Should YouTube Have Banned This Animal Cruelty Investigation Video? [Updated]

Mercy for Animals Questions YouTube's Policies

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Should YouTube Have Banned This Animal Cruelty Investigation Video? [Updated]
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Update 3: A spokesperson for Mercy for Animals tells us, “Nathan [Runkle – Executive Director] says that it appears that YouTube is once again hosting the video, while it appears Vimeo has removed it. They will be communicating with Vimeo, as they did with YouTube, urging them to repost the video.”

Update 2: YouTube tells WebProNews that it does not comment on specific videos, but a spokesperson did give us the following statement:

With the massive volume of videos on our site, sometimes we make the wrong call. When it’s brought to our attention that a video has been removed mistakenly, we act quickly to reinstate it.

Update: Now, the vimeo video embedded in this article says it “no longer exists”. Meanwhile, the video does appear to be back on YouTube, though it comes with a warning. I’ve contacted MFA for more details, and will update accordingly.

In the wake of the infamous elephant-killing video from GoDaddy CEO Bob Parsons, there is another disturbing video involving animals making web news. This involves an “undercover investigation” into the practices of E6 Cattle Company in Texas. Mercy for Animals put its investigation footage on YouTube, only to have it removed.

Should YouTube have taken down this video? Tell us what you think.

“Mercy For Animals’ undercover investigation into E6 Cattle Company in Texas continues to be at the center of controversy now that YouTube has banned the video evidence documenting E6 workers committing acts of cruelty and abuse to dairy calves,” a representative for Mercy for Animals tells WebProNews.

“When news of the investigation hit early this week, the price of cattle futures fell, consumers were outraged, the American Veterinary Medical Association issued its condemnation, and agribusiness circled its wagons,” he continues. “YouTube’s notice characterizes the undercover footage as a ‘gross-out video’ that is ‘intended to be shocking, sensational, or disrespectful.'”

“However, YouTube seems to have no qualms about videos glorifying hunting, dogfighting, or similar forms of animal cruelty,” he adds.

The video is below. Be warned, the footage is indeed disturbing.

No Mercy – Calf Farm Cruelty Exposed from Mercy For Animals on Vimeo.

Among the video’s contents (if you don’t want to see it), as listed by MFA:

  • Workers bludgeoning calves in their skulls with pickaxes and hammers – often involving 5 to 6 blows, sometimes more – before rendering the animals unconscious
  • Beaten calves, still alive and conscious, thrown onto dead piles
  • Workers kicking downed calves in the head, and standing on their necks and ribs
  • Calves confined to squalid hutches, thick with manure and urine buildup, and barely large enough for the calves to turn around or fully extend their legs
  • Gruesome injuries and afflictions, including open sores, swollen joints and severed hooves
  • Ill, injured and dying calves denied medical care
  • The budding horns of calves burned out their skulls without painkillers

MFA’s executive director has posted an open letter to YouTube CEO Salar Kamangar about its policies. The organization has shared the letter with WebProNews. Here it is in its entirety (minus the contact info):

Dear Mr. Kamangar:

I am writing on behalf of Mercy For Animals (MFA), a national, non-profit animal protection organization, to ask that you reinstate the “No Mercy – Calf Farm Cruelty Exposed” video on your website. The video can be viewed via Vimeo at www.MercyForAnimals.org/Calves.

Earlier this week, MFA received notification that our undercover investigation video documenting routine abuses of calves raised for the dairy industry at E6 Cattle Company in Texas had been disabled for violation of YouTube Community Guidelines. The notice states: “It’s not okay to post gross-out videos of accidents, dead bodies or similar things intended to be shocking, sensational, or disrespectful. If a video is particularly graphic or disturbing, it should be balanced with additional educational or documentary context and information.”

