Sarah Palin: Send Roger Ailes A Copy Of That Movie About Me

    April 16, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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Although she’s not a candidate for the GOP Presidential nomination and by her own account has no plans to pursue the job in 2012 (yet), Sarah Palin still seems to be one focus of the public’s watchful eyes. Whether it’s the part of the Republican base that dreams for a last minute Palin candidacy to spice up the ticket, or the folks on the other end of the spectrum who think she’s still as much of a joke as she was in years past, the point is that people are not forgetting about Sarah Palin.

Part of that is spurred on by Palin’s own actions – her appearances on cable news shows, talk radio, and a recent stint on NBC’s Today Show. And part of it is due to outside factors – like the HBO film Game Change that received rave reviews from one side and pointed derision from the other.

Still the media darling, Palin found herself in a bit of a weekend dustup with FOX News chief Roger Ailes. Last week, at a speaking gig at UNC, Ailes made an interesting comment about Palin, and it drew a lot of attention primarily due to the feeling that it was a bit of friendly fire. First quoted by Gabriel Sherman of New York Magazine on Twitter, Ailes talked about the thought of a Palin presidency:

Roger Ailes says “Sarah Palin had no chance to be President.”
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That comments obviously turned a few heads, considering that Ailes has been reported to have said some disparaging things about Palin in the past. Ailes quickly clarified:

When I hired most of the Republican contributors, none of them had any immediate prospects of becoming President —I wasn’t referring to any of their long-term prospects, including Governor Palin. I hired all of them because they made for good television at the time. Sarah Palin is young and nobody can predict the future

Palin has responded to Ailes comment. In an interview with breitbart.com, Palin basically said that Ailes should realize that she succeeds in doing things that people tell her she can’t do. She also suggests that someone send him a copy of the 2011 film about her rise to fame:

Maybe you guys should send him a copy of Steve Bannon’s “The Undefeated.” The theme of Steve’s film isn’t about me, but about the idea of not letting others dictate one’s path in life and never giving up when you’re fighting for something precious like our exceptional nation and our children’s futures. So, would you send a copy of “The Undefeated” to him?

Do you think that there’s any way that Palin makes some sort of imprint on the 2012 campaign? Let us know what you think in the comments.

  • http://webpronews james esposito

    Sarah was executed by the media. She was the most popular State govenor ever up to that time. Racist and sexist other interests turned her into a modern day story of Hypatia (400ad)and her murder at the hands of Cyril, who later became a “Saint”

  • http://yahoo Magstar

    This is the ONLY time I will ever agree with Roger Ailes! Palin will never hold ANY national office. Period.

    • Amy

      ummmm….. She already has.

      • Zatoichi

        Which national office are you speaking of?

  • Robert

    The woman, the Undefeated, both are NuTz.

  • KingBushwicktheToityToid

    Yawn!!I’m tired of Sarah”Nailin'”Palin and her dysfunctional family whining”Victim!!”all the time!!

    Sarah,sorry but you lost four years ago!!
    Get over it!!

  • robert

    why are we still talking about her….i guess we all like looking at train wrecks

  • Laurie

    It’s interesting how liberals still prefer to try to bring down the pillar of strength that is Sarah Palin, rather than vetting their own, I mean, Obama. The hatred still spewed from the frothy, vile mouths of regressive liberals is the same old, same old. As if it came from MSNBC, Huffington Post, or Mudflats. It’s never factual and geared for those ignoramuses who will slurp it up as truth, without even fact-checking for themselves from credible and factual resources. Although Gov. Palin is not runnign for President, her power is very obvious – otherwise, liberals wouldn’t be attempting to prevent her from ever running for a political office again.

    For those of you enjoying ‘train wrecks’, how about doing some research into those who mentored and shaped their esteemed Obama since his childhood- you know, communists, Marxists, and unrepentant domesitic terrorists.

    • Amy


    • kc

      would you tell us anything that has been 100% completed by sarah palin (short of child birth)that didnt benefit her or her family.there are alot of very smart women in this world but she isnt one of them. condlisa rice is someone for you to listen to she can make and complete a full sentence.turn off rush limbaugh and do some thinking for yourself,shouldnt your last lil slam be said while running in circles with your hair on fire screaming the sky is falling. good move chicken little wah-wah

    • Ewilson

      Yep! She’s still on the chopping blocks and she’s not even in office anymore. The libs definitely know her power and can’t let up for one minute.

  • J Parent

    I think its funny how this little lady from Alaska has become such a threat to main stream politics. Hell I would vote for her! We all should! If for no other reason than to shake up the system. Something has got to change! She has more guts and intestinal fortitude than anybody else on the ticket.

  • Russ

    Her voice is that of moderate conservatives. There are many that disparage her and those within her own party that fear her strength and support.

    Those two groups will try their best to prevent a political shake-up from occurring and in the process will ensure that the will of the people remains an abstract idea; with no basis in reality.

  • Martha

    Take it from an Alaskan–when Sarah Palin quit her popularity in polls was less than 30%. Any time someone is newly elected their popularity figure is high and that 80% popularity was from a poll taken a few weeks after she took office. Obama’s was even higher than hers a few weeks after he took office. These paid writers for Palin always want to point out that popularity figure–it’s the same way she gloated over having 23,000 more viewers on the Today Show than the same day on the previous week. Somehow she figured if her number of viewers was higher than Katie Couric’s, she had settled the score. Playing with numbers, the Wingnut didn’t even know that the Today Show’s numbers were higher for the previous 15 years, and that meant higher whether it was Robin or Katie as the co-host. DUH!

  • Ewilson

    I have a funny feeling that as she continues to stick around and quietly delve deeper in the workings of the media, the American public and our government, sooner or later, when she does decide to run for President, her presence and experience will be so undeniable, she’ll get elected. She was indeed slaughtered by the media and was at times, ill prepared for the task she took by the horns. She’ll be back and will be a hard one to beat when she does return. Nope, I’m not a the independent, soap-box soccer mom- but she does indeed have the fortitude, the guts and the knowledge needed to take on the Executive Office.

    • Austin

      Palin is basically doing what Nixon did between the years of 1960 and 1968. I think you can count on her being back.

  • Austin

    It’s not that liberals ‘still think she is as much of a joke as they thought in years past’? Why is it ‘still think she’s as much of a joke as she was in years past?’ I’m beginning to think unbiased journalism is impossible.

  • Anthony R. Lim

    I will vote for her, she is very dynamic and qualified to defeat B.O in 2012 election.No retreat and she only know how to reload. The undedeated. Go on Sarah Palin run and we will support you. And God bless to you.

  • http://www.politicalruck.us/1876/how-a-scandal-gets-politicized/ Obama

    The American Political field has deteriorated over the past couple years due to special interests. We need to stand up for our children and take back our country from Big Pharma, Big Tobbacco, Big Insurance and really just big companies. It is time for our elections to cease being purchased.