SEGA May Be Planning Sonic Reboot For 2014 [Rumor]

    April 6, 2012
    Zach Walton
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Sonic the Hedgehog games follow a certain pattern, regardless of being in 2D or 3D. They all feature Sonic and pals entering zones, reaching the end and collecting rings along the way. It’s a tried and true formula that has served the franchise well since Sonic’s introduction on the Genesis in 1991. It seems that formula is no longer good enough if certain rumors turn out to be true.

Sonic fan site TSSZ spoke to a source close to SEGA that said the company is exploring a Sonic reboot. He’s quick to point out that a reboot isn’t in development right now, but that Sonic Team is only exploring the details of a possible reboot. The team does have an idea that they are currently favoring over all the rest though.

The source claims that the current reboot in talks has the basic premise of Sonic remaining the same. “Anything and everything else is under review” though which includes established Sonic canon like the supporting cast, including Tails. It would be a reboot as its meant to be – getting rid of everything and starting from scratch.

The most interesting part of the rumors comes from how the team would handle zones. In previous Sonic games, even in expansive games like Sonic Adventure, the zones were still very linear and had a set of objectives for the player to complete. In the supposed reboot, zones would become open world and non-linear; containing a mess of objectives for Sonic to complete within them.

The worst part of this reboot idea are the possible plans of monetization through collectible toys and items. The source uses the example of Skylanders: Spyro’s Adventure where players buy physical toys to scan them into the game. Imagine if you will having to buy toys of Sonic’s friends to unlock them as playable characters in the game.

I don’t know about anybody else, but I thought Sonic Colors was the reboot Sonic needed. It returned the franchise to what it needed most – a focus on Sonic fighting Robotnik instead of world destroying fire demons and human princesses falling in love with anthropomorphized animals.

Regardless, this is all rumor and speculation for now. TSSZ’s source even clarifies multiple times that this is all just preliminary discussion at the moment. The earliest we’ll see any movement on a possible Sonic reboot will be be next year.

Even if these plans come to light and Sonic becomes a former shell of what he once was, we at least have Sonic the Hedgehog 4 Episode 2 to take our minds off of it. It at least looks to keep Sonic doing what he does best.

Do you think Sonic needs a reboot? If so, is the right path to take? Let us know in the comments.

  • Holly

    Oh heck no. This is not what is needed. I don’t need to buy numerous Sonic toys to unlock! I like the series the way it is! I think the only thing they could do was maybe keep from all the “3DS” and Kinect things. I only have a Wii and a DS lite, rendering some and most games unplayable for me! That’s all i wish to say.

  • Kris Toffer

    No, hell no. Please!

  • Strider Raccoon

    Wow. If this happens, I’m done with the franchise.

  • luis

    just bring back classic sonic

  • terrybogard88

    Oh God, please no! I don’t want SEGA to do this! Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream… even IF they are fictional, I felt so close to them!

  • Neff P

    I think a certain series in Sonic needs to be rebooted and thats the Sonic Advanced series Sega made alot of money off of it and be a perfect fit for the 3ds just no sonic rush capabilities just pure Sonic Advanced
    Vote for Sonic Advanced 3ds reboot

  • robert

    i like sonic the way he is with his friends in the game do not get rid of his friends out of the sonic games

  • ben

    listen up people sega needs to keep the big 7 sonic, tails, eggman, knuckles, amy ,shadow, cream ,possibly ditch chaos emeralds, include open area story / explorer mode , swicth between two-d and three-d format open a brawl game to introduce new characters rein-tro sonics bro.& sister manic & sonia plus team chaotix & make silver their leader then seek game help from fan contests & nintendo if that doesnt work then sign the franchise over to nintendo

  • http://stefanthehedgehog.deviantart.com/ Stefan Leigh-Lancaster

    If this ever happens, it will make me feel completely depressed and will go off Sonic, which I don’t want. But they mustn’t change Sonic’s and Eggman’s appearances and get rid of the other characters! I know how much they are struggling with money, but there are other ways to get more money, but where their fans would agree to besides this. To be honest, I love all of Sonic’s games! They are very dynamic and cool! But they need to make more advertisements and merchandise for him!
    If I won a lottery, I literally would give that money to SEGA immediately! No-one can’t think that I won’t, because I would!

