Shia LaBeouf Announces Retirement


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It's been a strange past few months for actor Shia LaBeouf. First he was accused of stealing ideas from Daniel Clowes' "Justin M. Damiano" for his film "Howard Cantour." Then he took to the air and hired a skywriter to write an apology for it. And that was followed by a bunch of peculiar tweets where he copied popular apologies from rappers Gucci Mane and Kanye West.

And all of that was just since December of 2013. Not to mention the fight he had in London before that, and the huge meltdown he and his ex-girlfriend displayed on a Los Angeles street corner a while back.

Well now, the 27-year old actor is in the news again for announcing his retirement. Apparently, with all of the ridicule he's been taking in the last couple of months, he said he wants to give everything a rest for a little while, which is probably an attempt to get people to forget about his strange behavior. "Retiring from all public life [due to] the recent attacks against my artistic integrity," tweeted LaBeouf.

However, some might say that if he wanted to be forgotten for a while, he wouldn't have tweeted something so newsworthy, because it's bound to give him even more attention--which makes the actor seem like he may have a hidden agenda.

Of course it's possible that he's using all of this attention to draw eyes to his up and coming film "Nymphomaniac," a story that documents a woman's sexual experiences throughout her lifetime. Reportedly, the actor had to send in pictures of his "junk" to be considered for the role.

"The first info we got, and I'll never forget this, because my entire team reacted with such fear. The first request from the production end, not from Lars, but from production, was pictures of my penis," he said.

Image via Wikimedia Commons