Simon Cowell: Is He Daddy Material?

    December 27, 2013
    Kimberly Ripley
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Simon Cowell will soon be jumping head-on into fatherhood, and some people might be wondering if the X Factor judge has what it takes to make a good dad. While enjoying a babymoon in Barbados with pregnant girlfriend Lauren Silverman, Simon was spotted chatting it up with an adorable baby boy, who somehow managed to get the stone faced Brit to smile.

Lauren Silverman is due to give birth to her and Simon Cowell’s baby within the next few weeks, and her large baby bump does absolutely nothing to hide that fact. Although she had it draped in a modest swimsuit cover-up, it was plain to see she’ll soon deliver. Silverman celebrated her baby shower earlier in December at Simon Cowell’s home back in L.A. Two of Cowell’s exes–Terri Seymour and Mezhgan Hussainy–were both in attendance.

The couple is expecting a baby boy, and shower guests arrived laden with all sorts of clothing, stuffed animals, books and baby gear and toys.

So what will Simon and Lauren name their little bundle of joy?

“I’m not going to say what it is yet, but I’m happy,” he told E! back in November. “You’ll have to wait and see!”

Fans will no doubt be watching and eagerly awaiting the announcement that Simon Cowell and Lauren Silverman’s baby has arrived. It will definitely be interesting to see what kind of father the TV producer is. Hopefully his interaction with that baby on the beach is a strong sign of what’s to come.

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  • I Am Sorry

    Women don’t care about a guy being a good guy. They only care about a paycheck. Who are we kidding. If Simon was just an average guy, who didn’t have money, no one would like him because he is a royal asshole to everyone. You see how big of an asshole he is on TV all the time.

    Here is the reality to life. Women are all about money. On some level, it is all about that. That is why you see women stay with asshole after asshole after asshole. In fact, it was this very same writer that did another article about how expensive a celebrity’s ring was — and how it showed love. For women, money=love.

    There are only a very few women who marry for real love because frankly, the guys that would really love a woman often aren’t famous, rich, or successful. Those guys would put more effort into the relationship than they would into acquiring wealth.

    But go on Kim Ripley. Keep writing about love as it pertains to status, money, and fame. Yep, a big ring surely does show love. Maybe women should start buying men big rings. Make it equal. After all, if a woman loves a man enough she needs to show it with something expensive.

  • Rachel

    Lauren is nothing but a gold digging HO. She abandons her 7 year old son to aggressively tail simon all over the place. Shameless woman. Also inspite of her nose job and boob job she is plain Jane