http://Yahoo nantate

    What a Beautiful Baby Girl!!!!!! GO JENNIFER

    • BB


  • Amy Newman

    This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever read. In other countries, babies swim NAKED! This baby is precious. There is nothing sexual about this picture or a baby in a bikini. Sicko!

  • Sherrie

    Now that’s a pretty baby… love the baby-kini too.

  • holly

    just dumb i think people have nothing else better to do than critize other people… cute baby:)

  • lora

    so what’s the problem? she’s a pretty baby and leave jessica alone, people would give her a harder time if she posted a picture of her baby nude on her stomach like we have done to own kids,

  • SweetMelissa

    Beautiful Baby! Anyone who thinks a little baby in a Bikini is sends off sexual undertones, is a very sick person.

  • clara

    this is absurd!!! they want to kick on a baby that is only months old when we have adult actresses running around in so little it would enbarrass the biggest porn star??? get a grip!! we have soooo many sexually abused children living with their offenders it ain’t funny!!! CPS needs to focus on the REAL problems with children.

  • Kate

    Oh, and shows like “Toddlers in Tiaras” are ok, then? Please, people, give Jessica a break and stop the persistent harassment!

  • Carol

    She is a baby. She looks adorable and I wish people would just leave Jessica alone. She is sharing a cute picture of her baby and everybody is all over her for it. Child welfare agency “morons”

  • http://yahoo j singh

    come on people there’s nothing wrong with the baby bikini

  • Julie Asperger

    I never uderstood why with a female babie it was ok to show them topless because by time the girls are toddles we are teaching them to cover up that area and that it is a private part. Teach our girls young to cover up and be modest. Leave Jessica alone there is nothing sexual about a babie in a bikini you guys are sickos and i know where your heads are.

  • Brandie

    Jessica keep doing you.. there is nothing wrong with that, if thats a problem then the sunscreen with the dog pulling babies suit down needs to be reworked… By the way, SHE’S SO CUUUTE

  • L

    If you think a baby in a bikini is sexy, you have a serious problem. Come on. Mind your own freaking business.

  • Nicole

    Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you people? She did nothing wrong. Everyone needs to mind their damn business. It’s a picture of her daughter in her bathing suit and that is it. Give the girl a damn break.

    • Nic

      I heard a story about a mom who was questioned by the police after she developed pictures of her child in the bathtub; problem is our society is so corrupt that dirty-minded people are perceiving innocence as perversion.

  • lisa

    if u think that is wrong then i must be wrong. i had pics taken of my daughter in a bath tub. back then it was ok.(10 yrs ago) having a pic of ur child in a bikini is ok, its the older ones who need to add clothing. Y is it ok for kim k to wear hardly nothing ???

  • Linda Estill

    come on, people! Get a life! What a little cutey! There is nothing wrong with the bikini as she is just an innocent child! It is unbelievable what people will knitpick about!

  • biller80

    REALLY, a baby in a two piece swimsuit is adorable. Nothing sexual about it. I suppose having toddlers parade around with makeup on an half outfits is considered acceptable. Jessica keep showing pictures of your beautiful daughter. The rest of you mind your own business!!!!

  • L

    adorable!!!!! I want the suit for my lil one!!

    • Tonya

      Good grief people get a life. She’s a little baby in a swim suit. Almost every mom out there has put their little girl in a bikini at one time or another. It’s not like she is 9 or 10 dressed like she is 18 or 19 in a suit that is barely there.

  • JC

    omg, She is just a little peach! I think she looks like an absolute doll. Bikinis should not be worn by many MANY people. She is not one of them :)

  • bella


    • Nic

      No, you’re not the only one. Personally, I didn’t perceive it as a “bikini.” I just saw it as a cute little outfit. Anyone who sees it as sexualization is already sick.

  • carrie

    guess i am not the only one who thinks this is the cutest picture!!! i am probably also not the only one who doesn’t find anything wrong with it. if it’s wrong, then all studio’s who take pictures like this and ones with naked babies with their parents/mommy should be shut down then. awesome picture!!!

