Scarlett Johansson Says She’s Surprised by Rude Fans

    April 30, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Scarlett Johansson claims that she’s surprised by how rude some of her fans can be when they approach her for a photo and/or autograph. Given just how often the actress is in the spotlight these days, you’d think that she’d be well aware of how genuinely and completely awful most human beings are in these sort of situations. I’m pretty far from what you’d call “famous” and even I know that people can be jerks.

The actress, who can be seen in director Joss Whedon’s highly-anticipated superhero blockbuster “The Avengers”, is astonished by just how many people will shove a camera in her unsuspecting mug when she’s trying to enjoy a few private moments with friends and family.

“I’m not traumatized by it but I find it can bring out the worst in humanity sometimes,” Johansson explained. She went on to add that she would never take someone’s picture without asking. Maybe turning the tables on the people who invade her space would do them all some good.

Regarding her career, Johansson claims that she doesn’t actively pursue “sexy” roles. Ideally, she’s love to be a character actor. That having been said, don’t hesitate to watch Johansson portray the Black Widow — a heroine who has a fondness for tight black leather and sultry poses — in both “Iron Man 2” and “The Avengers”. If everything goes accordingly, she’s also down for a Black Widow spin-off. There’s nothing sexy about that at all.

  • Glen Aicinena

    Keep it up Scarlett. Even with all your hotness, you can be yesterdays news very qickly. Don’t forget that it is your fans that put you on the map in the first place.

    • Faith

      So she’s wrong for not wanting people up in her face with a camera like she’s a zoo animal?

      • Dan

        Faith, you hit it on the head…before she was famous, she (like all of us) started life as a collection of DNA made flesh…I used to work at Blockbuster Video in Riverwoods, IL, where most of your big-name Chicago sports stars live; if you even ONCE asked a celeb for an autograph, you were fired on the spot!


        Because these celebs needed time away from being famous as well.

    • Daniel

      Rude is rude man. If she’s sitting down eating dinner in a restaurant, she shouldn’t have some moron interrupting her meal for a picture. And being that she’s been a successful actress for going on 15 years, I’d say she will be fine.

    • Chris

      That’s a pretty threatening tone! In general, people have definitely gotten much bolder and more rude. Nobody deserves to have a camera shoved in their face repeatedly while trying to relax and enjoy a little privacy. It’s as though some people are becoming as invasive and obnoxious as the paparazzi. Unfortunately, most people are no longer taught proper manners, so celebrities often are put in the position of having to tolerate some scumbag behavior. Unless you are a Kardashian chick in which case you want to be photographed no matter what, inclucing while you’re having sex. Scarett just has much more class!

    • C. I. M.

      Glen, That’s a pretty threatening tone! In general, people have definitely gotten much bolder and more rude. Nobody deserves to have a camera shoved in their face repeatedly while trying to relax and enjoy a little privacy. It’s as though some people are becoming as invasive and obnoxious as the paparazzi. Unfortunately, most people are no longer taught proper manners, so celebrities often are put in the position of having to tolerate some scumbag behavior. Unless you are a Kardashian chick in which case you want to be photographed no matter what, inclucing while you’re having sex. Scarett just has much more class!

    • Bea

      I am not a fan..I am sure people can be awful!! But I needed to say what a poor actress she is..I just watched..”We bought a Zoo” and she gave a really pitiful performance…Matt Damon was really great, and even the children actors did well..She was just so bad..Just wanted to say that..lol

    • J

      That has got to be the single most STUPID thing I have ever heard/read! “Don’t forget that it is your fans that put you on the map in the first place.” That may be true but that does not mean a “fan” ha a right to invade privacy.

      Movie stars/Athletes don’t “owe” fans ANYTHING. Fans pay to enjoy the performance, the “star” gets paid to perform. The transaction ends there. Bothering someone while they are eating, enjoying private time with friends/family is beyond rude.

      I would be willing to bet Ms. Scarlett would probably sit at a comic-con and sign and pose for a whole day. Shoving a camera in the face or demanding a picture is out of line.

      And before you say anything, I would be willing to bet that Scarlett can’t turn down enough “fans” to effect the box office.

      If you are a “fan” of someone why would you want to inconvenience them anyway? Just say hi, and “I like your work” and be on your way.”

