Sesame Street Funding: Creator Rolls His Eyes At Romney

    October 5, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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When Mitt Romney dropped the bomb that he would cut funding for PBS during Wednesday night’s presidential debate, social media sites like Twitter blew up with protests and incredulous questions from supporters of the educational television network. Immediately, memes and photoshopped pictures of Romney “firing” Big Bird hit the web, and since then it’s become one of the most talked-about moments from the debate.

“I’m going to stop subsidy to PBS,” Romney said. “I like PBS…I like Big Bird.”

Lloyd Morrisett, co-creator of “Sesame Street”, says he rolled his eyes when he heard the words come from Romney’s mouth.

I thought to myself, ‘What the hell is this?’” he said. “To argue that’s going to save much money is a stretch of the truth,” Morisett said. “I think it’s sort of silly.”

It’s true that only a small fraction of government funding is allotted to keeping PBS afloat–less than 15%– and Sesame Workshop relies mainly on sponsorship, licensed product sales, and philanthropic supporters for funds.

Sesame Workshop VP Sherrie Westin spoke up as well, saying it’s ridiculous to think they’re going anywhere.

“…Quite frankly, you can debate whether or not there should be funding of public broadcasting. But when they always try to tout out Big Bird, and say we’re going to kill Big Bird – that is actually misleading, because Sesame Street will be here,” she said.

  • russell hildreth

    Mark Levin has said for years he would fund Sesame St. He is cutting funding for PBS. As we should

  • Griffin Sabine

    This is just reflective of the myopic idiocy that’s happening within the GOP when it comes to the value of things like education and the arts. Face it, the Republican Taliban wants us stupid and unenlightened. The only thing we need to be reading is the Bible. The only thing we need to see on TV is our FOXNews propaganda. We can’t support symphonies or art because they contribute to an enlightened free thinking society that would push back on our religious fundamentalism and our desire to turn Americans into cows so they can be more easily herded. In Indianapolis, whose symphony is currently being locked out for no other reason than the GOP junta wants to break their union, $10 million a year is given to the Indiana Pacers who bring $55 million a year to the local economy. The Indianapolis Arts scene brings $400 million – $400 million, ten times more than the Pacers – to the city yet the city only gives the arts council $1 million a year to be split between ALL arts organizations. You tell me that there’s not some bigger agenda afoot and I’ll call you a liar. Romney and the Republican Taliban are a disgrace.

    • Larry

      If I was president, not only would I cut funding to PBS, but also to a lot of other things. (Yes NASA I’m thinking of You!) I’d also change the signs in emergency rooms that say everyone has the right to be treated to include the phrase- if we deem your trip to the emergency room non-emergent we have the right to send you to the free clinic that is provided for non-emergent nonpaying customers. Talk about a health care overhaul. I could go on and on.

      • T

        u COULD but, I KINDLY ASK YOU NOT TO!!

      • Jim

        Cut funding to NASA are you FREAKING INSANE? NASA is not only an important research tool it is also a front for national defense. IF ANYTHING NASA should get MORE MONEY NOT LESS YOU JACKASS

    • Roger

      When are you going to grow up and stop comparing the Republicans to Hitler or terrorists? That kind of rhetoric is why we Republicans don’t watch network television or MSNBC. We want school choice, how is that anti-education? Once again you’re displaying the sense of entitlement that is today’s Democratic party. We’ll give 90 billion to green energy firms and complain about 2 billion going to oil development companies. If the arts bring in so much money and are so popular they will survive in a free market. If not, only the best will survive. Get over it.

      • Dwayne

        not to stir the hornet’s nest again, but this idea of entitlements is where the “47%” comment comes from: A large amount of people, as Job stated above, take advantage of every loophole they can find, and when these are removed, out come the comparisons to everything evil. It’s called being responsible.

    • Bob

      I would have Big Bird make another muppet movie to help him pay the bills. The last one only generated millions.

    • Rick

      Wrong, the Republican party wants us to have more liberties and more money in ou pockets! Morons like you must love having the government control your life! Just like any household or business, when the economy is down, we all need to tighten our belts and do without some things that we may not want to do without. The same goes for our government! If you want the government dictating to you what you can and can’t do, then by all means vote for Obama again! Remember, this is the guy that shoved Obamacare down the throats of the American people and will fine you if you don’t accept it. How’s that for democracy?

    • Josh

      Not everyone is religious and please stop brining it into political arguments!

      He never said it was for sure he was giving an example, and even if it did loose funding. It’s still going to reach your T.V, if kids still watch T.V that is.