In keeping with YouTube guidelines, as well as MFA’s mission to educate consumers about modern animal agriculture practices, the video includes documentary context and information in the form of quotes from workers at the facility, explaining why sick and injured calves are neglected without veterinary care, as well as a statement from world-renowned cattle welfare expert and advisor to the USDA Dr. Temple Grandin, condemning the cruel practices at this facility: “It is obvious that both the management and the employees have no regard for animal welfare.”

MFA strongly agrees that videos of cruelty to animals are shocking and disturbing, but in the context of helping to expose and eliminate animal abuse they are extremely important.

Consumers have a right to know how their food is being produced, especially when the production methods are shocking or disturbing, so that they can make informed choices. MFA’s “No Mercy” video opens a critical dialogue about animal use and abuse in our society, as well as pressing social and consumer issues. Without open dialogue in a free society, broken systems remain unchallenged and unchanged.

It seems an obvious contradiction that YouTube censors MFA’s efforts to expose and eliminate cruelty to animals, while continuing to allow highly sanitized meat, dairy and egg industry propaganda videos that promote killing animals for profit, and countless sensationalized prohunting videos that glamorize gleeful hunters mercilessly maiming and killing animals for “sport.” YouTube was awarded a 2008 Peabody Award and cited as “a ‘Speakers’ Corner’ that both embodies and promotes democracy.” Silencing one side of the debate over how farmed animals should be treated flies in the face of democracy. YouTube seems to be sending a message that hurting animals for fun or profit is acceptable but speaking out against such abuses is not.

We understand that the “No Mercy” video documenting E6 workers bashing in the skulls of calves with hammers and pickaxes, dragging them by their ears, standing on their necks, burning them, and neglecting them to die without veterinary care is shocking and horrifying to most people. The “No Mercy” video was posted on YouTube precisely to draw public attention to this important case and give people the opportunity to learn about and speak out against cruelty to animals, and to use their democratic voices to help pass laws to prevent such shocking and disturbing abuses from occurring in the future.

MFA’s groundbreaking investigations have a long history of leading to successful criminal prosecutions of animal abusers, raids of factory farms, corporate animal welfare policy reforms and increased legal protection for animals – all testament to the crucial role these videos play in preventing cruelty and educating consumers.

For example, as a result of our Conklin Dairy investigation that was widely viewed on YouTube and exposed animals being beaten in the face with metal pipes, repeatedly stabbed with pitchforks, having their tails broken, and being kicked, thrown, and punched by employees, a farm worker was arrested and charged with 12 counts of cruelty to animals, numerous dairy suppliers ended their relationships with the facility, support was generated for a statewide animal protection initiative, and consumers nationwide learned about the dark side of dairy production.

A 2009 MFA investigation at an egg farm in Maine, which was posted on YouTube, prompted the Maine Department of Agriculture and state police to raid the farm on grounds of cruelty to animals. Grocery chains nationwide dropped the farm as an egg supplier and, as part of a landmark civil settlement, the mega-farm pleaded guilty to 10 counts of cruelty to animals, agreed to pay over $130,000 in fines and restitution, and handed over authority to the state of Maine to conduct unannounced inspections of the facility for the following five years.

The “No Mercy” video posted on YouTube is part of MFA’s important mission to educate consumers and bring justice to animals who are routinely tortured and killed in factory farms and slaughterhouses. It is vital to our efforts to hold the E6 Cattle Company and its owner accountable for egregious cruelty to animals and that the public be able to access and disseminate this video.

We respectfully request that the “No Mercy” video be reinstated on YouTube as soon as possible.


Nathan Runkle
Executive Director

“It’s especially galling that YouTube removed the video at a time when legislators in several states (Minnesota, Iowa and Florida) are attempting to criminalize undercover investigations like MFA’s, which have exposed animal abuse, assisted law enforcement, and helped assure food safety,” the representative says. “Factory farms need more transparency and scrutiny, not less.”