  • Gwen

    OMG I am overdosing on cuteness. This baby is just beautiful. If anyone have something negative to say they are ust haters.

  • ashley

    are you freaking kidding me??? have we run out of news we have to pick on this poor girl!! shes seems like a normal person… and its just sad that people pick on her for the stupidest crap!

  • http://webpronews.com Ana

    That is the cutest baby and that picture is priceless! now if the baby was just in diappers….well that will be ok then? she did it right! covering the baby with a beautiful bikini. I wish my mom had done that for me……oh yes! Go Jessica!

  • Melissa Forberg

    Bitches please … I put my daughter in a bikini when she was 4 months old , it was cute . She is 12 now and is not a stripper , prostitute or any other nasty assed thing you could try and think of … LET it GO !

    Also , Jessica Simpson KICKS ASS !

  • jennifer

    We are born naked……pretty soon THATS going to be sexualization of babies too……seriously people….parents take cute pics of their babies…..Leave her alone…there is nothing wrong with this!!!!

    • GMarie

      Yea, pretty soon babies will have to come out of the womb fully dressed, as to not be accused of sexualism or sensationalism! What a crock of BU&&S41T!!!!!!

      • Nic

        It’s ridiculous. What’s next?

        Pacifiers teach babies how to give head?

        Slapping their bottoms at birth is exposure to S&M?

        Seriously, the people who even conceive this stuff are already perverts.

  • Whitney

    What a cutie pie! Anyone who thinks of this as sexual is just sick. As stated in the article, many people have babies in just diapers in the summer time – this is WAY cuter. She is a baby girl and her mom loves to dress her up cute, most moms of baby girls do. People need to stop picking on Jessica Simpson.

  • Nic

    Anyone who looks at that pic and think “BIKINI” and “SEXUALIZING CHILDREN” is probably a pervert anyway. I didn’t even look at it as a “baby bikini.” To me it was just a little summer outfit. When the kid has “baby implants” then I’ll worry….LOL.

  • Caren


  • Tee

    Aww she is so adorable, its adorable as well. AWW. This is a BABY, its no different if she was wearing a diaper and no onesie or TShirt on. REALLY…FOR ALL YOU PERVS WHO FIND THIS SEXUAL EXPLOITING THIS BABY. GET A LIFE. AND FOR YOU PERS, WHO JUST, EWWW. CHOKE YOURSELVES THEN TURN YOURSELF ASAP.

  • sonya gummo

    leave her baby alone she looks cute !!!!!!!!!!!!

  • http://babysimpson sonya gummo

    leave this cute baby alone

  • http://babysimpson sonya gummo

    what is wrong with people leave this baby and her family alone

  • Concetta Vaccaro

    I think the baby is beauiful and I see nothing wrong with the picture. its the people that have the problem. its a baby picture.for crying out loud.

  • Lori

    People are so stupid and really need to get lives, seriously.. In this world you can’t do anything without being criticized.. The picture is adorable and all in cute fun so people need to get over this.. I am guessing the person who wrote this or who is offended by a baby in a bikini is a large fat person who could never wear a bikini and sits around eating and does nothing to help themselves.. Leave Jessica alone. I support Jessica 100%.. Get to the Gym you miserable Jealous fat people

  • vn

    people have been putting bikinis on babies since i was a kid. why all of a sudden do people care? prudes need to keep their noses out of other peoples business.

  • http://Yahoo Anne

    Get a grip Claude. You’re the disturbing one for even letting you mind go that way. Good grief, she’s a baby. I’ve got baby pictures of myself wearing very similar things. Crawl back under your rock and leave this family alone.

  • debra

    shes perfect and beautiful both mommy and baby.



  • Bobbi

    I normally do not comment on such nonsense because I do not care who is sleeping with who.. I cannot believe Claudie Knights comments. When I look at that picture I see a cute baby in a swimsuit because it is summer.. Find something else to worry about..this is crazy!!!!!

