Satanists: Westboro Founder’s Mom Now Gay In Afterlife

By: Amanda Crum - July 19, 2013

The Westboro Baptist Church, well known by now for their protests at any event they can use to promote their anti-gay agenda–including the funerals of soldiers and celebrities–is at the center of a controversy this week after members of Satanic Temple performed rituals over the gravesite of Catherine Idalette Johnston, the mother of founder Fred Phelps Jr.

The rituals included gay couples and are referred to as a “pink mass”, and leaders of the organization say that their completion means Johnston is now gay for eternity, according to the beliefs of the church.

“Fred Phelps is obligated to believe that his mother is now gay … [and] if beliefs are inviolable rights, nobody has the right to challenge our right to believe that Fred Phelps believes that his mother is now gay,” reads a statement on the group’s website.

The message is clear: push your anti-gay agenda at rallies, and they’ll do more pink masses. The idea initially came about after the church threatened to plant themselves at the funerals of the Boston bombing victims.

“We intend to perform the pink mass for both Fred Phelps’s father and great-aunt who raised him after his mother’s death, but only in reply to their future pickets. The pink mass could be used to protest other anti-gay hysterics, but it is particularly appropriate when applied to Westboro,” spokesman Lucien Greaves told Huffington Post.
Image: Satanic Temple

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  • Kevin

    That’s sick. go figure satanist!!! I don’t like seeing two guys kissing it makes me sick and want to vomit. I think pictures like this is disgusting and should not be allowed in public!!!

    • Scooter

      Haha, this guy above me ^^^ what a bigot.

      • Sarah O

        My first thought was self-hating gay. That’s how it usually starts. (Kevin, why in the world that “makes you sick” is a mystery, but cut it out or you might be mistaken for a Westboro member)

        Everyone here agrees that Westboro is a group of hateful clueless thugs – but be so careful, folks, that you don’t end up trying to fight hate with hate, that never works. Do you want to be like them?

    • jeff

      Kevin you have a pea sized brain. Save your time and just shut up because nobody likes you.

      • gee

        I like kevin, he stands for the truth. Gays are sick dudes filled with demons.

    • Pear

      It’s funny how everyone’s bashing the dude (Kevin) for expressing his thoughts against gayness; However, Im sure y’alls grandparents thought it was a nasty thing too back in the days when there was still some morals. Now these people are trying to attack righteousness to include gayness as a modern day norm. Disgusting. You can thumbs down then stick that finger up your butt.

      • Carl

        You shall burn in hell for etrnity.

      • plaxton emmons

        Y’alls? Did your grandparents and your parents meet at a family reunion? Haha!

      • DrMeatwadPhD

        But you want people to stick fingers up their rectums? Talk about a gay fantasy that you have.

        Projecting your own desired onto those you have a hate for,,, what a christ like way to be.

        What of the baptizing of dead Atheist by those other loonies?

    • Anonymous

      You don’t like it, it makes you sick, yet you made time to comment on it instead of getting off the site real quick?

    • Paul

      Your Momma is gay.

    • plaxton emmons

      Burn in hell, homophobe!

      • gee

        Satanists support gays? this implies homosexuality is satanic.

    • Dean

      Pat Robertson is that you?? Why are you going by the name Kevin?? OH you are trying to hide your true identity.. *WINK* I got ya now!

  • Rick

    This is great. Thank you, can’t think of a better group of “Christians” to gift with this ritual.

  • donmateo

    Wow — what a perfect consequence for Westboro Baptist. They’ve earned this one.

  • Johnny Ballgame

    Westboro does more work for Satan in real life than any so-called satanist can do in a ceremony. I think its hilarious!

    • Name

      Yes, Westboro does cause a lot of harm. I totally agree, however, don’t mislead people.

      The devil is real. He is as real as you or I. He has but one purpose and that is to kill you. He is not playing. Not joking. He wants your soul.

      I am not a bible thumper. I don’t like to preach, quote the bible, or judge other people. But I will also not mislead people. Don’t mess with the devil. Do not entertain him in any way. Do not ever participate in those ceremonies. You might think you are just playing, but I assure you the devil does not.

      I have seen evil. Pure evil. I can assure you that our only hope is to stay close to Christ. I can also assure you that Christ is who he says he is and that his promises are true. Christ truly does love each and every one of us.

  • dougkohut

    The Kiss of Death!

  • Megan

    That’s awesome. Its about time someone did something like this to the Church of Ignorant Hypocrites (aka Westboro)They have to believe it, since they claim to believe in God, that means they must also believe in Satan’s existence. Love the idea, keep it up!

    • Name

      Becareful who you side with. Yes, the Westboro people are ignorant. However, I assure you Satanists are equally as ignorant.

