Second Person of Interest Investigated by Colorado Police

    July 23, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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A second person of interest is currently being investigated by Colorado police. Although details about the individual and his involvement in last week’s deadly shooting have not been officially released, witnesses have reported seeing SWAT personnel and police officers at this mysterious person’s place of residence.

According to FOX 31 Denver, sources told one of their reporters that a second “person of interest” was being investigated by Colorado authorities. However, officials have recently stated this is not the case. “An associate of Holmes was interviewed this evening (Saturday),” explained spokeswoman Sgt. Cassidee Carlson. “There is no reason to believe that he is involved. Further details of this investigation will not be released at this time.”

KDVR reports that someone using this second person of interest’s phone sent threatening messages to Colorado police, stating that more violence would ensue if suspect James Holmes was not released from jail. The person, who allegedly has a master’s degree in bio-medical science, is rumored to have attended the same collegiate program as Holmes. Beyond this, details have been very sketchy at-best.

Additionally, police have completed their search of the college campus, though they have not made their findings public as of this writing. And while speculation about this second individual’s role in the shooting continues, police have not yet arrested him in connection with anything related to the case.

  • Martin McGaughey

    That “dazed appearance” might be a delaying tactic, or a defusing or confusing tactic. That “brilliant” butcher might have some strategy cooked up, to stall, interrupt, delay, confuse prosecution. He might wish to evade his own, very-well-earned death, and defeat prosecution, with decree of “[innocence by reason of] insanity”.
    Frankly, anyone who harms woman, child, neighbor, friend, is guilty and insane.
    If I had hurt one or more of your loved ones, would you want me to escape punishment? For example: Suppose you were associated with Seal Team 6…brother, teammate, brother-in-law, son, father, uncle…
    Then, suppose that I countermanded their rules, in several ways… instead of 2 or more of their stealth ships, I ordered them ALL to be loaded onto ONE Chinook chopper; I ordered that another pilot…NOT ONE OF THEIR SEAL PILOTS…to fly it; that I had a tip passed to talibandits and al-quida, that HERE IS THEIR TARGET OF HUGE INTEREST! Suppose I engineered the execution of ALL of the team…with merely one shot [maybe merely one talibandit rpg]! Then, suppose that I forbade any public mourning, let alone investigation of this.
    Would you want me to get away with any of this? Would you want me to get away with murder? Even if it’s merely mass murder?

    • Ken S

      You sound as sick as the person allegedly accused of this horrific Colorado murder spree for even commenting with a plan or coming up with that fake scenario. A lot of sick people in this world~! just saying………..

      • r u serious

        What is wrong with you? You sound as looney as the pycho on trial. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Colorado nut is the reason we have the death penalty and I certainly hope he gets it, but from the sound of your post, I’d say you should see a therapist before you have a complete mental break someday and find yourself on trial for something just as disgusting as the theater shooting.

        • http://Yahoo choncha

          I agree, get help talk to someone please !!!

      • Tim


        • skeeter

          You’re a dink too.

          • skeeter

            Martin, that is.

      • maryan rose

        you are sick you might had something to do with

    • http://facebook punkysmom

      wtf r u talking about?

    • Matt

      You are a fricking moron. Shut the f up while the grown ups are talking.

    • joan lamartine

      Of course he is insane, but everyone he shot are still dead, so I for one don’t care, if he is sane or insane, he should be put to death….we need to build more prisons, and use the death penelty in a case like this, they say it doesn’t bring the victims back…this is so true, PUT THIS SICK SOB WILL NEVER DO IT AGAIN…THAT WHAT IT DOES. THANK YOU

      • Alex

        More prisons!? Bullshit. We need to execute the rapists, murderers, and child molesters, and release the prisoners who are in for a non-violent crime (e.g. drugs, tax-evasion, etc.). We have prisons to protect the public. What does throwing a pothead in prison do for the community? Nothing. Well, except cost us more in tax dollars for paying for their food, bed, shelter, heating, and utilities.

        I say we need less prisons, more rehabs, and for the sick ones, more execution chambers.

  • Rosa

    What we allow our children to watch on TV and the movies contribute to sick minds. What is rated R now a day, used to be rated X, yes, I am sixty one years old, and never would we see cartoons as violent as the ones we have now, monitor what your children and grandchildren watch. If we don’t monitor, what we allow our young ones to view, we might just have another sick mind in our mist sitting in front of the TV being fed ideas and violence.

