Savannah Guthrie Makes Her Co-Hosting Debut on TODAY

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Savannah Guthrie was selected to fill the hole left by former TODAY co-host Ann Curry, who watched helplessly as NBC scrambled to replace her following record low ratings. This week, Guthrie made her debut as co-host on the popular morning program, alongside Matt Lauer and Al Roker. As a fan of Ann Curry, Guthrie’s shift to the co-hosting gig isn’t particularly thrilling, as I still hold the belief that the seasoned journalist got the shaft by her superiors. Still, at least the network went with someone who’s already established herself with viewers. That should make the transition a bit easier for devoted TODAY fanatics.

“This was a little unexpected, as we all know, but I just want to say that I’m so proud and honored to be in a place occupied by so many women I admire,” Guthrie explained. She added that it was nice to have a job that “you can describe as fun and actually mean it.”

Although media speculation about Curry’s departure was rampant, the network itself has said very little about her replacement. However, NBC New President Steve Capus explained to the Hollywood Reporter that Curry didn’t have the enthusiasm for the “fluff” pieces that the network required her to tackle. Curry’s expertise is in serious journalism, so feigning excitement over cooking segments and celebrity pieces wasn’t exactly her forte.

This week may be Guthrie’s “official” first week as co-host, but it’s certainly not her first rodeo. One day before Curry bid farewell to viewers, Savannah took the spot next to Matt Lauer, resulting in Good Morning America’s complete annihilation of TODAY in the ratings. According to Nielsen, GMA stomped a hole in its competitor to the tune of 670,000 viewers.

NBC is hoping that Guthrie’s warm personality and jovial manner can help bring viewers back into the fold. Sadly, a lot of folks are none too pleased with the way the network has handled Curry’s departure, which may ultimately cost them in the long run. Personally, it’s kind of hard to view TODAY in the same light knowing that they’ll boot their hosts at the drop of a hat if they fail to meet expectations.

Savannah Guthrie Makes Her Co-Hosting Debut on TODAY
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  • Jo

    Have switched from Today show and will not go back…….Anne Curry is one classy and gracious lady! She did not deserve to get booted. NBC did not learn a lesson with the Jay Lenno fiasco.

  • Janne

    We haven’t watched the Today show since they made a mockery out of Ann Curry. Even my Teen Age kids saw through that business. For all the years she has been with them they could have given her more than 3 minutes. The reason the show has gone down the tubes is the fact that Executives can’t get it through their heads that the show is to predictable. Let me see what do we have. Cooking, Styles, Hollywood Gossip, oh yea a weak attempt on legal advice. Throw in 3 minutes or less of news and we have the Today show. Not all of us are that dense or shallow. Get with the program. Do more with the news. Give us some meat not this dribble that you call news worthy. It’s just junk. Maybe when you do, some of us will come back to viewing. But until you have turned a lot of people away to other programing.

  • http://WPN Kathleen

    Not a fan, watched the Today since Tom Brokow and Jane Pauley times, will be moving to ABC/GMAC…

  • equinelady

    Savannah . . seems brittle with a very strident voice — not easy to listen to — did anybody run an audio test on her???? Ann was classy; Savannah not so much. Very average in my book. Switching to Good Morning America. Matt Lauer is the one who should have left.

  • http://yahoo J Mealy

    I too have switch to GMA after watching TODAY every morning for over 30 years. I have to admit, I miss the TODAY show, but I will not return without Ann.

  • jane

    I stopped watching the Today Show the day they booted Ann,the Today Show made a mammoth mistake in letting Ann take the fall, so gracefully as I might add!!! Savannah is lovely but Ann was the Real Class Act………

  • matt

    I agree and hope someone from NBC reads the comments to see how their decisions affect things. I cant stand looking at savannah, and will be switching to GMA. You wanted change NBC? Now you have it.

  • Dave

    Have not watched the show since Ann left and do not plan to watch it again!!

  • Greg Strone

    AnnCurry was the credibility of the Today Show. Without her you have the blandest and most air-headed show on television. Couple that with the way NBC treated Conan and you have a network that is run by The Sith – seriously NBC you stink. I hope you’re rating go down and Ann Curry will be back in a better place than this horrible network, so good for her.

  • Pat Muir

    Shame on NBC, I will never watch again, changed to GMA. It’s also about time they get rid of Matt Lauer. We will miss you Ann.

  • CSB

    If they booted Ann because she wouldn’t feign excitement over “fluff pieces” they might as well put a Kardashian in her place.

    • lorrie e.

      I agree with all the above comments. I shed tears along with Ann
      when she said goodbye. She worked many years to become co-host.
      There is no one on tv that has the velvety easy-to-listen-to voice. No matter what or where she was reporting from, I listened, if only to hear her voice. When she interviewed someone who had experienced a tragedy, you could feel her empathy.
      NO ONE else comes close, although Natalie would be next-best. What does being a lawyer have to do with being co-host? It never was important before; so why now?
      I wish you the very best, Ann; and I will be watching for you wherever you will be next.
      I actually feel sorry for Savannah.

