Simi Teacher Malia Brooks Arrested in Student Sex Scandal

    June 13, 2013
    Sean Patterson
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A Simi Valley elementary school teacher was arrested this week for allegedly having sex with a young student.

A KTLA report states that 32-year-old Malia Brooks was arrested Tuesday on charges of lewd acts on a child and multiple counts of sexual assault on a child under 14 years old. The victim has not been named, and is being described only as a boy in the sixth grade.

Brooks was a 6th grade teacher at Garden Grove Elementary School in Simi Valley, California. She has two children and is divorced. Brooks’ defense attorney has claimed that she suffers from an undisclosed mental illness.

Police were notified of Brooks’ alleged conduct by the Simi Valley Unified School District back in February, and have been conducting an investigation in the months since. Brooks was placed on administrative leave at that time, but resigned from her teaching position last week. School District officials have stated they are cooperating with Simi Police in the investigation.

(via KTLA)

  • paul smith

    why couldn’t I have been that lucky in HS? He’s and Idiot for talking shes a hot babe

    • michelle

      Yuck…6th grade guys….6th…not high school…not jr high…6th grade. If it were a male teacher and a female 6th grader would you be hi-fiving each other?

      • DJ

        And it’s all fun and games until a 6th grader becomes a dad.

    • colleen

      You people are such idiots, this is a child that was sexually abused and you think it’s funny and cute. This woman could have had a disease and passed it on to this child. This child may experience trust issues by adults, or women later in life, you don’t know how this will affect this child. She’s lucky that a different type of mother didn’t catch her before the police did.

      • Binky

        I was wondering about him having problems with women in the near future. Or raping young girls.

  • http://ms1.gotdns.com jonny rocket

    dude, where were these teachers when i went to school?

    • Binky

      In prison

  • Sweetcheeks

    My personal opinion is that the teacher is a pedophile and the 6th grader did the right thing in telling! I am glad I didn’t have teachers like this in school (that I know of anyways), I never heard of this type of thing in the 80’s. Prison time BROOKS!

  • bk

    need to sew these teachers vaginas shut!!

  • http://yahoo.com Frankie

    She has an itching clitoris. But that kid’s rod will not good enough to do the filing of the vagina.

    • Binky

      She’s an ovarian barbarian

  • dave

    lucky kid, wish i had the same experiance, leave her alone, it was consentual, butt out!!!!!

  • John

    Nothing will happen to her as she is a woman.. she will get maximum 2 year probation. This happened to a similar case in New Jersey. If it was a guy, the feminist would have gone crazy and sent him to life in prison.

    • Binky

      I think that they should let the parents of molested kids deal with people like her….but she should get to serve time and definitely be branded a child molester because she attended college so that she could learn how to make kids do things that they don’t always want to do.

      She probably could have had a lot more kids if this case had gone well.

  • Don

    Teacher with mental illness…must be part of the union!

    • Binky

      Someone should have told the school board that she was mental before she got into this trouble. If she really had mental health problems she should not be in charge children.

      My guess is that she doesn’t have anything wrong with her than just a sense of being above the law and lack of interest in how her one happy feeling could effect a young person forever.

  • JT

    If you want to mess around with a child under 16 then you should be treated like any other sex offender and get the MAXIMUM penalty!! The article says she’s divorced, yet the news man says she’s married. If she is still married, she probably won’t be for long!!

  • Name

    Prison is a horrible place where people are robbed, beat, and get killed on a daily basis. Guys are being setup online and going to prison for decades even though they don’t see a person and literally, nothing happens.

    No one should be sent to the horrors of prison for a consensual act or for things that do not happen. There needs to be a redefinition of what constitutes a child in this nation. Our teenagers today aren’t children. They are screwing around more than adults are and we all know this. I think 14 and up should not be considered children. Teenagers most definitely know what they are doing and consenting too.

    What is ironic is that a teenager can be sent to prison for decades when they get in a fight because they know what they are doing. However, when it comes to sex, somehow they don’t know what they are doing. This is hypocritical.

    What is even more hypocritical is that when women get caught sleeping with someone underage they get probation or not charged at all. When a guy gets caught, he is labeled a sex offender and goes to prison for decades.

