‘Sex Superbug’ Found In Hawaii, Is Immune To Some Antibiotics

    May 6, 2013
    Zach Walton
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‘Sex superbug’ may sound like a cheesy teen sex comedy from the late 90s, but it’s no laughing matter. It’s in fact a drug-resistant strain of the STD gonorrhea that has people around the country worried.

It was reported last week that a drug-resistant strain of gonorrhea was found in two people in Hawaii. The finding led people to assume that it was the same ‘sex superbug’ that has been found to be immune to all forms of antibiotics. Fortunately, the Hawaiian Health Department says the case of gonorrhea it found is different from the ‘sex superbug’ strain found elsewhere.

Despite it being a different strain, the emerge of a gonorrhea that’s immune to medication should have people concerned. For years, the sexually transmitted disease was on the decline thanks to antibiotics and medication. The number of infections may rise, however, as the disease has evolved immunities to the medication used to treat it.

Peter Whiticir of the State Department of Health’s STD/AIDs Prevention Control branch confirmed that the the Hawaiian ‘sex superbug’ is, in fact, not the dreaded strain that’s completely immune to all drugs, but he does say that the current news helps remind people that these diseases are evolving.

“There is no multi-drug super resistant superbug yet in Hawaii or the United States. We don’t have the superbug in Hawaii that I repeat again, but I think it does raise people’s consciousness that gonorrhea is out there, there are new strains that are developing and evolving and we need to be aware of that and protect ourselves.”

Even if its not the dreaded ‘sex superbug,’ gonorrhea can still evolve to a point where it becomes one. As such, health officials fear that such a form of gonorrhea could be worse than AIDs. The Center for Disease Control has even asked Congress for $50 million in funding to research new treatment for gonorrhea infections just in case things go South.

Even if you have no intention of catching gonorrhea, it’s always advisable to use safe sex. You should also never be afraid to discuss STDs with any potential partner.

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  • Jack

    I’ve seen those little rascals before. They are ANDROIDS. It looks like you will need a magnifying glass to spot them.

  • http://YAHOO slysi

    with the free sex craziness getting worse all the time , even our so-called president favoring a morning after pill for young teenagers , unrestricted abortions. making heros out of those who ..COME OUT ,what could be expected ? enjoy yourselves folks…IT IS LATER THAN YOU THINK…AFTER ALL.. IT AIN’T YOUR MAMAS WORLD ANYMORE !

    • Kelly

      I hear ya! Well said.

    • Yup

      You are so correct. People keep on living together in sin–going from one to another. Even animals have better morals.

      And keep on “coming out”. Disgusting! Abnormal! Sickening!

      All these diseases are the result.

      • lucboden

        All you homophobes should then encourage gay marriage where two people decide to live monogamous lives instead of permiscuous lives. But I doubt you can think with reason clouded by your hate for others.

        • Yup

          Read your Bible. God instituted marriage between one man and one woman.

          Period. End of discussion.

          Don’t answer to me. Answer to God.

          • Nacho

            There is no God, silly human.

          • rob klint

            Really? one man and one woman? Apparently, you have never READ your Bible cuz King David ( Seven wives and many concubines), King Solomon ( 700 wives and 300 concubines), and Jacob ( Rachael AND Leah) ALL had more than one wife. Abraham had Sarah as his wife and Hagar and Ketruah as concubines End of Discussion. Answer to God, not to me — and READ YOUR BIBLE cuz you’re making a fool of yourself. Don’t try to clothe your bigotry in Scripture, cuz Scripture doesn’t support it. (( Why are so many “Christians” ignorant of the Bible, yet try to preach it?)

          • mo

            rob klint? your the ignorant one. i am no one to judge… but weather its between one man and one woman or not the fact still remains that it does state in the bible that homosexuality is a sin and thoust will surely die. its in there just some refuse to see the actual words. instead try to flip the tables on a technical that has nothing to do with what they was trying to say if you keep to one woman or one man… what are your chances of getting these std’s? the human race is an ignorant race. some pass the std’s with out any remorse at all. then on to the next.

          • Frank

            Dumb. The bible also says don’t steal, kill, go after your neighbors wife (even if they are swingers), don’t eat too much etc. Please spread your hate equally. :)

          • Ginger

            The texts I’ve been reading seem to imply God never intended for us to marry. Satan introduced the idea to Adam within 6 months of their expulsion from Eden and then even urged Adam to ask God for permission to do so!

          • Solo

            Then why doesn’t God send everyone a marriage partner? Some people spend their entire lives looking for someone and get nothing for it.

        • mike

          homophobe ,man aren’t you the smart one .You know cause your so sure everyone is a homophobe .Only a homo would say that Get over yourself and your lifestyle Idiot

        • Er

          lucboden — Like nobody’s ever cheated on their spouse before. Marriage has never worked as it was intended. It sure as hell won’t work for the gays. The only reason why gays wanted marriage was because they were all butt-hurt (no pun intended) that they weren’t legally aloud. In the end, not even they really care.

          Man + Man = F’ed up. lucboden — You’re mother. I’m sure God would approve of that remark.

      • LADY

        Some people are sick to the core. They are sick in the head, in the heart sick, sick in their spirit and sick in the soul. They will know they are wrong and refuse to admit it. They will know they are sick and evil as a dog and will not care, But they will know how to play a game with you, manipulate you, and lie to you. Don’t nobody hate damn sick gay people and sick sexual perverts. They want others to accept their sickness, perversion, and depravity. These anal perverts want rights and respect, well they need to be considerate of others.

    • phxron

      It ain’t our parents’ Democratic party anymore, either. They are sinking our country to a new low ethically and morally.

      • youngmanoldsoul

        Whats happening in Our society is bigger than Democrats and Republicans.

