Saturday Night Live Makes Fun Of Google Glass

    May 6, 2013
    Chris Crum
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You know you have a pop culture phenomenon on your hands when you make an appearance on Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update, as Google’s Glass did over the weekend.

Tech blogger Randall Meeks (played by Fred Armisen) stops by to show off the device. The skit really seems to be poking more fun at Google’s voice recognition technology than anything. He has a quite bit of trouble getting Google to recognize the Wi-Fi password and the word “Italitan.”

At one point, the device starts playing porn sounds, which Meeks has some trouble muting.

This is certainly not the first time the device has been parodied, but now that it’s in people’s hands, the jokes have made quite the comeback.

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  • Vance P. Frickey

    Of course, Saturday Night Live has NO political bias, right? The same TV show that had Tina Fey portraying Christine Whitman in a witch costume, riding a broom? The closest thing they’ve done to criticizing Barack Obama is having the guy who was premier in China when Obama made his billion-dollar World Tour asking if Obama would just like to buttf-k him during their press conference, rather than talk about “alternatives to America repaying its debt to China.” That skit made Obama look like Jack the Chinese-Slayer. And before and after that, SNL has always praised Obama with faint damns.

    We ought to realize that even though General Electric supposedly sold NBC/Universal to Comcast, GE still has a huge equity stake in NBC. Notice that the guy who has outsourced more jobs in America than anyone else, GE CEO Jeffrey Imhelt, is Obama’s “jobs czar”? I’d say that GE is and always has been inclined to return the favor by having NBC’s news and media products kowtow to Obama and slander his opponents at every opportunity.

    So is GE, er, Saturday Night Live going to be gentle with Google Glass, or try to kill it before it is born? Please….