  • aw

    Wow, you really trashed Scarlett here and really for no good reason. I mean you basically called her an idiot and a liar. She’s done plenty of character driven roles and Black Widow’s costume is pretty toned down on the sexy. Compare it to say Halle Berry’s Catwoman or Elektra. She’s a beautiful woman, she’s always going to look great in anything she does. Great job at being cynical though.

  • Paul Erstein

    She’s the nice Jewish girl of my dreams!

  • Tim In Indy

    I don’t know why you have to get an autograph or pic in first place. If I saw her in a restraunt. I’d just walk up introduce myself and tell her I was a fan of her work etc… That would be cool.

  • mekaneckpain

    She is so hot!!!!!! I want to eat watermelon with her.

  • James

    “She’s like to be a character actor.”

    Sounds like Todds never heard of a thing called proof reading.

    • JD

      “Sounds like Todds never heard of a thing called proof reading.”

      Neither have you.

      • Jed


  • Scarlett’s Mom


    • Dan

      Why don’t YOU STFU, you idiot?

      Oh wait…wait…that was an offensive, nasty, and prejudiced remark that offends a particular social group!

      I apologize to the idiots of the world, for having dared to suggest that “Scarlett’s Mom” had the IQ necessary to be considered an idiot; everyone knows that the idiots are smarter than SM could ever HOPE to be!

  • Gary

    Wear a hoody & only come out at night, else try to enjoy your fame and the wealth that goes with it that alot of rude people have helped to provide for you, else you could quit show business which I hope you don’t.

  • Kyle

    She’s up for a Black Widow spinoff? How’d that work for Halle Berry in ‘Catwoman’?

  • Tony Siciliano

    Celebrities want it both ways. They don’t like the intrusions in to their prvt lives that their fame creates but you can rest assured that Scarlett happily takes all the comps that come her way because of her celebrity

  • stephenf

    Hey, Scarlett…I kinda like you, I think you’re a really good actress, you have a great comic touch and all…but I have to tell you, taking unwanted photos and being a little annoying with celebrities is nowhere near “the worst in humanity.” Ask a vet sometime, or a cop.

  • sunster

    She has cankles..how can anyone call her HOT?? Have you seen pics?? Anyway, when you want to be a star in Hollywood, this is all that comes with it so she should be happy that people want her pic. One day when people don’t care about taking her pic, she will be even more unhappy…it’s the fans that got her where she is….not appreciating that will bring her down big time and hollywood execs will flip on her the minute the fans do….so stop getting upset Scarlett!

    • Ronald McDonald

      What’s a cankle and how do you get one?

  • Raven

    Time to find a new line of work if you don’t want it many others will take your place. Be grateful these people pay your bills.


      HELLS YES!!!

  • Dude

    I’m no big fan of celebrities, but she is hounded by sleazy paps everywhere she goes. It’s these guys’ profession to be scum of the Earth. Anybody in the world would be saying the same things, and most wouldn’t be able to handle it at all. While simultaneously, you have every Tom, Dick and Harry going batsh*t when they see her.

    That said, Black Widow was the only reason to watch Iron Man 2, and a movie with just her would be great.

  • Marshel

    It is shocking how rude “fans” can be. I remember Carol Burnett saying she was approached in a restaurant by a woman who wanted an autograph and Carol told the woman she would oblige after her meal. The “fan” put her hand on Carol’s hand (in which she was holding her fork) and said – “No, I want it now”. Being the kind person Miss Burnett is, she signed while shaking with rage inside.

  • http://yahoo joe lucito

    what a set of lips

  • Words

    There is no off switch for fame.

  • Jenn

    Oh, come on. Being a “celebrity” does not mean you should have to endure some of the crap that they do. Not to mention this story is highlighting a short comment that she made (and was probably asked about in the interview, no less) and turning it into an entire article to make it sound as though she is whining. All one has to do is read the comments on this very article to see the disgusting and vile interactions she probably has on a daily basis.

  • robert enderton

    She is a bitch. Don’t have a hard time taking fans money but OMG! a fan expecting something in return??? Enjoy your fame while you have it and maybe just a little note to the readers out there- pause for a minute and give honest thanks to your kids teachers, clergy in your community that help the less fortunate, or just be kind and attentive to your average joe on the street- THE HELL WITH OVERPRICED “STARS” AND SPORTS “SUPERSTARS”.

  • donna

    Fans are who keep you going and popular. You’re a bi-otch and I will NEVER watch another one of your movies. What arrogance!!!

