Satanist Westboro Protest Could Change Everything

    July 20, 2013
    Mike Tuttle
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WebProNews writer Amanda Crum reported yesterday about the stylized counter-protest staged by Satanist’s against the Westboro Baptist Church. (See link below.) A small group of self-proclaimed Satanists gathered at the gravesite of Westboro leader Fred Phelps’ mother and performed a ritual they refer to as a “pink mass”, a rite that they say means that she is now “turned gay” for all eternity.

Of course, Phelps and his followers can easily dismiss this as ridiculous. They can ignore it. They can use it to fuel even more of their own anti-gay protests. But what they can’t do is stop it from happening again. And this is where a stunt like this could really cost Westboro dearly. Because it strikes a blow at Westboro in a way that few other protests have not been able to do. It takes the battle to them.

Counter-protests to Westboro’s activities are not new. Almost anywhere the group turns up nowadays, they are met with a group of locals that are intent on blunting their effectiveness. This is especially true when Westboro pickets funerals, whether they be of dead soldiers, children, or celebrities. People take the solemnity of a funeral seriously, and they will defend each other’s space and right to have an uninterrupted funeral. Common tactics include forming a cordon around the Westboro protestors to prevent their offensive signs being seen by passing funeral processions or graveside gatherings.

The Westboro protest machine is lean and mean, and very efficient and effective. A common Westboro tactic is to send out a fax or email to press in a town, warning that Westboro protestors intend to come. This usually causes a bit of a stir in local media. Often local newspapers and television news runs with the story, leading people to believe that Phelps himself is coming. Most of the time the reality is far less than they fear. If anyone shows up at all, it usually a handful of rank and file Westboro members with signs. They hang out long enough for local press to get photos, including of any counter-protestors, then they hop back in their van and leave. Many times their total presence in a town is less than an hour. But they’ve made their mark.

A protest like the Satanists staged at Phelp’s mothers grave goes further than responding directly to Westboro’s presence on a given day. It is retaliatory. And it is as offensive to Westboro members as the activities of Westboro itself are to others. For example, as part of the “pink mass” ceremony, a pair of gay men and a pair of lesbian women kissed over the grave, with photos to commemorate the occasion.

But the coup de grâce came when the officiating member also got a photo laying his penis on the headstone. Now, anytime Phelps visits his mother’s grave, he will know that a Satanist’s penis was there.

And this is where this particular protest is different. Most people who counter-protest Westboro are decent. They only want Westboro to stop. They don’t really do much of anything to offend back. Maybe they stage some “gay-looking” activity in the vicinity of the Westboro protest site. But that is over and done quickly. They don’t target Westboro members with violence or other offenses, even though a common question is, “How are these people still alive after what they do to others?” The answer is that most people – so far, everyone – are more decent than they are. Most people take the high road.

This protest takes the fight to the enemy, Inglorious Basterds-style. If other groups come up with innovative ways to do more of the same – like the group that bought a house across from the church and painted it like a gay pride flag – the Westboro folks may suddenly find that this game isn’t fun for them anymore.

(Be sure to read the facts of the Satanists’ protest, here.)

  • http://www.godhatesfags.com Timothy Phelps

    Fred Phelps never has … and never will … visit that grave. We at WBC do not worship the dead, and constantly warn others against doing so. Grandma Johnston is in hell. How can “making her gay” possibly matter at this point?

    However, so long as you little beasties obey the law, we hope you come up with many, many more of these silly, meaningless stunts. It gets more attention on the words. “What then? notwithstanding, every way, whether in pretense, or in truth, Christ is preached; and [we]therein do rejoice, yea, and will rejoice.” Philippians 1:18

    • monkeychild

      scary god!!

    • sugarcat

      i can see that along to being completely decieved, there is obviously no respect for parents, or grandparents. what else is hidden in the devious crevices of the hearts there?

    • http://webpronews Dwedry

      You poor, misguided fool. Anyone who knows the Bible should know that in order to enter in to Heaven, there can’t be one iota of hate in your heart. And the WBC seems to have hearts overflowing with it. God is love. Who ever has brainwashed you all to believe differently sure has a lot of souls on their hands come the judgement day. Your signs that say “God hates (this or that) are anti-christian, as God hates no one, no matter what you have been led to believe. Pray for the sinners, that’s the best you can do.

    • Matt Grimm

      Didn’t I make out with you at a Rave you protested in Washington?

    • RuffOtter

      Oh look one of the cultists that doesn’t hide.

    • Robert

      Timothy Phelps…..you are your own self made devil within your own co-dependent cult…rage on little child of your created devil.

  • Name

    Satanism has very real consequences. It is not something to be played with or toyed with because I assure you, the devil is not playing or toying with you.

    The Westboro people in some ways are delusional and the way they go about things is wrong. God loves every single soul on this planet. If he didn’t, he would not have sent his son. His son loved you so much he chose to die for you. Make no mistake God and Jesus love you — all of you.

