Sean Payton Divorce: No One Wants To Hear About It

    July 3, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Sean Payton, coach for the New Orleans Saints, has gone through a bad patch lately. Not only was he suspended for a season for the role he allegedly played in the bounty scandal, it seems now he’s also going through a divorce. And, in a rare display of internet compassion, football fans don’t care.

When The Times-Picayune reported on the divorce filing–which shows that Payton has already moved out of their Texas home–it immediately spread like wildfire among varous web media sources, including NFL.com. Usually, news of a high-profile divorce is leapt upon by those in need of some juicy gossip, but this time was different. The comment thread on NFL.com reflects that people just want to read about football news…not the personal lives of coaches.


In our digital age, it seems nothing is private anymore; social media and smartphones have made it enticingly easy to share every detail of our lives with others in a quick fashion. So are we becoming overloaded with information? It seems perhaps there are some things that people would rather not see shared, or maybe it’s simply that the news was shared on a sports site. Either way, the opinion seems to be that those in the public eye are still entitled to a modicum of privacy.

What do you think? Let us know in the comments section below.

Image credit: Times Picayune

  • Melissa Kinney

    I think that the news media should listen to the fans that have repeatedly stated, to leave the man’s private life alone. No one wants to read about it and reporting on the fact that NO ONE wants to read about it is just a backhanded way to continue to report the same story. Let it go, and find a story that’s news worthy.

  • GeneO

    Where were you guy when Tiger had is personal issues?

  • http://yahoo j. Sherriffs

    Leave Sean Payton alone. Who cares about his personal life? Why don’t you try to act like a real reporter and try and show some degree of professionalism. No onw whats to her your “tabloid trash”. Problem is you, and others that glorify trash are taking away the opportunity for someone that really wants to be a reporter, and will handle their job, with objectivity and professionalism, something solely lacking in this article.

  • bill thomas

    Yes. He’s dating the former Miss West Virgina ….. Check her out…

    • Luba

      Skylene Montgomery/2008

  • Vickie

    Leave the guy alone. He’s going through enough and I’m positive there are more important things to be reported on like how the President & Congress are KILLING this NATION!

  • wes norton

    So Amanda Crum,,, you already established that no one wants to hear about it, yet you wrote, or at least attempted to write about it. WHY? Oh,, and by the way, you may want to check out some of the “varous” spell check that are available these days.

  • allen duplesis

    i say leave his private life alone .HIS JOB IS STRESSFUL ENOUGH.

    • miky in

      I agree… personal matters are not anybody’s concern.

  • Justin Franklin

    It’s just what the media does. They chronicle ones highs in life as well as ones lows. I don’t know tho that I would say it was wrong since it happens every day. This I will say has nothing on T WoOds. W erytike you get on the net, turn the tv on you would hear about him. I think the best thing is that the media just cover news worthy stuff but then again what’s news worthy? Obviously prying into people’s life is newsworthy. And if we, the customer would stoP subscrinbing and listening to this bull it would t be news worthy. We the people make this crap newsworthy. So I do not blame the media

  • Misti Hunt

    It is not our right to know what goes on in anyones private life. Whether they are public figures or not…they still deserve their privacy!! Leave the story alone. Let this Family deal with their private lives without media intrusion!!

  • Dre

    Guys don’t give a shit about what is going on at other’s homes, because a men we know everybody has some -hit going on at home. Women like to pretend like everything is perfect and then talk behind other women’s back. As men we don’t want to deal with our own drama, much less someone else’s…

  • Steve

    1 of the 1000’s that happen with celebs! Sorry it happened, but it’s getting old when 1001st comes across our screens!

    • Bonnie

      I had heard that they were having marital problems about a year ago, when he bought the house in Dallas.

  • http://Yahoo Kim Devlin

    Did the scandal and the suspension cause the divorce? We will never know.

  • Sean Jackson

    How come the same couldn’t be said when Andy Reid was going through it with all of the problems concerning his kids?

  • Michelle

    Sorry, it is news. He’s morally bankrupt as a coach and apparently, has marriage issues. Yes, I realize the two are not necessarily related and it could be the wife he owns the lion’s share of the marriage issues. That being said, when people get married, it becomes a matter of public record, famous or not, divorce is no different. The only problem I see with the media and divorce is that they make it a STORY rather than a simple news item. The Tiger Woods things was different–when you make yourself out to be (or allow the media to portray you as) “perfect” and it turns out you’re so far beyond that as to do what he was doing, well, you deserve all the negative publicity you get. Payton’s divorce may have been mentioned had the Saints not had the problems they do, but the bounty-gate thing magnifies anything any of those involved do, good or bad.

  • Eric Zuck

    Must be a SSSLLLOOOOOWWWWW News day when you have to report that No One is interested in a story that was reported. And this is newsworthy… WHY???????

