Selena Gomez And Justin Bieber Are Back Together?

By: Ellisha Rader Mannering - August 20, 2014

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber can’t seem to decide if they want to be a couple or not. They have broken up and gotten back together several times over the last few years and are now allegedly giving the relationship thing another try.

Gomez and Bieber allegedly spent all of last week and weekend together. They were first seen at a bible study class at the City Church in Los Angeles.

An insider commented on their relationship saying,

“Justin looked really comfortable with Selena as he thinks their bond is unbreakable and knows that Selena will always love him.”

“The pair sat next to each other while partaking in Bible study and seemed very close. Then they left together in Bieber’s car,” the source added.

Bieber has been in a great mood this week so it seems like spending time with Gomez is doing him some good. After the couple attended bible study, he made a few posts about God on Instagram and Twitter.

He also posted some photos of himself and Gomez on his Instragram, including one of them kissing. The photo was blurry, but the girl kissing Bieber was obviously Gomez. Bieber deleted the photo a short time after sharing it.

Just a few weeks ago Bieber and Gomez wanted nothing to do with each other, so what’s with the change? According to a source, Bieber agreed to go to spiritual counseling with Gomez and is trying to work out his issues with God.

Gomez has never condoned Bieber’s bad boy ways, but always seemed to care for him, even when he was at his worst. Since she was able to convince him to do the counseling, Bieber might be able to get his life back on track and keep Gomez on his arm.

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