    However, what the Satanists are doing is equally as wrong. Satan is out to destroy you. No compassion. No forgiveness. There is no middle ground with him and he has but one purpose. In this case, the enemy of your enemy is NOT your friend.

    • Liz Greer

      There is no such thing as Satan.

      • Name

        Can you see the oxygen you are breathing right now? No, but it is there. Liz, there is much more to life than what can be seen with our eyes.

        • RuffOtter

          No you can’t SEE oxygen in the air.
          However it can be proven to be there with science.
          So you can’t use it as an argument for why someone should belive in Faith-based ideas.
          That said.. I actually know a satenist. He actually sees Saten as something of a Prison warden not a destroyer. Which actually makes logical sense to me. Really why put someone evil in charge of the place for the evil..think about it.
          Still on topic to the artical…
          I love the way this group has taken the fight back to this hateful group.
          Even thou I’m classified a pagen I would GLADLY join in one of their “pink masses”.

          • Name

            I am the biggest supporter of science there is. In fact, I studied it. However, science cannot prove everything and in a very real way, science is relative. The laws of science on the earth may not apply to the laws of science on a distant planet. In fact, we know they don’t.

            I may not be able to prove scientifically that the devil exists, but you can not prove scientifically that he does not exist.

          • Name

            Yeah, your friend got the prison warden idea from the movie Drive Angry.

            Satan destroys. Don’t delude yourself.

          • Scooter

            Please, you obviously have no idea what Satanism is. Look it up and you’ll discover that it’s an atheist philosophy. Nothing metaphysical at all.

      • http://facebook.com Betty

        Liz aprnetly u r not a Christian.So Sad.

    • Keith

      Prove Satan exists, and I don’t mean a proof that comes down to nothing but an example of a person’s inhumanity against another person or a naturally occurring catastrophe. Faith doesn’t count as a proof, either. Provide some hard evidence.

      • Name

        Prove that he doesn’t.

      • Faith

        Well, yeah, faith doesn’t count as proof. That is why it is called faith.

        • Brad


          LOL. People just don’t know how to look in a dictionary, do they? Totally agree

          Absence of proof =/= proof

      • Dennie

        Ok, hopefully this will post. Read 23 Minutes in Hell. You will see that satan is real. There are many other people that have been there and back along w/heaven. A boy went to heaven and saw a sister that nobody told him about (the mom lost a baby) along with other family. The devil is real and he’s dangerous. Your soul is worth the fight.

        • Robert

          Read any fairy tale …bible included…still fiction

      • sugarcat

        if satan doesn’t exist some people are so evil they are their own devil. what is happening today in the world and in our own country proves satan exist. i really don’t believe a person could come up with some of the things being done today on their own. it has to come from something evil to the core. methods of child abuse, mental, physical, or sexual. suicides, ideas and actions that are coming out of washington. the god the muslims serve and what it leads them to do. abortion. homosexual practices. and on and on. think about it. it doesn’t take a Christian to recognize evil.

        • sugarcat

          i should it add it doesn’t take a Christian to recognize an evil master mind, who would be called satan, the devil, lucifer, he has many names in the Bible and they all depict some aspect of his nature.

          • RuffOtter

            “Homosexual practices”

            Are you part of the Westboro Baptist Cult “sugercat”
            I have heard they have members scan news articals on the web just to but their “ideas” on the comments board without saying its from them.

        • Mark

          Some bad ideas have come out of Moscow and Beijing too. A little politicocentrist in your post.

          “The god the muslims serve?” How do you know that Jehovah and Allah aren’t one? Or that God isn’t a Muslim?

          Don’t many Christians think God micromanages this earth? (Jesus said God knows when a sparrow falls, though not that He caused it to fall.)

          Abortion and “homosexual practices” are proof of Satan? Then a Mafia hit man taking an injured dog he found by the road to a vet is proof God exists.

          On an unrelated note, a couple of eternal questions answered:

          The glass is half-full; reason being, a glass’s natural state is to be empty. It’s made that way. When 50% of the air is replaced by liquid, it’s now halfway to being full.

          The chicken came first. A chicken can produce an egg; an egg cannot produce a chicken (but then, if you accept a virgin birth, you’ll say an egg with no rooster or chicken can spontaneously hatch).

          You’re welcome. :-)

    • monkeychild

      Causing pain like Westboro continually does is inexcusable no matter what god you try to hide behind.

    • monkeychild

      Why did god create satan? He knew what would happen. If it was mistake than that’s scary, but I think it was on purpose which is even scarier. They hung out and talked a lot like in Job.

      • Brad

        Stop parsing words bud. God doesn’t know who will betray him, that’s ridiculous.

        It’s called free-will for a reason. God does not know if you will become a doctor, a serial killer, a homeless person, or a drug addict.

        The choice is yours, don’t fuck it up.

    • http://webpronews Sharon Samson

      Another nut job. Oh, goodness, the boogie man is coming to get you. Seriously.

      • Name

        Yes. Seriously.

      • Held Accountable

        Yes, the Devil is after us. Do you really think we are not held accountable for the things we do in our lifetime? Do you think we get away with things?