  • Peyton

    Obviously someone wants to read about it or you wouldn’t be writing about it.

  • Chris

    I guess it is news because he is a public figure and has all the other big issues going on, so just the fact that he is an NFL coach and his life is in a rough patch right now is news, but not any that I really care about! It amazes me that any NFL coach would be able to have any kind of marriage. These guys are in their office by 6am and don’t get home many nights until late at night. Most of them have a cot in their office for when it is not worth going home! It is hard to maintain any kind of relationship with a spouse when you are that engrossed in your work, but the double edge sword is that you need to be that dedicated to be successful! Everyone sees the glory these guys get when they win, but it is not an easy life on them or their families!!!

  • Dan

    Maybe the team had a bounty out on beating his wifey down….

  • Linda Waynick

    Over the years I liked Sean Payton both as a coach & person but since the truth about the “Bounty” program surfaced and his involvement was revealed I really could care less about any of the ones who enjoyed profitting at the cost of someone’s health. Hay guys always remember “CARMA IS A B….!!!!” What’s goes around, comes around ~ “SHAME ON ALL OF YOU FOR LETTING GREED GET IN THE WAY OF HONESTY!”

    • choo

      There is no truth that came out about the bounty it is still all hear say. The fact is it is his personal life and why is anyone commenting on that in the first place???? you wouldn’t like it if someone you didn’t know commented on your personal life would you???

    • Tom

      It’s “karma” you idiot.

      • http://yahoo Valerie White

        You got that right, KARMA indeed!

  • Mrs. Owens

    I’m not a sports fan (per se), but i AM a marriage fan. i AM a forgiveness fan. And i AM a compassion fan.

    We all make mistakes. His just happens, like SO many others, to get high profile attention because of his notoriety.

    We each go through things on our jobs, prayerfully not scandals, but we each encounter situations. And if you’re married, you KNOW your marriage goes through challenges, faces problems, has to address issues, maintains concerns, has cold days, and yes RED HOT days too.

    So in stead of NOT caring, how about we really, earnestly, and sincerely pray for him? Just take a moment – literally 60 seconds and pray for him as a person, and pray for his wife – they’re each hurting in their own way. Let our prayers assist him (and his family) in getting through this situation without the use of drugs, alcohol, or completely abandoning their faith or morals.

    Average Joe people go through situations like his EVERYDAY, and some (I know for a fact) take their own lives. Now, i don’t know the man in the article, and truth be told, never saw him or heard of him BEFORE this article; but that’s irrelevant. Not saying that he would (but you just never know), I just would HATE for him to take his own life because he’s having a “REALLY challenging” season right now. Let’s cover him and his life, and his family with prayers.

    Remember, it could always be us going through similar situations; and wouldn’t it be a nice comfort to know that there are MILLIONS of people truly praying for our betterment? Not bashing us and not NOT CARING about our welfare. What comfort that would bring our hearts.

  • http://yahoo ben freidberg

    this story should stay out of the news. sean has plenty to deal with and might not ever recover. He has developed into a renegade type personality and needs to re-connect with the public in a humble manner.

  • http:menandwomenofdestiny.org Mary

    This situation is pretty grusome because; the family structure in America is dwindling down to nothing. Why don’t we look for positive things to write about? and rebuilding America instead of looking at the faults of these two people? I can imagine both of them is shaken up by this whole situation. And to be exposed worldwide about their personal life is ridiculous. I have been trying to get the media and the mayor in Fort Worth, Texas to address some issues of great concern about our youth and displaced families for the longest. We have a problem here what is most important? talking about the layoff and divorce of Sean Payton and his wife or what is killing our youth in the community today? gangs,killings, drugs that is out of control, problems in the school system. What can we do about these issues. Our organization has a solution to the problem and it has not been address to us yet. What is wrong with this picture? God help us as a nation of people. By Mary H. O

  • Luba

    Skylene Montgomery. Miss West Virginia 2008. 27 years old

  • Syeve

    Marriage, yet another scam played upon the gullible. 55percent of US marriages end in divorce. Bet the minister at his wedding babbled how it would last forever. Lmfao, suckers.

    • sparkn

      45% of marriages succeed according to your source. I’ll take those odds.

  • debby


    • Grandpa Dave


      Please don’t shout. I agree with what you are saying but it’s a sign of the times with 24/7 news coverage trying to fill the air.

      Happy 4th,
      Grandpa Dave

      PS: Bring back the quite days of the 40s and 50s

  • Kallie Jurgens

    Let’s leave them alone in their troubles; how would YOU like a stranger lashing out at YOU on something that is NOT YOUR BUSINESS??? The media love to hit on anybody’s troubles and that’s how it is!!!

  • Kathy

    I think their personal business is just that! Find something else interesting to write about! Divorce is a difficult thing to go through so i wish them both the best!

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