Savannah Guthrie Makes Her Co-Hosting Debut on TODAY

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Savannah Guthrie was selected to fill the hole left by former TODAY co-host Ann Curry, who watched helplessly as NBC scrambled to replace her following record low ratings. This week, Guthrie made her debut as co-host on the popular morning program, alongside Matt Lauer and Al Roker. As a fan of Ann Curry, Guthrie’s shift to the co-hosting gig isn’t particularly thrilling, as I still hold the belief that the seasoned journalist got the shaft by her superiors. Still, at least the network went with someone who’s already established herself with viewers. That should make the transition a bit easier for devoted TODAY fanatics.

“This was a little unexpected, as we all know, but I just want to say that I’m so proud and honored to be in a place occupied by so many women I admire,” Guthrie explained. She added that it was nice to have a job that “you can describe as fun and actually mean it.”

Although media speculation about Curry’s departure was rampant, the network itself has said very little about her replacement. However, NBC New President Steve Capus explained to the Hollywood Reporter that Curry didn’t have the enthusiasm for the “fluff” pieces that the network required her to tackle. Curry’s expertise is in serious journalism, so feigning excitement over cooking segments and celebrity pieces wasn’t exactly her forte.

This week may be Guthrie’s “official” first week as co-host, but it’s certainly not her first rodeo. One day before Curry bid farewell to viewers, Savannah took the spot next to Matt Lauer, resulting in Good Morning America’s complete annihilation of TODAY in the ratings. According to Nielsen, GMA stomped a hole in its competitor to the tune of 670,000 viewers.

NBC is hoping that Guthrie’s warm personality and jovial manner can help bring viewers back into the fold. Sadly, a lot of folks are none too pleased with the way the network has handled Curry’s departure, which may ultimately cost them in the long run. Personally, it’s kind of hard to view TODAY in the same light knowing that they’ll boot their hosts at the drop of a hat if they fail to meet expectations.

Savannah Guthrie Makes Her Co-Hosting Debut on TODAY
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  • http://www.patriciarileyleyden.com Patricia Riley Leyden

    I wanted to see how the Today Show handled the first day without Ann Curry, so I turned it on and was disgusted when Matt Lauer said that “we are all so excited around here,” or something to that effect about this new beginning. I feel that Natalie and Al are disloyal people now too. I switched on GMA immediately, which I have been watching since Ann’s last day, and I will never return to Today, and this after 50 years of watching it. I think NBC made a deadly mistake in removing Ann.

  • Ron

    I have stopped watching this morning show. Matt Lauer laid
    the ground work for Ann Currys demise. He was challenged
    by a true Journalist. His quest for power, to keep fluff
    and BS alive on NBC is way to evident.

  • Debra

    We won’t be watching Today anymore, Matt obviously has a ‘thing’ for this woman and it’s a shame that Today played a part in helping him by ruining Ann’s career.

  • http://nbc Bonnie

    Savannah is SO ho-hum! WHY? Back to GMA

  • Mully

    Just one left wing shill replaced by another left wing shill. Ho hum.

  • Carla

    What was NBC thinking when they had Ann Curry step down as host. She was the main reason so many people loved the show. Ann was sincere, compassionate, warm and brilliant. She earned her job, venturing into dangerous parts of the world and interviewing terrible leaders of their countries. She was a great sport and I know my family, office workers, and friends that have switched to GMA. Matt should have been the one to leave. He was the Brutus and stabbed Ann in the back behind the scenes, in my opinion. NBC WAS NOT RESPECTFUL OR COMPASSIONATE in the way they had ANN CURRY LEAVE- NBC- NOBODY CARES SO YOUR VIEWERS WON’T CARE UNTIL ANN COMES BACK AS THEIR CHOICE OF HOST!

  • Carol Widenmore

    I loved GMA until I witnessed Ms. Curry being bullied from the top down on national TV!!
    How sad and disgusting.
    I will watch CBS from now on.
    The TV business is often cruel, but the manner in which they
    came about ousting her is akin to lynching.
    Ratings and money are the name of the game in television.
    Godspeed Ms. Curry…

  • Renee

    I really fell bad that Ann Curry didn’t see this comming. I love her as a jouranlist and an anchor. I really feel that Savannah was brought in and groomed for this position from the very start. I sincerely hope that Ann will go on and find bigger and better things to do. Sometimes God wil move you to bless you in a bigger way.

  • Jeffries

    This was the worst move that NBC ever did. I have watch the Today Show for over 30 years. Not any more.

