Sheryl Crow On Lance Armstrong Scandal: “Tiresome”

    September 4, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Sheryl Crow, who was famously engaged to American cyclist Lance Armstrong at the time he was allegedly doping, was interviewed by federal agents last year about his actions at that time.

Crow traveled with Armstrong quite extensively during the three years they were together–from 2003 to 2006–and was closest to him during the timeframe of his last two Tour De France races, all seven of which have now been invalidated. She also allegedly stayed with him at an apartment in Spain which two of Armstrong’s former teammates have described as a place where performance-enhancing drugs and bags of blood were stored. The athletes would give themselves infusions of their own blood before a big race, ensuring an energy boost which was highly illegal in the eyes of race officials.

While Armstrong vehemently denied any wrongdoing for several months, he eventually backed down and ceased the fight against the doping accusations, leading officials to believe he was guilty and stripping him of his seven Tour De France titles. He’s also been banned from competitive cycling forever. And while we won’t know what Crow may have said to investigators, she came to Armstrong’s defense back in 2005.

“I don’t think the French people are on a mission to strip him of his integrity,” Crow said. “It’s just a handful of people pursuing that theory, and it’s tiresome and a nuisance, and it will eventually end, I hope.”

  • Trina

    Lance Armstrong has NOT been stripped of his Tour de France Titles. Federal agents do not have the authority to do that. They can only ban him in USA from cycling.

    • kelly

      Trina – yes they can & yes they did. He has been stripped of all of his Tour de France titles. http://www.tmz.com/2012/08/24/lance-armstrong-tour-de-france-stripped-cheating-cycling/

      • Cycle711

        No Kelly, he was not stripped of his titles. Haven’t any of you learned that the media runs with whatever story is going to garner attention? The USADA does NOT have authority to strip him of his titles, only to suggest this to the UCI and Tour coordinators.

    • Andy

      The international cycling governing body, can and does have that power, and indeed yes they have invalidated his 7 TDF wins

      • http://yahoo Bill

        You are wrong Andy the US doping agencey did strip him not the international body which has final and only real authority

    • Oh Jeepers

      Again, more people without any knowledge of facts. UCI is required to uphold findings of USADA. THey are entitled to review the evidence before they follow through on this requirement. They are doing that now. USI will then formally strip Lance of all 7 TdF titles. All a formality.

      Get your comments ready for the 12 teammates and friends testimony that will get out soon (and it will get out). Are you going to call all 12 of them liars?!? Lance refused to. He knew they spoke the truth in testimony. That’s why he refused to go to public arbitration process and tehn sue the pants off the 12 for defamation. Think of all teh millions he could have got from them and then dontated to “cancer awareness” (note: not “cancer research”; his foundations do not fund any research). Why didn’t he do that? The guy’s basically retired; he’s got the time, adn his good name to protect … but he didn’t?!? He quit for the first time in his life. Why is that.

      Gawd, Lance ass-kissers are morons.

      • Cycle711

        Formality or not, it still has not occurred. What makes you think that you are so intelligent? You are speculating just like the rest of us. If there is a “Gawd”, only he/she/it knows what is going to happen…

        Lance haters are morons…

      • Cycle711

        One other thing jeepers… According to the limitations placed on the USADA by Congress, they only have an 8 year statute with which they can charge an individual. So technically, they could only “try” to strip Armstrong of his 2005 Title (again, assuming UCI agreed). Why didn’t he fight it? Really, what is the point? He is retired, he has made his money, he isn’t physically harmed by any of this, and he no longer has to deal with any of the BS. I have a feeling that he will contest the statute if nothing else. I doubt the USADA will have any ground to stand on in regard to this issue, they themselves had admit to this previously.

        • Cycle711

          Also, since you feel compelled to state it is a formality, read what the UCI said…

          “This affair is a trial in the court of public opinion and that’s not fair or just. I’m in no way trying to save Lance Armstrong’s skin, in any way. The question at stake is that the authority of the UCI as an international federation and my colleagues by what is going on here with USADA and the support of WADA.”

  • Elizabeth

    Interesting how they can make that determination with NO evidence. What’s next? Lynch mobbing?

  • Wes

    While the UCI have been notified of USADA’s actions they are still waiting for the American agency to deliver evidence to substantiate their ban. Once any documents fall into the hands of the UCI they have a 21-day window to decide whether they will appeal the decision to CAS or ratify Armstrong’s ban.


  • Andy

    This is terrible journalism. The ONLY thing that has been “reveiled is that Crow was interviewed by the USDJ. It does NOT say they that she testified against or or gave any testimony against Lance Armstrong. It says that she thinks the whole affair is “tiresome” That could either mean leave the guy alone what else do you want from him or this is going to get worse. The article is only going for the headline and the rest of it is trash. “delete”

  • Mark

    I like breakfast

  • Angel

    What other athlete, Olympic or Tour De France has done what he has done with Livestrong to help people? I’d just like to say that any woman that got to spend that much time with Lance is lucky. I watched Sheryl Crow grew in beauty and style ten fold with him. Period!!!Just wish he dated brunettes like his Mom and me ~lol
    I read his first book and he totally inspired me with his words. He and Kik had a tough road and I understand why they split;but you could tell they shared a deep love from their photos. What a handsome guy and a great rider for every team he was on!!! I vote Lance.

    • Oh Jeepers

      Get a life.

      “So handsome… blah blah blah” what’s that got to do with being a cheat?!?

      Kik was dedicated to Lance and his endeavours. Lance dumped her and sent her into a depression (since recovered).

      Try working with some facts … rather than “he’s so handsome”.

  • Will

    Best to understand the full circumstances and to have done all the research before adopting a position, or being an expert on LA, the UCI and other doping bodies and doping tests. Not all cyclists dope.

  • ellendreamer

    1- Some cancer survivors think that Lance and Livestrong helped them in their fight against cancer = true.

    2- Some people enjoyed watching his TDF wins or “wins” = true.

    3- Some people think he cheated and got caught via testimony of other cheaters = true.

    4- Some people still want to look up to him for reasons 1 and 2.

    None of us are morons.