    • william roberson

      Last Days this is Lucifers Kingdom will begin NWO when they take Iran and Syria then the dollar will be gone. Hate to say it but we were warned of these days. Have no fear you can still still repent and help each other. Time can be changed into any reality with the mass population believes as one.

    • Michael

      What is Free Sex Crazyness? Is this the 60’s, where what your talking about existed? Pre-aids? You dont want a morning after pill for our kids? Yeah lets just let them have kids they dont want when they are in 11th grade. Smarter move right Slysi!? Disgusting people like yourself hating people for who they are attracted to? Crazy doomsday conspiracy nutjob.

    • http://facebook KATHRYN

      you are so– right. the countrys morals have gone down the tubes, as well as the rest of our behaviors. we need to be careful, things are not the same as when some of us grew up. those that continue in careless behavior spread that menace to all of us. they will pay for their own mistakes eventually. SOME OF US REMEMBER THE TEACHINGS OF OUR ELDERS AND PARENTS,AND ALSO WHAT GOD’S word says about all of this. kathryn.

  • jackof

    how about jacking off. anyone remmebr that

    • Solo

      You have the right idea. It’s the only way to enjoy sex but avoid STDs and unwanted pregnancy.

  • rob

    Be safe! Avoid sleazy situations. Define for yourself what that means.
    We’ve been effing all these years and have never caught a bug. That’s b/c we always, like every time, use rubbers. Once you get used to them you don’t even notice them. The extra bit of natural sensation isn’t
    worth the risk. We’re talking Thailand and D.R. level pleasure.

  • douglas Williams

    I renumbered when a shot of penicillin did ya,but the shame lasted much much longer. Now its changed around. I stopped having sex years ago. It seems id had enough. As St. Paul implied in the Christian New Testament: if you can do without,do so. If you can’t,marry. That want guarantee,but if you do love them you’ll adapt.

  • Donald

    O! man! when I first read the headline I thought it was something good.

    Too many nasty people having too much nasty sex I guess?

    Quit having so much fun, darnit!

  • Monse

    Condoms do not protect against an STD called mollunscum contagiosum. You get it from skin to skin contact. Hence, condoms do not protect you.

    • Roseman

      Ahh, yes. But body condoms might.

  • Nikki Gloom

    this is what happens when too many people have unprotected sex and too many think they will never get an STD and too many think banging for Gucci is cool. Raping girls on frat parties , proms and other situations is fun, and cute. Too many baby Mammas and Daddies. Since i dont have these issues im not worried. the rest of you all – to whom it applies to if your promiscuous might want to have a checkup and a get a job to get a condom or find a clinic cause you sure as hell wont be seeing me.

    • too shay

      is Ur significant other one should worry about.

  • tamarahope

    This is scary,like aids was when it 1st came out! But I think if you practice”safe sex”you don’t have to worry.So remember to wear those”rain coats”even if its sunny!

  • Neil

    Quick stop the world and let me off! Maybe we should put all our resources into obliterating this super bug or at least controlling it.
    BECAUSE this could be a pandemic which means it can infect everyone.
    If we could only put as much effort and money into finding cures for cancer, diabetes, and many other illnesses, instead of the medical profession and pharmaceutical companies raping the people on the cost of their meds we would be better off. YOU KNOW THIS WILL NEVER HAPPEN


  • brandi

    Yes… because this is obviously a ‘gay only’ disease.

    Open your eyes people. Homosexuality is not the reason a disease is EVOLVING.

  • Timm

    More people should practice celibacy until they meet the right person to have a monogamous relationship with and that way there would be no STD’s. Old fashioned yes, but it works

    • Michael

      Yeah im sure celibacy will take off like crazy….everyones favorite.

      • behave

        Works for me, Michael. I don’t have to worry at all, and my friends have done the same–no sex–and have all gotten married to wonderful men. It does work; you just have to have more of a mind and care about another person instead of being selfish and wanting only your own desires fulfilled. Anyone getting the hint yet? This isn’t what God had planned.
        And to the poster who referred to David and his wives? Not the ideal. The bible even says that a man should not ‘multiply wives’, yet people in the bible disobeyed, too. If people actually read the bible, they would see what God’s plan was for mankind; not the Romans 1 unnatural sex, but marriage (not living together or ‘trying it out first’) between one man and one woman.

        • Solo

          That sounds good in theory, but not everyone can find a marriage partner, like myself. Those of us who can’t find a marriage partner need to be celibate, otherwise, the consequenses can be deadly, and not worth the risk.

        • david

          behave back in biblical times men were allowed to have multiple wives so they could spread their seed back then even cousins were allowed to marry for the same reason

          • REX

            Better go back and read your bible then. Because a lot of men had a lot of women they married and even had harlots. Read the history’s of people like Abraham and others who followed him. How about Joseph and Mary. He had wife and Harlots.

        • Tori

          Behave you are completely wrong. YOU’D better read your Bible again. Further, it makes no matter what the Bible says, the work of fiction written by man for the god man created in his own image. The Vatican even admitted that Genesis was not true and is physically impossible. There goes original sin and the need for Christ, religion finished. Remember, if YOU want to follow your work of fiction, and cherry pick whatever you like out of it then do so but you can’t be using whatever you like to continue to spew hate and discrimination upon others who don’t believe in your fairy tale. Religion = Mythology.

  • Nila

    Remember when AIDS was what we feared the most when having sex? Now we have other STDS that were once easy to treat, but now are mutating and can kill us. People is it worth your life to be foolish for a moments pleasure.? You take a risk having unprotected sex. And even now wearing a condom doesn’t help with some forms of STDS that are contracted from skin to skin contact. How quickly something like this mutated form of gonorrhea can spread with people not thinking about thier actions.

  • steve thompson

    If two disease free people marry and are faithful to each other, STD’s are nearly impossible. This was our Creator’s plan from the beginning. If one lives according to God’s plan, you would be more concerned about moon rock falling on you than getting STD’s.