      • plaxton emmons

        I’m not sure on that one, buddy, because in “The Satanic Bible,” Anton LaVey listed stupidity as one of the sins to avoid as a Satanist.

        • anniesmom

          Well, now. That was kind of an oxymoron now wasn’t it? Kinda can’t be the second without being the first.

    • plaxton emmons

      Satanism is actually a parody of Christianity.

      • Name

        Believe that if you wish, however, Satanism has very real consequences. It is not something to be played with or toyed with because I assure you, the devil is not playing or toying with you.

        He is out to destroy you. There is no middle ground with him. No compassion. No forgiveness. No parodies.

        To think otherwise, is foolishness.

      • Duhhh

        I think ‘paradox’ is the word you were looking for haha..

    • anniesmom

      If they claim to believe in God, yes they have to believe in the existence of Satan, but that is a far cry from also having to believe that a ridiculous ritual or two would make anyone gay, either in the here and now or in the afterlife. What a totally ridiculous thought. What a totally ridiculous statement.

      • SweatyCrotch

        You are a close minded idiot. Explore the world outside of your church.

        • Tommy B.

          Thank you SweatyCrotch. It does help a lot to break out and think outside the box every now and then.
          I grew up with a number of Satanists.
          I did like them because they were nice people who didn’t judge.
          What this particular church is doing is showing how ridiculous Westboro is, but it goes over a lot of heads. A lot of super religious people react without thinking.

  • Johnny Ballgame

    Westboro=all gay

  • K

    It’s pretty bad if the satanists hate you!!

    • plaxton emmons

      Most Satanists nowadays are very kind and selfless people only to whomever they feel deserves it. LaVey stated that in “The Satanic Bible.” Research it for yourself.

      • Name

        Christ was kind and selfless to all people. Regardless of whether or not they deserved it.

      • IT’S MILEY!

        So were 80’s porn stars…….for that matter…

      • Jamie Lee Balyeat

        “If you love those who love you, what reward will you get? Are not even the tax collectors doing that? And if you greet only your own people, what are you doing more than others? Do not even pagans do that?” Matthew 5:46-47. That was from the actual Bible.

    • anniesmom

      Really? Satanists hate everybody so who really cares, and in that case not quite so bad as one would think.

      • SweatyCrotch

        You don’t know anything about Satanists, at all.

  • Eric

    I will be happy when Jesus comes to establish the Kingdom of God here on this earth and all this silliness will be done away with.

    • lololo

      well better grab a chair because you’ll be waiting a while being that jesus is nonsense and all…

      • Name

        I can assure you that Jesus is not nonsense. Jesus is exactly who he said he was.

      • Sarah O

        You’re being as big a bully as Westboro. How do you not see that? :(

      • anniesmom

        I hope I get to be there and see the look on your face when you find out who is actually wrong. That would be priceless!

        • SweatyCrotch

          You hypocritical coward.

      • anniesmom

        I hope I get to be there and see the look on your face when you which of you is actually wrong. That would be priceless!

    • plaxton emmons

      Are you a Jehovah Witness? I mean, I won’t hold it against you if you are.

  • Rob Thomas

    I would have finished the ceremony with a couple of large BM’S on the tombstone.

  • Kelly Barnett

    I never thought I would be tempted to ever stand up and applaud a group of Satanists, BUT you all ROCK!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you for putting this despicable hate group in it’s place!!!!!! You think you could put a curse on them while you’re at it???? LOL

  • capsize

    Evil knows where Evil sleeps.

  • Tamera

    these pink masses are symbolic. satanists they cannot impose their will onto another soul. God gave us all free will. these rituals are for their own giggles nothing else

    • plaxton emmons

      Most modern Satanists don’t believe in souls.

  • Name

    Yes, the Westboro group is comprised of idiots. Judgmental idiots.

    However, if you think Satanists have your best interests at heart, think again. There is a devil. He hates you. He will deceive you. He will do anything to destroy you.

    People think this stuff is a joke. It isn’t. It is very real. Don’t even entertain the idea that Satanists are the good guys. Pray for them, but head in the opposite direction as fast as you can.

  • Wayne the train

    Everybody hates everybody.

    • Sarah O

      I don’t, everyone does *not* hate everyone . And I’m tired of seeing posts like this – like “Paula Deen is OK, we all use the N word” – hey! No, we don’t. I am 44 years old and have never once said it. I am so incredibly grateful that I was raised to love God and my neighbor (which means everyone in my world!)

      I don’t know if this act was cathartic for these guys, I could understand if they needed to channel some of the *massive* frustration and more 99% of the people in the US feel about W’boro. But we’re getting into a vicious cycle of hate, and that’s not good either. Just help everyone you can, let people help you when you need it, and do what you can to keep hateful people from spreading that message of hate.

