'Saving Mr. Banks' Tom Hanks, Emma Thompson Shine

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Saving Mr. Banks showcases both Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson as they help tell the story of Walt Disney and his beloved and final film, Mary Poppins.

Walt Disney's daughters loved the original Mary Poppins book, so their father promised them he would bring the nanny to life on the big screen. He had no idea the obstacle that was P.L. Travers, the author of the book. She was dead set against his making a film from the book--saying he was going to trivialize her tale. The two argued over this for years until finally--and because she needed the money--Travers conceded.

Tom Hanks as Walt Disney and Emma Thompson as P.L. Travers are the perfect combination, according to a review from The Daily Mail. She is called ferocious to his accolade of 'majestic.'

The artistic differences Disney and Travers argued over come to life brilliantly on the big screen in Saving Mr. Banks. And even though the script isn't completely accurate, it is certainly quite entertaining.

Check out the trailer for the film that opens on December 20th.

This Twitter fan can't wait to see the movie.

Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson may get rave reviews from The Daily Mail, but the film itself doesn't get such high acclaims. The review alludes to mistakes like too many flashbacks. It even hints at the Disney Corporation using one of its founder's most beloved tales as a means to make money.

Will you be checking out Saving Mr. Banks when it hits theaters on December 20th? Do you fear it might ruin your beloved memories of Mary Poppins or do you think it might heighten your love of the Disney film instead?

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