Set Photos Show Ashton Kutcher Playing Steve Jobs On Acid

By: Shaylin Clark - June 26, 2012

Recent photos from the set of Steve Jobs biopic currently filming under the working title Jobs: Get Inspired (yes, really) show Ashton Kutcher playing Steve Jobs on acid. And no, that’s not a reference to Kutcher’s acting style. If you know much about Jobs’s life, you may already know that he freely admitted to taking LSD and other drugs in the 1970s. While our culture tends to frown on such things, Jobs insisted that it was one of the most important times in his creative life, providing him with a great deal of inspiration for his work.

Since Jobs’s experience with drugs were such an important part of his experience, then, it makes sense that the film would portray that. What’s more, it looks like that’s the part of the movie that’s being filmed now. The Daily Mail has gotten their hands on a few photos of the scenes from the set. They show Kutcher as Jobs sitting in the shade and staring off into space, running through a field with his arms out, and pawing at the sky with his hands. Check them out below:





When Kutcher was cast to play Jobs in the indie biopic, it raised a lot of eyebrows. While the resemblance between Kutcher and Jobs is hard to deny and Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak declared Kutcher a great choice, there were many who didn’t think the star of Dude, Where’s My Car would have the acting chops to pull it off.

Whether Kutcher really has the chops remains to be seen, of course. The movie, which follows Jobs’s life from 1971-2000, began filming in May. It’s scheduled for a fourth quarter 2012 release.

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