Savannah Guthrie Replaces Ann Curry on “Today”

    July 1, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Savannah Guthrie, who has been co-host for the “Today” show’s third hour, is movin’ on up to take Ann Curry’s spot opposite Matt Lauer.

The show has seen a dramatic decline in ratings since Curry took over the job; NBC is looking to shake things up a bit by changing up who Americans wake up to, and they feel Guthrie fits the bill nicely.

“She’s got an undeniable range, and she’s earned the trust of the news community, her colleagues and our viewers alike. I couldn’t be happier for Savannah and the entire ‘Today’ team,” NBC News President Steve Capus said.

Guthrie has been the chief legal correspondent for NBC News for the last three years, tackling White House news for them as well. She’ll still hold that title as well as perform her new “Today” duties.

While some are blaming Curry for the show’s decline–“Good Morning America” beat out “Today” in ratings this spring for the first time in 16 years–many attribute much of the show’s success to her, as she’s been a news anchor for over 15 years.

Twitter users aren’t happy about the change; one even called Savannah a “perky Katie wannabe”. Ouch.

  • PHO

    Savannah will be great for the Today show. She is a first class person and will do an outstanding job. She should help the ratings of the Today show. I know I will start watching it again.

  • Norm Duncan

    I think problem wasn’t Ann’s fault its the hole show . I think it was very wrong what they did to Ann after 15yrs of service on that show.I for one will not be watching that show any longer.This is all I have to say about that,for now.

  • http://walmart.com Terri Cox

    how do we know that it is Ann Curry that caused the loss in ratings? is it not possible that people have become disgusted with all the rumors of Matt’s illicit affairs and hitting on the young girls on the show. Savannah is a good reporter but she is not the right match for Matt. NBC had better look out, another network may pick up Ann, just the way they did Campbell Brown and Soledad O’Brien

    not only was it a cruel way to end her time as anchor, they didnt even let her finish out the week, it was only one more day

  • http://haysum6742 sandra Frank

    I really think Matt was a jerk—it doesn’t seem right that he didn’t make nice nice as he did to Meridith and Katie–well along comes a pretty face and he is ready to thow Ann to the dogs–A decent network will pick her up because she is the most worthwhile person in NEWSCASTING TODAY. Stop playing around Matt and look back to see what a R– you really are

  • Michael

    I liked Ann Curry a lot,but I think Baby Savannah is very unique,professional,qualified and will be fine,too,but maybe I’m prejudiced,living in Tucson,Az. Savannah’s hometown.

  • Johnny at the Harbor

    I think the biggest losers are the Donnie Douche and Star Jones…and all the crap they think they know about the American people andcurrent events..everytime their segment comes on I tune out…they bring nothing to the show..nothing…I wont be watching anymore..the back stabbing just makes me want to puke…and you know im right…You go!!! Ann…you really didnt want to work with these people im guessing..

    Johnny at the Harbor
    In Santa Cruz, California

    • http://WEBPRONEWS marlies claus

      I liked her in every thing she brought us……………..
      Someone pleeeez explain!!!





  • Steven LeVine


    Well NBC you gross over $750M a year+ in advertising revenues. Well that can change like everything at your network. Curry you placed in the position knowing it was temporary. So why did you go through the tricks only to end up hurting your network and executives in the short run.

    Now Savannah a lawyer and Anchor is the same as Curry without the experience as a correspondent in the field. You know how lawyers act so once again this is an experiment. Will it work? Most likly not.

    Well the big question is if I were representing Ann Curry I would have made my departure deal based on ratings changing in the first six months after her departure. Based on that negotiation I would have asked for an additional $10M in fees if they didnt rise above a certain percentage during her first six months on the job. That would further indicate it isnt all about the age the personality but the NBC network is failing in morning news and audience. Matt Lauder last and least has taken more from NBC than he has given in exchange for his crazy last negotiation of $25M a year++++. Spoiled rotten and he is the cause of the problem and NBC couldn’t let go of Him without a really big problem. So watch out Matt the deep pockets of NBC can can you too. The second third hour are so weak that cant even fill it with
    prime anchors had to go really deep to find what is there now.

    You can redo the set as many times as you want but the people can decide and we will….

    NBC NEWS has lost its AAA standard to the beasts that show up and run the company including Comcast the worst liked company in America I wonder why… Roberts maybe you should be looking at your top players and do some cleaning up FIRST.

    Steven Levine New York

    • Steven LeVine

      YEAH I know this is right.