  • Kayla

    People need to get over it. If the baby had been in only a diaper. no one would have thought anything of it. But as soon as a bikini top (a really cute one too) it put on its sexualizing? Puh-lease/. Children under the age of 2 are dressed in whatever their parents find most amusing. Seriously, I stuck knit turkey hat (drumsticks and all) on my niece because I thought it was hilarous.

  • http://yahoo li

    ive me a break whats the big deal a baby in a bakin oh my god why dont people mind there own business its a baby she can dress her in her bikrthday suit if she wants these friggin people that are making a big deal about it need to get a life

  • azzure77

    I don’t see what the big deal is. I’ve seen people take babies into Walmart in just a diaper. Is that over sexualizing the baby? Should management ask the baby to put a shirt on? In Europe, babies run around naked on the beach. Why oh why are Americans so prudish?

  • Mom

    My parents had a picture of me in a pink bikini around a year old, and the top was folded up, my ‘boobs’ showing b/c I was so chunky. Yes, that determined my future. Some people really have NOTHING else to worry about then?

  • carolyn

    people worry about a baby wearing a bikini really? and how many children are being abducted every minute of the day –and no one is doing anything about it –put your energy where you can help some one instead of criticizing pictures –thats the problem with the world

    • DMZ DIva

      It’s just a cute photo it’s nothing to comment on. She is so cute.

  • Amber

    This is ridiculous! Every chain store from Walmart and Target, to high-end baby boutiques, sell baby bikini’s! I have a 17 mth old daughter and actually prefer two piece baby bathing suits and bikinis for her because getting a wet one-piece off a squirming little one for a quick diaper change is next to impossible. See is not exploiting her daughter, there is nothing provocative about the photo, this is an uproar over nothing.

    • elaine

      The baby looks sooo cute. I’d much rather see her in a bikini than just a diaper. The uproar is crazy!!!!!!!!! leave mom and baby alone.

  • Rachel

    I think Claude Knights has really overstepped. She is practically putting the blame of child sexual abuse on the victim, but suggesting that a baby bikini attrats such behavior. I don’t care what a baby has on, no decent human being should EVER perceive a baby or child in a sexual way. Period.

    Jessica has done absolutely NOTHING wrong and I feel bad that she is being criticized in this way.

  • quixoticbats

    But they wouldn’t mind if the baby were just wearing diapers and nothing else.

  • AM3

    Yes, babies are often seen in just a diaper. There surely is something wrong with people who mentally sexualize a photo of an infant in a two piece bathing suit. I look at that photo and see a beautiful baby in a yellow swim suit.

  • Just saying

    I have never heard anything so rediculous in ages & there is some pretty bizarre stuff out there. Babies on Pamper packaging & commercials & Johnsosn & Johnson ads were less. Why are we not trashing those parents.. This is beyond stupidity. Jessica is a proud parent want to shar just as another parent & should be allowed to do so. How many other celbs use social media to show there children & everyday antics the children so. To single Jessica out is rediculous . Totally absurd. A beautiful baby & a special moment for a parent has been trashed. IT was all in innocence & there are a lot of people that should be ashamed of theselves & its not Jessica & Maxwell

  • boston811

    The bikini concept isn’t that awful, but that yellow thing is just plain ugly and tacky. I would have expected more from Jessica, not a mustard colored piece of crochet.

  • Laken

    It is a baby in a swimsuit for god sakes! It is not a big deal at all! You people are the one’s with a problem if you think there is something wrong with this. She looks adorable in this picture. People need to chill out and quit making such a big deal out of things such as this.

  • http://yahoo.com jj

    give me a break. babies often were just diapers. and leave the poor girl alone about her weight no wonder women have so many body image issues. who can get past jessica’s beautiful smile & face to critsize the body?

  • sharrie

    OMG!! your kidding?? trashing a mother in public for dressing her baby in a swim suit??????? Oh sure and do nothing about the parents that beat their kids and get away with it! Get your priorities straight, you idiots!

  • Mitzi Wilkins

    Jessica i think your baby girl looks amazing ! if she were running around in a diaper (which many babies do in the summer) nobody would have anything to say ! To me there must be some perv looking at this pic & taking into a different direction sick puppies ! So Jessica keep doing what your doing your a great mum !!!