Whatever your position is on all of that, the whole thing does raise questions about YouTube’s own strategy, particularly as it gets more into both citizen journalism and the movie business. As you know, movie content is also often disturbing. In fact, there’s a whole genre dedicated to that emotion. It’s called horror. Where will the line be drawn on that? Currently, the NC-17-rated “The Gore Gore Girls” is feature in YouTube’s movie offerings. It could definitely be considered a “gross out movie”. I’ve seen it. It’s by H.G. Lewis, if that tells you anything. He’s often credited as the “Godfather of Gore”.

Often, reality is more disturbing than fiction, and video is a big part of journalism. YouTube has encouraged citizen journalism, even starting its own citizen news channel. Will this be compromised if the footage isn’t family-friendly?

Currently, there is still a broadcast news clip featuring edited footage from the E6 investigation video on YouTube.

Should YouTube have banned this video? Comment here. ]

Should YouTube Have Banned This Animal Cruelty Investigation Video? [Updated]
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  • http://www.jordankasteler.com Jordan Kasteler

    No way! If the nature of what we eat is so violent and horrific that we can’t even show it on YouTube then we should be deeply reconsidering what we eat.

    Also, there are plenty of videos on YouTube that display these atrocities as well such as “Meet your Meat” so I don’t see what the issue is with this one.

    • Rob

      Shut up and save the calfs

  • Keith Flotte


    • harriet


    • http://beaelliott.blogspot.com/ Bea Ⓥ Elliott

      Please expound on why you believe in censorship? Thanks.

      • Sara

        He prob works at E6

    • Rob

      I’m with you save the calfs

  • Matt Letten

    Absolutely not.

    This undercover video is clearly shown in a documentary style, educational fashion. It is the unfortunate horrific truth behind the dairy industry.

    How hypocritical to ban this video, while actively hosting videos making dairy and meat companies look wholesome, showing a nice little cut of meat on your plate and a smiling family. This is the truth. The truth should be told.

  • Like Woah

    That was incredibly hard to watch. I didn’t even make it through the whole thing.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum


    • harriet

      Watch from “Farm to Fridge”. If you think this video on calves was bad, you won’t even believe what this one shows, it’s horrific, but it’s the TRUTH about our society- disgusting

    • Rob

      I only got through a quarter of it it’s so horrible

  • Jack Carone

    This is in no way a ‘gross-out” video, whose intent is shock for shock’s sake. This is a serious and grim expose of a huge industry’s unacceptable violence. It is an industry that is, unfortunately, financed and supported by a majority of consumers, who deserve to know what they are abetting, and to have a response to the information. The fact that it is so difficult to watch is, in itself, proof that it is something that should be seen and dealt with.

  • http://www.foodispower.org loraxkat

    I echo other comments that this video was done in an educational manner, exposing the realities of the dairy industry. It’s absurd for YouTube to have banned this video. Kudos to Vimeo and other video sites for remaining censorship-free on important issues.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/ Chris Crum

      It is an interesting point that vimeo is allowing it while YouTube’s not.

  • holly wilson

    Hello Chris,
    Thank you for this opportunity to speak on behalf of the voiceless. Banning the latest undercover video from Mercy For Animals is an infringement of our basic freedoms as American citizens. How our food is made should not be kept cloaked in a veil of secrecy. Animal agriculture is subsidized by our government, and I am infuriated that my tax dollars are contributing to the confinement and torture of sentient beings. We as a species have evolved in terms of technology and knowledge- but remain in the dark ages in regards to our food choices. If there were undercover footage obtained from a strawberry processing plant- I hardly think anyone would bat an eyelash.
    Furthermore, YouTube has easily available videos on dog fighting, the rodeo, even animal slaughter. Why was this particular video from Mercy For Animals banned? The video should absolutely be reinstated.
    Thank you.

  • http://www.reversestreetads.com Mike

    Absolutely not! We have the right to know what goes on with these cattle & other farms. When I saw the picture in this story, I knew what was going to happen so I didn’t even want to watch the video.

