Sexy Halloween Costumes Have Hit A New Low

    October 12, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Whatever happened to girls wearing lingerie and some form of animal ears when they want to be sexy for Halloween? It may not endear them to feminists, but it’s far preferable to, say, “Sexy Ear Of Corn”.

Takes all kinds, I suppose. I’ve provided a link in case you’re in need of costume ideas.








I miss the good ol’ days.


  • Veronique

    Well, I think some of those are fun, so I’m probably not who you wanted to hear from. A friend posted the Tootsie Roll dress on FaceBook this week and i think it’s cute! The straight jacket not so much. But hey, at least they aren’t in bras panties and garter belts :)

  • Nate

    Sexy ear of corn cracked me up!!

  • Michael Dalene

    The ‘straight jacket’ Babe would look sexy in anything, and even sexier with nothing at all!

  • piscesmoon5

    Omg the sexy cheeseburger is frickin hilarious!!

  • Susan

    I’ve seen WAY worse! Many costumes have less material. If you’ve got the body? Go for it!

  • http://Facebook Keven Gumm

    I like the models in those ear of corn costumes.She can be corny and horny for me at the same time!