    • behave

      They are totally impossible in that situation, Steve. That’s why God set it up that way; to protect us. He loves us. Those who hate them and love their ‘muscle reaction’ more will find out, unfortunately…but you only get one chance to be wrong and to live with that choice. Now, that could be a short life.
      It really is a no-brainer. Totally agree with you.

      • steve thompson

        The reason I said “nearly impossible,” as opposed to totally impossible was because of the contacting of AIDES through the exchange of fluids, etc. This happened frequently at the outset in the 80’s– blood transfusions, and unclean hospital, doctor or dental offices. But, for the true believer that is not a problem either, because God will protect them from those situations as well. Behave- I appreciate your wise words.

  • George W Pruett

    My name is poncho vila.
    I have the gonorea
    I caught him from Maria
    She gave him to me freea
    And now I cannot peeeee ah !!

    • Lisa

      That a made me peee ah lol

    • Real American

      learn how to spell Jorge W. Puto …

  • George W Pruett

    Think I’ll swear off puddy !!!

  • Koatz

    I cannot honestly say that I am upset about this development. As mentioned in a comment, this is only the beginning. It is a consequence of prescribing antibiotics for everything, even when they are not necessary.

  • Paul

    Maybe it will make its way through the “coming outers”.

  • John

    Lucky for me I gave up that lifestyle to marry a good woman and have a family. Monogamy has its benefits. I suppose this will be the beginning of another special interest group that demands more tax money for research so they can keep living their wild lifestyles.

  • ca



  • mike myers

    Please tell me it is Dog the bounty hunter and his wife beth that have it in Hawaii .

  • Ryan

    Really, Come on people have some fucking sense for fucks sake Religous nuts you want to throw the bible at us everytime you come accross a situation that doesn’t fit YOUR beliefs not God’s Testamony. If you are so opposed to homosexuals because the BIBLE says its wrong then you should also be opposed to eating meat on friday because according to the BIBLE its a HELL WORTHY tresspass (How was that burger last friday or the steak tacos you had for your Cinco De Mayo party at work) you are all hippocrates so much so that when the Bible doesn’t fit your beliefs you change it and call it a “New Testament” and for those of you who think i’m some athiest or NON BELIEVER or homosuexual I’m Catholic I’m sraight and a father of 3 and i do believe in God what I don’t believe is the bullshit you try to spu at us when you don’t like something and try to carry out all this hate and loathing in GOD’s name. When Judgement day comes God won’t judge you by who you love, what your diet is, or even what you believe he will Judge you by your actions and whether or not you have love and kindness in your heart so think about that next time you judge or hate someone because of what their life choices God Is Watching EVERYTHING and you will judged on your hatered for other people.

    • Steve Thompson

      Ryan, True Christians who live their faith correctly do not hate any one. We believe certain deeds are sinful against God. We do not have to agree with each other, and can simply accept the fact that we have different world views. When I see that you are not receptive to the Gospel message, I will cease to share with you but I will pray for you. That is the way we should be as Christians. Some believers are instantly judgmental and condemning. It seems as if that is where you are coming from.

    • Bob

      You would be classified as a non-religious nut.

      • steve thompson

        A religious “nut” as you put it, is anyone who takes their faith seriously and has an understanding that we are made in God’s image and He has a plan for our lives. I may be a nut but I am screwed on the right bolt–Jesus Christ who died for my sins…….and yours too.

    • REX

      Ryan: Better read your bibles again. As Catholics have 7 of them. LOLS there. And Catholics I do not believe in either. Why? They allow homosexuals to worship in there church and Catholics believe Homosexuals are ok to be in church. In fact some Catholics now have Homosexual fathers there. And here is another reason I don’t believe in Catholic logics. Every Member of the church calls there father in church father. And who is the real father huh? Look at your bile. The father is Jesus Christ. The one who died on the cross for your sins is who. So how can you call the head of your church father? when the true father is Jesus Christ huh??

      And where did you get that idea that We as Christians only use chapters and verses that we choose to suit our needs. we choose chapters and verses that Fit Gods needs to fit him and his purposes to help others and believe in God. You my friend have been a victim of being brainwashed. Into thinking all Christians are bad as well as other churches who really serve God. Yes, there may b e cults out there. But I think Catholics are cults as well. As what the bible says and we have to follow. Your Catholic Church does not meet the Standards of God’s Commandments. Sorry! Only stating the truth here. I am praying for you right now! Praying for your salvation as well finding a reliable church.

  • Datruth

    The truth is this is not about sex with animals or gay sex or even sex with the idiots that have chosen to comment on this article. It is about the over use of anti biotics. Is the USA really this dumb? America is full of stupidity, a large group of cows getting in line to folllow the herd. A group of dopey, unmotivated has beens.

    • Strecthing Out Your Mom

      Well, when all is said and done. You catapulted yourself right into that bunch. Congratulations.

  • Datruth

    Is only the state of Alabama allowed to comment on this article?

  • ariana32217

    great as if Aids wasn’t bad enough!!! now they have s**t that makes ur dick fall off!! were going to have to be in hazz met suits to touch each other soon!! yikes I don’t want to touch no one,i don’t want no one touching me. welcome to the future………………………..

  • http://yahoo kevin

    This is one of the many reasons why marriage before sex is of essence

    • Lindra Jackson

      So husbands and wives aren’t people too? Anyone, married or not, can contract an STD if they aren’t properly protecting themselves. This is why testing and monogamy is of essence!