    • Paul Crandall

      Griffin, so much passion, venom and hatred for the people of this country who create all of the jobs…. Romney simply made comments that said we need to start looking at where we are spending our money and decide if borrowing from another country (China) is prudent to fund pet programs (no pun intended) like Sesame Street…

      Are you really comparing war or funding of defense with things like Sesame Street of Planned Parenthood of the arts for that matter? Are you really? Are those items of national importance?

      It seems to me that Americans will find a way to get their TV fix, their art, music and birth control without charging the taxpayer and borrowing more money from China…. How do we do it? Well, we charge for the product.. A concept that was never taught to the socialists… Choosing to pursue a musical career or a career in art is not something that China should fund… Parents can determine if their children have interest or passion in those areas and indulge the creative nature of their children… Beyond that we have millions of products and Iphone and Ipad apps that encourage the arts….

      Stop trying to force American into bankruptcy to pay for non essential items… Defense is our number one priority… Making sure that we never have another 911 or Pearl Harbor comes before any social program or Public(code word for taxpayer funded) Broadcasting.

    • scales

      @Griffin: The gop definitely benefits from ignorance. Imagine how unenlightened a poor person would have to be to vote for Romney who has shown nothing but contempt for them? How pathetically stupid do they have to be to run to these websites in avid support of someone who is trying to defang the middle class by busting unions and empower the filthy rich with more unneeded tax cuts? How stupid do they have to be to not be offended by the fact that the rich have gotten exponentially richer since Ronald Reagan while the middle class has disappeared and the poor have gotten poorer? Are these people deaf, dumb, and blind? They passionately fight for the very people who laugh at them behind their backs. I find it inredible that that many people can be that stupid, especially after mitt was caught on tape actually STATING what everyone always thought he believed. How do these people just shrug off the contempt? Do they live in denial and pretend mitt actually cares about them? I guess only a behavioral scientist could make sense of this phenomenon.

  • Larry

    If all the people are so concerned about Romney not supporting PBS, why don’t they send a donation to PBS. I do!

    • Job

      After your comment, no one should say anything else. If everyone paid federal income taxes without taking advantage of insane deductions (not just deductions businesses take, but individual deductions including claiming children as if you should be paid to have children) and if everyone donated their time and money to causes and organizations they believe in we wouldn’t have these types of problems. But, you have people wanting other people to support their causes and lifestyle and there is where the fundamental differences between the parties are visible.

  • Marc

    Romney is a joke a bad joke at that. Were all rolling our eyes at him.

    • Bob

      If the muppets can make millions of dollars in movies, merchandise, videos, toys and clothing..does the governemt need to spend money on Big Bird or on those in need?? I think it would not be on Big Bird. The muppets can make another movie to raise money.

    • Rick

      Who’s we? If you love Sesame Street so much, donate your own money to them to keep them on! Our tax money should only be used for essential things, like keeping our country safe! Don’t lump everyone in on your comments just because you don’t like Romney!

  • Brian

    That Romney is nothing but a selfishly ambitious, cold hearted, conceited, inconsiderate, spoiled good-for-nothing who wants nothing more than to destroy things important to our children just to satisfy his own selfish greed! How dare he even bring up public television! DO NOT ELECT HIM!!!

    • Bob

      Biden said Obama WILL hike taxes over $1 Trillion. Is this what you want. Is a Russian Sub in our gulf of mexico for over 2 months a good thing for our children? Is Turkey, China, Japan, Iran, Irsael and North/South Korea on the brink of world war 3 a good thing for our children? Is having our amassador stripped, murdered and his body mutilated, good for our children? Is watching china launch an aircraft carrier good for our children? Is having gas prices over $5 / gallon good for our children? Hell no !!!

      • Peter Morey

        And you really believe that whomever we elect is actually going to make a difference in any of that. While 8 years of, “being in the Bush” almost sunk this Country, there is no one that will be able to get us completly out of this in the short term.

        • Paul Crandall

          Bush and the liberal congress spent like drunken sailors as well, but Obama is has moved on to crystal meth and cocaine… This guy spends money like we had an unlimited credit card for his own personal pet projects… Wake up America throw the treasonous bums out…. Better yet, take all of their money because they run the ponzi schemes and become rich by stealing from the American taxpayer.

        • tina a brown

          Peter…..that’s a good left hook!! :)

      • A.Hooten

        Sir, you are exactly right liberals fail to see the harsh reality, and substitute it with the most small nonsensical of issues (Pbs) so they can ride their high horse.

