Sarah Palin: The Newest Edition To The View?


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Former Alaska governor Sarah Palin has hinted that she may want to join ABC's morning talk show The View.

Last month, Sherri Shepherd and Jenny McCarthy announced that they would not be returning to the show, leaving room for new hosts to take their spot at the round table.

"I hear everyone recently got canned from The View, maybe a show like that needs a punch of reality and a voice of reason from America's heartland to knock some humble sense into their scripts," Palin told The Hollywood Reporter. "You know, someone willing to go rogue."

Palin, who is no stranger to television, also suggested that she may like to have her own political talk show. "Maybe," she said, when asked about the possibility of having a show either on television, radio, or the Internet. "But the politics would have to be interspersed with a whole lot of fun and real life and inspiration showcasing American work ethic, because those topics are all pretty much the antithesis of today's politics, which I find incorrigibly disastrous!"

"It'd be so much fun to shake it up taking on issues that make audiences objectively consider all sides, and I'd do it with my own real-life groundedness, candor and commonsense that I'm known for," Palin added. "Media needs that today, versus the condescension that oozes from TV and radio."

Barbara Walters announced that she will be retiring and will not be returning to the show, leaving Whoopi Goldberg the only current host coming back for the new season. Different names have been tossed around as possible hosts including Rosie O'Donnell and Mario Cantone.

Image via Wikimedia Commons