  • Jocelle Ann Bermoy

    It’s okay to have a reboot.Just not too big.I love Sonic the way he is.

  • Adam Leen

    Why would they be doing a reboot, Sonic is fine the way he is, this is the second time a game frachise has been rebooted when it doesn’t need rebooting, and yes, I mean DMC as well.
    And people, the only time Spyro has been rebooted was The legend of Spyro series, Skylanders is just that monkey-ranch inside that wonderfully greased clockwork.

  • Christian

    C’mon SEGA, it’s bad enough no recent games have had the good characters we love ! Shadow, Espio, and honestly silver too ! But tails… Cut off and replaced …. 2 words ! Goodbye sonic

  • sadiki

    dont remove the characters please dont

  • John

    YES! This is what I always wanted from a Sonic game! Explor-able worlds, a more “serious” plot, it reminds of of Sonic Adventure! This is a very good if this is true.

    • Alex

      Would you still think that even if they got rid of supporting characters like Knuckles and Tails? If you want more games like Sonic Adventure (which were awesome) we can’t lose those other characters.

  • Sonic12

    DO NOT DO A REBOOT! If Sega does do a reboot then I’m done with Sonic….Unless they bring back Silver The Hedgehog!

  • Fallyn

    Honestly this news makes me want to cry. I’m all for a reboot and a new storyline. But losing Tails and Knuckles? No. I’ve been a Sonic fan for 20 years now, hell, I supported Sega when they made Unleashed. Is this how they’ll repay loyalty? By killing the series the fans (the REAL fans, the ones that don’t bitch and moan about stupid things like eye colour) love? By getting rid of characters we’ve loved for 19 years (in the case of Tails). Not cool, Sega. Not cool at all.

  • Annie

    There have been many rumors about Sonic’s end and how Nintendo should just buy out the series. I say crap to all that! SEGA should just keep Sonic just the way it is. Keep the gameplay like Sonic Unleashed (minus the Werehog) and Sonic Colors. We don’t need a reboot! I believe Sonic 06 was supposed to help Sonic. Well if this is supposed to help Sonic then I feel it’ll just be another Sonic 06 problem. If they go through with this I’m done with the series for good.

  • Alex

    If they want to draw attention back to Sonic and make him look really good again, what they need to do is make a new series, bring back old characters, use the new characters as well, add more characters from the shows, games, and comics (after negotiating with the creators of the comics, of course) and give well-loved and newly loved characters more attention and depth! Over time, demand for game with villains like Scourge the Hedgehog will show up, increasing demand for the games HIGHLY. If they screw up the voices, though… That’s that.

    They’d need to consult us fans on voices before they do anythign, of course :)

  • http://www.webpronews.com/sega-may-be-planning-sonic-reboot-for-2014-rumor-2012-04 anonymous

    Dear SEGA,
    You guys brought us the great sonic the hedgehog, But if you Decide to get rid of our favorite characters such as amy, tails, cream, etc. basically anyone that has been here so far characterwise. I will no longer support you by buying anything incorporated by you guys. I am asking as a SONIC fan, Please do What you must, But Leave Sonic and his Friends Alone.