  • http://WebProNews CM

    I agree that Ann Curry got the NBC shaft. She is a knowledgable newswoman, much better at hard news than Matt. NBC sent her on so many dangerous assignments. Remember the mountain climb when she got altitute sickness? Bet Matt wouldn’t go near a mountain climb.
    Savannah is the new type of anchor…Lawyer (why so many lawyers on TV doing other things?). And she is giggles way too much. And she slumps. And her voice needs some work to be at a lower register because the squeaky voice is irritating. Then there’s Natalie, whom everyone loves. Why didn’t she get a chance?
    I hope Ann got to keep the clothes. No one else could wear them with such style. So, I’m off to Good Morning America. NBC nudged me out their door.

  • Flip Flop

    Already I see signs of this not working. She just does not have it when it comes to pulling off that position.

  • Pat Muir

    I agree with all the above. The next one to go should be Matt Lauer.

  • Lulu

    Watch your back with Mr. Lauer Ms. Guthrie. Even if Ann didn’t make it as the co-anchor, she should have gotten the nes desk back. You can bet, Matt could’ve done more to keep her. There is something underhanded about that guy. I’m going back to GMA even though George is too political……….

  • skydoglvr61

    Let the “three professionals” take over the Today show. Star, Donny and Dr. Nancy are all articulate, well educated and have had some real life experiences because of their professional lives. Why does Matt still have a contract after all of the unsavory rumors that swirl around him? Ann, you are a classy, intelligent woman. What happened to you is not fair to you or viewers. I know you will do an outstanding job in your new position but I will miss you!

  • lori

    If what I’m reading is accurate, Savannah Guthrie will not be the answer to the Today Show’s ratings. She will have a lot of pressure on her to bring up the ratings & will be gone as quickly as Ann. Switching to GMA as well. Shame on you NBC for your treatment of Ann.

  • David Pierce

    Ann was absolutely a huge reason why I watched. Savannah is ok, nothing against her, but it just feels like the network scrambled to find a replacement. Watching the Today shows makes me feel kind of dirty now. GMA is really good. I will be watching it from now on.

  • Leisha

    You mean…boot ‘WOMEN’ anchors. Never watching NBC again for their horrible treatment of Ann Curry. Really miss her. Watching GMA from now on.



  • toobusy

    The day after Ann left, I started watching GMA. It is refreshing & much more light hearted. Today Show seems somber and not so “fun”. I’ve been watching NBC loyally since 1990 and after their treatment off Ann Curry, I went off to GMA. Loved Matt Lauer when he first started, don’t know what happened to him.

  • T

    Ann Curry invested 15 years in NBC. I’m quite sure she intended to retire there. She did the stories no one else could. i.e, the north pole segment! Matt lauer is the balding pig who crafted her exit while securing a 25 mill dollar contract. I used to like him until that happened. I would put up with him. Now he’s just an aging greedy old aggrogant boring grump. I hope his ratings tank!!! I hated that they played “welcome Savannah” with old clips of her, etc. and Ann Curry’s chair isn’t even cold yet!! Shame on NBC. I’m watching Amy Robach on ABC now.

  • Jill Anderson

    I stopped watching the Today show due to all the fluff involved. I don’t give a darn about celebrity news, I want to hear news about politics, world events, etc…Stop with the cooking segments, celebrity interviews, and “the professionals” segment. I really don’t care what those three think. I used to watch the first 15 to 20 minutes to hear the news and then moved to other things.

    Personally, I’m glad Ann Curry was able to move on. This show is a waste for someone with as much talent as she has. I do think that Al Roker, Matt Luaer, and the others should have shown a little more respect for Ann on her last day. Especially Al Roker, as they always came across as being such good friends. Wow! With friends like this, who needs enemies. Good luck Ann Curry! I’ll be waiting for your specials.

  • http://yahoo rosebud

    I have been a longtime loyal Today fan for about 25+ years but no longer. The main reason I tuned in over the years was the excellent reporting and when Ann Curry was brought in my appreciation of Today went up a notch. Classy, soothing, professional and chic, Ann really was the epitome of what I like to watch on the morning news channel I select. The manner in which Ann was shoved out the door; the complete LACK of any appreciate in her goodbye- 5 minutes to tell her loyal watchers she was leaving w/ NOTHING done by NBC to showcase her excellent reporting was nothing less than not only a slap in the face to Ann but to her viewers. I’ve always like Matt Lauer but I am DONE with the Today show. This has left a bad taste in my mouth. I hope Ann finds another network eventually who will appreciate the professional and enjoyable newscaster she is.