      • proudmomof5

        STDs are simply the result of fornication (sex outside of marriage), adultery, homosexuality, licentiousness and dissipation. It is simply the result of sin. People have made an obsession of sex because of sex only, completely detaching it from a loving, natural, monogamous and permanent committment. I HAVE HAD ONLY ONE SEXUAL PARTNER FOR 24 YEARS IN A COMPLETE LOYAL, MONOGAMOUS AND EXCLUSIVE RELATIONSHIP: MY HUSBAND. AFTER 5 VERY HANDSOME BOYS AND 24 YEARS, WE ARE MADLY IN LOVE WITH EACH OTHER. NEVER EVER HAD ANY STDs WHATSOEVER, NEVER WILL.

        • LADY

          Your young men are going to be very handsome because you have worth and morals. You have solid values, so therefore you and your children are blessed. Continue the good work and stand your ground and be true to yourself.

        • Whatever

          I enjoy everything you had to say. But blaming homosexuality just makes you sound dumb.

      • REX

        Lindra: what you say is true if there not faithful to one another and commit adultery and have sex with others. And can get Aids and other diseases. But if there faithful to one another and don’t cheat on one another. No way you can contract a disease from another person if you are a faithful person.

        • Mnh

          Assuming niether spouse gets raped or receives a contaminated blood transfusion, then yeah, you’re pretty safe so long as you’re faithful.

          But, you know, bad things do happen so maybe we should start researching now.

      • Montgomery Hellgates

        Will you sleep all the time with your wife with protection? What is then this marriage about? If I can´t put even trust in my marriage on this matters, than with whom else?
        A married couple can go to a doctor and make a test, and if both are healthy, they are free to do it without protection.
        Protection is for people who sleep around with anyone they meet just for the whatever they seek from it.

        I think therefore I is.

  • Dick Zenormous

    Hey you DON’T be silly, put a RUBBER on your willy!

    • michael mccroskery

      IF it aint about LOVE, don’t be nilly with your willy. Now Top That statement!

    • REX

      You can still get aids or any other disease if some has it even if you do use a rubber. Think on that. And if you doubt what I say here. Ask a doctor. He will tell you the truth straight up.

      • Kat

        Dang straight! No pun intended, many STD’s come from skin to skin contact NEAR the genitalia…has nothing to do with orientation.

  • Realist

    Are you people honestly saying this is the work of homosexuality? That’s absurd and anyone who believes so is ignorant. And if you DO believe it is, than how are heterosexuals getting it? This is the natural balance of life, things get stronger. We have, or so you’d like to think. I believe in Higher Being, but I also am not blinded by it.

    • REX

      Realist: In a way there your right and in a way your wrong. Medically they have proven that people who got these diseases first started out by humans having animal sex with animals. And as far as homosexuals or heterosexuals. I think they got the diseases of Aids and other diseases because they did not have safe sex and had sex with a lot of various individuals and got the disease from someone who was careless like they were if that individual had sex to many times with all people. I think you and I can strongly agree it has to do with safe sex issues here at hand.

    • RANDZ

      It gets into the heterosexual population exactly how HIV got into the hetero population, because some gays will f**k anything, man or woman or even a monkey (HIV), just so long as they can bust their nuts off in something.

      • Whatever

        Yes. Because every gay man wants nothing but sex. You ignorant fool.

  • Le Roi

    I’m gonna start wrapping mine with a Hefty Bag and some Duct Tape. MIght be a little snug but WTF.

  • Caitlin

    If One man+ One woman = no stds…

    Then following the same logic… One man+ One man = no stds ; One woman+ One woman = no stds

    Religion and homosexuality have nothing to do with this sex superbug. It’s sleeping around carelessly that is the problem.

    • Mountain Man

      The only issue with this statement is that there is a much higher rate of multiple unknown partners in the gay community than in the straight population. So yes, it is the careless unprotected sex that leads to higher rates of infection, but the rates of careless unprotected sex are much higher in “alternative lifestyle” populations. This has been statistically true and documented since the AIDS epidemic.

      • Whatever

        Yes. Because you don’t constantly see men going to bars to ‘pick up chics’. Just because homosexuals decide to sleep with the same gender doesn’t make them want to sleep with everyone. If a man can get an STD from a man, it is still true for a woman to get an STD from that man. Being a different gender doesn’t change the fact that your at risk of an STD.

  • Mountain Man

    This has nothing to do with “God” or any other non-existent entity that weak-minded people believe in to help themselves get through life. Being smart and having sex with people you trust is the solution to the problem. People are animals and are meant to reproduce through sex. However, unlike animals, we have the ability to make informed decisions on whom we have sex with. It is the people whom swap bodily fluids with unfamiliar others that are causing the rise in STDs.

    • http://na whodat

      One man, one woman works because God intended it that way. Take your immoral atheist filth to a land away from here.

      • Mountain Man

        I think you mean people 1000 years ago wrote a book proclaiming that this is the way “God” feels and then used “God’s Word” (written by man) to guilt trip people into living a certain way. I have no problem with religion, I think a large part of what makes this country a great place to live is that people can believe whatever they want, no matter how stupid, ignorant, or outdated those beliefs might be. I fought for Muslims to be able to worship whatever sect they wished without the Taliban hacking their heads off with a dull knife. At least the Muslims can actually prove Mohammed existed, unlike your golden boy JC who has been the world’s most profitable myth thanks to people who are unable to think for themselves and think that somehow putting money in a basket at church will somehow get them VIP treatment when they die. Iv’e got news for you, we ALL turn into worm food when we die, THE END.

        • Karen

          I could give a rats axx you fought for Muslims. Muslims can stay where they came from. As far as God, if you want to believe in nothing that’s what you shall have. You really think I care about Mohammed existing? The Quran teaches to hate and kill anyone that is not Christian or Jewish. You can sit there and call my Christian beliefs a myth? And to say it’s a guilt trip? Who do you think you are? The almighty “I’m always right? I know all?” Where do you get off putting down other peoples beliefs? Take your hatred believes to a country other than the United States. You have a real problem and must be one really lonely and sad person. What happened, you had a bad childhood? You call Jesus Christ a “Golden Boy”. And putting money in a basket is a VIP? You are a sick person. No kidding we all die but we “hope and pray” something good is waiting for us. I had to watch my father die and he looked as if something good was waiting for him. He had a strong faith. Yes, I do believe in the bible and I sure hope you turn your life around before you find yourself face to face with God. Let’s hope it’s not Satan waiting for you.