  • Cameronthefox

    If sega does reboot sonic, I’m going to lose all respect in the francise

  • Anonymous

    Even if this does happen but probably won’t
    They should keep sonic eggman tails and knuckles keep the 7emeralds and master emerald . Shadow shoulda been dead since sa2.. Blaze is confusing to me first she’s a pirate then silvers sister?!? Amy I could care less.. Keep the chao put sum new people keep the game as an adventure field just like sonic adventure 1 and add new stuff like they said but I guess sega won’t reboot because people said sega already said this was a lie

  • Rachel

    I’m so gonna cry because I’ve grown so close to sonic and the entire frenchies that I would emotionally kill me if they were all gone.its just the way SEGA built their character traits is what I love the most about the frenchies, though they are fictional I can relate In some situations. If they are getting rid of characters at least keep the ones that actually got the games going…Sonic(of course), Tails,Amy,Knuckles.Or like another person said the main 7….Sonic,Tails,Amy,Knuckles,Shadow,Rouge,Cream. Though I love Silver and Blaze,I wouldn’t mind buying them as figurines so I can play them.And Sonic looks fine the way he is no need to change him, honestly I been with SEGA since I was 5 and and I know it haven’t been great for then lately but I’m not one of those ‘fans’ that bitch about every little thing, so SEGA please reconsider

  • DaxterWolfChipmunk

    Right. This is what should happen:
    SEGA should leave the games alone, don’t get rid of anything (no more classic Sonic stuff I beg you!!) But get all the Archie story lines and characters in, I mean Scourge came before Shadow! He gets no credit at all… :( WHY SEGA!!!!?? WHY DID YOU REPLACE HIM IN THE GAMES!!?? WHY WHY WHYYY!!!!?? Ahem… Sorry about that… My point is, SEGA need to bring in the Archie characters AND their story lines (Sally REALLY needs to go in a game by now)not reboot it all!!

  • DaxterWolfChipmunk

    I don’t have anything against platforming, infact I quite like it, just SEGA keep REPETADLY bringing back platforming, why not on every future Sonic game they can have 3 sets of platforming! Like in SG, that would be pretty neat, but I stand by my own comment SEGA: BRING SCOURGE IN A GAME!!!!! (And the others in Archie along with the story lines and plots!! :D)

  • Victor polk

    No Sega! Please Don’t change, I love this demension, please keep make more of it. Don’t make a reboot! It’s rumor. There lies

  • Vitero

    I’m sure Sega will handle this issue by making the stupidest decision possible.

  • locokid95

    what about the stuff that the community loved. u selfish b@stard sega keep it the same nobody wants new characters that are rivals or new a best friend thats y we had tails and shadow seriously if u change it sega il kick ur @ss

  • Kulala

    I’m kinda dissapointed in SEGA. It just screams desperation but I will play antways and laugh and possibly rant to them about what they done.Probably make them wish they haven’t done that…..and besides Sonic might die out like Crash Bandicoot.
    ~Just Saying~

  • W

    Most likely a fib. I bet SEGA knows better than to make such a stupid move.

  • fabio

    everyone i fabio hamunghete have the best idea for sega ‘sonic transformation’ super sonic,werehog,dark spine sonic,hyper sonic,shadic,excaliber sonic so please sega it will be the best game ever in sonic history ohh and dont remothing the sonic characters DON’T EVER THROW AWAY THE THE PERFECT , AWESOME AND SONIC CHARACTERS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • fabio


  • MUSH


    SONIC 1
    SONIC 2
    SONIC 3


  • eric

    the toy part seems iffy, but i’d like to see a reboot that pays homage to sonic satam/ the classic games.

  • Cameron

    Fans wont admit that without change, sonic’s just going to turn into Mario(AKA a repetitive and shallow mess). The last few games (Colors and generations in particular) Had a very shallow and simply too childish story. Sonic has always been child FRIENDLY, but not as much so that many people are wondering what happened to their favorite series. The Sonic series NEEDS a reboot. And the many bi-polar acting fans wont be happy, but they’ll have to get over it. But guys, where do you figure that reboot means that the characters will change? Sega wont go that far, because the series revolves entirely around them. Take a good, long look at the series. Can you not agree that the story needs major improvements? More character detail/development and less childs play? I mean sure, it’s nice to see SEGA going towards a all out kid-friendly game, but it’s not nice when it’s ruining the integrity of the franchise. And not to mention the hedgehog engine and it’s problems…it’s too linear and downright boring after a while. Adventures 1 & 2 almost had it right. The gameplay was sleek, and could be improved upon to the point of sonics true return. Sega has the potential to do it, they just need to stop listening to the majority of the fans that keep Sega in a cycle that they can’t get out of easily. It’s not a “bad move”, to an extent it does make sense. Sonic pretty much got a re boot 11 years ago, it’s almost time for another one it would seem. I’m sick of seeing sonic say things to the camera like “Yeah i’ll just stick with aliens, if that’s okay with everybody?” in a almost laughable and not sonic like manner. I’m playing a SONIC game, not an interactive children morning cartoon show. The music, characters, story, acting, and plots just aren’t what they used to be, and can be improved upon to be even BETTER than the older games we all loved.