      • IT’S MILEY!

        I’m 37 and methinks thou protests too much! Good for you, if you honestly have never said that word, but the mass majority of people I live with on the good planet earth, regardless of race, have. NOBODY, likes someone who tries to act like they are better than the rest of us sinners, so, on your way back through the pearly gates, don’t let the door hit ya, where the good Lord split ya!

    • oblivious maximus


  • Fred Frye

    The comments are humorous…and we all think that this is a good way to get back at the Westboro Baptist Church Lunatics in Wichita,Kansas. But anyone who thinks that sin can not be forgiven obviously does not understand the Infinite Atonement of Jesus Christ.

  • Dan C

    Eh. The REAL church of Satan I doubt is behind this. I do think it is really funny but, lets not get too crazy. Real Satanists do worship the Devil, but, people don’t understand, the real ones just worship money and getting ahead in life. It isn’t sacrifices or crap like that. There are no blood rituals or crap like that.

    I am NOT a Satanist, but, did read up on them (as well as many other religions) and made my own choice in life.

    • Name

      They are very real. They do exist. The best thing to do is go the opposite direction.

    • plaxton emmons

      The followers of the Church of Satan believe in being their own god. They don’t like the term “devil worshiper.” They are actually atheists who live for the pleasures this life has to offer and this life alone instead of striving for an afterlife of which they know nothing.

      • Will Kennedy

        Satanists are not atheists. They have openly asked for school prayer and labeled themselves as Christians(since you must believe in the biblical god to believe in the opposite). They have offered help to churches to increase religion in government also. Your description of atheists covers all atheists(except actually not believing in an afterlife at all)in general.

        • Katherine Trammell

          All religions are a belief in magic…just the names of their gods are different. In 50 years, anyone who believes in god, Jesus, Satan, demons, voodoo, Mary, etc. will be labeled as insane. There are no gods….there is no proof of any divine thingies. All gods are a product of a person’s imagination and nothing more.

          If anyone can provide, documented, reproducable proof of a god, I’ll send them a check for $10,000. Ive had this reward up now for 5 years and not a single religious twit can prove there is/are god(s).

          And if someone claims that god(s) exist, then there must be proof of such an existence. Please do not bore me with the cop out and LIE that no proof exists, and that proves there is a god. This ONLY proves the person is a bad liar and down right nuts.

          • Name

            There is actually a lot of proof of what was stated in the bible. Proof from many different cultures.

            Your last paragraph doesn’t make sense. At the end of the day, I can just ask you to prove to me that God doesn’t exist. You cant. Keep your money. What good is $10,000 going to do me. I will keep my faith.

          • Jamie Lee Balyeat

            I believe in God because I’ve had firsthand personal experiences of the completely inexplicable. Twice I’ve had people give me messages from God about something they knew nothing about and be able to read my mind as I was thinking something, once I had a supernatural dream in which I was being choked and woke up out of breath and could feel the fingernail prints in my neck-plus a name in the dream that I later looked up meant something in Hebrew that was related to what the dream meant, once I witnessed my brother and sister in law receive the same exact descriptive message from God from two completely unrelated people who didn’t even know each other (that one made my brother believe in God), and several times I’ve had dreams from God. My mother speaks in tongues. I suppose you think speaking in tongues is gibberish, but I think anybody who can speak French would beg to differ. She has never learned a word of French in her life, but when she prays, she speaks it fluently. She doesn’t know what she’s saying, but my sister in law, who knows it, can understand her. She’s spoken to other people who have confirmed it is a dialect of the French language. I have witnessed many things and spoken to many people who have witnessed miracles themselves. I have heard of people being healed from aids, I’ve had close friends who killed themselves and were miraculously brought back to life (without medical help) and had afterlife experiences, I’ve talked to relatives and friends who had supernatural experiences with evil, and people who have seen incredible miracles, very often something here, something there, will happen to me that I know is not a simple coincidence, I know that it’s God reaching out to me and subtly guiding me. A dream that God gives to me, that talks about “10 days of being alone and in the dark” with an evil creature, and then I wake up, and I open a book, the first thing I see is a verse in Romans that is almost word for word what my dream was about-10 days of trials and tribulation when the devil would persecute the church. Things like this happen, and they happen often, but more incredible things than that happen, that I simply can’t explain to you without the existence of the supernatural. I’ve seen proof and I’ve heard stories of proof. I can give you no proof. Perhaps life is a test. But these things happened. They are very long stories and if you want to know, I will tell you. If you can find an explanation for me, why these things happened, how they could happen without a God, then I’ll give you 10,000. Well not really because I don’t have that much. But to me, it’s not proving that God exists. It’s proving He doesn’t. Because, to me, after witnessing Him so often in my life, it would be like proving that the wind doesn’t exist. I don’t care if you can’t see it, and you don’t feel it. I know it’s there, I’ve felt it, I don’t have to prove it.

