Sandra Fluke: Future Under Romney Humiliating To Women

    September 6, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Sandra Fluke, the former Georgetown Law student who found herself in the national spotlight when Rush Limbaugh called her a “slut” for her stance on birth control coverage under health care laws, took the stage last night at the Democratic National Convention to support President Obama.

Fluke made it clear that she thinks a future under Mitt Romney’s reign would be like taking a step backwards where females are concerned, referencing his failure to speak up on her behalf when Limbaugh blasted her on his radio show.

“Our president, when he hears a young woman has been verbally attacked, thinks of his daughters — not his delegates or donors — and stands with all women,” she said. “And strangers come together, reach out and lift her up. And then, instead of trying to silence her, you invite me here — and give me a microphone — to amplify our voice. That’s the difference.”

A well-known feminist, Fluke has championed causes such as free contraceptives and rights pertaining to women’s health care–including emergency abortions–and pointed out that Romney and his party don’t believe in running a country which holds women’s rights as important.

According to Fluke, the country under Romney’s charge would be “an America in which states humiliate women by forcing us to endure invasive ultrasounds we don’t want and our doctors say we don’t need. An America in which access to birth control is controlled by people who will never use it; in which politicians redefine rape so survivors are victimized all over again; in which someone decides which domestic violence victims deserve help, and which don’t.”

The speech earned her quite a bit of praise, but of course the topics she addressed are ever-controversial and raised some eyebrows in the Republican camp, where she was blasted once again.

Image credit: Amy Gardner/The Washington Post

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  • hugby

    Sandra Fluke is a slut. Rush said so. But all that really matters is Britney Spears’ dripping, slippery hoo-haa. Britney Spears’ hoo-haa rules all!

  • Stephanie

    Freedom and choice is not defined as being able to sleep with whomever and expecting the American public to pay for her birth control or worse – murdering her own offspring. That is not choice or freedom. Freedom comes with responsibility. Freedom isn’t free and it is not to be abused. She doesn’t deserve the freedom so many men and women have fought and died for. She is an imbarrasment to women and Americans. Shame on her and shame on the democrats for allowing her to speak at the convention. Freedom and choice is not being forced to pay for some crazy person’s evil choices.

    • rkharlan

      Thank you for expressing what so many feel.

      • luz floro

        Rkhartan, thanking her ? women raised in traditional way with good moral value will insulted and offended. ACTUALLY
        THIS IS DIRTY !

    • M.Mathew

      she is a shameliess lut…whats the next freeload she wants??…she wanna go on a all expense paid cruise w/10 guys for 10 nights all expense paid by govt???..

  • luz floro

    This comments is downgrading the women’s morality .Contraceptive promote promiscousity will result most likely to Venereal Social Disease. It is your right to use or take contraceptions material but it is your RESPONSIBILITY to pay for it but not to use senior’s contribution to Medicare to pay for it. My feeling ,I refuse to subsidize your promiscousity.
    I like ROMNEY/RYAN ticket’s platform ,God ,Prayer, Freedom including
    religion and we must be responsible for our actions.Less use of AIR FORCE ONE, What’ the OVAL office for. Please ask GM to pay taxes if they have not done it yet . We pay sell’s tax when we bought a car !

    • Witi Villegas

      Luz, I don’t care how you spell promiscuity (biro lang!)but yeah, I agree with you a 100%! Maybe for victims of rape or incest, however, the gov’t must make the criminal pay for the costs of associated medical bills. Sluts should be reminded that dildos or even some self-gratification techniques such as masturbation are much safer.

    • JC

      We have freedom right now, why impose changes? You don’t want contraceptives? Exercise your freedom and do not use them.
      Contraceptives are used in medicine for a variety of things, for example, regulating the hormonal menstrual circle of some women, so they can later be able to conceive. Contraceptives are hormones too.
      It helps to read a little.

    • Donna

      I just hope that you don’t get Raped and Pregnant. Just remember under your Boys you will have to carry that baby for 9 months. Just think about it….

  • jim

    what a SLUT

  • john

    I do not believe what Sandra Fluke is saying here. Regardless, even if true, I would not let that be allowed to be done on any girl or woman in my family. Guess she really is a fluke.

    • JC

      Read some medicine. How can you decide for the women in your family?
      Have you asked their opinions first?
      What happens to freedom? Should women just have the freedom that their male relatives allow them?

  • luz floro

    Hugby, there is a big diffrence, Britney mind her own business ,working,spending her own money but not being a bad influence
    to young women which Fluke is doing influence women populations.The bad part about it she advocate raiding the senior’s fund for their SIN !

  • Bruce Turner

    Sandra Fluke deserves whatever Rush Limbaugh can say about her. She needs her ass kicked into the next century and Rush can do it.
    I and many others
    boycotted rush’s advertizer loss.