    There was a similar video posted online a while back about the inhumane abuse of cattle. They should have passed a law just as soon after the video was released but it seems like getting congress to agree on anything these days is useless. All they wanna do is argue over every issue that comes to congress.

    I think they should investigate the FDA. They put enough sugar, sodium and other processed chemicals in the food we eat. No wonder they’re are so many people with health problems in the US.

  • Laura Farrell RN

    I also found the video extremely hard to watch; however, I found it very educational. I never knew where my food came from, or how the animals were treated. In a country like the US where we pamper our pets, I assumed we treated farm animals humanely. I was soooo disappointed to learn the truth. That being said, I have changed my life and my thinking on this subject. I will never buy another animal product until the industry changes.

    I believe the issues here as far as banning this video screams censorship to me. why would you tube allow videos of puppies being thrown from bridges, torture of animals, raping of animals, fighting of dogs, hunting of deer and fish etc etc etc and not allow a video that is designed to educate. It makes me question if AG has you tube in their pocket.

    I am a registered nurse and my eyes were opened to the disgusting unsanitary conditions on factory farms and IMO these places are a huge health risk.

    why would anyone want less rather than more transparency in regards to how their food is processed? e.coli salmonella MRSA? do we really want to be eating these diseases because of the filth?

    we need more transparency not less. shame on you, you tube!

    • harriet

      Laura- you have made the best choice you will ever make in your life. I am a new vegan after also discovering the cruelties that go on in U.S. farms and slaughterhouse, and I have never been happier. And this video isn’t even the worst of it, I promise you. People need to be educated on these issues, because clearly there are sooooo many people, like you and i, who have NO idea about the truth of where their food comes from. Please continue to do what you’re doing, it may be hard at first but it’s well worth it and there are sooooo many vegan options that are delicious, healthy, and non-harmful!! Thank you.

  • Liz

    It absolutely should not have been banned. I hope that YouTube realizes the error of their ways on this one and the video is again posted on their site.

  • linda

    No way should the vidoes be removed . People might want to know the routine torture of sentient beings especially if they eat them. If they don’t want to watch knowing its graphic then no one forced them to do so .

  • andi hayes

    No, this should not have been banned on Youtube! Hundreds of videos depicting disturbing and shocking treatment of animals in hunting and dogfighting videos are still allowed on Youtube. It’s crystal clear why only this one was banned — because of the pressure from meat & dairy farms who have something to hide with the appalling cruelties that go on behind closed doors. This banning also sets a dangerous precedent and a slippery slope of whistleblowing becoming criminalized while the abusers continue to make profits with no repercussions for their illegal and despicable behavior. The public has a right to know!

  • http://mightyfleissradio.wordpress.com/ Glen Naughty

    No censorship! Tried 2 watch butt way 2 gross. Reminds me of that Hallmark animal abuse in California by PETA although more graphic. Still, a stern warning of it’s content is adequate as 2 the nature of it’s animal abuse cause; it’s disrurbing 4 sure

    Self censorship like GoDaddy.com elephant killing is obviously meant 2 soften the impact (after the PR backfire), while exposing abuse of another immoral company is another matter, should not be censored 2 gain maximum impact, assuming it’s the real thing

  • Jack Styles

    This video should not have been banned from youtube, the consumers of the world deserve to know where their food comes from and this is preventing that from happening.

  • http://www.dunwelldoughnuts.com Daniel Dunbar

    I’m so let down by Youtube for removing this video. Though I understand that the video is graphic, and youtube has an open policy about certain kinds of explicit violence being posted, the nature of this video is completely different. This is not recreational footage, uploaded by some masochist in order to get laughs from friends. This is an important documentation of the reality behind the dairy industry.
    This was also a tremendous opportunity for Youtube to show that it isn’t just about tween girl music videos, and slapstick humor. This was an opportunity for Youtube to expand itself as a prominent networking site and media for social and political change. I’m afraid that by removing this video Youtube is not taking its potential seriously.

