Sandra Day O’Connor Wants You To Be Educated Before You Speak

By: Amanda Crum - July 30, 2012

Sandra Day O’Connor, former Supreme Court Justice, is tired of all the negative Nancys throwing shade at Chief Justice John Roberts, whose decision to uphold the health care reform act got a lot of people talking. After he was called a “traitor” to the court, O’Connor stepped up in his defense, citing a lack of misinformation as the reason for the backlash.

“It’s unfortunate because I think comments like that demonstrate only too well a lack of understanding some of our citizens have about the role of the judicial branch,” she said.

O’Connor had been making strides in helping the nation’s school-age kids get up-to-date with learning about our government, as the U.S. has fallen sadly behind in that area over the past several years. She’s even founded a website called iCivics, which uses interactive learning to help fill in the gaps at school.

“Young people need to know how our government works, and how they’re part of it,” O’Connor said. “It isn’t self-evident, and in schools today, I don’t think it’s widely taught.”

O’Connor says one of the goals of the system is to make learning about the branches of our government exciting and interesting, rather than reciting boring old facts. The site is currently being used in all 50 states and has shown great success for many classrooms.

Amanda Crum

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  • eric smith

    She want’s us to be educated?? What a stupid old bag!

  • Ann

    Why is she a stupid old bag? She is a judge, what are you?

  • steve

    SO, I guess she disagrees with Justice Scalia, then, who has cited this as the worst form of legislating from the bench- He stated that calling a penalty a pig was just as easy as calling a penalty a tax. He pointed to the fact that nowhere in the law is it stated it is a tax, so that was a judicial reach to call it so.

  • Tinsley Grey Sammons

    If she’s so learned, why has she never publicly condemned the unconstitutional Drug War? Congressman Ron Paul did.

    Google: scribd


  • Patti Green

    Mr. Smith,
    As the first woman appointed to the United States Supreme Court and graduating from one of the country’s top law schools with Order of the Coif honors, I would seriously question your reference to Justice O’Connor as “stupid”. You will probably need to look up the definition of Order of the Coif. Since I generally feel it is fruitless to try to educate the “intellectually challenged”, I won’t explain it to you.

    If you had actually read the article, you would have noted that Sandra is educating YOUNG people about the branches and functions of our government. If you have ever watched “Jay Walking” segments on the Jay Leno Show, you would see why this type of education is sorely needed. Many adults, sadly, do not even know the name of the Vice President of The United States. The education of our children and grandchildren in the area of Civics is critical to our nation. You cannot fix or contribute to something of which you are unaware of the inner workings. This brilliant woman continues to serve her country long after retirement, which I find unbelievably laudable (you probably will need to look up that word, as well).

  • James Johnson

    What she, Sandra Day O’Connor, says, (to paraphrase) “if you don’t agree with her, it’s just because you are too ignorant”. Just like Thomas Jefferson and the other framers of the Constitution, they were kind a ignorant too.

  • Ana D Gould

    I admire Justice O’Connor and agree that we must educate ourselves before attempting to educate others. Having been born in another country, I am amazed at the lackof knowledge most “educated” people have on the Constitution and the branches of government. It appears
    Justice O’connor is on the right track. And what are you contributing to our great county?

  • John Nowlin

    Gov. Siegelman being is going back to prison. Why don’t you listen Ms. O’connor.

  • Tom Thompson

    Surely, she didn’t say “a lack of misinformation” contributed to the problem. She’s a lot smarter than that.

  • Robert

    She’s right. A lack of misinformation caused the backlash. Thats the Democrats specialty. Where is the misinformation need to put those right wing nuts in their place!!!