  • Why

    I am certain that I’m crazy, but why does everyone else seem to out-crazy me. LOL!

  • plaxton emmons

    Had Anton LaVey been alive today, his bones would turn over in his grave!

    • Cory

      If LeVey were alive today, how would his bones be in his grave to turn over???

    • jubzilla

      Hey stupid, if Anton LaVey was alive…his bones wouldnt be in his grave…idiot.

  • Joe Bob

    Can we allow these two groups to fight to the death, and then kill the winners?

  • Fred Jones

    Performing a pink mass only confirms one thing. You have been taking it too hard in the ass.

  • Missy

    This is the best thing I have ever read, be they Satanists or not ( I don’t think they really are). I laughted until I cried when I read this article. LOVE THEM!!!

  • Turtura Satana

    Well two guys is kind of gross to be honest, but two(or more) girls is Hott!

    • IT’S MILEY!

      And the people all said……AMEN

  • Roberto

    Well, how the tables turned on Westboro Church… Karma??? You know your messed up when Christians and Satanist both join forces to deal with their crazy antics…

  • Ted

    Let me get this straight, God sees all and knows all and is perfect in every way….God made the angels, right? One became Satan, right? Oops, God is not so perfect afterall…God made me born gay…oops again…

    • Katherine Trammell

      I wish I could have seen the look on that idiot preacher’s face. He has no idea how terrifying it can be to pizz off a Queen. Oh yeah, turn the entire church’s relatives gay in heaven. Oh puleeze, put this on….what fun.

    • kevin

      you just unintentionally compared being gay to being Satan… Poor word choice…

      • anniesmom

        Well, it DOES only stand to reason.

    • jeanette

      God also gave us “free-will”. The ability to make our own choices. He wants us to love and follow Him, but will not “make” us do so, as He could have!

      • tom delayhole

        since there is no such thing as either Satan or “god,” it doesn’t mean anything, but I hope it gives Fred Phelps agita.

    • gee

      homosexuality is abominable no wonder Satanists fight on their behalf.

    • Name

      God gave all of us free will. When he gives, he gives completely. Even if that means, that some people will turn against him.

      Gay people are not mistakes to God. God loves everyone. Christ loves everyone. Gay people should never feel that they are mistakes or alone because Christ does not abandon anyone.

  • Sam

    I know this is wrong, but I had to laugh at this, it’s so wrong and yet so right at the same time.

  • James M. Keane

    This is really getting interesting.

  • Steven

    And Satan gets the round!

  • Bkn

    A reliable source with strong ties to the Topeka area reported that many years ago Fred Phelps walked in on his mom and aunt enjoying an intimate moment. This is what caused Fred to form his views on homosexuality.

    This had such an impact on Fred that he was later seen on the streets of Junction City trolling for male prostitutes.

    • Name

      I love all those reliable sources that never name themselves.

      I have a reliable source that has told me the moon is made of cheese and last week a cow was spotted jumping over it.

      • Kevin Peterson

        It was a JOKE “Name”.
        Were your born without a radar?
        Thank you Bkn, for having a sense of humor.

        • Name

          Mean what you say and say what you mean.

          If you are joking, then say you are joking. You can’t tell over the internet. That is the problem with the internet. There isn’t anything in his paragraph that leads me to believe he is joking.

          • N. Zane

            So, you’re saying the moon isn’t made of green cheese and a cow wasn’t spotted going over it?
            Lighten up Name! Geez!

  • Roger

    This is hilarious. Hey Phelps, in case you are reading this: This is not one millionth as bad as the junk you and your group pulls.

  • http://yahoo DD

    Why???? They have no idea who they are dealing with as Satanists unless they have met him. Evil is no joke. None of you have ever gone up against Satan and if you have you would not be doing what you are doing. Hell is so bad he does not even want to go there. It is no joke. Jesus Christ is his nemesis, which means Jesus Christ has power over him. Think about it. Jesus Christ is “The Son of God” and the war in Heaven did occur. The reason for no scientific proof is because it is Spiritual not material. You believe what you want so you are able to do what you want.

  • http://yahoo DD

    Take the time to search and read “The Testament of Solomon”, search and read “Belial”, then really try to understand “The Temptations of Jesus Christ”. Just a smidgen of data.

  • gee

    Satanists support homosexuality, this only implies homosexuality is satanic

  • Kevin Peterson

    Which statement is true?

    All gays are Satanists.

    All Christians are hypocrites.


    Is ANYONE out there stupid enough to believe that these people are real Satanists. C’mon!!!! A PINK MASS! LOL!!!