  • Jack

    Where is this society going to.. when they question the video and not the content.. I mean Why would they kill them like that?? I am shaking as I am writing this.. YouTube has no right to choose content for me!! these stupid websites, that’s right, only established domain names.. think they are now in control of what we get to watch and learn.. just like the damn media!! lets not forget that we make you, who you are.. you work for us.. I hate anyone who tries to stop others from doing good! Anyone who thinks this video should be banned and not the process of killing these animals in this cruel way, then I only hope you will watch a family member of yours get their head bashd in like that!! sick world!! sick!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/dsimon1027 Dave Simon

    No, YouTube should not have removed this video. Conditions in factory farms are disgusting, but those facilities are responsible for 99% of the meat eaten in the U.S. People need to know. These kinds of abuse are not anomalies – they’re regular occurrences.

  • Heather Leughmyer

    Shame on YouTube for banning the TRUTH and supressing freedom of speech! This is an outrage!

  • Yvonne

    The video should not have been banned. While shocking, it’s clear that shock value, sensationalism, and disrespect were NOT the reasons behind its posting. It’s abundantly clear that the reason for its posting is to expose the horrific abuse factory-farmed animals suffer, and to inform the public so they are more empowered when deciding what to support with their dollars. Beyond that, prosecution of those responsible for this abuse is being pursued. Lastly, Mercy for Animals satisfied YouTube’s requirements by presenting the footage in documentary context and with additional information, including quotes from renowned authorities. It’s clear MFA’s motives do not come even remotely close to the qualities YouTube has cited as the basis for prohibiting a video. Given this, YouTube has no justification whatsoever in removing this video.

  • http://cheapoilchanges.net pricehunter

    This makes some stop eating meat and that hurts these huge corporate interests.

    I have known a some who have stopped eating meet because people like the ones in this video act like children and not men.

    ” 18 For in much wisdom is much grief; and he who increases knowledge increases sorrow.” King Solomon -Ecclesiastes –

    It is now just here but horrible things are going on all the time in almost every place. Mankind is not good.

  • Linda Nelson

    Youtube was wrong to ban this video. MFA has bravely revealed what happens behind closed doors in our nation’s factory farms. The fact that this E6 video shows the ugly truth is reason to promote it as opposed to banning it. For too long the powerful meat and dairy industries have been allowed to profit by forcing animals to endure unspeakable horrors. For too long people have purchased their sanitized carton of milk or styrofoam package of hamburger while being completely unaware of how those foods were produced. The information provided to people has been one-sided for too long. We need to see the actual images in order to make the correct moral choices. This film is so disturbing because real animals are suffering through these really cruel acts! To hide it is to deny this suffering and to deny our responsibility to change it.

  • paul

    NO WAY should this video be banned! it is cruel, distasteful and difficult to watch, but so are so many other aspects of life which are chronicled with glee on youtube. the video should be seen by all who eat or wear animals, so that they may know what potentially happens every time they support an industry which is known for its cruelty.

  • Brittany

    NO! This video should NOT be banned! Everyone should watch it and be informed about what really goes on. We can’t just keep living pretending that animals on farms live happy lives, and are well taken care of. The consumers need to know the Truth!

  • c CHO


  • SK

    Absolutely not – it’s shameful that this video was taken down while videos of outright abuse and torture remain. You have to wonder what Google/Youtube’s motives were here.

  • Tracey

    I think YouTube sold out freedom of speech for a price. I would not be surprised if Big Agribusiness was behind this decision. Money talks and YouTube was bought to silence Mercy for Animals. Mercy for Animals goes to great lengths to expose animal cruelty. The factory farm industry is already trying to stop them and others by making undercover investigative videos illegal and punishable under the law. Now, they are putting pressure on entities as “YouTube” to silence the whistle blowers. People have a right to know what they are purchasing and given the choice, I belive people would choose compassion over animal cruelty. The industry believes this also, but instead of reforming their cruel practices they are trying to hide them.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001119697316 Marina

    This video needs to back up and stay back up.

