Silent Hill: Revelation Trailer Proves That Video Games Still Make Bad Movies

    July 27, 2012
    Zach Walton
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To say I’m a huge Silent Hill fan would be an understatement. What Konami has done to the franchise since Silent Hill 3 has been absolutely awful with the only shining beacon of hope coming in the form of Shattered Memories. Part of my disappointment can be attributed to how lackluster the first Silent Hill film was. In a game that’s already set up to be a fantastic film, Hollywood just didn’t get it right.

Despite all my complaints, the first film did pretty well for itself. That’s why the studio opted to make a sequel called Silent Hill: Revelation. All we knew beforehand was that it was going to follow the plot of Silent Hill 3 and be more faithful to the source material. With the first trailer hitting the Web today, how faithful to the source material are they?

From what the trailer imparts on us, it seems that all they got right was Heather Mason and the town being named Silent Hill. It seems that the director and screenplay writer still can’t get it through their heads that Pyramid Head does not belong anywhere except Silent Hill 2. They also seem to have paired Heather up with some random guy from her high school. It all just seems like the same cliche horror experience from the first film without any of the positive elements from the games.

Of course, this is all coming from a hardcore Silent Hill fan who’s been let down too many times in the past few years. Check out the trailer for yourself. You may be far more agreeable towards it:

In its defense, it looks like a decent horror film. It just seems to miss the point entirely once again. Silent Hill isn’t about the cult, scary monsters or the story of Alessa Gillepsie. The town has always been the antagonist, but they always have to put that role onto Pyramid Head.

As a lesson to Hollywood and to give some hope to my fellow Silent Hill fans, check out this fan made trailer for a Silent Hill 3 movie. It’s way better than what Hollywood could ever cook up:

  • Simon

    “Die-hard” fan? Pfft yeah right. SH3 was never of the games where you had an ACTUAL ANTAGONIST except for the town. Pyramid Head is in this movie because it follows the MOVIE CANON and symbolism in regards to Alessas psyche, not James. And video games are never set up to be good Hollywood films regardless of plot, it’s the same with each one: 6 hours of gameplay does not translate well to 2 hours of film time.

  • Simon

    I meant SH3 DID have an antagonist aside from the town; Claudia.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/zach-walton Zach Walton

      Claudia was an antagonist, sure, but I still argue that the town does most of the grunt work without any input from the cult. I know that there’s some disagreement over that among the fans, but the story feels right when you put the town in charge of everything. That’s why the recent games and their attention to the cult instead of the town is what really frustrates me as a fan.

      • Shaya LaPerro

        I can agree with that. And Leonard, up to a certain point, heh. I even started calling the little clawed monsters “Mini Lennys”. Would you consider the fetus inside of her an antagonist? I mean, yeah it doesn’t ‘grow up’ until the end, but every time she has a stomach pain, the town changes to Otherworld. I am confused about something though, maybe you guys can clear it up. Was Leonard supposed to be the ‘father’, or Valtiel?

  • Meeko

    The guy who she’s with is Vincent from the games. Yes, in the game she is supposed to meet him in the town but in the movie he meets with her in school. He does betray her as he does in the game by lying saying that he was in the cult. Check the nurses clip and see how heather hesitates to setting him free.

  • Jacob Newhard

    Personally I hate the “action” style trailer they made with all of its explosive logos and all that, I agree Pyramid Head should be a SH2 ONLY staple. The 3D gimmick is stupid, Silent Hill shouldn’t be treated like a action-shooter movie. I do like the actress for Heather, I hear Harry is in this movie (I hope he is) and I think it has a chance at decency. Maybe if they made a calmer trailer showing a lot more mental-horror opposed to all scary monsters, and they made the logo not explode (I really hate that design choice) then it could be better suited for the name that this movie carries.

  • Valtiel

    “Silent Hill isn’t about the cult, scary monsters or the story of Alessa Gillepsie.”

    The cult has been referenced in every single game besides Downpour and the Arcade and in every one of the comics besides Sinner’s Reward.

    Alessa Gillespie is the very first character we see in the series, a major character in the first game, the main character of the third game, and highly featured in Origins.