  • john

    worst in humanity? Has she heard of the holocaust? I would consider that worst not some stupid photogs

  • nick

    geez– the hate level from the ignorant wanna be analysts here are overwhelming—all pontificating like u have a friggin clue—
    leave her alone–shes an awesome down to earth chick–just unfortunate she so damn pretty—and sexy–and hot and/…. ok- im done–peace

  • jeff

    would you want want some one allways asking for you autograf and photo i know i i were her i would get very annoed with it she is a person just like ever one ells just cuse she is celb or famous or hot dose not give us the right to annoy her just leave her bee and leave her alone treat people the way you want to be treated

  • Allyson Rideout

    Well, apparently she’s a betch too. I wouldn’t wanna meet her.

  • http://gumypoppa.webs.com paul

    we will see wednesday when she gets her star on the walk of fame

  • Adolf

    ScarJo is a dirty Jewish whore. People who want autographs are worthless sheeple.

  • Kacee

    As a tall blonde that grew up in Asia, I’ve had my picture taken EVERYWHERE, even in hospitals. I put up with it because I also got a ton of special treatment. This seems like one of those situations x1000.

  • Tony Danza

    You don’t like the attention you’re getting don’t be in a celebrity. What did you expect would happen if you got famous? I hate celebrities and their attitudes like they’re better than us. YOU ARE A CELEBRITY DO NOT BECOME A CELEBRITY IF YOU DON’T WANT ATTENTION. I do not feel sorry for you nor do I care about “celebrity problems”. God I hate our society. I would love it if hollywood was wiped off the map so we could move along as a society and stop considering these people our heroes!

  • http://www.facebook.com/#!/Jsplash123 jsplash

    I’ve never meet Scarlett but enjoy watching anything she is in.. Arn’t we all a little put off by pushy people once in a while.. Couldn’t imagine the intrusion that her so called “Fans” might impose on her Daily.. As far as I’m concern she’s wonderfull and can do no wrong. Keep it up Mrs Johansson.! -js-

  • JChaps

    I’m sure she’s not the only one who feels this way. When she started acting there were no cameras in cell phones. Any celebrity could go out anywhere and not worry about cam phones. Remember rotary dial? Well anyone who is under 20 can’t but that’s my point. A person could go out and miss twenty calls and have no idea. Today you have to delete those twenty calls from your email. I think she as sexy as sexy gets (especially in the suit) but why the need to follow her every move. Do you think she will show you something in public that you haven’t seen in her movies? Our your own lives that boring that you have to live someone else’s? I feel like I’m being followed.

  • Rhonda

    Dear Scarlett,
    I read your article today. I feel badly that you think your fans are incessantly vying for your attention. Since you feel this way I think you will feel good to know that I will create a petition for your fans to promise to leave you alone. The petition will also mention that we are NOT going to support anything you do. If being left alone is what you want this is what you shall have. We will find another actor who will appreciate our incessant vying of their attention. I’m pretty sure there are plenty around that would love to be in your position.
    Your former fan.


      Where do i sign up? I met her and she was SO RUDE TO ME. I have NEVER met such a bitch!!!


    What the hell is she talking about!? She’s the one who is RUDE & NASTY when approached. I PERSONALLY asked her if i may have a picture with her, she RUDELY said NO!, turned her back on me and then started to smoke a cigerette with her arms crossed and was very annoyed that i even asked her for a photo op with her, no denying this Scarlett, i had witness (4)’ and they even said you were rude and your actions were uncalled for. I am NO LONGER a fan of hers and to date, she is the only celebrity who has refused a photo and trust me i have met much bigger stars than her by leaps and bounds and they were polite. Remember Scarlett, your fans are what make you, without them you are NOTHING but a regular person. You seriously need to change your rotten attitude. SCHROEDER

  • jake

    Remember 12 years ago when Pamela Anderson was still hot and she was all over the tabloid magazines? Now Scarlett’s time in the sun. Mel Gibson said once that being famous is like walking around outside with a raccoon on your head…everyone stares. When you are famous there are perks…the red carpet, the after parties, the free stuff, the money, but there are also drawbacks. You lose your anonymity, autograph seekers hound you for a picture, as hell, who am I kidding, I just want to write my name across Scarletts face with my sperm and dribble it over her lips. Call me, Scarlett! I eat Cheetos while sitting in my E-Z Boy recliner in the nude!