  • keli

    That’s one CUTE baby!!!!

    I have pics of me, 30+ years ago in a green polka dot bikini on a beach somewhere, same age. I have NO IDEA what the big deal is.

    I want to pinch those cheeks!

    Opps! I bet I get turned in for typing that!

  • Julie

    Jessica is not real smart and lives as Daisy Duke-so is the bikini THAT much of a surprise? Still I find it inappropriate and another reason why motherhood can happen to any idiot.

    • J

      She is very smart she makes millions with her companies.

    • Dawn

      To Julie: All you are showing is that you pay WAY too much attention to the media. What is wrong with the picture? Are you a mother? You never had your child in a bikini and think it was cute? There really is no need to cut down Jessica Simpson because believe me there are other “Mother’s” that are in the media who are what you say “idiots”.

  • donna

    The world makes issues with something as trivial as a baby wearing
    a bikini bathing suit, when there should be an UPROAR over boys pants
    hanging down below their underwear, and women wearing next to nothing in town, on the beach, and in life in general.

  • Leona Lake

    You people who are critical of everything Jessica does, need to get a life! The baby is beautiful and the little outfit is adorable. You go, Jessica!


    WOW ! I had my daughter as a baby in a bikini , does that make u a bad mother now ? People need to stop being so damn judge mental !!!

    • http://yahoo toni

      People need to get a life…I hope Jessica Simpson lets all the negative comments roll of her back!

    • lils

      I dont see a problem with the bikini. Its a strange pose the baby has been placed in. Not a natural pose for a baby photo and looks a bit altered.

  • d

    WOW!!!this is ridiculous…she’s a baby only a sick minded person would come up with something like this…leave jessica alone!!!she’s the mom no matter what people like or dislike its her baby her choices!!!

  • jude

    I think she is adorable! What a beautiful little girl!

  • http://webpronews.com Audrey

    Leave this poor woman alone. This should be one of the happiest moments of her life, celebrating her baby. There is nothing wrong with the picture of baby Maxwell. How many babies do you see wearing nothing but a diaper? Do the childrens welfare agencies criticize those parents? What is our society turning into?

  • Sarah

    Love Jessica; love the fact that she is respecting her post baby bod. I have no ill-will towards the Kardashian’s, but I remember Kourtney after her first child. She dieted and exercised until she passed out. Clearly not healthy. Jessica is doing this the right way. Get off her back

  • http://yahoo.com toni lujan

    Some people just aren’t happy unless the’re putting someone down…boy! Jessica needs to let all the negtive shit roll off of her back.

  • http://yahoo.com toni lujan

    f u

  • anne

    The baby is precious and in a bathing suit for heavens sake. please give this young mother a break. I’m old enough to be the baby’s great grandmother and consider myself somewhat conservative but see absolutely nothing wrong with the little ones “attire.” People don’t have enough to do.

  • nicolemp

    Huh? how is this different than a little one running around in a diaper? Is there going to be a backlash when a baby shows up in a onesie (too sexy, those baby catsuits)… Jeez. Lighten up.

  • http://www.babikini.com Susan

    I’m fairly conservative, but man does my toddler rock a bikini like it’s nobody’s business. Her fat rolls are the stuff of legends. Have a sense of humor! What Jessica has “done to her baby” is nothing. The bathing suit is sweet and nostalgic.

    That being said, if I get the creepers from someone, on goes the wetsuit.

  • Michelle

    This man is disgusting! SOME PEOPLE DON”T DESERVE THE RIGHT TO FREEDOM OF SPEECH! Everyone give this poor girl a break! She doesn’t deserve all of this negativity! LEAVE HER ALONE! It’s like she can’t do anything right. She focuses on her face and everyone rips her apart on a Weight Watcher commercial.. The media is sickening now.

  • kk

    i’m the person who HATES baby pageant shows etc but PLEASE– claude knights makes his agency seem completely idiotic for having ANY problem with this baby’s bikini!!!