    The content of this video is FACT this is what goes on…..people need to see this and face up to the cost of their desire to eat meat.

  • Anne Hoffman

    This is what the public SHOULD be seeing before they consume their animal products. THIS is the undeniable (and ever so sad) truth.

  • Lee Vester

    They should not have banned it. This is journalistic, not gross-out. And it won’t be long before the free press can’t do that if the anti-whistleblower bills in Iowa, Minnesota, and Florida pass.

  • harriet

    It is essential that this video and others like it be posted on YouTube and other websites for the U.S population to see the cruelty and abuse that goes on EVERY DAY. People need to see how the animals they eat are abused, tortured, neglected, and most of all, SUFFERING. It is disgusting, horrifying, demeaning, and completely immoral and inhumane what these farmers do to these animals. BOYCOTT CRUELTY, GO VEGAN!!! It is the only way to decrease the number of animals being tortured, and people need to be educated about the abuse that goes on at these farms and slaughterhouses. Would you want your dog or cat to be abused and maltreated in this way?? I DON’T THINK SO. So why kill one and eat the other???!!! GO VEGAN.

  • Sue McGuey

    This video should not have been banned…..It is an educational eye opener! The public should be aware of the horrific treatment these animals endure & the conditions they are forced to be in!!!The saying “The Truth Hurts” comes to mind….. makes you wonder as to whom the TRUTH of this video is hurting!!!!!!!!!WE, should decide what is inappropriate NOT Youtube!!!!This video should be put back UP!!

  • Laura Bruess

    Absolutely not. This is the truth, and people need to see it. As a vegan, I can watch a video of where the food comes from that I eat. Anyone who eats animals and dairy should be made to watch. Know the sadness of what you are doing. See it. Change. It’s simple.

  • Isobelle


  • Beth

    Youtube allows people to post videos that endorse hunting, beastiality, violence, and other offensive subject matters. Youtube has no place censoring live footage of cruetly to non human animals that educate people about the inhumane, unforgivable treatment of the animals that will eventually end up on peoples plates, and in stores covered in plastic. The TRUTH must be permitted to be seen. This is the gross reality; and not videos for entertainment selfish entertainment purposes.

  • Meredith Weiss

    I think the MFA video should be shown. If it’s so horrific – why are we allowing it to happen? This IS real life.

  • http://www.henleylaw.com Cynthia Henley

    While I could not watch much of the video, it definitely needed and continues to need to be shared. People think the business of slaughter is a nice, wholesome situation. WRONG! Animals are tortured and abused all over the world – these just got caught on video – becoming “dinner” for the masses. If people do not want to watch it, they have the ability to click off. But information needs to be available.

  • Swartz

    People should know where their meat comes from. Only the meat industry does not want them to know.

  • Eddie Plotts

    I am a huge fan of youtube. However, their decision to remove the MFA undercover footage is outrageous. In fact, youtube could easily be seen as taking sides with the animal abusers. MFA’s footage is not showing horrific images of animal cruelty and killing with the goal of making money or gaining some kind of self satisfaction. Instead, the organization’s goal is to expose this inhumane treatment of animals through undercover footage. Please youtube, don’t be coplicit with this abhorrent behavior shown in this video. Thank you!

  • Debbie Peterson

    First of all You Tube management are Hypocrites to allow elephant killing and dog fighting and not a legit peace of journelism is absurd!!! Secondly, it appears they are afraid of big AGRICULTURE and the Thugs that commit these CRIMES aganinst innocent Calves!!! Thirdly turning a BLIND eye to the Slaughter Industry because they know they are part of the Problem and want to continue eating animals regardless of how farm animals are treated!!! Extremely disappointed in you tube.

  • Jennifer

    The video should absolutely NOT have been banned.

