Sherri Shepherd: Husband Files for Divorce, Custody

    May 9, 2014
    Kimberly Ripley
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Sherri Shepherd’s husband Lamar Sally filed for divorce on May 2nd. In addition he has filed for full legal and physical custody of the couple’s unborn baby. They are expecting that baby via a surrogate mother. Sally is also seeking spousal support as well as to limit Sherri Shepherd’s visitation rights with their child once the baby is born. The View cohost married Lamar Sally back in August of 2011 in her hometown of Chicago.

There are conflicting reports about this split, with some making Sally sound like the bad guy while others claim Sherri Shepherd kicked him out of their home because he hadn’t reached the level of career success he had promised her he would attain.

“Their whole relationship was built on a fraud and it’s finally over,” a source says. “She’s thrown him out of the house and he’s tried to speak with her, but nothing is happening.”

Although Sherri Shepherd has yet to comment on the impending divorce, Sally indicates via Twitter that he appreciates all the support he has received.

Shepherd has an 8-year-old son named Jeffrey from her marriage to Jeff Tarpley. Lamar Sally has reportedly served as a father figure for the boy.

“I was great with Jeffrey,” Sally said in a recent interview, adding that he missed the child. “He was in my life for four years.”

Sherri Shepherd was married to Jeff Tarpley for nine years. She divorced him when she learned he had cheated on her with another woman and that the woman was expecting Tarpley’s baby.

Shepherd shared an Instagram video of herself with son Jeffrey single gospel music.

Shepherd has been part of The View since 2005. She cohosts the show along with Barbara Walters, Jenny McCarthy, and Whoopi Goldberg.

So what do you suppose is the real scoop behind Sherri Shepherd and Lamar Sally’s impending divorce? Do you think she tired of him and his lack of career success or do you think there’s more to the story? Might it be possible for Lamar Sally to gain full custody of this baby they are expecting?

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  • Kathe

    I think this is sad news. I like Sherri Shepard very much and she was so careful because of her son. I think he’s found an easy cash flow so he doesn’t have to “pursue” his career. There should be NO QUESTION of her right to see her unborn child and be a major part of that childs life. Sherri you will be in my prayers, stay strong.

  • denise

    OMG-are you kidding me? This sob wants it all-the unborn baby,spousal support, limited visitation.I will have to read the entire article.I want to see what he conceives is good reasons for his request-good grief.

  • SunnyV

    I said from day 1….. married to Sherri Shepard is going to be very difficult… and obviously it was and is.

  • Bernadette Spitz

    As far as the baby conceived via surrogate…if this child was conceived with her egg and his sperm, then there certainly could be a fight if she wants to oppose the custody he is asking for, however, if the child was conceived with his sperm and an anonymous egg donor, then she probably has no rights in the fight.

    • Luke66

      Looked at a different way, if she has no legal standing as a biological parent, she shouldn’t be responsible for child support.

  • Diane Webster

    Question: Whose sperm was used on the surrogate? If it was Sal’s them he should definitely have custody of the baby. If her egg was used then it’s a whole new ball game. I feel sorry for this child if she has anything to do with it as Jeffrey is the one and only in her life. In any event, as I have said before, Sal run don’t walk to get away from her. I’m in your corner.

  • Kelli Mcghee

    This is sad sorry sherry .just not the man you thought he was it happens.stay strong:-)

    • Said benavides

      We live in a time where men can equally take care if their kids we need to stop feeling sorry for women , I see men being discriminated all the time for there parental rights , wake up judges give men the rights they deserve !