    That’s pretty much my 10 cents on this.
    BTW: If SEGA (by some ungodly chance) sees this, get rid of your new voice cast. I can’t stand being reminded of minnie mouse whenever I hear Amy, and the majority I can’ tolerate at all. (Espio, Blaze, Eggman/Robotnik being the only exceptions) And the ones that stand out in terms of unfitting actor/bad voice acting are Roger Craig as Sonic (Not bad, but doesn’t fit at all) And Thornton as shadow (doesn’t fit and isn’t very good)

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/wrightgirl11?feature=mhee Kristen Wright

    Pleas SEGA Leave Sonic and his Friends alone, Right Now

    • david

      yea leave everybody alone on the sonic gang i mean i hate BIG but leave everyone alone on the series no reeeeeeebooooooots!!

  • http://zookinator-hedgie.deviantart.com Kait

    my only respond to this, if it goes through, is that they don’t get rid of any characters and use the ones they have. get deeper into the stories of characters like Silver, and the Babylon Rogues. show us what Silver’s un-destroyed future world looks like, and the Rogues’ home planet. things like that.

  • Savannah

    Please don’t do it!! It wouldn’t be the same!! If this happens I’m done with the franchise!!!

  • davidloughnane

    i thhink it will be a good idea if they go with the root of the comics and stick with them adding sally into it along side his kids and manic and sonia.and show why sonic hates eggman(he killed is aunt and uncle)and add meny comic chars that they missed out on like marroon the racoon julie-su etc.

    Sonic reealy needs a reboot so come on guys look at tomb raider and devil may cry.they where really good reboots

  • mighty

    I been done but don’t be stupid sega bring me back with sonic and the gang

  • Weegee

    For me, it depends how Sonic Team decides go about this.
    To be fair rebooting Sonic the Hedgehog would be a bad idea. If they do this, it might suggest that they’re out of any completely new ideas for Sonic.
    Also I think the idea of scanning physical toys into the game wouldn’t work well because buying new characters doesn’t mean you’ve achieved anything because you’ve just paid (an amount of money) to access a character. Instead Sonic Team should just use the concept of unlocking a character after winning the game in different ways – w/o Chaos Emeralds, with Chaos Emeralds, w/o dying, having a certain amount of record completion times, etc.
    If Sonic Team reboots StH, it’d probably ruin it.

  • Soniccolon

    They can put wite hear in HeS arm, hide the shest with the same and put some líneas un HeS ayes so that he can look amazing and give hem a time break power botón so that de can tink clearly of what to do and faster defense. :-)

  • Soniccolon

    armas (sorry)

  • Sel Melvin

    Sonic Boom?

    • Plast0000

      sonic boom is not canon

      • Sel Melvin

        There was absolutely nothing in my comment that stated that it was or was not canon.

  • A true sonic fan

    If you. Reboot sonic and kill off tails I will never buy a sonic game again if I do buy now I will just burn it up jaut Remmber that if you do this I will never play you gmaes ever again it’s bad enouge we have to play as sonic only but then killing of tails and only have tails what the fuck man if you reboot the sonic then it just shows you are just a dumbass and sould burn in hell why I was so rude Becuse you don’t give a fuck about your fans your true fans all you care about is those fake fans who say sonic should be only playable tails sucks they need to reboot sonic and kill off tails why do you care about them there not fans there fake fans