  • http://yahoo.com tanya gutierrez

    matt lauer was typically despicable and following the newsy trend of needing cute, younger women to keep a following, which is ok, except, as in all cases, it dehumanizes women, and trashes them if they can no longer fit into “this mold”. As a protest, I too will switch to Good Morning America, after all, if everyone else is watching it, there must be something to it. I encourage you all to do the same, one day your wives and daughters will be Ann Curry’s age, and I hope this humiliation will never darken their doorway. I say TUNE OUT!!!

    • http://yahoo mommiedearest

      I agree. Matt better watch his balding head or he’ll be next! That would put a smile on my face!

  • http://yahoo mommiedearest

    After what Today did to Ann Curry, I switched to GMA.



  • Rose Dolce-Skarphol

    Shame on NBC for getting rid of Ann Curry. They are more interested in “fluff” pieces, isn’t this why we have the last 3 hours of the Today Show? Kelly, Hoda and Kathy Lee, Extra in the everning, isn’t there enough fluff and poor Journalism? We live in a world of “in the moment” mnentality when the serious news reported by Ann Curry is considered boring if you are not covering the demise of yet another Hollywood marriage or bad behavior which is now rewarded. They have lost a considerable amount of viewers like myself who still cherish “real hard news stories”. Matt is pathetic with his gushing of Savannah on air knowing that Ann might be watching.

    • Janne

      Could not have said that better myself. Get rid of Matt, it will be a whole lot better show.

  • jack campsey

    Maybe their ratings wouldn’t drop if hey reported both sides of the story. I have switched to HLN and Fox because you get both sides of the news. Obama is not in every sentence they use.

  • Jewell

    The Today Show makes me sick.. I have seen Ann do cooking segments before so they knew how she was, and they still made her Co Anchor.. So stop blaming Ann for the ratings, How do you know Matt isn’t the problem? Or the crap they show? Fire Matt and let Ann and Savannah run the show.

  • john

    C’mon, she looks like the clone of Natalie Morales. Even LULAC and other activists have started posting that NBC passed her over because she’s Hispanic. Can you even tell them apart? At least they didn’t bring in Connie Chung or Margaret Cho to replace her. If if was Miss Swan, now that would be funny.

  • Barry

    Ann Curry was the only reason why I continued to watch Today. I no longer have need to sit and endure Al Roker’s forced buffoonery to keep his job, and Lauer’s abrasive interviewing style just to see Ann’s segments. Ann’s professionalism is still unmatched. It really hurt to see her uncomfortable, tear-filled exit along with the uncomfortable fidgeting of the remaining staff. Not to take away anything from Savannah Guthrie (mind you, she towers over everyone and it stands out!), I wish her well, but she’s no match for the class of Ann Curry.

    • Kimberly

      I agree. I have not watched Today since I found out that Ann was leaving.

  • Lora

    “Fluff” is exactly the reason why I don’t watch the today show anymore.

  • Jim

    I quit watching today as well. I don’t care for matt and am tired of all the hollywood/fluff pieces that they try to pass off as news. Please not one more kardashian piece. I am now watching cable news and it is much better.

  • carole

    I liked Ann, what I don’t like is Matt. He is getting old and abrasive, seems to like himself too much. GMA has a much better show, with much better host. Won’t be watching the Today show anymore, NBC has to get better management and new host…

  • Mike

    I have always watched the Today show. Over the past few years the quality of the segments and material have gone down hill. I want to see the news of the world, if i want cooking i will go to the food chanel etc. I though Ann was excellent.

  • Jean

    I will no longer be watching NBC Today Show since their superficial decision to fire Ann Curry.Since placing two young attractive women who could be look alikes is their idea of who they want to appeal to as viewers, good luck with that. I know quite a few people who share my viewpoint.

    • louize

      Who the heck cares! Geeze!!!!!!!!!!

      • Janne

        The NBC Executives will when their ratings go down even further. They only have themselves to blame. That’s who.

  • Johnny at the Harbor

    Again…big mistake replacing Ann with whats her name..Oh yeah, shes a Lawyer…big deal..did she ever practice law?? I doubt it…Im watching GMA now and Im glad cuz I got real tired of the left wing BS…Im guessing the the Today Show’s rating will continue to decline and it will make my day……And frankly..Im liking GMA…

  • diana

    I will never watch the Today Show again. Matt is the problem…NOT all the girls.

