Should Google Change Search Results as You Type?

Google Experiments with New SERP Strategy

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Google is reportedly testing a feature that would have search results appear as you type your query, in real-time. You know how suggestions appear as you type? Imagine the entire search results page doing that.

A video has been going around the Blogosphere illustrating this functionality. It comes from Rob Ousbey:

Alexia Tsotsis shares a statement from a Google spokesperson, and it’s one that we’ve seen and received repeatedly in the past:

At any given time we are running between 50-200 search experiments.

The Googler also pointed to this classic blog post explaining how Google does a lot of testing.

The bottom line is that this may or may not become a feature. If it does, search suggestions are going to play a bigger role in SEO than ever before, because not only will the suggestions appear as people type, but the results based (presumably) based on these suggestions will change right along with them.

What do you think of this potential feature? Like or dislike? Share your thoughts.

Should Google Change Search Results as You Type?
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  • Bob

    So if I search for “Dick Cheney” what do I get as I type it Chris? What about “Cummings Properties”. That’s it. The kids are prohibited from using Google.com in this house.


    • Chris Crum

      Do you have safe search activated?

  • http://www.infogurushop.com Guest

    Google has to go real-time even more than it is trying to do now. In other words, it is forced to go head-head with Twitter and Facebook or face a FAT search engine that is as stale as last weeks bread. For many years it has been proven that most people do not search past the first three pages – which means most pages are unsearchable or waste. They certainly won’t appeal to advertisers!

    If Google does go live as you type – it can only do so with “relevancy” otherwise the spamming bandits will hit the search engines like the flood. The big challenge is when, how and who gets Google real-time. I am actually already enjoying such a service, as Infogurushop, but it means consistency and relevancy or it does NOT get listed. So if one does not log in, tweet or blog daily you get fired or dropped instantly.

  • Guest

    I have the google toolbar. When I type something to search for, google makes it’s suggestions below. But it is also cutting off what I type.

    For example: i am working on a bankruptcy brochure for a client. So I tried to search “bankruptcy brochure” but after I hit the enter key, google changed it to “bankruptcy br.” I did this twice in a row and it did the same thing. The third time it finally searched bankruptcy brochure.

    This is happening a LOT and it is VERY annoying. How do I fix this?

  • http://homesteadwebsitebuilder.com Jordy

    If they could control the spammers and split the results screen to have real time and natural results then it would be awesome.

    What would they do with the Adwords advertisers though? I mean, aren’t they the most important results that Google serves?

  • B

    Recently a growing movement of people have been putting up key controversial search terms into the system that might have the establishment shaken up a bit, as there have been 18 of 18 successful search terms at the top of google trends. Some of the key terms that have shown up as number one are ‘brain eating vaccines’, ‘food the ultimate’, ‘false flag cyber attack’, ‘google launches’, ‘google spies’, ‘obama deception censored’, ‘ obama deception’, etc. The reason these terms are appearing is that there is much concern by a growing group of activists started by a radio talk show host named Alex Jones & Infowars, whom is spearheading this campaign. He has been a critic and target of demonization over the past decade in radio/podcasting and has found a growing number of listeners that are just fed up with govt. and media disinformation. As his radio platform has grown substantially over the years, he and many others have ramped up their attempts on getting information across to the general public who don’t usually have a clue on the geopolitics and the roles of our public servants, nor how our world truly operates. So much like we see in our ‘corporate’ world and military world we just might be witnessing information compartmentalization starting to occur in the digital world as it does in mainstream media.

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