  • J.M.

    I enjoyed the show in the past. There was quality, serious interviews and some humor. Lately it looks like you prefer to cater to pure entertainment and not always in good taste. I am afraid that you will lose the older audience. The lady’s in your group don’t really care about manners. Yes they are mostly smart and can deliver the news, but the minute you see them standing in front of the camera, it looks like they are in a hurry to run to the bathroom. What is it with crossing their legs like they need to go?? It looks ridicules and offensive.
    The young generation today has no upbringing; maybe they could learn thing or two from the show. Lets them see the way a person should stand up, not like a five year old in the desperate need to go…
    The change of anchors is not going to help. Ann is a serious, compassionate human being. The network was making clown out of her. They have to make a decision if they are following the air heads in the public or people who really would like some serious , quality reporting. We can always move to other news stations. I would like to watch the news not to be entertained, but to be enlightened.

  • http://Yahoo David

    Maybe it’s time to get rid of Matt Lauer and Al Roker I can’t stand either one of them. I liked Ann Curry I hope she get’s a good gig.

  • m kiefer

    I used to be a daily viewer and supporter of the Today Show. NO More. I now watch GMA for the first time and will NOT return to Today. See ya Matt!!!!!

    • Tammy

      I agree that NBC treated Ann terribly and I was disappointed in Brian Williams shoddy comments. I don’t feel any rapport with Savannah G never had and really dislike the gal now. How did she shoot up the ladder so fast and surpass Natalie, Amy Robach and Jenna? Beyond me.

  • bill houlihan

    Guthrie is a pro and I am rooting for her.

    Curry is a pro and I am rooting for her.

    NBC Prez Capus is a panicked idiot and I am not cheering for you or your network.

    At a saturday night party in Palo Alto, 5 of 6 attendees have refused to wtach Brian Williams and MSNBC altogether after the shabby treatment of Ann Curry. (This is not a passing moment Mr capus)
    We all agreed to turn into GMA and wait for your next stupid move.

    You overlooked and underestimated that Ann Curry has millions of fans out here, and we are supporting HER, not you.

    For Lauer, he should have stood up for Curry, but didn’t. I am sure he was trying for Natalie Morales as his sidekick (so many rumors etc about them both) but NBC settled to the talented Guthrie.

    MSNBC is my daily must see, as is Brian Williams. Not today, not tomorrow, not again.

    God bless the remote. And when your overall ratings dip, blame it on Capus and Lauer who failed to stick up for Curry.

    Disgusting behavior all the way around. Guess loyalty doesn’t pay.

    • Me

      Guthrie is lame and immature. I no longer watch the show.

    • Deb

      NBC has a long track record of disloyalty to their talent. Pierce Brosnan could have been James Bond in the ’80’s, but they refused to release him from a tired show. And, more recently, the shabby treatment of Conan O’Brien is another shining example of NBC’s supporting of their talent.

  • steffie

    going to GMA….something about Savannah that just does not click with me…maybe it is that goofy smile…

  • http://Yahoo Charlotte

    I think Anne Curry has suffered a great injustice and because of that:I am NOT watching “Today” anymore! I don’t like the strong-arm tactics of the Network, and I still wonder WHO REALLY was behind Anm’s departure from “the couch”…and if a “Benedict Arnold” was hidden in their midst?!
    Whatever: I wish you well Anne, you have long been one of my favorites and I will follow you wherever you go! Good Luck dear Lady, you have beauty,intelligence,guts and best of all: CLASS!

    • Val Cabellon

      When are they going to replace Matt L. and Al Roker????

  • shelly

    I was a loyal watcher of the Today but when Katie left I switched to GMA and I love everyone on that show. I do like Ann and feel she was done wrong by everyone.

  • peggy

    I,m so pleased to see that so many people deplore the way NBC treated it;s most classy host, Ann Curry. Shame on them, I could not bear to watch since, that two-faced Matt Laurer, and for the newest host, Savanah – she’s scary….



  • Rick Winoker

    What redeeming traits could you possibly think Ann Curry had? GOOD RIDDANCE. Savannah Guthrie is only very mildly better. You need a star for co-host-like a Diane Sawyer, a Jane Pauley,a Viera, a Ciuric. Why has everyone forgotten? Someone with a great journalistic backround, with a flair for entertainment and lifestyle segments.
    Norah O’Donnell.

  • http://yahoo.com Sherry

    Matt Lauer appears to be an egomaniac. Al Roker is a tired act.
    And Ann Curry, who is a professional class act, definitely should have been the one to stay.
    But she didn’t like “fluff?” Duh. She is a talented journalist, who is serious about her job.
    I no longer intend to watch Today now that she is gone.