  • Rick

    I think that Romney’s right! There’s way too much waste in our government! And as a taxpayer, I’m tired of footing the bill for such things as Sesame Street and any other PBS programs.

    • Peter Morey

      Wait till you have kids and they want to watch TV, you may change your mind and see the value of such programs in a different light. If we really want to be the leaders of the free world, we have to look at the future and invest in early education for all children. If you really want to look at waste, just look at all the pork spending that goes on, that will really blow your mind!

      • Rick

        I’m not saying PBS is bad! On the contrary, it has wonderful programming! But, I just don’t believe our government (us) should be paying anything to anyone to keep them on television. If they can’t get enough support from private donations, then maybe they should go away!

        • Peter Morey

          I much prefer that a portion of my taxes goes to PBS than to some bridge to nowhere but I respect your opinion. Let’s hope that neither one of these guys screws this up more than it already is. Maybe Roseanne Barr would not be such a bad choice!!!

    • Brandon

      Did you even read the article, Sesame Street doesn’t need the money, and the money that is funded to PBS is so minute that it isn’t going to make any difference. Why would Romney be singling out Big Bird anyways, trying to get people in an uproar was his plan. I guess he just wants free publicity. Obama 2012

    • Stephanie Fong

      Rick – At least the $ is going towards education television for children. Every American that I know has watched Sesame Street in his/her lifetime and their children are now watching it. The amount of federal govt funding for PBS is probably very small compared to spending on the military, etc. Why are you hating on something just because it doesn’t directly affect you? Why don’t you stop and think about whether it has positive benefits for society? PBS provides exceptional commercial-free programming on Arts and Entertainment, Culture, History, Health, Technology, News, and Science and Nature. There are many other PBS programs including: Newshour with Jim Lehrer, Nova, Masterpiece Theatre, Live from Lincoln Center, Frontline, Antique Roadshow), Charlie Rose, etc. Their programming reaches a broad range of viewers and is educational and thoughtful unlike all the reality T.V. shows out there. Your comment shows a lack of knowledge about PBS and the type and quality of programming that it provides. It’s sad that so many Americans do now value Art, History or Culture. Do you really think this is a “waste” of money? Very sad…

    • QJ

      You talking like you are the only one that is a taxpayer. I don’t feel like there is nothing wrong with using government funding for PBS because this program is for the kids. This program has been around your years, even when I was a kid and getting rid of it is wrong. It is bad enough that our kids have to watch so much violence on tv now days. PBS is about the only thing on tv that is appropriate for our kids today.

  • S.K.

    Don’t ever-reach and miss the point here, people! We can’t continue to fund EVERYTHING is the basic message! Cuts have to be made here and there if we want economic stability! Let’s all somehow get together and vote on what goes and what stays – but we can’t keep up the spending on everything! ‘Private’ donations are what’s needed vs. the govt. stepping up and thinking they have to step in on everything! So much gets lost and wasted when govt. ‘takes care of’ things!

    • WreckingBall

      Why don’t we start with the elimination of the tax loopholes like parking money in the Cayman Islands, that people like Romney and Jack Welch enjoy. Trying to fix the deficit on the back of Sesame Street is ridiculous.

      • scales

        Yes, what they want to cut reveals what they VALUE. itt VALUES unfunded tax cuts for the rich although he’d save more by reversing the tax cuts than doing away with sesame street. The gop doesn’t value education, women, or the middle class– period. Although Mitt SAYS whatever he thinks will get him elected, his real values are quite transparent when you really listen to him.

  • pOnibOicuRtis

    Government funded media outlets, PBS, NPR need to be let go- period. Sorry Big Bird.

    • B

      Why, so little kids can reality tv?! Young minds need all the help they can get to grow up decent and well balanced. I donate to PBS, I’m sure that if you actually had kids you would be too. I love watching public tv. I learn almost as much as my kids do.You need to really watch some of the great programs on there before you actually comment.

      • J

        Thanks for donating, that’s the way it should be. If you want to support it fine, but we shouldn’t be forced to through our tax dollars.
        I agree there are some great programs and will be happy to donate myself if they lose federal funding.

  • keith

    This is how you get to a balance budget by cutting a couple hundred million here and a couple hundred million there and before long you have a balance budget. Per your president, I recall my vote, WE ALL HAVE TO MAKE CUTS. People get upset when it hits something they like. How many people actually listen and watch those networks anyway. BIG BIRD will be OK he will land on cbs nbc or some other network. I believe that it would be a great start to cut programs that have no value and have had there time. We need to move forward.