        We are all held accountable. The good news is we have Christ.

    • bob

      I thought satan was an angel that got cast out by god for sticking up for humans because he thought god treated mortals like shit. what with all the floods and raping virgins and such

    • Matt Grimm

      Oh look, a brainwashed bible thumping sheep. You need to research your own bible, because Satanism has nothing to do with the “Devil” or “Evil” or “Lucifer” or “Demons” or any of that silly psychobabble your religion has taught you.

      • Name

        Please. If you are a satanist, you are following Satan.

        If you are not, I would suggest a major name change because the rest of the world believes you are following Satan. After all, Satan is the root word of your movement.

        Has Satan deceived you so much that you do not even recognize that you are following him?

  • Larry

    Liz, how would you know with any certainty. You don’t have universal knowledge, you are being very presumptuous.

    • Keith

      Larry, how would you know with any certainty that Satan exists? You don’t have universal knowledge, you are being very presumptuous [sic].

      • Howard Williams

        Keith, Larry didn’t say whether Satan exists or not. He just asked Liz a question.

        • Scooter

          Please, look up what Satanism is, before we think it’s actually something metaphysical.

  • christine

    That picture makes me sick of that little kid holding that sign and being taught hatred while he should be out skateboarding or playing! I’m glad someone thought of that funny stunt at his mother’s grave! It must have killed Westboro!

    • Brad

      You do realize that’s not Westboro, even though I think they are assholes. Note the mocking “God Hates Signs”.

      That is the satanists. They are both fucking crazy.

  • http://www.kmanthie.wordpress.com(INDEPENDENTREVIEW) Kent Manthie


  • Momznuts

    OK, after I laughed at all the funny comments, I have to say that two wrongs don’t make a right. Westboro Baptist Church is just a bunch of evil folks, spreading evil. Counteracting that, with claims from Satanists, just gives Westboro more fodder.

  • http://webpronews Sharon Samson

    It’s about time that someone brought the battle to them. Sometimes you have to fight fire with fire, and as long as our government is giving these “churches” legal tax evasion, I say thank you Westboro Satanists.

  • commonsense

    A church, huh? Filled with so much hate? A little boy subjected to this hate is appalling! ummm…which Bible do they read? Mine has the Book of Luke, which states, “Man shall not judge Man, least he do the work of God…..” I don’t think God would appreciate being represented this way, however that’s just my opinion…. Personally, if you “if you can’t walk it, don’t talk it” again, my opinion..

  • Matt Grimm

    I’m a Satanist and I approve of this message. Now, for those who read this, don’t envision the stupid devil worshiping Satanist that media and movies and idiots like the WBC would you believe is what a Satanist actually is. A real Satanist is a Humanist in all actuality. We don’t believe in some invisible being that rules over all. In all actuality, we are our own God, we only obey ourselves, we do not answer or suffer to a higher power. We do not sacrifice children or animals because in reality they are sacred to us. If you look up the ancient meaning of Satan, it means “the opposer”, which meant anyone that opposed the belief of a single God. That means that any person who refused to believe in “God” was Satan. Man was Satan. Satan wasn’t some mythical got headed, dragon winged, cloven hooved demon. Satan was man in pure form. Unadulterated, primal,free thinking, not jaded and clouded by this “religion” based around a spiteful God that killed millions.

    • Name

      So in a nutshell, you are self-centered.

      • Robert

        Better self centered than than a co-dependent cultist….

    • Noah

      Satanist? This is why only certain people should be allowed to breed !!!! Now I understand the need of Revelations in the bible !! There are so many mind F#UC#K#ED people in this world and they are just taking up space and breathing air that somebody worthwhile could be breathing…

      • Noah

        I meant to say shouldn’t

      • Robert

        kind of like the cultist twits you….are just taking up space and breathing the air….

    • L. Payz

      Thank you Matt Grimm. I don’t see you as being self-centered at all, just being honest and taking responsibility for your own life.
      My fanatical “Christian” family can find “Satan” everywhere but in the looking glass. Anyone who disagrees with them is a “devil” Kind of scares me sometimes.

    • Nothing

      Ave Satanas! It’s refreshing to find another Satanist that gets it. Most people wouldn’t know LaVey if his body knocked on their door.

  • R0363

    This is very funny, I don’t agree with the Satanist’s beliefs, but any protest against Westboro Babtist Church is perfect. No matter who does it. W.B.C is filled with nothing but morons from the top down.

  • A

    Religion and/or politics. Comeon people. Regardless of what you believe, You know there’s no point in arguing about it. No one is going to change anyone else’s mind, especially on an Internet message board. Regardless, if any group has this type of thing coming to them it’s Westboro.

  • L. Payz

    The ritual was created to get a rise out of the Westboro Church.
    Look it up! This was created for humor and shock value.
    No surprise that a lot of overly religious people overreact.
    Reacting without thinking. Jesus would not act this way.

  • Linda Moore

    Timothy Phelps, Why is Grandma Johnston in hell?