  • yvonne

    Tell Claude to get his mind out of the gutter! This baby is nothing but cute in that bikini

  • http://WebProNews Leslie

    Dear Mr. Knights: Babies are innocent and beautiful. They HAVE no sexuality…yet. It is people like YOU, with their minds in the gutter, that have the presumption to see a baby as a sexual object. The mere fact that you could look at this picture and be offended tells me what kind of a mind YOU have. Are you hiding books of pedophilia in your home? Do you have secret fantasies about six-year olds?? It is people like you who perpetuate the myth that children have a “sexual value” that are warping today’s society. Jessica, keep the picture, throw out the critic.

  • tiffany

    so what if whe dressed her baby in a bikini. my mother did to me back in the 70’s. she thought it was cute!

  • Alicia

    Some people are just too judgmental…the baby looks cute

  • lynn

    you people are all idiots!!!!!!!!!! babys have been wearing bikinis for years. my kids who are all adults now wore them when they were babys. get your minds out of the gutter!!!!!!!! it is a gosh damned bathing suit!

  • Rosie

    Seriously? A baby in a bikini is a bad thing? Is there not anything else important to write about?

  • http://Yahoo D

    I don’t think you guys are getting the issue. Yes, babies are dressed in just diaperrs. That is a baby thing. Why do women wear bikinis? To show off their bodies, so puttig a baby iin one is of a sensual nature. Dress her like the little baby she is.

    • Mrs List

      Here i thought we wore bathing suits, bikinis or one pieces, so we didnt have to wear our clothes when we went swimming and the like

  • EmilyAnn

    What a beautiful baby girl. Adorable.

  • Mrs List

    i think it is cute, it looks like it was crochet’d by someone too.

  • http://yahoo stacy hocker

    I think shes really cute and people need to let the parents do what they want to

  • Megan

    Good God people, get over yourselves. If she was wearing a one piece would it be okay?? It’s a freakin bathing suit and I think she is adorable. If you are seeing something sexual about it, I think YOU are the one with the problem!!!

    • Deanna

      I agree. I think only a sick mind would have a problem with this. Certainly cuter than just a plain diaper.

  • Julie

    It’s a BABY!!!! She is adorable and everyone loves little bikinis on little babies…it’s just darn cute! I had 2 girls and they always wore little girlie bathing suits like that…there are a million for sale and each one is cuter than the next. I never met anyone who had a problem with it and didn’t think it was adorable! Seriously people…get real!

  • tracey

    That’s a cute bathing suit. These people needs to get a life. If your looking at that baby like that then you have a huge problem. You need to call Dr. Phil

  • Diane M

    Good God!! People have lost their minds!!! It’s a baby!!! She looks adorable!! What is wrong with people? Lighten up!! Take a vacation…unplug for a few days, do whatever it takes. Lighten the F up.

  • K.

    Now I know I see a dozen commercials a day with little fat babies rolling around in their little diapers and nothing else! What is the problem here!? This is absolutely RIDICULOUS!! That is a gorgeous, healthy baby in an adorably cute swim suit!! There’s nothing wrong with it!!

  • Jenna

    people are so sensitive…shes adorable!

  • Gerri

    omg… she is so adorable… And I love the lil bikini… props to Jessica and Baby…

    • http://jessicasbabyphoto jaimee

      What is wrong with people? So her baby is in a bikini, no one should care. My mom and I had matching bikinis when I was little. Leave Jessica alone and let her enjoy her beautiful little girl and her great life. People suck!!!!!

  • elizabeth gomez

    the baby is precious. nothing wrong with it…..people are coo coo.
    i used to dress my baby girl in a bikini rather than have her go topless.

  • ron

    me thinks he doth protest too much

  • terri kubek

    she is too adorable.. she a BABY people.. who cares what she wears..my niece has the same one in pink and wore it all the time.
    when you should be worried is when she is a teen and wants to wear the almost nothing clothes.. remember she is a BABY. jESSICA SWEETIE DO WHAT YOU WANT TO,, SHE IS YOURS….THNAKS FORN SHARING THIS PICTURE

  • Karen

    that baby’s head looks HUGE.