    • William

      Yeah, Sesame street could easily land another deal, but what about all of the other great programming on PBS? You have to think about that, it isn’t just one show thats getting threatened, I remember my grandmother loved some of the programs there, that WOULDN’T be able to just land somewhere else, it would really brighten up her day to see some of those.

    • William

      Also, furthermore, on the subject of budget cuts, why doesn’t Romney cut some of the huge debt drawers, mainly our part in the wars in the middle east, we really have no business sticking our nose into other countries business, so why do we keep pumping money into bullets, bombs, and fighter jets? Also if romney is being so frugal, why not contribute himself? he has more money than we even know about, chip some of that in, lay off some of the secret service. Why do we need 2 helicopters, 3 limos, and a bunch of SUV’s for the motorcade? Why do we need 2 boeing 747’s for the president to ride around in? The maintenance and upkeep of those alone are in the millions of dollars. This country is broken, we have Obama trying to shovel all of our money to the corporate fat cats, and Romney trying to clean up the mess by taking money from all of us, I mean really, are we going to trust a guy who made ridiculous claims on his tax returns for the last 11 years, then tried to cover it up, with our country? We need to find an honest man to elect for president, instead of voting for these crooks.

      • Paul Crandall

        Are you actually comparing taxpayer dollars spent on defense with PBS? This shows the mentality of a mindless robot… You and the entire socialist party should go live in France and let the rest of us run a nation… Long live Sesame Street, albeit as a private program paid for with private dollars….A few more elmo t-shirts and dolls should cover the bills nicely…

    • Jenee

      “I believe that it would be a great start to cut programs that have no value and have had there time.”

      Since WHEN had Sesame Street NOT had value? Shows like Reading Rainbow, Electric Company, 3-2-1 Contact NOT had value?

      • scales

        Yes, Mitt is revealing himself when he swears to cut sesame street and planned parenthood. He doesn’t value women or middle class children. Always look at what they DO. Education is at the bottom of Mitt’s list and the gop wants to take women’s rights back to the middle ages.

  • willie smith

    Mitt Romney is a joke AND Lieing threw his teeth from day one what he say his a tool just to get rib of Obama CHANGING his mind on everything

  • willie smith

    leave the bird alone GOP are bunch of jokes need to be RUNNING HEEL WITH THE DEVIL WAIT MITT IS THE DEVIL

  • Eve

    Considering my father works for one of the PBS stations in Kansas I don’t think cutting funding for that channel will help— I highly doubt there is gonna be a “nice” place for the people that lose their jobs because of a fat cat that doesn’t wanna tax his buddies that make 10 times more than me and my dad make in a year!!!! It’s good to know that the party my dad once backed would rather see him jobless relying on their aide then to have a job… So much for the “American Dream”

    • Paul Crandall

      Eve is obviously a blithering idiot that cannot understand math of grasp the concept of you can’t always get what you want……If the USA were a creditor nation then our congress might have legitimate grounds to spend money on Sesame Street… Seeing as how we are 16 Trillion in debt maybe we should consider allowing non essential wasting of money to be taken over by private corporations and those who actually use the product… It is called advertising.. ask Google or Facebook how it is done…. One of Americas biggest problems is we do not teach economics 101 to our children and we allow idiots like Pelosi, Reid, Obama and Biden to scare them to death with their fear tactics… If these people knew how to to any type of critical thinking they would not be sheep to the demon craps.

      • Jenee

        You sound like a record with a needle stuck on a certain groove, Paul; “16 trillion in debt, 16 trillion in debt”. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t MOST of the funding for PBS programs come from donations from viewers? At least, that’s what flashes across my screen when I watch programming on PBS.

        • scales

          Yes– I think it’s been a long time since Paul thought for himself, if ever. He indeed sounds like a broken record, spouting off figures with no understanding of the underlying facts. For instance, Clinton left a surplus and the deficit largely involves two unfunded wars and unfunded tax breaks for the rich.(brought to you by the GOP). To Paul’s simple way of thinking, Obama is the president and therefore the 16 trillion dollar debt is all his fault, as if there was a surplus on the day Obama took office. There is nothing more depressing than someone with just enough knowledge to be stupid. “A little knowledge is a dangerous thing” and Paul and many gop voters are dangerous. They listent to high school dropouts like Rush Limbaugh and repeat their stupidity: garbage in, garbage out.

