Samsung Rips iPhone Screenshot For Galaxy Player Promo

By: Josh Wolford - October 18, 2011

Did Samsung just use a 3-year-old screenshot from Google maps on iOS on a promotional page for its new Galaxy Player Android-powered media device?

Daring Fireball got a tip from a reader last night that the official page for the Galaxy Player 5.0 contained a screenshot from iOS, only slightly modified in order to appear to be running on the Samsung device. “Modified” means that it looks like they simply replaced the distinctive Apple status bar with their own status bar (as you can see in the comparison above).

It turns out, the image that used to appear on the Samsung site is the exact same image from a user named Laura Scott’s Flickr account. The photo in question was taken on December 14th, 2008.

Here’s a screenshot of how the promo page appeared. This display is no longer there – if you go to the Galaxy Player 5.0 page you are redirected to a page where you can choose your home country.

Of course, this is all especially funny because of the lengthy battle that Samsung and Apple still find themselves tangled in. The two have hit out at each other, claiming that the other stole their designs and infringed upon their patents.

Samsung is in the process of seeking injunctions to stop the sale of iPhones and iPads in almost a dozen different countries. Apple successful stopped the sale of Samsung’s Galaxy Tablet in Australia last week.

Just yesterday, industry rumors said that despite these legal battles, Apple would still use Samsung to make their processors for their devices – most notably the A6 processor that might come inside the next iPhone.

When everyone is talking about who stole what from whom, it’s amazing to see a possible theft at a level like this.

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  • equalunderthelaw

    The link is NOT for “Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0″ released in the US on Oct/16/2011. Instead, it is a 2008 link to the now ancient (in technology terms) “Samsung Galaxy Player 50″, not “5.0”. Samsung marketing messed up back in 2008 for a product that never even released in the US. Samsung has now redirected that 2008 link to Samsung’s global home page. The new Galaxy Player 4.0 and 5.0 have a compelling feature set for the price when compared to Apple’s iPod Touch 4th Gen and it’s unfortunate that this now very old “scandal” is distracting from discussion about their relative merits. I use my iPod Touch several hours a day, and I’m taking a serious look at the Galaxy Player 4.0/5.0 because of the FM radio, vibration feedback (silent alarms, etc.), GPS, and microSD support (I only have the 8GB iPod Touch and occasionally run out of space when I stock up on movies to watch while traveling).