        • Kat

          Wow… bet you’re popular at parties! Your opinion on religion is obviously not needed since you make it clear you don’t believe in anything. You seem to think you are educating folks but it just comes across as another bitter, angry atheist. Did a priest molest you? I could understand your issue then, at least. BTW-you really need to do more reading. Science recently has proven there most definitely is Something after death. Seems you may be bound for reincarnation…. or maybe it works according to what you believe…so YOU may be worm food.

          • Strikingly Simian

            “Science recently has proven there most definitely is Something after death.”

            Sorry KAT, but what the hell are you talking about??

            If you’re referring to near-death experience studies, other than the consistencies found in the similar experiences of different people as they almost die, or even “clinically” die, but don’t, NOTHING MORE HAS BEEN DEFINITELY PROVEN!

            You could say there’s proof of an indication that “SOMETHING” is happening when the body is on the verge of full and permanent death, but that alone doesn’t PROVE AN AFTERLIFE OR ANYTHING MORE! This “SOMETHING” is in fact, still unexplained.
            It HAS NOT been ruled out that it could simply be a biological or physiological event occurring in the body as the body appears to be coming to a complete rest. It could be the last synapses of the brain firing off for a short time, and then, unless you’re revived like these near-death people were, once those synapses stop, it could be final death, and then maybe nothing. The truth is science still doesn’t know! They don’t know what exactly these experiences are or what they mean, at all!

            If it was KNOWN AS PROOF THAT THERE MOST DEFINITELY IS SOMETHING AFTER DEATH, we would all be reading about it in peer reviewed scientific journals that was backed by an overwhelming consensus among doctors and scientists. In other words, this is something that would be GROUNDBREAKING NEWS TO THE WORLD!

            So before you go proclaiming science has “Proven” something, as evidence to support your own personal belief, do a little more research. Or just be more careful about the words you use when trying to provide support for your argument.

      • http://yahoo nobody can be that stupid

        One man one women still can get you an STD. Herpes another one, One man and one women can get you AIDS, Syphilis, Herpes, etc. Protect yourself regardless of who you prefer to sleep with!

        • steve thompson

          No, no, no. Faithful marriage partners are more concerned about the next Martian attack than about catching STD’s.

      • J

        I agree with the one man one woman thing, but you as a professed Christian are insulting other Christians by being judgmental of others. God is the only one who can judge…”God intended it that way”. Don’t be a hypocrite…

        • steve thompson

          People misunderstand and misquote Matthew 7:1 which you seem to refer to. That passage refers to value judgments, etc., and issues that we interpret rather than leaving them to God. (i.e. You should not be owning such an expensive car,etc.) When one stands on what the scripture says, it is God who is judging, not me. I do not get angry with the newspaper delivery boy if I don’t like the news. My problem is with the Editor.

      • Jenny

        There are more than just one god. Just because you decide to follow the rules of ONE god doesn’t mean we all do. And if you call people ‘immoral…filth’ for being a different faith. Than you are the kind of sick scum that are ruining this world.

      • Brandon West

        You are such an IDIOT! If you believe in all that Adam and Eve Crap then you believe in INCEST because there is no way this planet could have ever been populated by TWO people with out themselves as well as there Children having INCEST to populate this planet! Not only that everyone would look the SAME as far as skin color, eyes, and so on and they would speak the same language!
        You quote from a book written by the hands of MORTAL MEN and not a GOD! I believe in a Supernatural Being but organized religion is nothing but a bunch of Money Hungry Preachers sucking there feeble minded flock dry of there funds to drive Limos and live in Mansions and build 8 Billion Dollar shopping Mall like in Downtown Salt Lake. While people are sick, homeless and starving all over the world while organized religion uses the money to build HUGE temples and gold shrines instead of using that money to help those in need!!!Take your organized religion and shove it where the sun does not shine you HYPOCRITES!

        • abe

          Brandon speaking of shoving things up their behind (where the sun don’t shine)
          It seems that you’ve had your share
          You gay pos go stuck a cock and I hope that you are to be visited by this bug this is show the wrath of G-d

          • Brandon West

            Abe! First of all I am NOT GAY and NOT POZ! I can not stand bigots like you who go around condemning others when you are the real disease in this world and that is called HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • FlixX

      No. Sleeping with someone you “trust” does not make you exempt from catching an STD. It is that ignorance that increases the spread of diseases.

      • Mountain Man

        Of course not, but having sex with someone you know (trust meaning they would not knowingly hurt you) rather than random people met at bars will keep you from picking up a bug 9 times out of 10. There is not a single person in this country that graduated high school that isn’t aware of all the lovely conditions that come with the wrong rotten tart. But hey, I’m all for Natural Selection and if it takes a few hot STDs to clean up the gene pool, so be it.

        • Kat

          Dude do you just pull your facts out of your bum??? You can still contract several STDs with protection. I know you think you are just super smart but you are proving you are NOT with each new comment!

    • Not Doom and Gloom but God and Nod!