    • http://www.Yahoo.com Nancy Lowell

      I agree–Matt and his oversized ego are the problem–if I were Ann, I would take myself to a Network that appreciates her–so long NBC–heloo CBS–N.l.

  • One big family?

    That wasn’t a hole created by Ann Curry’s departure, it was a crater that resulted from the bomb dropped by NBC. Ann may not have fit NBC’s cookie cutter version of the cohost, but she was warm, genuine and the epitome of the kind of person who should be sitting in that chair. I find myself going to other morning shows more than ever. I hope Ann is quickly hired by another station who appreciates her talent and professionalism. NBC may be one big family, but Ann’s firing makes a clear statement that they eat their young. P.S. I know a great employment attorney in Philadelphia.

  • Consuela Margalotti

    Ann Curry was class, I don’t watch the Today show anymore. I don’t like the replacement and the news segments are more like the Inquirer newspaper.

  • dianab

    She is missing an upper lip

  • Mike

    Ann is a bore and should be on NPR. Savannah is exactly what Today needs. Sexy, well spoken and energetic. She will do great.

    • Janne

      She has about as much personality as a rock. As far as sexy….well, she has a lot of leg but there really is nothing upstairs except for a kniving backstabber. Need I say more.

  • http://none Charles T. Schenck

    Al may be next! All his silly bellowing is not very humerous. Better reporting, less talking over each other would greatly improve the show. Ann is missed but some smarter network will realize the valuable asset that she is. Slumping ratings indicate a need to re-evaluate your content.


  • Ruth

    Savannah, Congrats on your new position, However hope that you are aware that once Matt is tired of you, and knows that audience likes you better than him, he will some how figure a way to get rid of you. Ann was one of the best Anchor’s they had.. She had the experience of traveling the world and covering stores that some never got a chance to, articulate, down to earth, and reported NEWS.. NBC has lost allot of viewers due to the underhanded way Ann’s departure was handled due to a Pompous Ass throwing temper tantrums and using threats of not returning, shoot I don’t think over half of the viewer’s cared. NBC thinks they lost viewers, just you wait till the votes come in.. The worst is yet to come.

    • Janne

      I agree. Matt has really gone down hill over the last several years. I think they should give him the boot the way they did Ann.

  • http://yahoo cheryl lopez

    I was disgusted about all the gushing over Savannah..the baby pix…the guitar playing..they gave Ann two minutes to say goodby after all her years of service..and Savannah all that time to gush and blush..shame on NBC!

  • Shannon Meadows

    I think it is terrible what NBC has done to Ann Curry. I thought they passed her over with Meridith Vierra years ago. I would agree that the Today Show is not about “News” anymore. I am switching to GMA and I hope other viewers follow my lead. Shame on NBC.

  • june

    I no longer watch the Today show ANN CURRY was the only reason that I tuned in everyday because she was made the show with her persona she is a great lady that tells the news with human kindness not rating interest I will follow where ever she goes and like the others on here I have other A.M. shows to watch whoever picks up ANN CURRY will be my next permenate A.M. show

  • Sue

    The NBC News president has it backwards: Ann Curry was extremely enthusiastic and polite during all of the “fluff” segments. She was one of the most genuine co-hosts the show has ever had. Often times I feel both Matt and Al are condescending with their “tongue in cheek” comments about particular segments, whereas Ann kept it more professional and classy.

    I agree with others who posted, and I no longer will turn automatically to NBC at 7:00 am. I’m going to give ABC and CBS a try after many years as a Today Show fan.

    On another note, how sad that Ann’s good-bye from the Today Show “family” was so brief and insincere. I was shocked at how involved and congratulatory Savannah’s first day was. There was far too much celebration for her after the way Ann was “dismissed” so abruptly. Her chair wasn’t even cold yet.

  • Karen Noggle

    I Will never watch the Today show again and I had been watching for 18 years!! If they would do that to Ann Curry then they do not care one bit about the audience. Hey, try Good Morning America people!! It is awesome Today who?????>

  • Nancy

    I have already switched to GMA. I will no longer watch The Today Show after what they did to Ann. I too felt Ann should have received the position before Meredith. I cannot stomach Savanagh Guthrie. I have watched the Today Show for longer than I can remember so it feels weird watching GMA but I know I will come to love that show. Goodbye NBC!!

  • Lois

    Savannah didn’t do anything..She was already a host on the show, I like her very much, loved watching her on weekends with Jana Wolfe, Lester Holt and the gang….Savannah deserves a little extra show of who she is adn what she has done..She will be great along Matt Lauer and hopefully they can keep that weatherman under wraps a little..I am back with the show, go Savannah!!!

