School Shooting In Connecticut: Shooter Identified

    December 14, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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The suspect in the Connecticut school shooting which took at least 20 lives has been identified as Ryan Lanza.

The death toll has not been confirmed, but CNN is reporting that it could be closer to 30 than 20, and many of those are elementary school children. Police say they have taken a second person of interest into custody after finding him in the wooded area behind the school but have not released details on that individual.

President Obama is expected to speak about the tragedy soon; for now, Twitter is ablaze with arguments regarding gun control and whether the children should be interviewed so soon after the shooting.

UPDATE: It is now being reported that the shooter was actually Adam Lanza, and that his brother, Ryan, has been taken in for questioning. Several news sites ran with the story that Ryan was the shooter and published a Facebook account for that name, but it looks like that was misinformation.

  • Celestine

    My prayers is being sent up & out to each family. Remember God is your comforter who will see you through. Peace be unto each of you

  • http://Google Susan McCoy

    Gun control is not the answer, all the criminals will still have guns, a mental nut is born every day and wil find a way to get a gun, make a bomb, it’s sad out country has to deal with these crazy nuts, and our children fear going to school or outside to play, fear of being shot, kidnap, raped. It’s time our schools have metal detection , fenced in, gate guards, any criminal can get a gun, regardless of gun laws. Dopers get dope regardless of drug laws, so all you idiots that think gun control will solve the problem, be real!!

  • 1965

    My thoughts and prayers are with the victims and their families as well as the entire community and nation. Stay stedfast in prayer.

  • Beverly Lindley

    I’m just devastated by what has happened today and as a mother and grandmother my prayers are with all the families who have lost a loved one. I know that nothing that myself or anyone can say will console you right now but just know you are not alone in your pain, that the whole country is crying with you and thinking of you in your time of sorrow. I’m so sorry for your loss! God Bless you all!

  • Plz pray

    Thts terrible :'(

  • Plz pray

    Thts terrible

  • David Sprinkle

    I have guns to protect my famly from people that would harm them. I also like to hunt. They are all safely locked away in the best gun valt I could find. That said the FBI and ATF need more information on the people they are letting buy guns. You will never stop everybody from getting their hands on a gun if they want one bad enough. We have thousands of troops returning from fighting over seas in other countries that can’t find a job when they get home. After a complete evaluation of these solders they could be placed in these schools to protect our children and theirs. I think that would be the best deturrent we could have to stop this nonsence. I would be more than happy to vote for a tax increse to fund a project like this. There are so many crazy movies and people out now that they thrive on this trash and belive it’s true and then try to make the headlines or get even with someone else.