      • Taylor


        Condenscending a..holes like yourself seem to think that you are the only ones who has the ability to comprehend how ‘economic’ systems work. Contrary to your statement, one of America’s biggest problems is politicians who ‘lack’ intregrity/honesty. President Obama inherited leadership of a country on brink of ‘collapse.’ The primary reason for this state of affairs was due largely to 2 unfunded wars and huge unfunded tax breaks to the top 1%. You do the math!!!!

      • Sarah Grove

        The only “blithering idiot” I see on this entire thread is you, Paul.

        Go take your nap honey.

  • http://kes kesha

    Love the Big Bird.Why the kids should suffer?

    • Paul Crandall

      Kesha, you need to go back and listen to The Count. Maybe he should start counting backwards…all the way to 16 Trillion. We have 16 Trillion in debt that needs to be paid back. We cannot pay our bills Kesha. Those who watch Sesame Street should pay for Sesame Street… We have this thing called Cable TV…. Maybe if Sesame Street wants to stay on a free channel they can sell advertising like everyone else or maybe some of the hundreds of millions made off of people buying merchandising can go to fund the show….. Stop taxing American people and borrowing money from China.. Even Big Bird would understand this simple analogy.

  • http://kes kesha

    I think Mitt has adhd you see how hyper he was! Pass the Ritlain

    • tina a brown

      Kesha….thats what i said. I think he was nervous as h***! :)

      • scales

        Yeah, Mitt was hyperventilating, tripping over his words. I found his delivery very unsettling. I would wonder if he was on some type of drug but he talks like that all the time. He’s very hyper and stressful to watch.

  • Tmorrow

    I would donate money to PBS as opposed to an Obama Fund/Tax/Extorsion in order to keep Sesame Street on the air.We already donate to the Arbor Day foundation and Goodwill, why would we not donate to another credible entitny that is tax deductable????

    • Paul Crandall

      Well said..but we all know that your idea is way to intelligent for a socialist to understand. All they understand is redistributing money and deficit spending…

      • chris

        I have a friend who fled here from socialist russia when he was younger. I have had hours and hours of conversation with this guy about socialism. You dont have a clue what it is so please stop repeating what every talking head on radio says. You sound like a broken record spitting off clueless information. He always laughs at americans using the term socialism. After hearing how the system worked over there the US system isnt even close. So please shut your mouth and stop repeating limbaugh.

        • http://yahoo Tim Richards

          Chris, I agree we are not yet a socialist system, but if you look how far we’ve moved in the last 25 years it’s frightening. No, we are not there yet, but if we move as much farther that direction in the next 25 years as we have in the last 25 the country we now know and love will be a very different place and be much closer to socialism than it is today.
          Those of us who are scared of where President Obama is taking us aren’t saying we’re there yet, merely that we’re moving ever closer to the government providing everything for everyone and when that happens eventually the government has so much control that freedom dies a slow and painful death.

    • Sarah Grove

      “extorsion?” lol

  • http://yahoo.com Frannie

    Tho I’m a Rommey supporter I love my pbs! I would soon fund pbs, rein in on the foreign aid and pork projects of senators and congressmen! Congress cut the pork and save the bird. Big Bird that is!

  • leslie

    I love Big Bird! PBS is like the only channel that has good educational shows for my kids. Not to mention my Downton Abbey and Masterpiece Theater. I don’t trust either candidate but this gives a huge point to Obama.

    • Paul Crandall

      You love Big Bird so that means we should borrow money from China and bill the American taxpayer? Is that smart? Is that prudent? Maybe “The Count,” should start teaching negative numbers and deficit spending… One, Two, Three, Four Trillion Dollars… Four Trillion Dollars of Debt for our kids…. LOL.. IT is 16 Trillion just for the record and The Buck Stops Here… Time to Fire Obumbe, Biden, Pelosi, Reid, McCain, Kerry and the whole sorry lot of them. It is time for America to start living within their means and setting an example for the world.

      • Paulette

        Paul….seriously? You are getting upset over “less than 15%” of government funding going to Sesame Street!? Did u even read the article? Most of their $$ does come from sales and licensing of merchandise. And let’s not talk about living beyond means and Mitt Romney or the Republican party anywhere in the same sentence, because neither have any idea what that means.

      • mary ann

        Yet you want to borrow so we cannpt give the corporations and oil companies more and more, romney wants to give another 20 percent for what? just so they can ship more jobs over seas. Rethink who are the dummies here.