    • jay

      Enough with blaming the media!! get facts before you say something. Blaming Media (Movies,TV,Music) has been going on since the 1980’s. The only reason people continue to blame them is because its an object that cannot defend itself because its inanimate. Sick people are the reason sick people do what they do. NUFF SAID

    • jjchapman

      Have you ever seen a Tom and Jerry cartoon from the 50’s?????

    • Deborah

      People should be held responsible for their own actions. Not the same thing, but you’ll get the point…remember the Mom who tried to sue McDonald’s because they advertised the toys with happy meals and that’s all her son wanted to eat? I didn’t blame the media on THAT one, I blamed the Mom for obviously indulging her child’s behavior. We, as a society, should stop playing the “blame game,” and just hold individuals responsible for their own actions.

  • brandon

    its all in what we make of it..has nothin to do with tv or any of that crap…ive watched violent movies played the shooter games and im perfectly fine..have to understand there are just really sick people out there who just arent right in the head…there is noone to play except that sick twisted asshole who proly sat in his room cuz noone liked him and thought how can i get back at people..and thats what this nut job comes up with..i say bring back public execution and hang his ass in the parking lot of that movie theater

    • http://yahoo H. Rakestraw

      I agree.

  • http://yahoo jane

    hang high / he needs the old fashin rope.. why should we waste money feeding him ..he is waste of calling himself a.
    .. human being

  • lynn

    Leave it to Fox to twist the truth

    • kerry


  • http://yahoo Evelyn Little

    If he talked to his Mother on the telephone from time to time, she of all people must have sensed something was wrong with him. There again people won’t get involved. This could have been avoided.

  • http://yahoo Evelyn Little

    I can’t believe his Mother didn’t sense something was wrong with him when she spoke to him on the telephone. A Mother can always tell about things like that. I hope the victims families get some kind of justice.

  • Loyd

    A man…I hope it’s Batman!

  • Greg

    Why does the media feel the need to tell us this? We do not have the right to know. If the police and FBI are conducting a top secret investigation why does the liberal pig media feel the need to break the story?

  • sara

    Mom a nurse for mental patients.

  • sara

    I think he drank some of his own experiments. Jackle and Mr. Hyde. Where is Batman when you need him. Riddler I thought had red hair.

  • Butchboy

    The voices in my head are starting to make sense… Somebody puh-leeze wake me up… I think I am in Yahoo! Hell…

  • Robert Mills

    This guy is totally fatigued and is in the process of frying his brain. James Holmes is quite sane, it’s just the rush he obviously got by commiting the atrocity he created. His dazed expression is not for the benefit of anyone other than the fact his Brain is going into the no-zone and righfully so. You can imagine what is going on in his mind right now and probably forever, a continuous De’ja Vu of himself in that Theater killing all those innocent people. Rest assurd GOD is handling this SOBin his own way. May you rot in Hell James Holmes..

  • joan lamartine

    Martin…do you even know how crazy you sound? Go ck. yourself into a mental health facility, while there is still some time.

    Do the right thing for the rest of us.

  • lacie

    I mourn the loss of thousands of precious lives, but I will not rejoice in the death of one, not even an enemy. Returning hate for hate multiplies hate, adding deeper darkness to a night already devoid of stars. Darkness cannot drive out darkness: only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate: only love can do that.

    • dbussani

      Sorry Lacie, but have u ever lost someone you love to a crime like that? Until you do don’t say you wouldn’t wish revenge on an animal like that.

  • Rose

    Moms do not always “sense” or “know” what is going on. My ex husband physically abused me for years and I never let anyone know. My parents did not know the abuse I had endured until years after my divorce. Do not blame the mother.

  • http://yahoo Barb

    Sad, all of it is just so sad. The guy is obviously extremely alienated and out of touch with reality. Can’t blame anyone but himself, however a guy with so much potential and intelligence is such a waste. I think he is a lost soul and I only wonder if he was treated poorly (emotionally abused) at a young age. Of course this doesn’t excuse what he did, but I try to make some sense out of it all, maybe that’s not possible.

    • dbussani

      I think he should be tortured to death and killed slowly! A man like this should not get death penalty that is the easy way out. kill him slowly. Where is the real life Dexter when you need him?

  • Kevin

    this guy is obviously a victim of mind control, and in a nurological program at college? C’mon wake up people! And how did he get all that armament and explosives on a college kid’s money? Wake up and smell the conspiracy! All this right before a big vote on the UN small arms ban treaty. Yeah right, big coincidence there.