      Mountain Man,
      I respect your thoughts and appreciate your openness to this discussion. I have to admit that i find it quite interesting that as you say: “This has nothing to do with “God” or any other non-exisent entity that weak-minded people believe in to help themselves get through life”…you then go on to say “People are animals and are MEANT to reproduce through sex…” If there is no such thing as “God” as you say…then what pray tell “means” for us to reproduce? Sounds like something or someone has a plan for us…since the beginning of time. “God” doesn’t have to be your word…but you openly proclaimed in that statement that there is a “creator” or “mover” who shaped things and designed things. Even if it is just some overwhelming guide or designer.
      I am Catholic. I believe in a divine mover…aka…God. But call the thing that “meant” for us to reproduce what you’d like. :-) I’m happy to hear that you may reject the original thought of an all-powerful being…but yet can’t logically disregard what has clearly been set into motion…but something…or someone. Not some man with a beard. But rather a the most powerful energy that humans lovingly call God. If we evolved into breeding humans that were designed to breed more humans…where did that original evolution come from? Trace back to monkeys then back to pond scum if you’d like. But somewhere somehow SOMETHING had to set even the big bang into motion. This is the entity we call God. Some indescribable power that made and blew up into existence everything in this universe. Catholics don’t believe that putting money into a basket gives them a path to heaven. In fact, that would surely be the worst idea one could have. Rather, putting money into the basket is what helps the community. A little known fact is that people tithing at Church is something that gives you a “high” so to speak because you are being kind to others. The “church” doesn’t absorb the money into it’s own pockets. I know because i was on the recieving end of this tithing once as a missionary. It goes to poor communities. It pays for housing for families who have none. It goes to people who need shoes in Africa. It goes to the church’s leaking roof. It goes to the local food bank. baskets taken up at Church goes to many many different very distinct needs. People love to give because they love to help. This is the beauty of the Church taking up a collection. It pools all the money together towards a certain cause. if you don’t give to it…okay. You don’t. But do NOT be fooled into the common misunderstanding that the Church makes you pay or else! this is certainly NOT true. Hope you don’t think i’m being preachy. I just wanted to share this with you. Thanks for your thoughts on this issue. :-)

    • Kat

      You can have protected sex and still contract many STDs… you might want to look that up. It only takes skin contact in the genital region, and there doesn’t have to be ANY evidence of any disease. Trust= recent STD screening results!

  • http://na whodat

    Even if you have no intention of catching gonorrhea, it’s always advisable to use safe sex. You should also never be afraid to discuss STDs with any potential partner. REALLY? Duh I intend to get gonorrhea. People, this is yet another curse of our obsession with sex. The gays brought us aids, the perverts bring us this.

    • Sean

      The bigots brought us hate and religion brought us war. Take your closed mind elsewhere.

    • Hello.

      yeah. ‘Gays’ brought this to us. You idiot.

    • Brandon West

      You JERK! How dare you say such a horrible thing! AIDS was not Homosexuals fault that it is here!!!!
      STOP blaming the Gays for the Worlds Problems that you THE HETEROSEXUALS BRING TO THIS WORLD!
      You make me sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tori

      Wow, you are extremely uninformed. The gays did not bring us AIDS, Africans did. Further, just because someone engages in sexual relations does not equate perversion. I feel sorry for people like you who cannot enjoy sex as a healthy and important part of your life. That is your dilemma, but you have no right to point fingers at anyone who does enjoy sexual relations simplly because you do not like sex or you cannot have sex. And if you bring religion into it, I’ll have to dismiss your lunacy altogether.

      • BillyBob

        More political correctness? That was racist. AIDS formed IN Africa, yes, but it wasn’t them intentionally fucking to make AIDs. Be informed, yes, but if you’re going to be politically correct (And say anyone cursing has a “Sailor’s Mouth,” which is offense to any of us who actually happen to be sailors,) then watch your wording carefully.

      • steve thompson

        Your idea of sexual relations is no different from my dog. Don’t forget your condom loser.

  • http://webpronews. Deus ex Vinum

    Using too much antibiotics from the common cold to a tooth ache will cause any known or unknown bacteria to resist. Common sense in using any treatment is the watch word. OH: God has nothing to do with it. You can’t fix stupidity in humans.

    • Tori

      LOVE your reply!!!

  • http://webpronews. DeusexVinum

    Overuse of antibiotics from the common cold to a bruised toe will cause any bacteria to become resistant.

  • Charles

    It must be from same sex marriages and/or relationships.

    • Me.

      Really? How about you become a doctor, do some research. Find that what you said is true, and I MIGHT believe you. Until then I’m going to believe that your a total idiot.

    • Tori

      I’m going to assume that was a joke, and in really poor taste. Believe me, heterosexuals have decimated morality, marriage and many other things far more than homosexuals can. Also, by the way, it is not same sex marriage, it is Marriage Equality. I know, I know, I have probably wasted my words here…

    • batutii

      marriages are by definition monogamous, so there would be less chance of infection than from promiscuous behaviors like single people engage in…I hope you were sarcastic with your comment…

      • Brandon West

        That is a load of CRAP! men cheat on there WIVES all the time with other WOMEN and MEN!! You think because you are married to the opposite sex your husband or wife will not have sex with other Men or Women you are out of your Mind! Even husbands and wives with a dozen kids are out having sex with the SAME SEX as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Come to Utah and you will see what I mean!!!!!! It is world over!!!

  • michael

    looks like tha android robot

  • http://webpronews. DeusexVinum

    Over-use of antibiotics will cause any bacterial to become immune. It “ain’t” even God’s fault, either.

  • michael

    looks like android man

  • Mallory

    You dont sleep around you dont have to worry about STDS and if you do sleep around use protection … simple.

  • Paige

    How did the comment section turn into a debate about faith and sexuality?

  • justin

    you said “even if you have no intention of catching gonorrhea”.. can i ask you who the hell you know that has ever intended to do such a thing?

    • alex

      hookers that is all

  • WhiteGuy

    That does it. Just buy a Real Doll.

    • Jessica


  • http://myrtlebeachramblings.blogspot.com/ Myrtle Beached Whale

    I am staying the fuck out of Hawaii.

