Samuel L. Jackson’s Obama Ad “Wake The F*ck Up” Hits YouTube

By: Josh Wolford - September 27, 2012

We knew it was coming, and today it hit the YouTubes. We’re talking of course about Samuel L. Jackson’s profanity-laden pro-Obama advert “Wake the F*ck Up.”

Sponsored by the liberal Jewish Council for Education and Research, the ad plays like a bedtime rhyme for Obama supporters. It features a little girl, with the help of Jackson, telling people that this election is important and they need to show a little more interest. That interest, of course, comes in the form of re-electing President Obama.

The ad banks on Jackson’s previous viral success as the profane narrator of the “children’s” bedtime book “Go the Fuck to Sleep.”

The author of that book, Adam Mansbach, also penned this new ad. Here’s a relevant stanza:

“Sorry my friend, but there’s no time to snore
And out-of-touch millionaire’s just declared war
On schools, the environment, unions, fair pay
We’re all on our own, if Romney has his way

And he’s against safety nets – if you fall, tough luck
So I strongly suggest that you wake the fuck up.”

Check it out below:

“The Jewish Council for Education & Research is proud to endorse President Barack Obama for reelection. We believe his administration has made significant progress towards fulfilling the pledges he made during his campaign. To help the President secure these gains, stand up to the Tea Party agenda, and advance new priorities, we will do everything we can to mobilize Jews and others to support his candidacy,” says the JCER.

I doubt the Obama campaign can actively promote this ad, but I’m sure they’re not upset about the amount of viral play it’s bound to receive.

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  • Big E

    The apathy portrayed in the video is real life. Most of my family, which voted for Barack, don’t even plan to vote this time. The Hope and Change we all desperately wanted, never happened. What we got was, “The same old, same old”.

    I pray every day for our President. I just wish he would stop blaming Bush for everything, stop playing golf all the time, and ask Michelle to stop wasting millions on her vacations and shopping trips all over the world. I still have Hope but I am afraid very little Change with another 4 years of President Obama.

    • Rod Ramser

      Big, E, the doctor has determined that there is nothing “big” about your intellect or political savvy.

      • Carolyn

        Hey Rod! Sounds like your talking about yourself! Wake up brain dead idiot!

  • anung rama

    of course, for samuel its just about the color
    of obamas skin.
    he said it plainly last election & its RACIST.
    of course, racism is only a problem when you
    are a white person.
    im dumping my copy of pulp fiction in the trash…
    apparently samuels a racist & travoltas a sexual

    • Rod Ramser

      Sorry, Anung, the doctor pronounces you racist And brain-dead.

      • whodathunkit

        Well, since the dr. is so f#%king smart, tell us mddle class working folks that had to pay over 30,000 in taxes over the last 3 years, what the f#$K OBAMA HAS DONE TO HELP US????????????????????????????????

  • David

    Yeah, good one. I wonder myself. Why are there so many “undecideds?” Are they really?

    I really cannot vote for Mitt, but
    Obama hasn’t done the trick,
    with the hope and change thing,
    a lot of hope,
    Needs change moving Forward.

    • Rod Ramser

      The doctor commends you for writing poetry.

  • Al

    Just another racist rant from another Hollywood idiot. With Obama’s refusal to meet with the Netanyahu and his support of the Muslim Brotherhood I find it very difficult to believe that he has any support from Jewish people. This tirade just strengthens my 15 year boycott of most Hollywood movies and my resolve to vote for anyone but Obama in November.

    • Rod Ramser

      Sorry, Al. The doctor pronounces you brain-dead and unfit for medical school studies.

  • Lee

    This might have more effect as a blanketing, widespread, automated wake-up call on Election morning.
    I don’t know who I’ll vote for. Romney seems retro. Obama seems to continue his reckless spending ways, sending us rapidly towards the fates of Greece and Spain.

    • Rod Ramser

      Sorry, Lee. The doctor pronounces you brain-dead.

  • Darren

    If anyone needs to “wake up” it is Samuel L. Jackson. Obama has had four years to make changes for the better and hasn’t. Not anything. I can’t imagine why he (or anyone else for that matter) would want another four years of the same. Obama is in love with “being the President” just not actually doing the actual “job” of a President. Jimmy Carter can now take one step forward. It only took him 40 yrs. to get there, but better late than never. Obama is now the worst President ever.

    • Rod Ramser

      Darren, the doctor pronounces you a Doofus.

  • WTF

    Michelle wasting millions & shopping trips around the world. Please show us the link.

    If you want some to see some real change, let Romney get elected.

    Auto industry is saved and bin-Laden is dead.

    Check out your 401K while you are at it.

    Wake the F&*K up!

  • Wayne

    The bottomline is Obama is UNQUALIFIED to be the President. Hell I don’t even know if he is qualified to be Manager of a McDonalds?? What does he know about making CUTS? Solving serious issues. Govt IS A BUSINESS except for one thing….they PRODUCE NOTHING….however since they have revenue (our money), costs then we need someone who has at least worked in the private sector and understands that YOU CANT SPEND MORE THAN YOU HAVE COMING IN!!!!!!!

    • Rod Ramser

      Sorry, Wayne. The doctor finds you to be an imbecile.

  • Emmanuel Usanga

    What would Mr Netanyahu say about this? Would he rather not feel betrayed by his fellow Jews since he is so pro Tea Party and Romney?

