Shaq Buys $235K House 30 Miles From Mansion

    November 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Shaquille O’Neal has enough money to buy whatever he wants, including enormous mansions and a fleet of cars, so when TMZ reported recently that the b-ball star dropped almost a quarter of a million bones on a “regular” house just 30 miles away from his huge pad, people were confused.

Shaq’s mansion in Orlando boasts eleven bedrooms, thirteen baths, and its own basketball court, but apparently that wasn’t enough; it’s reported that in July, he bought a 3,900 square-foot home in Mount Dora, Florida. What has people baffled is the fact that the house is pretty tame compared to his 70,000 square-foot mansion.

Image: TheHollywoodGossip

Some are speculating that Shaq might be using the second home as a place to rendezvous with the ladies, but he has no comment so far.

  • http://webpronews keenan rochester

    where does a 7’tall 400# giant sleep? anywhere he wants..lol

  • david

    Thats great for him.. All I have ever wanted to do is be able to buy a normal house so that my little girl could finally have a room she could call her own… Not going to happen in this life though..

    • http://yahoo.com jane

      Don’t think that way, with God all things are possible.

    • http://Yahoo Manny Cruz

      Hey mann I hear you, but keep the faith never say never.
      the possibilities of buying a home may soon be around the corner.
      I hope your little girl gets that room.

  • Irene J.

    Hey Shaq i’m 58, and out of work, can’t find a job. If you need a house sitter look me up i’m a great cook too!

  • http://YAHOO GREG


  • Richard Patterson

    More power to him!!!! He’s a single man now, so you can figure the rest out. I can’t even get one house, let alone two, in this recession!!!! If you’re not an entertainer or an athlete, you’re in BIG trouble now. When it comes to gettin’ ahead, it’s dead right now. Never seen it like this before. I’m probably payin’ more taxes than he is, quite disgusting!!!!

  • http://YAHOO.COM JEFF

    HEY you also need some one to care for the ladies and there needs ….. SHOPPING!!!!! HOOK A IOWA WHITE MAN UP!!! PERSONAL DRIVER?? POOL GUY?? WINKS

  • Spunky Ned

    It’s for the maid or babysitter or both. He will be visiting often!!!

  • Dawnmonique

    Hey Shaq, How you been doin. You wouldn’t guess who this is in a thousand years . Sooooooo, I’ll tell.


  • pato

    Hey Shaq, I have a business venture with great potential and I’d like you to sponsor a caribbean product.

  • kgoji

    investing in Property, thats the way to do it, can’t wrong there Shaq, hope the other will learn from you, not just gamble and buy jeweleries that don’t appreciate but depreciate.

  • http://yahoo.com bobby

    do u still come to maryville tennessee i like to meet u i think u r a cool dud

  • Bob Loblaw

    3,900 square feet for 235k?!?! He’d be crazy not to buy that.