    • http://www.yahoonews.com Troubleshooter

      That’s the kind of thing the child molesters in prison used to say before we beat the crap out of them and forced them to ask for protective custody so we didn’t have to have the scumbags around us. That’s pretty bad, don’t you think, when robbers and murderers think someone is too scummy to associate with them? Really, you sound like a Child Molester, yourself.

      • Name

        So you were in prison and evidently didn’t learn how to control your anger.

        Murder is much different than having consensual sex with someone. Remember this.

      • Fred

        Troubleshooter. Most robbers and murders in prison have mental issues. Murder ends life and is totally different than a person having consensual sex.

        Sounds like you need to go back to prison because evidently while you were there, you learned nothing about controlling your anger. I would trust a person who had consensual sex with an underage person more than I would trust you.

      • InfoGeek

        Sounds like you have issues troubleshooter.

        You went to prison for something horrible and want to make yourself feel better by saying you are better than other people in prison.

      • Micheal Flanery

        I’m not advocating child abuse, but I will say that from my perspective, when I was in 6th grade, I knew what was what and I’d have loved to bang the teacher. And looking back on it now, I don’t feel like I’d remember it as thinking I was abused. As an adult, I’d never want to do that to a child, but if I were the child I wouldn’t be traumatized by it. Everyone’s different and develops differently, and that’s why the laws are put into place. It is important to protect children, but before a person is condemned to spend the next few decades of their life behind bars I think each situation should be individually examined to see if there was in fact damage done, and to what degree.

        And I don’t know where you did your bid, but FYI not all chesters go to “pu$$y camp”. In fact, in some cases, taking **** from people just gives them thicker skin. Where I was a couple of them that had been there a while had more juice than just about anyone else in the place. Sure, people thought they were pieces of ****, but they didn’t give them any static.

  • http://WebProNews Robert Bankins

    I am tired of hearing and reading about these stories of sexual predators who teachers.Here’s what they really need to do with the problem but I don’t some of it will ever happen.First they need to be arrested,second they need to be become a registered sex offender,third they need to do prison time and I don’t care if its woman because they get away with more in the eyes of law then men do.Fourth they should never ever be aloud to teach again period.Once you violated that teacher/student code of conduct then you have just crossed line.

    • Name

      Life isn’t as black and white as you think it is. People lie all the time about their age and about what happens in a situation. In a large number of sex crimes, things are consensual and no one gets hurt.

      If something is not consensual and someone gets hurt, then I agree with you. However, if something is consensual and no one gets hurts, then I don’t because the person who is sent to prison will most definitely be hurt. This harm will be real and lasting. We should never create harm out of situation where no one gets harmed.

      • http://www.yahoonews.com Troubleshooter

        If you think that no harm is done when laws are broken that are put in place to protect children, you are either sick, or a moron, or both. If you think that it does no harm for a 14 year-old child to have sex with a Teacher entrusted with that child’s safety and education, then you are either sick, or a moron, or both. Seems like you have a strong tendency to either sickness, or moronic thinking, or both. Maybe you should ask for help, because YOU sound like a CHILD MOLESTER.

        • Name

          People make choices and know what they are doing. This applies to high school students as well.

          If this is not the case, then don’t send high school kids to prison for decades for making mistakes in their lives.

          No need to resort to name calling. It weakens your argument greatly.

          • John

            Have to agree with the trouble maker. 14 years old is way to young. She is a pervert. And should be sent to prison for at least 7 to 10 years. Then register as an sex offender. She is a hottie though. Dont know why she couldn’t hook up with a grown man

        • houstonian

          What it comes down to is she is an adult he is a child he is going to think and act like a undeveloped being it’s her job to react like an adult!

        • X

          A child under the age of 16 cannot legally give consent. The statutes are very clear about this. The intent of the statute is that an adult is NOT to have sex with a child. If that happens, the adult has committed a felony.