    I could see your ire for emphasis of the town’s supernatural properties not being shown as the town itself, but this film is adapting Silent Hill 3 which WAS in fact about Alessa and the cult. The main character of the new movie IS Alessa. I don’t care how loved SH2 is, SH1 came first and was all about the cult and Alessa. Dahlia was the first antagonist, followed by Claudia and Walter, which makes 3/4 of the Team Silent games based on the cult and a represenatory villain.

    Your article is jumping the gun. Why can’t you just wait for the movie so you can write with an informed opinion? This article is useless. The only thing it’s doing is creating a bad reputation for a movie that isn’t even out yet.

    • Aaron

      Well said my man, also note that Pyramid head was NOT only a silent hill 2 thing, it was the towns manifestation for a person like James’s need to be punished and face guilt, he was considered the cults “red god” as valtiel was the “yellow god” who was there to make the change to otherworld and make sure that if allessa couldn’t birth “god” then he would carry it out, also Pyramid head appears in homecoming as the bogeyman just Alex shepeard manifestation of him.

      In short, you did intact jump the gun with this article, if they made a movie it would only be just over an hour long, as every real SH player could ace it in that time, so the hollywooded it, which will be good for on screen no interaction, besides who wants to sit through 90 mins of “i can’t open it, looks like the lock is broken…” Lol

  • Kara

    I agree that Pyramid Head should have never been put into the movie to begin with. However… this is a direct sequel to the first movie and even the director himself said it’s going to be hard to fix what the did in the first movie. If pyramid head was “the demon” in the first movie, THE MAIN VILLAIN aside from the town, then he’s obviously going to have to be in the sequel. If they just tossed him aside for this movie, many people that didn’t play the games would be upset because his disappearance would be unexplained. Those people wouldn’t care if he wasn’t in the games, they watch the movies and want things to be explained to them.
    Hollywood makes important decisions based off the whole audience, not ONLY the people who played the games. Like the person above said, they can’t put the entire game into 2 hours of film. They couldn’t even do that with a 3 hour movie.

    • http://zelda-sanctuary.net ArabDiSASTER

      This is the best post ever…

  • Aaron

    Pyramid head is NOT an SH2 only character, he’s the cults executioner/punisher etc and his form is a manifestation of your past guilt etc hence why he had a military style knife in homecoming regardless of the boogeyman title, bearing in mind ” Pyramid head” was the name James made up for him, xepulchaba may be the real name, and valtiel was the other side of that coin, almost like the caretaker, making the transitions between fog world and otherworld, and watching heather/cheryl/alessa progress and stepping in if she failed to ensure “god” was birthed, and besides the game to very little over an.hour to finish unless you want to add 1000000000 broken locks to the movie aswell, then you could have a saga… I think any silent hill fan who did their research and fully comprehended the game, town, religion and somewhat troubled protagonists would agree with me.

    I’m looking forward to it, and anyone who played the games and liked them, regardless of what you say about the movie, you’ll watch it, you know you will 😛

  • Aya

    To defend Pyramid Head and Silent Hill itself, the video game has slowly been adding to it’s history with each title offering new mythos to the town. Although Pyramid Head is /PRIMARILY/ an anthropomorphic personification of James Sunderland’s sexual repression, self loathing of his crime and desire to see himself brought to justice, his story has been added as an analogue of Jimmy Stone (Silent Hill 4) and made out to potentially be the entire order of the Vitael Sect bound to their duties caught in the never-ending horror much like how the nurse Lisa was preserved by Allessa. Pyramid Head is also the Sephiroth of Silent Hill; He’s the most recognizable, imposing, bad-ass creature with a giant freaking sword that will not die and the creators of the games and the movie know that.

    All that aside, yes the movie looks like they are going to play the ‘We’re banking on all the non-Silent Hill fans to anticipate this’ since they are relying more on the edgy western hemisphere idea of horror and less on the eerily personal fears the games get out of it’s players.

