Savannah Dietrich Faces Jail Time for Naming Her Attackers on Twitter

    July 23, 2012
    WebProNews Staff
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Savannah Dietrich, a 17-year-old Kentucky girl who was sexually assaulted by two boys after passing out at a party, was none too thrilled when her assailants entered a plea deal with the courts. Instead of sitting back and watching as the two young men who essentially turned her life into a living Hell got away with their crimes, Dietrich took to micro-blogging website Twitter, where she named the boys in spite of a court order. Now the teen is facing jail time of her own.

“For months, I cried myself to sleep. I couldn’t go out in public places,” Deitrich told the Louisville Courier-Journal. “You just sit there and wonder, who saw (the pictures), who knows?”

The boy’s attorney would love nothing more than to see Savannah charged with contempt of court. If found guilty, she could face up to 180 days in jail and a $500 fine. The question remains: Is the Louisville court system willing to toss a teenage sexual assault victim behind bars for identifying her attacks? As far as Dietrich is concerned, Louisville isn’t overly concerned with dispensing justice as it is protecting rapists.

Upon learning that Judge Dee McDonald had barred everyone — including Deitrich — from speaking about the crime or its perpetrators, Savannah wept. In her eyes, the system had failed her completely. “They got off very easy, and they tell me to be quiet, just silencing me at the end,” she explained. Her anger towards the court seemingly fueled her revenge.

Her ensuing tweet stated, “They said I can’t talk about it or I’ll be locked up. Protect rapist is more important than getting justice for the victim in Louisville.” Regarding the fallout from the post, she added, “I’m at the point that if I have to go to jail for my rights, I will do it.”

Savannah’s Twitter account has since been closed.

  • sp

    So the Supreme Court rules that free speech first amendment rights allow vile protests at funerals for the war dead, but the names of convicted rapists are protected while the victim is threatened with prison? The obviously corrupt Judge Dee McDonald needs to be investigated and, hopefully, imprisoned.

  • John

    I believe in NOT putting minors names in the media. But now the entire media system just put the victims name out there. This poor girl has a right to talk about what happened to her. I don’t know how old she is now. And I don’t know how old the 2 boys are now. But call the little bastards out. This girl did not make the plea agreement, the courts did. Name them bastard. You go Savannah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • larry julien

    That is what the courts have become. Very often they punish the innocent and protect the guilty. Every place in history that spiraled down to ruin,went through a time of misjustice. When judges and leaders do not know right from wrong, you have real problems.

  • Fabian Vaksman

    The judge who threatened to hold Savannah in contempt must be charged with CRIMINAL violation of her civil rights (her First Amendment rights) and her rights under the Kentucky Constitution. Yes, there should be room for a civil action when abuse of process gets out of control.

  • Jim Lampson

    Our courts, incl the supreme court, have gone insane. The boys sent pictures to the net or at least passed them around so she should be able to post their pictures with names everywhere. As father, I’d at the very minimum, place posters up on telephone poles and anywhere else near where they go to school or work or live. That would be if I wouldn’t take it further..

  • WOW

    I have more questions. Do these boys need to register as sex offenders the rest of their lives? I hope so, they assaulted and took pictures of minor having sex. Do the courts think that they can just make it up as they go long. Come on Dee Dee. Pull you head out of… OOOhh I get it. The judge must be related to the 2 boys in some way. GO SAVANNAH!!!

  • Brian

    I think we can all agree the Judge screwed up big time, but what I want to know is why did the victim’s attorney agree to let the Prosecution even offer a lenient plea bargain?

  • RushRush

    Yes, the offenders deserve at least a harsher punishment, but Savannah must also face the repercussions of her actions. When a judge orders that you do not take an action, you simply do not, else you face contempt charges in which she is justly being charged with. I don’t believe that the offenders were judged correctly, but i do believe that Savannah was.

    • Mason


      • Kim Thompson

        We used to have a law here in the South that if you were black, you had to sit in the back of a bus, you couldn’t sit at a lunch counter, and you had to give up your seat if too many white people came in and there were no more seats left. Enter Rosa Parks, who had the nerve to stand up for her rights. She had taken a trip to Europe and was treated with such respect at the time, that when she returned to the USA, she could see that her rights had been violated. It takes a young person like Savannah Dietrich to refuse to be stomped on and told to sit down and shut up. Thank goodness for people like her!

    • pissed

      you r a doush u should have 2 guys have fun on your backside and then they get probation,
      that would b far ,,,,,right

    • phil

      and you are out of your mind

    • William

      If you think the law ia always correct – then you need to get a life. If it had been my daughter – I would have caught those boys and cut their dicks off and threw in the traffic. Judge would be next.

  • leo

    ok , i cannot donate the $500 right off the bat, but i can donate some, and hopefully at least she won’t have to pay a dime.

    if the law doesn’t protect the victims and actually turns the perpetrator into victims and the those who suffer the damage into felons, then the law must change.

    and if the law is fine, but the judge is just making bad use of if, then the judge must be gone.

    we went to Afghanistan and thousands of American bravest have died up there in part to defend and encourage rights to women, just to see how in Kentucky we have a local christian version of the sharia law.

    Change the Laws, or change the Judge, but this travesty cannot be upheld.

    • Irmgard Alderman

      Looks to me like good ol boy hillbilly justice. The DA, judge, and Stres Atoorney should become history if this miscarriage of justice is allowed to happen. The fact that the posted pictures of the rape, ia an admission of what they did, so privacy be damned, lock em up befire they commit more rapes.

  • Jim

    Why should a rape go to jail and her attackers get off with a slap on the wrest. Are system is broken in favor of the criminals, and it needs to be fixed.