  • Texan

    Any use of antibiotics is bad for your body. Use/Make your own ‘colloidal silver’ to help with what life throws at you.

    • Tori

      Colloidal Silver is wonderful for many things, I know friend with Cancer using it and achieving great results. Other natural antibiotics include onions and mushrooms. Also, you can get a little bottle of Oil of Oregano, or Oregano Leaf Oil (make sure it’s Origanum Vulgare). It is a powerful natural antibiotic AND antiviral, and normal antibiotics will not kill a virus. I also like to use Ginger, honey, and apple cider vinegar. There is a remedy for every ailment found in nature, whether it be in foods or herbs.

  • Infidel

    It wont be long until sex is outlawed and restricted to a virtual video game type ordeal.

    • karma08

      Whenever life gets you down,
      keeps you wearing a frown,
      and the gravy train has left you behind…
      and when you’re all out of hope,
      down at the end of your rope,
      and nobody’s there to throw you a line…
      If you ever get so low
      that you don’t know which way to go
      come on and take a walk in my shoes…
      Never worry ’bout a thing
      got the world on a string
      Cause I’ve got the cure for all of my blues…………

      I take a look at my enormous penis :)
      and my troubles start melting away.
      I take a look at my enormous penis 😉
      and the happy times are coming to stay.

      I gotta sing and I dance
      when I glance in my pants C=3
      and the feeling’s like a sunshiney day…
      I take a look at my enormous penis
      and everything is going my way.

      • Ana

        Funny …..

  • http://mulatmeressa muller

    i was with out me wanting, i will die with out me wanting,but let me live……..

  • chris clever

    I can’t wait until they get the Eddie Murphy STD…You put it in and your Dick explodes!

  • Damaskeenus

    It’s amazing folks aren’t covering their “Johnsons” in these times… especially in places like Waikiki where the lefties are prominent and the washing of the cooch is a rare anomaly :/

    • Tori

      This happens everywhere, Hawaii is not ground zero or anything lol

  • LADY

    Most of these sick immoral bastards know exactly what time it is. They just don’t give a shit. If they know they are sick and perverted they need to try to get help so they can get better. They are looking and prowling for their next victim and/or fool. I ain’t being nobody’s victim or fool honey.
    I know much better. I don’t fall for every piece of shit this world has to offer.

    • Tori

      “LADY”, truly a false moniker given your sailor’s tongue: It is not for you to judge the morality of these individuals. You are assuming a single case scenario when people who are infected are infected for a myriad of reasons. If it is your opinion that those who engage in sexual intercourse are sick or immoral, then that is your opinion and you should keep that to yourself because there is nothing sick or immoral about sex. Sex is a very important and very healthy part of your life and if you are missing out, then you are missing out. I believe you are smart enough to keep your guard against fools, and if you are like me, you have relationships instead of just relations however there is nothing to judge here. We are talking about victims of a venereal disease. Yes, they were not thinking at the time to protect themselves, but what’s done is done, so we’d be better served to find a solution rather than point fingers and call names.

      • JD$Money

        I think the fact that you have sex out of wedlock, much like children out of wedlock says a lot about someone. For a woman to suppport this “sexual liberalism” just because it’s “natural” says all we need to know about YOU. The fact that you would consent to this type of recreational sexual dalliances also speaks the exact reasons why this ‘sex superbug’ is here. Much like HIV and other STDs, blatant sexual proclivities and immorality is exactly why this is happening. And it has nothing to do with judging others as much as it is calling out sluts and hoes for what they do. You let a man in and he isn’t your husband, you accept what is going to happen. Don’t try to pass it off or play this “sexual freedom” crap as if it excuses stupid or careless behavior. Wise up Tori. Your attitude and pity-me response to Lady is precisely how HIV spread so fast in the late 70s and early 80s during that sexual bedlam era. Don’t act like it can’t happen again. You keep thinking that you are being judged. And those like you. You’d be the first infected for your stupidity blindness and emotionalism. Remember that!

        • Laura

          Addressing social problems is a good idea for all of us- using rationality and civility. It’s sad to read such a hateful, judgmental message as yours.

        • Manny

          What is wrong with Sex out of wedlock other than religious reason? Especially if it’s a monogamous relationship.

          I only have one partner. That is my girlfriend. Who I have every intention of Marrying once I graduate from college simply because of the cost and time needed for marriage would conflict with my studies. This is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. I already know that.I cherish and love her. She Cherishes and loves me. What’s the problem? Marriage is a spiritual connection. We have a deep spiritual connection. I don’t think a legal document means I love her more, especially when I have made it clear that she is my only.

        • Arrrgggghhhhh

          So only the females are sluts and ho’s in this scenario? Need I remind you that it takes two to tango and sexual proclivities and immorality aren’t only restricted to women, since one rarely tends to catch STD’s without a partner. The fact that you are even referring to these women you blame as sluts and hoe’s shows that you ARE judging since you are assuming that they are all somehow females, and all engaging in premarital sex, and labeling them with defamatory terms with no proof that it is only restricted to being spread by females of loose morals. Have you even considered the cheating spouse at all in this equation perhaps even GASP! The possibility of an unfaithful male spouse? No it can’t be as we all know that could just never happen.

      • Sara

        Well said Tori

      • http://webpronews hangman

        Good response, well written, without insults.

    • Munchma Quoochi

      Lady, I can tell from your tone you are a WBC freak and the way you pronounce everyone that has had a sexually transmitted disease is a sinner. I would like to remind you of a New Testament verse James 4:11-12 : “Do not speak evil against one another, brothers. The one who speaks against a brother or judges his brother, speaks evil against the law and judges the law. But if you judge the law, you are not a doer of the law but a judge. There is only one lawgiver and judge, he who is able to save and to destroy. But who are you to judge your neighbor?” Put that in your pipe and smoke it!