  • Julie

    Hmmm…since when do we condemn a mother for a cute photo instead of condemning the sick f@%ks in the world who would make it anything other than a cute photo of a baby in a bathing suit? Shame on you!!! And I know some people who still have baby weight from their 19 year old kids. SMH…

    • Pam

      I agree Julie. Shame on them !

    • jina

      I agree. there are parents that take professional photos of their babies in the buff on a fuzzy blanket for heavens sake. it isn’t to exploit them but to have a keep sake of how precious a gift a newborn child is.

  • betty

    what is the problem. she is a baby and if you can’t dress your own child up at this age then when can you. this is all about being a parent for the first time. find something else to bitch about

  • Pam

    What a beautiful little baby girl ! I personally love the bikini ! So cute ! and she’s wearing more than a diaper people ! Come on ! If you think a baby looks “sexy” in bathing suit, you are really sick ! sick, sick, sick ! I don’t usually comment, but this was really ridiculous. There you go, that’s my opinion :)

  • http://yahoo Stephanie

    Leave that poor girl alone. Her baby is too cute!!! If she wants to dress her in a bikini then so be it. Quit being haters.


  • Christine

    That is absolutely ridiculous. She is an adorable little girl and Jessica is obviously a very proud mother. If anyone looks at a baby in a bikini and thinks it is sexual, they are the ones with the problem. People post pictures all the time in babies in diapers. So is that now sexual too? This is just ridiculous!

    • Andrea

      Right on Christine!! You took the words right out of my mouth! People just don’t have anything else to talk about! Get a damn life and start worrying about yourselves! Cute pic Jessica!

      • Doran

        Hey AANNNDDRREEEAAAAAAAA buuunnnnnzzzz WHAT UPPPP thahaha

    • Jenn

      I think you are so right! I totally agree! There is nothing wrong with that. I firmly believe that ppl are going to criticize others no matter what they do! So, I just stopped trying to please others and please God, my husband and myself. 8)

  • Celena

    I think people put to many emphasis on small things and not enough on bigger issues. Talk about the real issues in America. Jessica Simpson can dress her darling baby in any outfit she see’s fit. Its America!

  • http://N/A John

    The baby was wearing a cute little outfit that happened to be a bikini. Why is anyone even talking about it. Get a life people!

    • felicia

      i agree the bathing suit is cute the baby is cute jessica is cute, but there is more important stuff to talk about like jobs for our country alot of people need jobs and food to take care of their families. that is real talk we need a big change in our country alot of people are hurting trying to make it so the picture is cute but not important

  • Melissa

    If I was going to criticize anything, it would be that stupid name she picked, not the outfit. I have seen people post naked pics of their babies. This is an adorable picture. She is a cute baby wearing a cute bathing suit.

    • David

      I can’t help but think of the Geico commercials whenever I hear or read the name Maxwell anymore.

      I really don’t understand why people get so upset. It’s fairly standard practice to let all babies run around in diapers, at least in all the areas I’ve ever lived in, so this outfit is, if anything, more appropriate than standard attire.

      Damned cute kid, you got that right.

  • Anthony J Walsh

    I think the Director of Child Welfare is just trying to get attention for more Government Money

  • melissa

    It’s a photo of a cute little bay girl in a cute little outfit, calm down. Get upset over stuff that actually matters!

  • P

    Give this a rest will you. I guess if she let her baby go topless it would have been promoting child porn? If she put the child in a short skirt and a tank top, she would be promoting prostitution? Put her in pants and button down shirt and she would be promoting lesbianism?
    How about the media shoving it’s ugly head back up it’s hind quarters and let people live their lives in peace (What a novel idea)!

  • Alisha

    I don’t see nothing wrong with the bathing suit i think it is cute bathing suit

  • http://www.ginamwgallery.com Gina

    I had two boys during the summer and I have pictures of them in their cute bathing trucks…If I had a girl I would have for sure put her in a cute bikini in the summer time. That is an adorable picture! Nothing at all wrong about the picture.