  • http://yahoo PT

    Yep american ingenuity. Blame the female. Her name was made public in this whole matter. My my my, judged as juveniles. I tell you if they shot someone they would still would have committed a felony and treated as adults. Way to go American Justice at its finest. They do the crime they do the time. Good lesson for all the young people, commit a sexual felony and get a slap on the wrist.

  • Ralph

    There should NEVER be a plea deal allowed in any sexual assault case! Those boys violated this poor girl and her life (or her families) will never be the same because of it. The system is severely broken and needs to be fixed once and for all! Go Savannah!

  • Mason

    You are incredibly strong, mark my words, if this woman spends a single night in jail. I will fly my #$%$ out there and protest. I’d hope everyone would. This is the most sick thing I’ve ever heard, it is a complete example of how manipulative the court system is and how rich #$%$ try to cover rapists by organizing a plea deal. First degree sexual #$%$ault, are you kidding me? Those kids raped her and are getting away with #$%$ petty crimes and misdemeanors? Then she is supposed to be silent about the whole ordeal? The same people who pay to run the organizations that advocate woman who have been raped or hurt sexually to seek help and speak out against their perpetrators, are now allowing the jerks to get by to move on to the next innocent brunette seventeen year old. Whether it had to do with alcohol, pot, ectasy, or face eating bathsalts for I care! This woman STILL has a right to speak out, and it is being revoked by the so called Land of the free everyone..

  • http://yahoo Bob

    What would the Judge do if she was his Daughter ?

  • Sam

    As a Father of 4 daughters I am outraged at the stupid lawyers and the judge. First of all, make the rapist boys eunuchs, then put them in jail with Tyrone and Bubba. Are the boys labelled as “Sexual Predators”, were they instructed to register with Law enforcement as sexual felons?

  • http://autarkaw.com Autar

    American justice system sometimes is screwed up. Statistics say that 1 in 4 girls are assaulted by age 25; that is messed up. For all the men who do not raise (whether by being missing or being a brute) respectful boys, please get some help! You may not have a daughter but your son may one day!

  • Michael

    Are the rapists football players by any chance? Or, are they “someone important” kid? These types always get away with crimes. Especially sexual crimes against women. Travesty of justice going on in Kentucky.
    Go Savannah!

  • phil

    good for her. the little, selfless, jerks neeed to be exposed for the safety of other girls they may come in contact with later on in life. are they so special that that the courts need to coddle them and just slap their wrists?? do they have important parents in society??

  • William

    Screw that judge. I hope she is charged and takes the whole case public while DEMANDING a jury trial. Screw that judge and anyone who would charge this girl with any crime.

  • Tom

    Due to the outrage the defense has dropped the charges against her.

  • Eugene

    This is bull. I will volunteer to go do the jail time for this young girl. What kind of society are we living in when these guys get to plea and avoid any meaningful punishment and this poor girl has to go to jail for violating a court order,a court order which is violating her right to free speach. God bless her, I will pray for her…..and for these boys that they learn the error of their ways (I do believe they should be punished though).

  • JLP

    The inocent are now guilty? Makes a lot of since. She is violated, and she is the one in trouble. They are lucky that she did not post their phots. Our judicial system needs to get a gtip and get a rality check!

  • Carol

    Reading this every day !! More Power Savannah….Go Girl, Go. I am right behind you.

    • Carol

      I am “one of you and with you”….

  • http://yahoo francis hill

    I do not know if a gag order was issued- but let her talk her head off it is her right! I know I would. I think if she is arrested & put in jail or any form of punishment both the judge & attorney – better head for tall timber!!!! There is more happening here than what is being told–maybe a deal gone up in smoke????

  • Wanda

    If these offenders were “men” enough to commit this horrible crime, then they should take it like men and be treated that way. Not covered with annonymity to protect these “poor children”. Don’t victimize this poor girl again. She’s under 18, her name came out. Stop giving rights to the criminals and taking them away from the victims.

    • Jill

      You are 1000% right Wanda! I am tired of criminals rights being more important than the victims.

  • Wanda

    If she gets fines we should all start a fund to pay the fine. I’ll be keeping track of this story.

  • Summer

    Savanah, keep strong! You are doing what’s right! Justice has to many times supported the bad guys instead of victims. These boys should have to become registered sex offenders! They are old enough to lnow the difference between wrong and right. If you look at statistics, odds show they will commit a crime on an equal or greater level (RAINM.org). Also, the women and children should know their names and their faces so they can make their own decision on trusting them or not. My thought, if they would take advantage of a passed out young woman, whose to say what they would do with someone who is a child or elderly or unable to defend themselves? Keep strong! There’s a lot of supporters on your side, Savanah!

  • dave

    what happened to freedom of speech ? Who does the scumbags parents know that they’d get a deal like they did? I’m sure they will do it again !

  • Marita

    The charges have since been dropped. Hurray! But this shouldn’t have happened in the first place. If I were a judge and she decided to post the names on the internet, I’d look the other way. I’d say I have more important things to worry about like putting the boys in jail and making sure they are registered on the sex offender list. Then if she violated it again as an adult I’d look the other way again and pretend I have other cases to deal with and site freedom of speech. Why is it that these boys don’t have to have their names posted on the internet or anywhere else and other boys and men have to? As a young woman myself, I have the right to know who is on that list, which should include those boys. Everyone, including men, women, and children, should be able to be protected from people like those boys.

  • Natalie Windsor

    I am glad the charges have reportedly been dropped.
    But she is only 17! You can’t expect someone of that age to have the emotional maturity to hold such a trauma in! In fact, anyone would eb upset, and being told not to talk about such a traumatic expereicne, without being offered adequate support and counselling, is going to have the opposite effect if not careful – of putting a crok on a bottle of coke that has been shaken up.