Secret Stallone Tapes Destroyed After Abuse Allegations

By: Amanda Crum - January 30, 2013

Sylvester Stallone had some secret taped discussions destroyed recently as part of a settlement agreement with his half-sister, Toni-Ann Filiti, who alleged in 1987 that he abused her. Filiti passed away last August.

As part of the settlement, Stallone agreed to pay Filiti $16,666.66 a month and secure a $50,000 trust to pay her medical and psychiatric bills. Though Stallone adamantly denies ever harming his sister, he paid his end of the settlement and saw to it that the tapes were destroyed per their agreement.

Stallone’s mother, Jackie, says that Toni-Ann was hooked on pills and needed money desperately, and that’s the real reason behind the lawsuit.

“Sylvester caved in,” Jackie said. “It was a very serious thing: Toni-Ann blackmailed him. She threatened Sly, quite frankly. This was nothing more than a shakedown. There were too many conflicting stories… At the time [in 1987] he was very hot, and his lawyers said, ‘Give her something just to shut her up.’”

Curiously, there was really no public mention of the lawsuit or the settlement when Filiti died last August of complications from lung cancer, though her son, Edd, did lash out at Stallone on Facebook. He later apologized.

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  • Beckee Handrich

    I’m very sorry his half sister died from lung cancer. She had every opportunity to clean herself up from the money that she was extorting from Mr. Stallone. I hope he gets through this OK.

  • Shawn

    I feel sorry for Sly! Your own family trying to role you for some green backs!! Just ain’t cool..

  • http://none dan

    he got what he deserved not bad enough tho..POS hollywood liberal..ugly basterd on top of it

    • Chris Upton

      Sly is a Hollywood conservative.

  • Sandra

    I feel when it comes to family and money you sometimes need to distance yourself because your family are the ones who will use you and think you are suppose to do things for them. You got out there and worked for what you have and you should be able to do as you please with your money and help your family if you want do. Good luck Mr. Stallone!


    I very sory for stallon and i advice her to take heart because it’s how the world is.