    • JC

      Really? You consider offending a person justified, just on the basis that she has a different opinion than you?
      Verbal abuse when you have no arguments?
      Read some medicine, contraceptives are not just to have sex.

  • Buck


  • RICH

    She’s a liar and a total activist. She never addressed Congress, only a group that scag Polesi assembled to hear her crap.

    • V.Landolina

      Say what you want to about Sandra Fluke but I would never allow her to babysit my grand-daughter.

  • bill watts

    how does the dnc do it,,sandra fluke,,,wants sex and for us to cover for her so she doesnt have to pay for consequences,,,a party that is for women but puts up bill clinton,,a known womanizer and ted kennedy as heros,,,,and women imbrace them as their party,,,,really,,,

    • http://octurnal Witi Villegas

      I don’t think it’s an “accident” the DNC enlisted Fluke to speak at their biggest event this campaign season. And, for the DNC embracing Fluke’s flukey ideas? What a shame! Perhaps the nocturnal pizza delivery girl had advised her of some free pills (from her lover) at the White House.

  • Chris H

    I will stay out of your bedroom and your “lady parts” as long as I don’t have to pay for what goes on there.

    • JC

      How about letting women decide with their doctors?
      What is the fear?
      Why does it has to be decided by male?
      Why a woman has to resign to have a child when her menstrual cycle is not regulated because the males do not bother to learn the uses for hormones?
      You just want to play God!

      • Stephanie

        JC you must be such a proud, strong woman, why let someone else pay? I thought feminists had to make their own money and live their own life without any man’s help. You’re asking for lots of men (and women) to pay for your stuff. Isn’t that degrading for you?
        And isn’t taking birth control and getting abortions in the first place “playing God”? Aren’t you interrupting the natural flow of life?
        Don’t make me pay for your crap. There are other ways to regulate your flow that NEEDS to stay between you and your (obviously FEMALE) doctor. Leave the rest of us out of it. And my consience tells me that abortion is MURDER!! Don’t I have the right to refuse to pay a single cent for something that I am so against? Where is my freedom? Are you activists the only ones on this planet with rights??

        • JC

          I am just an MD Stephanie.
          You want to take informed decisions?
          Ask your doctor.

          • JC

            Picture this, female irregular period, sometime she has them other months she doesn’t. No active sexual life, needs hormonal treatment to regularize the cycle.
            Has no money.
            Get informed!

          • Stephanie

            As a woman, I wanted to make the point that not all women appreciate you acting like you are speaking for us. You aren’t. I totally disagree with your position and your view of men and women’s health in general. I hope your patients know what you stand for

          • Stephanie

            You’re an MD, clearly you’re more educated than I am when it comes to MD stuff. But did you sleep through your American History classes? The government is not there to pay everyone’s bills! It’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! The government is not there to force us to buy health insurance!! It’s UNCONSTITUTIONAL!!! We have a great country and the Founding Father’s came up with a great document. We need to follow it even if it means people don’t get free stuff.
            Besides, I think if we were all honest, we’d admit that alot of medicine out there is unnecessary. Pills are big business. Cancer is a major money maker for the pharmacueticals. They won’t find a cure b/c they’d lose too much $$. Our food supply is poisoned with genetically altered crap and fake “food” that people live off. Let’s address the real problem. We don’t need more pills. We need people to know what they’re ingesting on a daily basis. We need doctors to help PREVENT disease by educating people on proper nutrition- not by pushing every kind of lastest greatest pill the pharmaceutical company comes out with and wines and dines doctors with. As a society, are we really healthier b/c of all this medicine? Are we happier? NO!! But that’s beside the point, isn’t it? Our family pays enough for our own health insurance. I don’t want to pay for someone else’s too and I sure don’t want to lose our freedoms b/c people think they’re entitled to free stuff. You should get educated on stuff outside of medicine b/c as a doctor, you’re about to lose alot of freedoms yourself with Obamacare coming up

          • JC

            I don’t talk for you, I just tell you what I know by my training.
            In my example I said patient with no active sexual life,
            In other words, could be virgin, no boyfriend, no husband.
            Why her hormonal treatment to regulate her cycle has to be sin, dirty, etc.
            It just medicine.
            As I told you we use it for males too. Should we make the males pay for it when they have prostate cancer? Should we consider sinful a male with prostate cancer?
            My only intentions Is to tell you that hormones have many uses, and they don’t have to be for sinners.

