Seattle Tunnel Blocked By Mysterious Artifact?

    December 24, 2013
    Tina Volpe
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There is mystery surrounding a major work in progress – a tunnel that has literally struck a snag of unknown origins.

They call this tunnel machine – Bertha, a 57-foot-wide, earth-eating tunnel maker tearing away dirt and debris below downtown Seattle to make way for an underground highway along the city’s waterfront.

The contractors responsible for drilling that tunnel under downtown Seattle say so much groundwater is flowing into the tunnel it will take another few weeks before they can look at what’s blocking Bertha.

Chris Dixon of Seattle Tunnel Partners told The Seattle Times that a sealed-off chamber is almost full of water, even though six wells have been dug to try to pump water away from the machine.

“We’re a bit puzzled about what’s preventing us from moving forward,” said Chris Dixon with Seattle Tunnel Partners.

A mysterious obstruction, 60 feet down, and Seattle is abuzz with theories of what’s in Bertha’s way.

“There’s history buried everywhere,” local historian Feliks Banel said. “It could be Jimmy Hoffa, it might be Sasquatch or it could be a flying saucer, you know.”

The area where Bertha is stuck was once under water. The object blocking Bertha’s path may be a remnant of Seattle’s industrial roots, Lorraine McConaghy, a historian with Seattle’s Museum of History and Industry said. There was a steam-powered sawmill in the area in the mid 1800’s.

“It could be just about any industrial artifact you can imagine that might have ended up in the water,” McConaghy said, adding the possibilities included a locomotive or boilers and engines used in the old mill.

Laura Harper, a history teacher from Yakima, Washington agreed, “I’m assuming there’s probably an underground building, a ship, some sort of artifact from maybe 100 or 200 years ago,” she said.

Construction workers believe it is probably just a big boulder that was washed down in the glacier melt, but nobody knows for sure.

“There’s thousands of guesses what’s going on, but until we get down there and see what the actual situation is, it’s just speculation and guesses,” Dixon told a news conference last week.

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  • Truth

    And there are those people out there that actually believe Conspiracy Theorists are crazy. Conspiracy Theorists have been saying it for years that there is a vast network of tunnels and underground bases throughout the world.

    That machine you see above has been patented and in use since the 1970s. I have seen it work. It makes tunnels quite quickly and easily.

  • joe germann

    I remember watching a show on discovery channel about lost cities underground. The old remnants of cities that over time we just build over. Seattle was a bad spot for people to be shanghaid (spelling?). Perhaps they have come across very old seattle ruins. The tunnel is on the riverfront where cities usually founded themselves

  • Frank H

    This machine is digging through solid bedrock, I seriously doubt there is a “relic” of any kind in it’s path, it’s either a crack flooding the tunnel too rapidly with water from above or some other unexpected geologic feature.

    The only man-made thing I could imagine possibly being down there is some kind of old steel pylon that was driven down into the bed rock but I doubt even that.

    • ps1981

      It’s not bedrock, it’s very unstable “glacial till.”

  • Cassiel Lightman

    That’s the famous Obamacare!

    • Cosmo

      Sooooo Funny! You look like a comedian…

  • Rich Sweeney

    Could it be compacted sawdust from Mr Yeslers mill?

  • Rich Sweeney

    Could it be just compacted saw dust from Mr Yeslers mill?