  • Emmanuel Usanga

    Hopes are different from miracles. Without hope we vanish. President Obama was
    resisted from Day 1. He demonstrated uncommon charisma when he brought the extremely partisan members of Congress to meetings in the Whitehouse in the midst of extreme tension. America has never had a recession that was wired to the global economy until the birth of the internet and global markets. The US economy is no longer isolated from what happens in Europe or Asia. Under such influences what is confronting Obama is way beyond his electoral promises to American voters. American voters must wake up to the fact that they must move beyond the Cold War and shape the New World Order with a vision that transcends US domestic politics. This endorsement by the Jewish lobbyists must equally fashion a role for Israeli political leaders for a Middle East of the 21st Century. On the whole Obama has performed very well. Things could have been a lot worse globally. If he wins the next term Mr Netanyahu has to show more respect to the US and the Un to resolve the Middle East conflicts once and for all in the spirit of 21st Century by collaboration between nations.

    • Bill

      *** Netanyahu has to show more respect to the US and the UN *** Why?? can you give one good reason why he should?? The entire Muslim world is filled with… almost defined by… it’s raging, bloodthirsty hatred of Jews and Israel. No one who pays any attention to what the Arab world says and does could possibly miss this. The Iranian govt., Hamas, and others in the Middle East have murdered Israeli wonem and children, and openly declared the very existance of a Jewish state to be an insult to them. Only Anwar Sadat of Egypt tried to have peace with Israel, and his own people murdered him for it. Achmed Ahmadiddanojob (whatever) denies that there ever was a “Holocaust”, and then expresses his passionate desire to cause one. And soon, he will have nuclear weapons with which to do it. And you want Netanyahu to listen more closely to the UN and Mr. Obama?? He would have to be insane, to the point of suicide, to do so. No… Israel needs to “keep her powder dry”, gear up, put their “war face” on, and keep building up their supply of nukes. The first time the Arabs think they can wipe Israel off the face of the earth, they will try it. Israel has nothing and nobody on their side, except God and their own desire to live. May God help them.

  • http://yahoo Mr d

    Wake the f–k up Samuel L for loser

  • Don McMorries

    I can’t believe the Jewish Council For Ed and Research would produce such filth. Also,I can’t understand why the young girl’s parents would allow her to act in this filthy ad. And while Im at it, I think it is time for me to switch my home page from Yahoo to a sight that is not promoting a political view.

    • Rod Rael

      I Agree completely, Don! Wow! Well put! I agree, I’m dumping yahoo as home page also!

  • Steve

    I love the part where the electoral college map goes all red starting in the west and going east. East to West would have been better, but either way is good.

  • wayne

    The stock market has increased in value from $6500 to $13500 in the last four(4) years.Think!!!!

  • http://yahoo waytogoSJ

    Who cares whether you go with yahoo or google, they all have some kind of craziness on their sites. What you like him in the movies using those filthy words, yet when he speaks the truth over the websites you have a problem. It goes to show how many hypocrites in the world. People laugh and mimick JackAss, they have their kids looking at family guys, and the simpsons. which they shouldn’t be. but thats life. I hope soon we can get it together like John lennon said in his song “Imagine”

  • Foochoo

    The funniest comments are by Rod “the doctor” Ramser… Sounds like he wants people to know that if you don’t agree with his point of view, you are an imbecile, brain dead, a moron, or can’t think for yourself. And he also wants to make sure people know he is a doc. Thanks doc! And if you are a doc, I bet your bedside manner is awesome too!!

  • Bill

    No longer reasons to discuss politics in this country. People like Mr. Jackson simply don’t understand that the game is over. They (and Mr. Obama) can spend the whole day denouncing and condemning capitalism and free enterprise, yet they are indignant if you call them Socialists or Communists. The irreconcilable difference between Free Enterprise and Socialism has been put off via deficit spending. It took a long time to bankrupt this country but that Day has come. FOLKS, WE ARE BROKE! Someone tell Mr. Jackson that YOU CAN’T SHARE WHAT ISN’T THERE. He speaks of “caring” and “safety nets” and people being “on their own”. And, thanks to 80 years of deficits, that is exactly what is going to happen. But it won’t be Romney’s fault. It’ll be Obama and his liberal predecessors that are to blame, as well as Samuel L. Jackson and the other Hollywood types, who helped to put the Left in power.

  • robert

    I cannot fathom how Jewish voters are behind a politician whom is against Israel. This is so mind boggling. This president is for killing babies..he is for gay marriage which is Proven to not pass in a national vote. He has taken American dollars and given it to Muslim groups. Robbed the seniors of hundreds of billions of dollars… He even shunned the prime minister of Israel more than once…

  • http://yahoo Bob

    Opportunities are created by each individual person not the government. The government can offer some assistants but not totally supporting many of the millions of people that refuse to push them selves to get jobs and live without support from the government. Obama is praying on peoples weaknesses by giving them free hand outs in order to get there vote. Helping out small business is what we need to do. They employ and pay the most taxes of any entity that the government couts on for revenue and at the same time pays people like your mom, brother, uncle, & and anyone else that helps support a family. One governmet can not solve this economic problem but hundred of thousand of businesses can. There is strenght in numbers. Obama has the right idea just the wrong way of persueing it.

  • Sarah Rodriguez

    mr Jackson you have need of better vocabulary.