  • carolineredbrook

    This case and the cases of accused pedophiles like Sylvain Kustyan, Ariel Castro and Jerry Sandusky prove the urgency to stop them BEFORE they continue to prey on our young. The others are behind brs, but Kustyan, who has been formally charged with two counts of 1st Degree Sodomy and Sexual Abuse of a ten-year-old little boy, fled the US to avoid imminent arrest. Kustyan, formerly of Tuscaloosa, Alabama and Hermin/ Mazingarbe, France, is a fugitive from the law and is thought to be in Europe. Pedophilia has a recidivism rate of virtually 100% so these menaces to our children’s welfare must be caught ASAP!

  • OverIt

    This woman needs not only the death penalty but a MAJOR reality check. So many parents has entrusted this woman with the lives education and morals of their children just to basically throw it back in their face with an insanity plea. This woman not only betrayed the trust of the parents but also the children. She was a teacher this long and all of sudden the time she gets caught fucking up she wants to cop a plea deal. And the media is sucking it up like lap dogs. She basically spit in the face of everything those parents who thought there child was actually going to school to learn. Even though it may not hurt that child which says it wont hurt the many others that hear or see these things. Woman or man its all the same whether people want to say its right or not. The crazy bitch needs life. All this time she’s been teaching ‘sane as the rest’ so to speak all of a sudden. All organization sudden the bitch is crazy because she gets caught. No she knows that’s what everybody is going to say so she’s making it seem like her life was so fucking screwed. What is screwed is her head. People don’t just have sex with a minor overnite. Its either been thought about or done before. She’s was perfectly capable of opening her legs to a minor in her’ rightmind ‘. So this bitch had issues way before. She knew what she was doing perfectly fine when she did what she did. If that would have happened to one of her kids the bitch wouldve been ‘Burt’s. She deserves no mercy and should be given no mercy.she playing the victim because she’s caught and the only way to get a little leniency is to admit she did it and act so sad and sorry. She really is sad. People like that can’t be helped. Shes so worried about her own well being claiming she feels bad but really she’s just trying to take the easy road like everyone else and claim insanity. I guess you really can’t teach an old dog new tricks because she should know that’s the oldest trick in the book. And she is not hot. If that’s hot then this world is screwed.:(

    • AstralDreamer

      You deserve no mercy. You’re judging another human-being without walking in their shoes or understanding what really happened. This woman had a mental break down. She really suffered a mental illness and was still getting over sexual abuse as a teenager by a non-relative while in Sedan. She made a mistake…and it goes deeper than some woman having sex with a minor for the heck of it. There’s a lot more involved. Its a sad all around issue. I knew this lady…she really collapsed. She needed help and no one listened…sad. But I guess hey…she should die because she’s not as “perfect” as you. I like to see your “closet” someday. How many MISTAKES have you made? Im not saying what she did was right…she admits its wrong and is very sad and alone right now…but she wants to do her time and seek help (that she started seeking just prior to this innocent). So just leave her alone and do not judge her unless you knew her or experienced mental breakdown from abuse.

      • VSPSV(S?)

        You are correct; she has taken responsibility and now must do everything humanly possible to fix herself. You said you knew this lady, you should be saying I know this lady. Regardless, she needs support from friends and family now. Her life will never be the same as she will be continually punished for the rest of her life whether she spends time in jail or prison. A lot of people whom manage to make onto sites like this are more than likely saying things to make themselves feel better for what is in their closet; human nature. I can say all of these things as I am unfortunately a children victim and past perpetrator. People really do not understand; of course they are the fortunate ones in life. You know I really do not like what she did; it reminds me of when I was abducted and raped by a priest. She is different such as me. What is really needed now is support for both victim and abuser. I am sure the victim is getting much need help and hopefully she will get additional help without delay. Hopefully someday others with big mouths will learn someday or even be arrested for what they did and are hiding.

    • marlee

      its says this woman has a psychological problem; so that means it is also the schools fault for not doing a thorough background check on her. I am sure this happens more than that is reported. Some boys either feel embarrassed or do not kiss and tell.

  • bluegrass

    Put her in jail,where she belongs!!!!!

  • X

    A child under the age of 16 cannot legally give consent. The statute is very clear about this.

  • americansaremorons

    woman has sex with child = put her in jail she will suffer so much omg.

    man has sex with child = kill him or chop his thing off.

    Ya putting someone in jail is EXACTLY the same as killing them. Americans and thier logic.go figure.