      • Sara

        That’s telling it like it is!!

      • Tom


        The verses you use in James 4 are written to people who are brothers in their belief in Christ. It is not written for application to non believers. In this case they were talking against one another and not supporting each other, remaining humble, living with an awareness of the mercy they experienced and keeping their eye on Christ.

        The law belongs to God and is administered by Him regardless if humans agree with each other about who the law applies to and who it does not. Human input is not part of the equation. So if you want to see how the law judges human behavior then read the Old Testament. That reflects God’s standards and will never change.

        No need to smoke it. Just read it and consider our ways.

        So if you want to see what they law sounds like

        • Munchma Quoochi


          Unless you are a Jew, you live under the new testament laws. I am just quoting scripture, I didn’t write it. Now if you feel you are qualified to judge, go ahead. I just now what the bible says about judging others..”If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless.” James 1:26

          • Josh

            1 Chorinthians 5

        • Munchma Quoochi

          Tom, Just curious..do you follow all the rules of the old testament AND new testament or just the ones that suit your demented view of the bible?

          • Josh

            1 Corinthians 5

    • Irwin

      Look “LADY”, you don’t anything about those people. You are assuming they knowingly have a disease and are “prowling” for their next victim. Please! I honestly believe, no one is knowingly giving people super STD’s! Who knows, they could be using protection and the condom broke. They didnt know they had anything so on and so forth. I’m sure their are people having unsafe sex but that does not make them evil, perverted, and or sick. You comment kinda pissed me off becasue I can’t believe people like you have the nerve to judge people you don’t know. Perhaps, we know about the disease becasue someone went in to get checked! Ever think of that! And calling them immoral casue they caught a disease is just ignorant. Immoral is used to describe child molesters, rapist, murders, and hateful people. These kind of people don’t regret their actions. I’m sure anyone with super ghonnerhea regrets their actions! Please! You need to check yourself.

    • Brandon West

      You must be one of those SICK PEOPLE , so you better get help and even an Exorcism because it sounds like you have demons in you and your God said that HATE is the same as MURDER in his eyes!!Hypocrite !!!

    • Kevin

      Ok Lady you get all religious about this what about all the church scandals where their having sex with kids? I suppose you think that moral because it’s church? lmao

  • LADY

    Sex ain’t worth dying for and hurting for. It is not necessary that everybody have sex. Some of us have sense enough to know that when we feel a strong desire to have sex, we make it our top priority not to have sex.

    • John Hudson

      Huh! You have obviously been talking to my wife!

    • rookie

      Lady, whoever you are, if you are a virgin, good for you, but don’t pass judgment. Virginity is overrated and cannot protect you from everything.

      • bob

        Aren’t you judging? Also, what STD will virginity not stop?

  • Frank S

    If you do not want an [incurable] VD don’t have “safe sex” which is NOT safe to start with, instead embrace and keep/believe, live by the word of God, Bible and you will be safe and saved from the judgment to come!

  • Scrooge


  • Darryl Akana

    My Ex-wife probably is spreading it. The Skank!!

  • http://alnaje7oon.blogspot.com/ sade


  • Jeff Cooper

    It is perverted people that don’t care what or who that thay have sex with , as long as they get their rocks off .Their is no morality in this society anymore .They pay their price for sin and stupidity .They dobn’t know right from wrong ? Why should the government help fund these people if they can’t practice safe sex.

  • paching

    It’s the zombies fault..

  • Too Mean Green

    Hey! Who gave me the Clap?

  • Leo D.

    You don’t have anything that rymes with Diarrhea
    or Burpies do ya?

  • nb

    good thing i cant get laid anyway

  • rogg

    Whats sex?

  • Kei

    Well, since HIV is almost cured, its time for the United States to introduce a new form of disease to keep the World Medical Industry hopping with Profits..

  • soon2beXmilitartWife

    Would be areal kick in the ass if my son to be ex got this shit considering he meets wom en in honolulu. Karma is so bad

  • meate

    Like they told us in the Marines safety brief: “If you drink, don’t drive; and if you do, wear a condom.”

    Problem solved. Bring on the hookers.

  • Courtney


  • Beardown

    I like sex :)

  • http://webpronews hangman

    Obama came from Kenya,where aids, syphilis, and gonorrhea are their main exports. Then he goes to Hawaii. Now Hawaii has a drug resistant virus. How is he going to blame Bush for this? Time to disinfect Martha’s Vin yard?

  • http://yurconnected.blogspot.com PastorFM

    Sign of the times. Many diseases that we thought were eradicated in my childhood (measles, chickenpox, etc.) are back – with a vengeance. As the moral barriers have been broken down, so have the pathological barriers against disease come down. Get back to God’s natural remedies for physical health and his unfailing remedies for spiritual wellness, and you will be blessed. He is the only cure for what really ails us all. God bless.

    “Sex. God made it, He made it safe, He blesses it when we give respect to His boundaries [heterosexual marriage].”

    • boner

      Yeah, I guess your God was smiling up a storm as he watched King David with his 300 wives and 700 concubines getting it on big time.

  • Probable Cosby

    the CDC has debunked this story

  • Jesse

    Okay, the second to last sentence beginning “Even if you have no intention of catching gonorrhea…” Who really wakes up in the morning and thinks ‘I think I will intentionally catch gonorrhea today’? Course, with today’s youth making pregnancy pacts and whatever, it wouldn’t surprise me…

    • boner

      I caught AIDS from a blow-up doll.

  • boner

    Let’s all just stick to anal and everything will be all right. You in, mom?

  • Olivia

    Yes, read the bible…”judge not lest ye be judged yourself” comes to mind. It’s not for anyone to judge someone else. No matter how they feel about it, if they think it’s wrong, or even if they know it’s wrong. God will judge those who sin NOT man.