  • http://yahoo.com maxine vernon

    I think they should find someone to replace Matt I am tired of looking at him. I think he has been on their long enought, and should be let go.

    Maxind Vernon

    • doodles

      I agree.

  • ellie

    its not that ann was bad its that gma is so good. gma brings likable and in robins case lovable folks together to keep us informed. you can tell that they like each other-i like seeing that.

  • http://yahoo.com ellie

    Is not that Ann was bad -she was very polished and beautiful however its the endearing personalities of GMA. You can tell that the folks there like each other. I love getting up in the morning and seeing a positive atmosphere.

  • Vickie

    So much for all NBC programming in my TV watching experience. I don’t support business/companies tactics that are that as brutal as killing fields toward their employees.

  • M Smith

    blah blah blah

  • M Smith

    The Today Show revolves around the male anchor. It’s not just about ratings. It’s about chemistry with the female co-anchor and keeping Matt Lauer happy. Look at what happened to Deborah Norville. Didn’t take long for Bryant Gumbel to show her the door!

    Given that Ann was in Deborah Norville’s seat, it makes sense she wouldn’t last long, but that isn’t Ann’s fault. Ann may have known in her heart that it wasn’t her dream job, but as she said, she gave it her all, valiantly, and with more heart than Matt Lauer ever dreamed of.

    The seat was Natalie Morales’ to lose, but we know where that went. Savannah should get along with Matt, so Today will keep afloat for awhile.

  • Judy Dugan

    I too hate the “ask the professionals”. As soon as it comes on, I turn to GMA or CBS and do not return to NBC. I thought Ann
    Curry was a first class interviewer and journalist. She will be missed but now there will be more fluff and joking around on the Today Show. That is not what I am looking for first thig in the morning.

  • Tina L

    I felt so sorry for Ann, & thought she wss not treated too nicely. She was the one polished professional in the group! Will now watch GMA until Hoda & Kathylee come on. Shame on you NBC!

    • Sylvia

      I agree they treated Ann Curry very bad. I think the problem is that old bald guy. Ann was a real trooper. she covered for a lot of people. If she leaves NBC I want to know where and I will go with her. Matt is the problem!!!

  • Jim

    If you remember, NBC treated Jane Pauly pretty badly when the replaced her with Debroah Norville. Norville didn’t last. The only one they did a lot for was Meredith. Matt was leaving and I couldn’t wait for him to leave. Now he is staying and I am leaving. GMA for me. The today show is becoming to focused on hollywood bs.

  • Jim

    If you remember, NBC treated Jane Pauly pretty badly when they replaced her with Debroah Norville. Norville didn’t last. The only one they did a lot for was Meredith. Matt was leaving and I couldn’t wait for him to leave. Now he is staying and I am leaving. GMA for me. The today show is becoming to focused on hollywood bs.

  • marsha

    It’s ironic that NBC got rid of Curry due to ratings because I am sure they will see a decline in viewers after this unprofessional stunt. Based off the comments on this article alone, it is apparent that the only one reaping the benefits of the anchor-switch will be Good Morning America; my husband has been trying to convert me for years. Each morning while I got ready for work at Dish, a fight would erupt for the remote since I have always been a Today loyalist married to a Good Morning America enthusiast. Luckily, we have the Hopper DVR system which is capable of watching or recording up to three things at once because, inevitably, one of us would have to retreat to another part of the house to watch our respective shows. Our debate has now come to an end. I refuse to demonstrate loyalty to Today since they cannot exemplify that same loyalty towards one of their own. I am sure Savannah will see great success in her new position. However, I will not be tuning in to find out.

  • les dahmen

    Savannah is a great replacement for the show. I always said when they put Ann in the co-anchor chair, she would not make it. People want a little humor with their coffee in the morning. Ann is a great reporter on serious matters and she just couldn’t do the “slap stick” fast enough. Her humor was slapping someone on the arm. Good luck to Savannah, Matt, Al and Natalie. I think the ratings will be back.

  • Sue

    I’m thinking Matt has been there long enough. I feel bad for Ann and kind of feel bad for Savannah having to come in this way. At someone else’s expense. I’ve already stopped watching NBC for other reason’s, but stopped in for the olympics.

  • Roberta

    When I saw Ann’s farewell segment, I knew it was the end of the Today show for me. She was a “first class professional” on a “tired male-dominated” show. I now start me day with GMA and am a happier person.