  • Crystal Foley

    Apparently youtube is pro animal abuse. They have just made that abundantly clear. They allow postings of videos condoning abuse of animals via hunting, fighting, rodeo, etc and are removing video exposing abuse on factory farms. Their actions also make one wonder who they have ties with and what pressure they’ve caved to.

    youtube absolutely should NOT have removed this video, nor should they remove any video exposing abuse … for all of the obvious, humane, conscientious and legal reasons.

  • http://beaelliott.blogspot.com/ Bea Ⓥ Elliott

    It’s absurd that youtube removed this video. It only shows how truly horrible the TRUTH is! So sad that they don’t give a second thought to all the fish and mammal hunting videos that are equally as barbaric and cruel… People who resist exposing these atrocities done to “food animals” and those who refuse to adjust their lives accordingly, will go down in history as the last vestiges of archaic, fossilized, non-thinking, unevolved minds. Youtube will not stop the age of information- It will only be re-directed to someplace else with higher standards of integrity for allowing honest facts their due place on the web.

  • kannan

    Please stop these nonsence, God please guide me to fight against these Devils

    • lisa shapiro

      hi kannan, the best way to “fight against these Devils” is to go vegan! it’s easy and delicious and it’s never been more urgent.

  • http://Care2.com Toni Hoffman

    What is it with Google and animals? I have signed 4 petitions and written 2 emails since yesterday about their offering a dog fighting video game (Dog Wars) on their Android Apps Marketplace. Now they are BANNING a video showing actual animal cruelty and abuse? REALLY makes me re-consider my loyalty to Google.

    ABSOLUTELY YES — had this video not been posted, the shameful practices of this cattle ranch would not have been known and publicized so vigorously.

  • Lisamarie

    These types of videos-called REALITY–should be REQUIRED viewing for those who support these industries! It’s HIGH PAST TIME we starting MAKING those who eat animals see a WAKE UP CALL as to just what they are supporting every time they buy that gallon of milk or order that hamburger! Things like this NEED to be seen, no matter how upsetting. This way we can have the opportunity to be empowered to CHANGE our way of eating-and thinking-when it comes to other sensient, living, and feeling beings.

  • CJD

    I have seen many videos on YouTube, some of which are violent. The only difference between those and this undercover video is that this was not simulated violence, but is actual violence – which is precisely the reason why it and others like it need to be shown to the public. These videos exposing cruelty are not posted for some sick voyeuristic thrill, but to bring these horrible acts out into the light for all consumers to see and hopefully to enact change.

    No being deserves what these defenseless creatures went through. Banning these videos encourages the abuse and violence to continue behind the shield of closed doors. Don’t let that happen.

  • http://none Olivia Seynaeve

    It looks like the farm factories extreme lobbying to cover up the structural and extreme animal cruelty committed on sentient beings is paying of.

    It’s outrageous that You Tube is banning this video!

    Everyone has the right to know what is happening behind the wall of these farm factories, so that they can decide for themselves if the are still willing to financially support the atrocities through buying meat of these severely abused baby’s.

  • Denise

    I’m really disappointed that YouTube censored this MFA video. Sure, the content was graphic and uncomfortable to watch but it was an educational documentary. Isn’t part of the reason rules against videos depicting graphic violence are enacted to protect the well-being of the subjects being filmed? The aim of MFA’s video was not to entertain via gratuitous violence but to educate and spread awareness of the standardized abuses suffered by farmed animals.

  • Janis

    yes, there is no excuse for animal abuse.

    • Sara

      Youre right, there is NO excuse and hopefully you also meant no to ban such videos. People should be aware of the industry’s guilt and we should stand up to it and hold them accountable. This abhorrent cruelty must stop.

  • Brian Wilson

    Absolutely not! This is blatant censorship of a very serious issue.

    Youtube has no problem showing pornography or letting users litter the site with profanity-laden comments, but they won’t permit a well-done documentary showing animal cruelty which the agriculture industry is trying to hide? This is something people NEED to see, not run away from. SHAME on Youtube!!

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