        • JC

          I stand for helping females to have a healthy reproductive system, so later they can conceive if they choose so. We can not condemn poor women to later in life not being able to have kids.
          Hormones do not equate sin or active sexual life in medicine.
          I just want you to be informed, that’s all.
          It is a decision that has to be taken between the patient, her family and the doctor only.
          Not everything is black and white.
          That’s all I want people to understand. Hormones are medicine too.
          We give female hormones even to males when they have a hormone dependent prostate tumor.
          Just ask your doctor.

          • Chris H

            I hope said poor woman in your example is being responsible and not having children if she and her husband/significant other is not able to afford them. They need to use one of the many birth control methods available to them and pay for them themselves. If they are unable to pay for birth control they need to abstain. We call this being a responsible member of society.

          • Stephanie

            Oh by the way, my cycle was very irregular for at least 10 years. I was able to conceive without any problems and my cycle somehow worked itself out and is like clockwork now – all without any hormones! Just sayin’ – maybe its possible that we’re not giving women’s bodies enough credit to heal themselves w/out intervening. God knew what He was doing when He created us. Everyone’s body has the ability to heal itself

          • JC

            Your cycle is like clockwork now because you got the hormones when pregnant. I am very glad you conceived without problems, other females are no that lucky.
            Do you think everybody has to take the chances while there exists medicine to regulate it?
            What about if they can’t coincive? How can I tell a patient to take her chances because I want to gamble with her ability to procreate later?
            The body heals itself! No, it doesn’t.
            Tell that to people with cancer, with diabetes, with Parkinson’s disease, etc. should we comeback to the dark ages?
            No heart transplants? Let’s get Dick Cheney’s opinion. No treatments? Ask Ann Romney about no treatment to MS.
            Come on Stephanie, be fair, this way we will already be dead, we wouldn’t even survived infancy.
            I am sorry, I did not study to watch people die when we can save them.
            I have to go, just think on it. You alone, imagine you gambled and lost. It’s horrible.
            Have a nice day.

          • Stephanie

            Doctors aren’t gods. You fail to mention all the people that die in spite of and sometimes even because of treatments. Yes some medicine is great and I love doctors when it comes to emergency medicine (missing limbs, broken bones, heart attacks, wounds, etc) but chronic disease treatments are not as successful as you make them out to be. My mom has chronic lung problems and she’s been on all kinds of medicine and treatments – NOTHING. We lost my father in law last year after receiving years of chemo, radiation and surgery. He was miserable and in so much pain when he died. My husband has been on thyroid pills for years and years – cured? NO! I’ve lost 3 grandparents to heart disease. I can go on and on. I don’t think I knew a single person that had cancer when I was younger. Now it seems like its everywhere I look. Why is it so common now? And heart disease, diabetes, obesity? Most treatments just mask the underlying issue like a bandaid. Our country is in a mess and throwing money and pills at everything is NOT working. Medicine has come so far in some ways and has gone off the deep end in other ways. I’m sure you’ve seen more success stories than I have but from what I’ve seen, something isn’t right

        • Chris H

          Thank You Steph. I know that she doesn’t speak for all women.

        • ES

          So you don’t believe in abortion and you don’t want tax payer’s money to fund birth control. Besides the well documented and obvious medical need that some people require from birth control to help with a wide range of medical issues, what about taxpayers paying for illegitimate children for 18years and possible longer? I for one would think that throwing a few of our taxpayers dollars at birth control makes much more sense than paying for someones child that they can’t afford to pay for. I know this is a moral issue because you believe that birth control is playing god. I guess god can pay for these children then right?

      • Chris H

        You can decide with your doctor anything that you want
        I have no fear
        I, as a male, am not deciding
        I don’t wish you to have a child that you don’t want
        I don’t want to learn the uses for hormones
        I don’t want to play God


        If said woman in your last example has said medical difficulties, that’s why we have Medicaid. It works well when we don’t overload it with people who are able to contribute something to their care but choose not to.


        • Stephanie


  • JC

    The respect to a neighbors right is peace.

  • Larry Maisonnade

    Rush was correct, she is a slut, for Obummer that is… and what’s with the stupid necklace she wore during her speech, its looks like something her pimp would lead her around with!!! How can a Georgetown law graduate not afford rubbers, and aren’t the men supposed to buy them anyway. She’s probably a dyke (lesbian) after you censor this, and hangs around with Rachel Maddow anyway…

    • ES

      Larry how do you define slut? Is it being married 7 times like rush limbaugh? Thanks for explaining what a dyke is she of course must be a lesbian because she speaks her mind and isn’t afraid to stand up for what she believes in. Do you know how to have an adult conversation. Are you 6 years old on the playground? I’m sure your family would proud of you for your highly intelligent comments.

  • http://yahoo R Lane

    I bet Sandra’s perents are so proud that their daughter is having so much premartial sex that she needs tax payers to fund her war chest of birth control options! You go girl!