Sextortion Photos Case Arrest Made

    September 26, 2013
    Ellisha Rader Mannering
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An arrest has been made in the sextortion photos case. Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf and seven other women became victims of sextortion when Jared James Abrahams, 19, of Temecula, Calif. used malicious software to control their computer webcams.

Abrahams allegedly used the cameras to video tape the women nude and then sent them emails threatening to publish the photos if they did not send him more. Abrahams went to great lengths to gain access to the victims’ computers, even creating a “Virtual Private Network” to disguise his identity when he sent threatening emails.

Miss Teen USA Cassidy Wolf was allegedly the first victim and an acquaintance of Abrahams. The complaint says that the FBI first learned of the alleged sextortion in March via 18-year-old “C.W.,” who became concerned when she received an alert from a social networking site saying her password had been changed. She said she then received “an extortionate email” with nude photographs attached. The sender, according to the complaint, said that C.W. should comply with his demands or have her nude photographs “plastered all over the internet.”

In one instance, says the complaint, a victim identified as M.M. 1 agreed to communicate with Abrahams via Skype. She told him, “I’m downloading Skype now. Please remember I’m only 17. Have a heart.” Abrahams allegedly responded, “I’ll tell you this right now. I do NOT have a heart!!!”

If convicted, Abrahams faces two years in federal prison. But the investigation is continuing and additional charges haven’t been ruled out, according to federal investigators.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

  • http://att mark connolly

    There is too much money in sex pictures, and the victims are caught in the middle.

  • kubla khan


  • John Sammy

    Hopefully they make him a registered sex offender for solicitation for pornographic images of minors.

    • chuck


  • Joe Mama

    Photos please!!!!!! We need to see the evidence first hand so we know whether to condemn this guy (or give him a medal)!!!

  • Krusty

    Two years in prison for this? Wow.. what a deterrent for other miscreants who want to exploit young women like this guy.

  • Hmm

    There are all kinds of people setting up others on the internet. You have these types of cases and then you have the flip side where women are setting up men. If you look into the Perverted Justice organization, you will find that many of the people setting up others are mentally ill and have criminal backgrounds. Perverted Justice made millions setting people up. Men are going to prison just for going to see who they were talking to on the internet. They are pursued for months and some cases years, invited several times to meet, and when they finally do agree to meet, they are arrested after stepping out of their cars. In the next year, there will be more media exposure about this and I know of several books being written about how dirty the organization is.

    I have never met a victim who pursued their attacker for over a year and invited him to meet several times to meet. Victims simply do not pursue their attackers ever.

    There needs to be some protection for people who use the internet. There are lots of crazy people out there trying to do harm to others by extorting or misleading them.

  • Honestly

    Honestly, there are so many nude pictures on the internet, I don’t think anyone would even notice. I wouldn’t have and I really didn’t even know who these women were until this article. If anything, it might help the women get noticed. Just look at every celebrity in Hollywood now — it is all about sex.

    I am not saying what the guy did was right because it wasn’t. I am just saying that there is so much of it that it might not have even been noticed. Heck, there are people out there posting their own nude photos on purpose. Porn is huge in the United States, but that is what happens when you repress a society. Anything you make taboo will simply flourish.

  • chuck

    Why is taking nudes of herself?

    • chuck

      Why is she taking nudes of herself?

    • http://webpronews billy butler

      chuck, you’re a gd idiot, read the damn story before you post inane comments. the sextortionist manipulated the victims video camera to obtain the photos- nearly every one walks around their own apartment every now and then.

      • chuck

        She’s a sloot

        • @Chuck

          The people who call others names are probably doing worse things behind closed doors.

          If someone started digging in your life, I wonder what they would find. Probably a lot of skeletons.

          Some of the worst people on this planet are the ones who think they are the most righteous.

  • Well

    There is a really cheap way to protect yourself from someone using your webcam: put a piece of tape over it.

    I hate to tell people but the government can look at anything you do on your computer and soon they will be able to look through your cable. Government spying is not some conspiracy theory.

    If the government can do it, I can assure you that other people can do the same things.

  • No One Cares

    There is so much porn out there that I doubt anyone would care. If I was one of those women, I would have to that guy that I didn’t care what he did. It would probably get me modeling jobs and more fame anyway.

    You pull over half the people in America and check their phones — you are going to find porn or homemade porn.

    If I was one of these girls, I would just use the publicity. No one cares nowadays and even if they did, the people that would talk bad about the girls are probably doing much worse things behind closed doors — they just haven’t been caught.

  • Cassidy Wolf is 17?

    If you look at pictures of this woman, you would never have guessed it. They didn’t make 17 year olds like that when I was in high school. Girls look so much older now.

    At the end of the day, this will only help her career. Just look at everyone on TV now.

    I also think we are a little hypocritical. What is a beauty pageant all about? Looking at good looking women. If those women were average, no one would watch the shows. On some level it is all about sex — doesn’t matter if the girl is wearing clothes or is totally nude.

  • @Well

    You are so right! On your laptop, put tape over the webcam. I agree — I don’t think the average person really knows what is going on out there. I am an IT consultant and I can tell you that EVERYTHING is being monitored. Do people actually think this NSA stuff is a joke and that it is for terrorists? Most of the dollars are being put into systems in use over here inside the country.

  • John Randall

    From what I read of the story the young man created a VPN connection and used the computer’s camera to take pictures of the girl, not to grab pictures she’d taken of herself; similar to a trouble-shooting call where a technician tries to solve a particular computer problem using remote control. The camera on most computers typically faces toward the room, so by activating the camera when she wasn’t at the keyboard, it was like he was sitting in the corner taking pictures. Pretty creepy, eh?