    Maybe, and I am stretching this maybe out very thin, this movie will be to the franchise like Silent Hill: Shattered Memories was: a different spin on the old story. oh who am I kidding…

    • Brianna

      I agree with you completely. However, sorry to bust your bubble Zach, but that “random guy” is Father Vincent. Yep, that’s what they decided to do with his character. A disappointing waste of an interesting person, isn’t it?
      I suppose that the director (who absolutely isn’t prone to making decisions that he thinks are innovative but are really tired and cliche) saw the budding relationship between a creepy, nearly antagonistic, cult priest and a 17 year old girl. After all, who doesn’t believe wholeheartedly that Vincent just adored committing hot, hot statutory rape with Heather?
      Ugh…my brain…

  • Rae

    I have the terrible feeling that this movie is going to be awful and a waste of money, so I won’t be seeing it until I see read some reviews after it comes out.

    I really hope I’m wrong, but there’s a very, very good chance I’m not.

    We have to remember, though, only a genius would be able to make a good movie based off of a video game. I really can’t think of any movies based on video games that are even remotely pleasing.

    One thing I already find despicable about this movie is what they have done to Vincent. What a way to ruin a character.

  • http://zelda-sanctuary.net ArabDiSASTER

    You can’t say you’re a HUGE silent hill fan, that saying that is an understatement when you don’t like any of the games after 3… They were great games, wonderful and a great addition to the series… What you said is like saying you LOVED CoD 1-3 but hate all the rest… that doesn’t make you a huge fan of the series… But all that Aside, even though I loved the games, video game movies are USUALLY bad, and I can TOTALLY agree with that… but I actually am looking forward to seeing this, mostly because I’m a huge sucker for scary movies… And people complaining about Pyramid head should ONLY be in SH2 because he is a manifestation of the character, should go back and think… In SH Homecoming makes a subtle point to say that pyramid head is a manifestation of the character, and that it can be anything, for example, in one of the endings, TWO, count them, TWO Pyramid heads (Bogeyman’s) Come up and give Alex his own Pyramid Helmet… Pyramid Head Deserves his slot in there too…

  • Dave

    My thing is that the whole story seems tempered first off Harry Mason was killed not kidnapped. Second you meet Claudia in the mall not the town. And third Leonard was not a human being. With all the FX technology you would think that they could just have Malcolm do the voice. Now this is my opinion and I know people won’t agree but i am just going by the game and Alessa was the same age as Heather/Cheryl as you fight her before you fight God. I don’t see why you would keep her the same age as the first one witch was more of a prequal in my opinion.

  • S.

    Just to be perfectly clear for most, Pyramid Head can show up where he pleases since he is actually one of the base executioners for the town and its faith, not just simply a manifestation of an individual’s guilt. As you can see, he is there to punish and show the character the reason why. The Pyramid Heads are over 1000 years old and have been executioners since lord knows when. The producers make this very clear in the bestiary, making of, and numerous other interviews and such. It just takes time to read and watch them all but trust me, for a fan, its a real treat 😉

  • Max

    Yah i’m gonna ahve to agree with everyne here a “die hard” fan would like the whole series i know i do. each one had its own unique story but yet they were still connected by the town. the third is my favorite mainly due to my personal history with lucid dreams, but i loved most if not al of them. like the fourth one was great too. I’m actually really looking forward to this newest movie because its like actually partcially based on the third one, when i saw that the guy plyign the detective was wearing the exact outfit of the guy in the game i thought it was awesome. i always loved the silent hill series and wanted other people to get into it but its kinda hard to explain the whole set of games scenerios without playign them and not everyones into survival horrors. this way they can tell the story of silent hill,move importantly the story of silent hill 3, without having to have someone play a game for a decent number of hours. which is good in my books. i will agree about the overuse of the cult,i always liked that it was mainly just the town that was the antagonist and that there wasn’t really one definative answer as to why the town was like this, which added to the mystery. and how if you had any relation with it it would come back and haunt you, like silent hill 4 when he was an orphan that grew up in silent hill but even though he left he still couldn’t escape it. i geussing they want to have a more definative answer ot why the towns like this for the general public that would probubly be comming more for the horror aspects then the storyline.