  • ann sosa

    I thought the way ann curry was treated was just terrible! Also…to hire someone in her place that quickly was Very dis-tasteful! Shame on NBC!! I’m looking very forward to becoming a GMA Fan! Good Luck to Ann Curry we Love You and we are ALL pulling for you!

  • stone

    I only watched Today cause of Ann; I hope NBC’s news viewership craters; I’m not watching any NBC news.

  • 12know

    It’s no secret that the media is a snake pit with everyone jockeying for a secure position, even if it means stepping on someone else’s toes or getting them fired. Ann is a class act but hails from a different time when journalism was more serious. Savannah is more like today’s type of journalist, appealing to the audience for ratings approval. I prefer the old school style but that doesn’t go over very well now. Also, what the public wants is rarely considered in making these types of decisions. The head honchos zero in on the ratings only. Well, with many former Today fans going over to GMA, the executives will be left scratching their heads as to why the ratings continue to plummet.

  • Susan Blanton

    It was Ann Curry’s dislike of Fluff that made me watch her on the Today show. I want to see news in the morning not cooking and celebrity gossip. If Ann Curry was the reason for the low ratings, then it says a lot about the stupidity of our nation. We are rapidly becoming a nation of imbeciles who would rather watch Dance Moms then Sixty Minutes.

    • Deb

      If you want real news in the morning, watch CBS’s morning show. It’s the only one I like.

  • pianolegs

    Hey! CBS has a pretty good morning show — try it — they discuss serious stuff and they’re all grownups!!! The Today Show is past history. Savannah Guthrie — come on — she lives in a teenage world.

  • Bonnie

    I agree with most of the comments. Ann Curry did not make the ratings go down. Maybe it was the show itself. Let me see, the cooking segemnts where no middle class person can afford to make. That segment should go. All that glamour. Dresses only $100.00 what a deal! Gotta go. Lets not forget those houses that Al tries to sell. Only $300,000 what a bargain. I will right there to buy one maybe two. Again, this segment should go. Just maybe the show needs revamped. Do you think? I am sorry to see that Ann is still staying with NBC. She deserves better. She is a classy compassionate lady and a great journalist. She has been all over the world for NBC. Putting her life in danger and for what. Getting rolled over like a steam roller. I will be surprised if the ratings go down further. I heard Matt had alot to do with getting the ax and that makes me sick. Whats so great about him. He is old, gray and almost bald. He can also be replaced. As for Savannah, well she has a big pair of shoes to fill. That cheezy fake smile just doesn’t do it for me. I wish Ann all the luck in the world. I hope she gets to move forward soon. Miss you Ann.I am also switching networks.

  • JC

    She’s o.k. but, I would have rather seen Natalie Morales get it.

  • Pissed at NBC

    If the Today Show wanted there rateings to go up they should have shit canned those two stupid DRUNKS Kathy Lee and Hoda.

  • Sally

    I echo the sentiments of others here. I stopped watching the Today Show (after loyally watching for many years) on Ann Curry’s last day. I now watch GMA. I will follow whatever Ann does next, however I have no desire to waste my time on the Matt Lauer/Savannah Guthrie team.

  • Deb

    Apparently Ms. Guthrie is too young to remember Deborah Norville being thrown under the bus by NBC when Jane Pauley left the Today show. All I have to say is good luck, and I’ll be watching Charlie Rose.

    • Martha

      I’m with you… CBS and ABC, here I come. There is so little hard news anymore, it’s like watching the National Enquirer… yucch

  • Take That

    Matt Lauer is the problem. I’ll never watch as long as that putz it still antagonizing his “guests.”

  • Karrie

    WTF – Matt did all the talking and I didn’t get to see anything but Savannah’s poor posture and silly, youthful, unprofessional persona (was my first impression). I” just read my news online…thanks.

  • Gilligan

    I was a fan of Willard Scott and the Today Show “persona” during his time, but the ratings race and the left leaning course since then have left me cold. Not a fan of Matt, and he can only blame the ratings slippage on the co host for so long. Eventually an overhaul will be the only way to salvage the show. The Kathie Lee and Hoda segments are nauseating.

  • elizabeth

    I too am sorry to see Ann Curry go. Who know’s if she was the cause of NBC’s sinking ratings? Maybe it’s Mat Lauer? I’d much rather watch, learn, listen to Curry than Lauer. I sometimes find Lauer cold, condisending and almost rude. Guthie seems very bright, a big too smiley, but I’ll switch stations, to protest the way NBC really treated Curry badly. Too bad, I’ve enjoyed NBC since Jane Pauley’s time.

    • elizabeth

      Yes, Savannah needs to sit up straight; she definitely sloughes; looks bad!

  • Martha

    Ann Curry is such a class act and my only regret is that she doesn’t leave NBC completely… I would love to watch her reporting on another network. Please give us some hard news and get rid of this fluff stuff we see all the time.

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