  • Paul Crandall

    This is how much our media is in the tank for Obumble… It also shows how dumb the people who follow this narrative are….. We are a nation of sheep and Big Bird and Elmo make hundreds of millions of dollars in merchandising… They make David Cassidy and Justin Beiber look like amateurs. The reality (TV) of the who issue is very simple: First Sesame Street is on Cable and most Americans have cable. There are also these new inventions called DVDs, streaming video and recorded broadcasts that will be around forever. No person would ever have to miss an episode of Sesame Street. Furthermore, if they want to keep the show running, and we know that they do, purchase the rights…. Here’s a novel idea: Advertise like every other channel on the planet…. Wait a minute, we could sell our products and fund the show without commercials…. Hmmm,,, IT seems to me that there are a million ways to keep the show going without tax paper dollars. This falls int the category of should the government be forcing the taxpayer to pay for something that they may or may not use with borrowed money? The answer is very simple…. NO… Stop borrowing money Congress. Stop borrowing money Mr. President… We are broke… and it is time to start leading the world rather than action like the rest of the world. Western Europe is an armpit of an example, so lets not become Western Europe.

    • tina a brown

      Hey Paul….seems to me you are doing all the commenting. Republican brought up BigBird (PBS) not the President or the democratic party. When you are on the stage with the President why would it behove you to attack the children. Your man f’d up and people like you wanna get all philisophical! You got 1 vote just like everybody else. Go ahead and waste yours on the man nobody will remember this time next year!! :)

      • james

        …waste your vote on Obama?!

    • Paulette

      Paul…..you are one angry person. You’re angry little posts/comments are quite amusing. Don’t work yourself up TOO much though because I don’t really think Mitt really cares how feverishly you are for getting rid of PBS/Big Bird….that is untill he gets your vote, then we’ll see him giving YOU (and all the other suckers that voted for him) the Big Bird with his middle finger.

    • Sondra

      I’m with you Paul. PBS gets many many dollars from donations. Our federal government has better things to do with OUR money than subsidize television shows. Really…is this the only thing people got out of the debates. ugh

    • mary ann

      It is alright for Mitt Romney to make millions hide the money over seas so he doesn’t pay taxes and then you say that the characters from sesame street can’t make money? It is not only the money, they have so much information that people who don’t have cable can get for free. You people are a trip!!

  • james

    Big Bird is not going anywhere. Just wasteful government spending will go away. Brilliant Romney, Brilliant!

    • DeAnne

      I agree. Sesame street makes huge profits and doesn’t need our taxes on top of it. Romney should also eliminate the IRS to save another bundle of OUR money. Also abolish electoral college. No more foreign aid, gov’t grants or loans until America is out of debt. No more borrowing from China or anywhere else.

  • Patty

    I love that this comment was taken out of context. If people would have watched the debate, they would have heard the whole comment that Romney made. Why can’t people running for office, whether they are Republicans or Democrats, just focus on the issues and how they would handle them, instead of wasting everyone’s time by one candidate focused on another so that they don’t have to tell people how they have no solutions to our problems!!!!! No one is perfect and if people expect someone to be perfect just because they are running for office, people are more naive than I thought they were.

  • Tommy

    Sesame street to do an episode on what greed looks like…And mitt romney and the koch brothers can be special guests

    • Sarah Grove

      PBS is also a place that airs some of the most educational and interesting programs, like American Experience, Nova, and many more.

      I think I know why the Republican party hates education so much. It’s must easier for the GOP to retain and keep political power when you “dumb down” the population.

      All you have to do is watch FOX, and you can see why some Americans are so stupid already.

      • Sarah Grove

        . . . and the documentaries of Ken Burns. . . amazing.

    • mjlarsen

      You know wehave 16 trillion in debt,if people want public television then pay for it!!~ Regular TV shows sell air time for ads why not you. This debt is out of control, granted this is not much money but all of this “small stuff adds up, and I would rather see big bird selling soap instead of selling mount rushmore to the chi-coms!!!!

    • Tammy

      As part of the agreement with the FCC to provide free airtime to networks, we the people were promised nightly news on the networks and a public television access channel that was supported by a small endowment from the government and public support so that propaganda could not take a firm hold. I pay taxes, quit messing with my benefits!!!!

