Sharon Osbourne Talks About Her “Vagina Tightening”

    November 30, 2013
    Courtney Wills
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Sharon Osbourne, 61, has been an open book when it comes to publicly discussing the extensive plastic surgery procedures she’s had. On Friday’s British talk show, The Graham Norton Show, Sharon talked about the many nips and tucks she has had over the years. To questions asking just how many surgeries there have been, she only reveals she has had “a lot.”

Sharon revealed her most painful procedure when Norton asked her which one was the worst. Without blinking, the rocker wife said, “Having my vagina tightened. It was excruciating.”

Another of Friday’s guests, actor Colin Farrell, was sitting next to Sharon and asked what exactly a vagina tightening involved. Always quick to respond, Sharon hugged the hunky Irishman and said, “I’ll show you later.”

The Brit has been married to Black Sabbath rocker Ozzy Osbourne for 31 years, and the two have three adult children – Aimee, Jack, and Kelly.

Although she says that her husband refers to them as “bread and butter” they go so well together, Sharon left Ozzy earlier this year when he relapsed with drugs and alcohol. After learning about his drinking activities, Sharon sold all of Ozzy’s prized cars. She says that moving out was, “The hardest thing I ever had to do…but I knew if I stayed it would have carried on.”

Fortunately, after Ozzy entered a 12-step program, the couple were able to reunite.

Main image courtesy @BBCOne/@MrsSOsbourne via Twitter.

  • Ray Appenzeller

    Did we really need to know about Sharon Osbourne’s vagina tightening. Isn’t that regarded as too much information? I mean really! Are people saying these things just to get attention? Is Sharon lacking something about her life or in her life? I cannot imagine being one of her children and my mom is announcing these things to the world. My God is there no shame? Even I had a hard time readings this statement!

    • Virginia Martin

      Is there anything people will not do to get their name in lights. I have to say, tighting her vagina, is the worst so far. That beats the Kardashians all to hell. I just can’t understand wanting attention that bad.

  • John Conway

    Some things just are not meant to be shared…..

  • Diane Webster

    Sharon Osborne is about as disgusting as can be. I wouldn’t even read any article about her.

  • Oozie

    Yeah sure you did. Go ahead and prove it

  • You Know

    I could have gone my whole life without even thinking about Sharon Osburne’s vagina. I am pretty sure I would have to if it was not for this article.

    Thank you Courtney Willis.

    When I really think about it, I didn’t even know there was a vagina tightening procedure. I also will bet that Obsurne did show Farrell. She wasn’t joking.

  • http://yahoo Linda Patty

    C’mon Sharon, really? Talk about information overload! That is way too personal of a topic to be blurting it out to the world. I mean, who cares? Except Ozzie, of course. Well, IF they’re still together, who knows???? I think I just lost a bit of respect for Sharon. I was always impressed with her because she could take out anything anyone dished out to her. I feel she didn’t have to pay everybody back by disgusting us! YUCK!!!!!!!

  • baihui

    Stupid old slut!

  • http://healthdescription.com/2013/08/18/how-to-tighten-loose-vagina/ Sheena

    is there no shame in saying this?