Scott Walker Death Threats Flood In On Twitter

    June 6, 2012
    Richard Stalker
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Yesterday Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker survived a recall election that began when he pushed through a bill that severely hampered public unions in their bargaining rights. According to Wikipedia the bill, 2011 Wisconsin Act 10, primarily impacted the following areas: collective bargaining, compensation, retirement, health insurance, and sick leave of public sector employees. The bill was passed into law and became effective as of June 29, 2011. The only represented public employees that are exempt from the changes to the collective bargaining law are State Patrol Troopers and State Patrol Inspectors.

This brought extreme anger from democratic voters and also brought massive protests to Madison. The other thing that really made this famous is that when the bill was proposed, the Democrats in the State Senate didn’t have the votes to filibuster it so they used a law that said at least one member of the opposite party had to be in attendance to vote on the bill. Their next move made headlines as they fled the state and hid out in Illinois so that the state police in Wisconsin couldn’t force them to come back.

After the act was passed a recall effort began and was successful in getting the number of votes needed. So last night Scott Walker easily defeated his opponent in the recall election and what came next is a disgusting display. Death threats actually started to roll in on Twitter! Check out the disgrace below and form your own opinion on these types of people who would hate on someone for winning an election. Both sides do it and it is disgusting!

Before I kill Scott walker household family , Imma Hang their mom & set her on fire & make them watch wit choppers to their heads
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Somebody gone kill Scott Walker man.
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I might just have to kill scott walker n take that charge
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If Walker win he best not come to Milwaukee. Niggas will have a bullet with his name on it. Real shit
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Can’t We Just Shoot Scott Walker Hoe Ass .
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  • Gabitalk

    Hey Mr. Stalker, Why only African American death tweets? Hmm I am going to check Twitter.

    • http://www.webpronews.com/author/richard-stalker Richard Stalker

      It was more about finding people who made the threats and didn’t erase them off of their account. If they are all the same race it is purely coincidental. But way to try to turn this into a race based argument!!!

    • AJ

      Good question. Why is it always black people that resort to violence? It’s called the g-h-e-t-t-o.