Scorpions Drummer Jailed for a Month in Dubai

    April 29, 2014
    Mike Fossum
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Scorpions drummer James Kottak was arrested at Dubai International Airport for drunk and disorderly conduct on April 3, and was sentenced to 30 days in jail for the crime of insulting Islam. According to Dubai state-run newspaper The National, Kottak flipped the bird and mooned other travelers while in an airport transit hall.

Kottak told police he had taken a wrong turn on his way to a Formula One grand prix gig in Bahrain, and subsequently denied flashing his middle finger, dropping his pants or insulting Islam.

A witness described as ‘Officer AA’ said he heard Kottak saying “what is this disgusting smell?” before insulting Islam. “I didn’t see anything else but I heard him. I then informed my supervisor, who came and took the defendant away,” AA added. A Jordanian passenger services agent called ‘AB’ said that Kottak was shouting “non-educated Muslims” and then gave other passengers the middle finger.

Kottak has been sitting in a Dubai jail since the incident, and will soon be released, having logged some time served. Kottak did plead guilty to being intoxicated without a license, and paid a fine of roughly $550. The drummer also explained that he was merely showing people his back tattoo, not mooning. During his misdemeanor trial, Kottak’s attorney Hamid Al Khazraji told the judge, “Their testimonies are contradictory, your honor.”

Scorpions are a German rock band formed in 1965, and have sold between 75 and 100 million records worldwide. Here is a bit of a Scorpions refresher:


James Kottack, 51, of Louisville, Kentucky joined the band in 1996, and was previously married to Mötley Crüe drummer Tommy Lee’s sister Althena.

Here is Kottak doing a drum solo at a Scorpions gig:

Kottak’s fans took to Twitter, relaying some confusion regarding the missing musician:

Image via Wikimedia Commons

  • Tommy

    that smell.. can’t you smell that smell?

  • Mohamsanwhich

    Islam is a joke

  • John Q Public

    “being intoxicated without a license”

    What the hell?!?!? LOL

  • Sky Marshall

    I hate to insult lesbians, but he looks like a butch lesbian woman. I’m just sayin.

  • AJScribe

    Ridiculous. Why is it that everyone else is expected to tolerate jabs to beliefs, racial characteristics or weight, etc., but Muslims are unable to do that same? It is a religion that practices “forced enlightenment.” In other words, profess it or be jailed, tortured or executed. How many times does the rest of the world have to see this pattern before we finally get it? Islam, at its core, is intolerant! That’s not the politically or socially correct thing to say, but it’s the friggin’ truth. We can all practice love and compassion in response, sure, but I think we also need to do so while speaking the truth about what we observe in that faith and culture. If Allah and Islam cannot tolerate questioning, then it really is not a very strong and credible belief system. If Allah does not have the capacity persuade people to belief without force, can Allah really be that powerful? Forced enlightenment–faith not freely chosen and examined–is a coward’s way out, and if God is God, I don’t think He/She is that insecure.

  • Steve Jones

    I think I am going to tattoo my name on my chest, drums, t-shirts and maybe someday someone will think I am not the average rock drummer weather its true or not.

  • Marc Friedlander

    I knew his ex-wife, Athena Lee…she was very sweet, considering who her brother is!

  • Rob Billeaud

    I thought the Scorpions disbanded last year? I know it wasn’t a dream.

  • eagle

    Well if the jail looks like the rest of the city, I bet it will be like being in a presidential suite, but if its as bad as the homes of the workers that built the city , then it probably wasn’t one of the main things to have designed.

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    So if you pull your pants down and moon someone its a “insult to Islam”? How about those who experienced the moon landing?

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    Time to bring back Herman Rarebell; he was there for the best recordings anyway.

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    Phuhk islam. Muhammad was a homo. A little boy toucher.

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    drunk without a license? where does one apply for that? the tattoo thing can go either way, but I can imagine the smell was bad and he was probably illustrating exactly what is smelled like. this is fuckin’ ridiculous!