  • Jennet

    I watched PBS as a kid and loved it, but I don’t think a cut in funding is going to send it crashing to the ground in a flaming heap. If you all are so determined that it will then cut a check and help support it. This has become an outlet for people to attack Mr. Romney, nothing more. As for wars, sorry to say, but they have existed since the beginning of time and they aren’t going to stop anytime soon. Cutting funding to the military isn’t going to make wars go away, it is just going to make the United States a little weaker. Am I saying that military funding is 100% right? Absolutely not. So many stupid things have been funded, it isn’t even funny. But for every 100 pointless, failed military ideas, there is one somewhere that has saved one of our troops. And I value that life a lot more than money, whether it be my tax money or your tax money. As for getting involved in the fights that aren’t ours, I don’t think a “sit back and watch” personality is plausible for the United States. Think back to both world wars. We didn’t want to get involved and yet, there we were. Even President Obama involved us in Afghanistan right after promising to pull the troops from Iraq. And I don’t blame him for it in the slightest. Look at it this way, we all speak out against bullying and encourage our youth to help those in need. Yet we throw a fit when it comes time for the United States to step in and help those who are being bullied outside our country. If we want our kids to amount to anything, they need to know where we stand AND see us standing there no matter what issue happens to be. And, honestly, the more they learn from us, the less they have to learn from TV.

  • http://webpronews.com Julie

    PBS is our GoTo channel. We watch the Newshour (formerly with Jim Lehrer), the many British series, the science and history shows, the Ken Burns shows. We also support our local PBS channel. My son watched the first years of Sesame Street. The American people will NOT allow Big bird to be “fired.” A friend said that Romney made no “flubs” on Wednesday night. I think he made one of the larger of his campaign career. He just has no feeling for the common person.

  • Stephen

    So we can bail out Wall Street but not Sesame Street. If Wall Street thought the Occupy movement was embarrassing, they’ve bitten off more than they can chew with Big Bird and the boys.

  • Shawn

    Meh… this is purely a distraction… rant, rant, rant…

  • Joe Bitton

    You are delusional to think that, we, as a country would ever go bankrupt.. Yes, we have a weak economy… but bankrupt.. your an idiot,
    and not funding PBS, instead of millionaires paying 20 percent instead of 14 percent like your Hero, Romney… wouldn’t it help our debt… Why does the majority of tax payers, pay more… Are the rich special? Why do they force us into debt… instead of paying their share…

    • dick

      no BITTOOOOON it is YOU that is deceiving himself-pull your head out of your butt, open your eyes, analyze the data AND the trends and you can see that unfortunately it IS quite possible

    • mary ann

      thank you for the comment. there are a lot more subsidies that can be cut befroe they cut PBS, why do they hate any organization that gives the people infromation, unless it is there friends who make millions, let alone billions. How have these people lived in this country all this time and not have an inkling of what serves the people.

  • David

    Romney is messing with the wrong bird. Big Bird has alot of friends. If Romney was smart, he should have supported Big Bird and gang.

  • stoner

    PBS?! How many people really watch that channel?!

  • http://yahoo.com CLR

    I didn’t know who I was voting for until I heard Romney say he was going to cut funding to PBS. PBS has presented it’s audience to some of the best programming there is and I’m so grateful. Romney is now evil to me.

    • Liza

      Do you value it enough to donate money to keep it on the air? I do. I donate to PBS regularly because I like their shows. And here’s a shocker, I’m a registered Republican. Romney’s not evil for wanting to find ways to save the government money. Think about it, the government is way over its head in debt. They don’t have any money. We’re borrowing from foreign governments to pay the bills. This can’t continue forever. Unfortunately that means that we have to cut back on spending. And that means that we’re going to have to sacrifice luxury items like funding for PBS.
      Think of it this way, if you didn’t have money for food would you borrow money and donate it to PBS? Obviously not. So why should you expect the government to?

    • stoner

      I’m undecided too, but are going to base your vote on pbs instead of real issues like the economy, and foreign policies?

  • Ed

    PBS isn’t funded by the president, so the president can’t unfund it. Romney’s comment showed him to be either delusional with the power he hopes he’ll have, or made to appeal to the people who think Government is the source of all of our problems.

    • Liza

      Sure he can, he can cut it out of the budget.

  • http://yahoo skeeter

    Well, looks like big bird, going to have to hustle like the rest of us to make a liveing….At least big bird got alot of pull….

  • vonsan

    You know what I love big bird, but that kind of money the gov gives for these educational programs is unbelievable. Someone one needs to look at how to keep Soical Security going and feeding the hungry children. If they stop the paying of this program lets hope they put the money where it should be. In Soical Security and feeding our children. We work all our lifes and pay into Soical Security that is our money they are paying for these programs. Now I don’t mind sharing but let me decide where I want to share it not the gov. No wonder why we might not have Soical Security much longer. If they think we should be responisable to pay our bills, and they are taking money from us, what an exmaple are our leaders, they are worthless. It is not a do as I say thing, it is a do as you should for the American people! Education gets you nowhere with out jobs so their for what good is education programs on TV but a baby sitter. We have told our kids learn, study and never give up…money money money, your number one. Where has that gotten them without jobs? Jobs that we have had false promise’s about? And yes my kids grow up watching these educational TV programs and they are no better off then the kids that went out and play all day. So let kids be kids and let the leaders start putting the money where their mouth is. BACK INTO OUR HANDS WHERE IT CAME FROM!