  • Obamanation

    NBC and the Today Show have low ratings because of their content… not the “prettiness” of the female spokesmodel.

  • Ron H

    Savannah is not going to move the needle either. She will be gone in 2 years. Nobody could do it like Meredith and Katie Courick. Why ? The Today show is an entertainment show, not a news show, and its core audience is 40-45 years old. Meredith came across as a smart, mature, attractive woman, who commanded respect with people she interviewed. Katie had that bubbly, genuine personality.

    Ann Curry was one of the worst interviewers I ever saw. She always bent over and faked this over concerned tone. Nobody over 35 is going to take Savannah seriously.

    Hey NBC… wake up. Check your all time ratings, and who was co hosting then.

  • Susan

    I too have said adieu to TODAY. Ann Curry was a serious journalist placed in a program that basically has become “People Magazine” for 4 hours! Nothing against Savannah Guthrie but Ann Curry was not the problem…hope it works out for Savannah but I will not be watching.

  • Julie

    Goodbye Today Show. I have watched for over 30 years, but no longer enjoy the show. i am now a fan of CBS and GMA.

  • Renee

    I have switched to GMA as well. Matt Lauer’s buzzed haircut is so redneck in my opinion. Savannah, bless her heart, is homely. Just not what I want to watch everyday. I hated when Ann was on vacation, and now that she’s gone, the Today show will not be aired in my house. What jerks!

  • Allen

    Hey, Todd, grow up. I’ve been in the broadcast business since 1962 and it’s always been the same…get rating or your gone.

  • http://yahoo Peter

    I think Savannah should of replaced Matt; he looks so out dated. I will try GMA.


    I no longer watch the TODAY SHOW..Good Morning America is now is my 7am time slot. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.. Anyway i am tired of Matt Lauer

  • http://Yahoo Jose

    I have to agree with most of the bloggers here. Ann Curry was not a great interviewer, but the way NBC handled her departure was classless and warrants viewers’ disloyalty. Ann had been on the show for, what, 15 of so years and they gave her two minutes air time to say good-bye. This past Monday, TODAY did a 5 minute segment welcoming Savannah as if NBC just hired the greatest newcaster in the history of television. Classless!

  • Bonnie Anderson

    I was very disappointed in the way NBC handled Ann Curry’s dismissal. I’ve always considered her very professional with class who gave the Today Show depth. The show definitely needs some changes & improvements, but getting rid of Ann wasn’t one of them. I think if NBC listened to the public Ann would still be part of the show, however, there may be some others replaced.

  • Georgia Resident

    Shame on NBC ! I have been a loyal fan for over 20 years. NO MORE! I have found another morning show to watch after the way they booted Ann Curry. Corporate jerks! Replace Ann, because Lauer says there is no chemistry? They should have replaced that germophobic anchorman when he took chemistry to a new level by having an affair with one of his co-host! Watch the ratings soar now, I mean down! Listen up NBC, now you can thank your 25 million dollar per year germophobic Matt Lauer! She was genuine and the public loved her! You become loyal fans of the people not the show. Take note NBC.

    • Janne

      Couldn’t have said it better.

  • Peggy

    I too will be switching to GMA. The treatment of Ann Curry by NBC executives and her on-screen colleagues was deplorable. NBCs decision to have Ann announce her own exit without having any network- prepared send off which would honor her many achievements and contributions to the Today show over so many years was shocking and a callous departure of what has been done in the past for prominent Today show personalities. Even Brian Williams in his congratulations to Savannah on his Nightly News did not pay any tribute to Ann Curry. This is poor journalism at the very least. Did it ever occur to decision makers at NBC that the success of GMA is due to personalities very similar to that of Ann Curry. Diane Sawyer, Robin and George all exhibit a gentle, empathetic, and thoughful persona,the same qualities I truly enjoyed in Ann Curry.

  • gman

    She seems OK, but Ann was likable, which Matt and Al are not. I stopped watching a few years ago, before Ann took over, but no one wants to watch a morning show that is like a revolving door, which is what all major morning shows are now – someone is always off or on vacation, no one has any clue who will be on at any given day. Plus I don’t have the time to waste. Matt Lauer must take off three or four months a year, or so it seems. I stopped watching after a while because he and Al Roker were both getting on my nerves. I expect the ratings for this show to just continue to tank. I will not watch it…

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