  • Rosie

    I didn’t know that PBS and Big Bird were part of the 47%.

  • RDyess

    Liberals are ridiculous. This BS about Romney wanting to kill “Sesame Street” is just typical of the way they try to misrepresent every issue they touch. Cutting funding to PBS is not a personal attack on children’s education. Last time I checked PBS has a few more shows on its line up, besides “Sesame Street” If liberals are worried about Big Bird, then maybe they could cut a few repeats of Red Dwarf or Monty Python. When we get an economy that has been raped by republicans and democrats alike back on track maybe funding increased again. Until then I feel my tax money is better spent on things other than giving cultural elitists a channel to help reinforce their elitist mentality. NPR can walk off the same pier as PBS while their making cuts.

  • Michelle Pratico

    It would be a shame if funding to PBS was cut. I watch PBS all the time! They have a lot more than kids shows. The funding to PBS is so small that I’m really surprised that Romney brought it up & that it was even mentioned during the debate. Let’s start with cutting the outrageous $$ paid out to Congress to not listen to the people. PBS only gets 8% of their money from Federal funding. I’m sure PBS can make up an extra 8%. The comment really made Romney look silly!

  • BSmith

    It isn’t about firing Big Bird, or even making Sesame Street disappear. It is about spending tax money on a system (PBS) that is highly politically slanted. Whether the Government continues to support PBS or not, Sesame Street is going nowhere. Big Bird will always have a job. They make TONS of cash from the licensing of toys etc. They will have little problem. The question is should the Government provide tax money (money taken from ALL political stripes) to something that is politically biased? And before anyone starts talking about wars, this has nothing to do with that. Military can be argued that it is National Security. You may disagree, that is fine. But it is hard to argue that Big Bird is keeping the nation safe…. Everything else is just a Straw man argument.

    • Guido Fawkes

      We know what the f*ck its about, your candidate is a flip flopping stooge whom will do and say anything to be President.

      He looks at the office as another resume listing. He has lied, fact checkers continue to point it out. He changes positions in the middle a campaign.

      To me he continues to demonstrate what an out of touch rich entitled fat cat he is that could not been a success in business if mommy & daddy hadn’t given him money.

      This is the guy whom enjoys ‘firing people’.

      This is the guy who beat up a ‘gay’ classmate in high school, i.e. he is a bully or maybe closeted

      If he believes in this country why is his money offshore?

      People like you(and he) make me sick.

      We survived George W for two stolen elections, enjoy President Obama, at least the country is going to be in better shape.

  • Amanuensis

    Personally, I rather Big Bird became president before Mitt Romney.

    Secondly, remember the ‘gentleman’ from North Carolina who cowed the National Endowment – not to mention the entire US Senate? I might not remember correctly, but wasn’t funding already cut during that episode of Mayberry? Public taste was dictated from a ridge in NC and Robert Mapplethorpe spelled correctly, I hope) became a household name.

    The intent backfired – but, aside from Sesame Street (and I humbly acknowledge certain other shows, though I note – most of the sedate ‘mom and pop, cookies and in bed by eight’ genre).

    Is there anything good on?

    There is a double edged lesson here – it is a lesson in public taste as much as public money that has nothing to do with stated morals, public or otherwise. Money was withdrawn because we are cowards instead of heroes and we allowed it – in the end, quality TV went down the tubes. It is also a lesson for those who support public funding for PBS/Educational TV (whatever) – unless a safeguard, practically an act of congress, guarantees public funding with creative autonomy for public television there will always be interference or the threat of it.

    Is there anything good on?

    Like public education or anything else funded by corporations, private citizens or any government – there will always be the control of the dollar.

    Those who own will always use what they own!

    Is this not self evident!

    Is there anything good on?

    I like Big Bird. He’d be a better president than Mitt! – Amanuensis

  • Bendix20

    What this clown is not saying is that Sesame street rakes in hundreds of millions a year and PBS gets nothing.

  • Rusty Patenaude

    Somehow Sesame Street will survive. It started with a combination of public and private funding and markets itself pretty well. Sooner see PBS sink or swim on its own and use that money to actually getting a universal health care system or shaking some sense into the Americans who think owning guns is a good idea.